Top 15 Facts about Java

One of the most widely used languages in the world is Java. Java is an all-purpose and object-oriented programming language. There is very little chance that you haven’t heard of Java if you enjoy programming or are just getting started in the wide world of coding. However, even the most passionate supporters of a language are ignorant of many aspects of it, regardless of how well-liked it is. We are unveiling 15 interesting facts about Java in this post. 

Java: An Introduction

In addition to Sun Microsystems, Java is available from Oracle and Google. The majority of Android apps are created on Google’s Java platform. Everyone is aware of Java and you must know the top reasons why Java is still trending. Since Java is used to create various Android apps, this is one of the main reasons it is so popular today. 

  • One of the most widely used programming languages is Java, which many learners master.
  • Its independence from machines is another factor in its widespread popularity. 
  • The code is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows platforms. The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is all that is required. 
  • The Java Virtual Machine (JVM), the foundational classes of the Java platform, and the auxiliary Java platform libraries make up this system. 
  • You can use your web browser to run even the most complex software solutions for as long as JRE is installed.

Unknown Facts about Java

Here are some further fascinating facts about Java.

90’s Kids Minecraft Developed in Java

Yes, the game you like most appears ubiquitous now, yet it was built in Java for the first time. It still makes extensive use of Java libraries. Another intriguing aspect of Minecraft’s Java version is that it does not connect with other versions, such as Xbox or PlayStation. Nonetheless, the Java version of Minecraft has a thriving ecology of its own.

Originally, Java was Oak

When James Gosling originally designed Java, he named it after an oak tree that he could see from his office window. Sun Microsystems employed him. The corporation was looking for new technologies to program next-generation smart appliances and needed a new programming language. They initially explored the C++ programming language, but the language did not fit their needs. They even attempted to adapt C++, but the plan was abandoned in the middle. They developed a new platform, Green, and an entirely new language, Oak.

The operating system, Green, and the programming language, Oak, were demonstrated in the summer of 1992. The operating system and programming language were created for a PDA with a graphical user interface. 

What was the significance of renaming Oak Java? They learned in 1994 that the term Oak had already been trademarked by another firm called Oak Technology. As a result, the programming language Java got its name. Imagine if there hadn’t been a trademark problem; you’d be using the Oak programming language right now.

Java Mascot’s Name is Duke

There is a name for the penguin-shaped mascot you frequently see when dealing with Java-related issues. The name of it is Duke. The mascot, which features a jumping cartwheel Duke, was made by Joe Parlang, a graphic designer for Sun Microsystems’ Green Project team. Later, Joe worked on hugely successful animated films, including Over the Hedge, Shrek, and Flushed Away. The mascot was intended to stand in for a software agent that assists the user with tasks. Know the facts about objects and classes in Java.

  • That is a logo, even though you have to recognize Java by its hot cup of coffee. 
  • The chosen mascot of Java technology is called Duke. 
  • It’s interesting to note that in 2006, the mascot itself was made publicly available, encouraging designers and developers to produce their visual interpretations of the character. 
  • OpenJDK has a special “Project Duke” for that. Duke is a well-liked element at every JavaOne development conference these days. 
  • Oracle introduces a new Duke personality each year due to Duke’s immense popularity.

17.1 million Java Programmers

The second-most widely used programming language is Java. Developer Nation reports that in Q1 2023, there were 17.1 million Java-using software developers. The greatest boost to Java came from Google choosing to utilize it as the programming language for Android apps. Even though Java is one of the oldest programming languages, mobile app developers still view it as cutting-edge.

Naturally, we have said on our website numerous times that one of the main factors contributing to Java’s popularity is its platform independence. As long as the Java Runtime Environment is available, the same program can execute in several computer environments. As a result, Java is used by large banks, retailers, insurance providers, and manufacturers. They can use the same code everywhere they have the Java runtime environment, even if they switch computers and computing devices.

Come, Let’s Have a Cup of Coffee

Indonesia has an island called Java. For its coffee beans, it is well-known. As was already noted, Java was once known as Oak. The Sun Microsystems team was on a desperate search for a new name when they discovered that Oak had already been trademarked by another business. They were drinking Peet’s coffee, a well-known brand in America, as they brainstormed. The concept for the logo came from the steaming cup, and the name came from the fact that Java is where the majority of coffee consumed in modern society is grown.

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Java: Its Reason for its Name

As we mentioned, Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago, and one of its well-known islands is Java. Despite having 17,508 islands, barely 6,000 of them are inhabited. In addition to being a popular tourist destination, the island has a long history of exporting Java coffee beans to Europe. 

The Java programming language was accidentally created.

Indeed, James Gosling, who worked for Sun Microsystems at the time, is recognized for creating or inventing the Java programming language, but it doesn’t seem like he had to come up with a brand-new language from scratch. 

He was initially merely attempting to make some modifications to the C++ programming language. They needed to write a program since their required features were not available in C++ for a new set-top box that Sun Microsystems was developing.

They were attempting to change the language as a result. However, in the process, they created a brand-new language known as Oak, which was eventually renamed Java. Java is one of the highest-paying software jobs.

Enterprise Java usage is 95%, along with other amazing statistics.

The truth is that 95% of enterprise-level apps are created in Java, regardless of which language is most popular at the time and which one comes in second. Java is used on 97% of corporate workstations. 1 billion PCs and 3 billion mobile devices use Java. There are a billion downloads of Java annually.

Java for user interface design.

Over 125 million smart TVs are using the Java programming language. Java was most likely used in the development of any features that you use on your TV, whether it be the touchscreen or an interface of some other kind. All five of the top original equipment manufacturers ship Java ME. Blu-ray players already have Java installed. Enhance your skills and get placed in the IT domain through one of our trending software courses for non-IT graduates.

Programming in Java rewards well.

$83,975 is the median salary for a Java programmer. Some senior programmers with over ten years of expertise may make $125,000 annually. Check out the TCS salary for freshers Java developers here. 

Oracle and Google are engaged in an $8 billion legal dispute over Java.

Because Java is so popular, Oracle sued Google for allegedly exploiting one of its patented features and is requesting $8 billion in damages. Java was introduced when Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems a few years ago. Oracle claims that Android features Java APIs utilized by Google. Although Google filed a complaint with the US Supreme Court, Oracle prevailed in the Federal Court. Google has always maintained that because Java has been available as open source, using its APIs to create Android applications is acceptable. The case is now pending. Explore what the Java course fee is in Chennai through our post. 

The majority of the Android platform was created using Java.

Java, with its many APIs, has been used to write a significant portion of the Android system.

The majority of Android is written in Java for another reason. Google wasn’t the original developer of Android. In October 2003, Andy Rubin, Chris White, Nick Sears, and Rich Miner created Android Inc. Android was developed there, especially for mobile devices. These Java coders created Android. For $50 million, Google purchased Android in 2005. As such, Java has been used mostly in its writing.

Final has four meanings in Java

The term “final” has four distinct meanings in Java. A “final field” is a constant; a “final variable” cannot be altered once assigned; a “final class” cannot be expanded; and a “final method” cannot be overridden. Learn more about the final keyword in Java in this article.

JUnit Framework for Testing

The most popular Java technology at the moment is the JUnit Testing Framework. The fact that 70% of Java developers, or nearly 4 out of 5 developers, use the JUnit Testing Framework indicates its reliability and popularity.


We will also provide some fascinating stories about other programming languages in our blogs, in case you enjoyed the information about Java. The information provided here was gathered from several websites, including Oracle’s official Java pages. Join our Core Java training in Chennai to kick-start your promising career in the IT sector.