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Big Data Hadoop Training In Chennai

Enroll in Big Data Hadoop Training in Chennai and become a master in the Hadoop Ecosystem. It can be learned by any working professionals from Java, ETL, Analytics, Testing, and Data Warehousing background. Big Data Hadoop has a wider opportunity to work in data analytics firms such as IBM, Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. Join the best Big Data Hadoop Training Institute in Chennai and call us to know more about the course benefits.

Expedite your career with Big Data Hadoop Course in Chennai

Welcome to the leading Big Data Hadoop Training Institute in Chennai. We are extremely dedicated to serving you better. We present the comprehensive Big Data Hadoop Training in Chennai that covers the major components HDFS, MapReduce, Sqoop, Pig, Hive, etc with live practical exposure. Learn the Big Data Hadoop Certification Training in Chennai from domain experts with recent updates and hands-on practice on real-time problems.

The study of Big data helps users to analyze insights for making profitable decisions that lead to strategic business moves.

It involves retrieving data from various resources to find the solution for cost reduction, time reduction, development, and deployment of a new product, optimized offering, and smart decision-making.

We provide the best Big Data Hadoop Training in Chennai by our expert trainers with industry-relevant course content.

Best Big Data Hadoop Training in Chennai

Big Data Hadoop Course in Chennai provided by SLA is useful to the professionals to work efficiently in complicated data sets which are tedious tasks with the legacy systems. Hadoop is the product of Apache that simplifies the traditional process of storing and retrieving a big volume of data with the use of other Apache tools and techniques.

The importance of learning big data depends on how we are doing and what purpose the result will be used for an organization or individual user. It involves some fundamental processes like determining the root cause of issues, generating coupons as per customer interests, calculating portfolios, and detecting fraud that affects the organization, and so on. Our curriculum covers all the necessary concepts to provide the best-in-class Big Data Hadoop Course in Chennai.

About Big Data Hadoop Training Institute in Chennai

SLA Institute is the top Big Data Hadoop Training Institute in Chennai, India which is well known for delivering effective training and placement support. SLA brings out the Big Data Course in affordable Big Data Hadoop Training Cost in Chennai. To put it simply, if big data is a problem, then Hadoop is the solution. Hadoop helps in storing, handling, and retrieving a significant amount of data in varied applications. You can also use Hadoop for deep analytics. SLA’s Big Data Hadoop Training in Chennai will help you in comprehending the essential concepts of Hadoop.

Our Big Data Hadoop Course syllabus includes fundamental to advanced concepts used for organizations to manage and manipulate insights that transform business failure into a grand success. We train our students to have practical implementation of well-framed theoretical concepts through our Big Data Hadoop Training Institute in Chennai.

Our Big Data Hadoop certification training in Chennai helps you to gain in-depth knowledge in data integration, data analytical strategy, Data Lake, data warehouse, analytics ecosystem, etc to be used efficiently in trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Data Science, IoT device process, and so on.

How Hadoop simplifies Big Data Process?

The ApacheTM Hadoop® is an open-source application used for scalable, secured, and distributed cloud computing. Hadoop framework allows the users to process big data sets around the global computer systems using simplified programming models. It offers storage and computation with a wide range of scalability from a single server to millions of machines.

Our Big Data Hadoop Training in Chennai with placement makes the students deliver high-available service to the cluster computers using a keen understanding of the application layer and dedicated libraries. Hadoop modules such as Hadoop Common, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFSTM), Hadoop YARN, and Hadoop MapReduce are used widely in top companies for research and production. We train the students in these modules with elaborate teaching on a theoretical and practical basis in our Big Data Hadoop Certification Training in Chennai.

Hadoop has recently released the latest update 2.10.1 with the major changes such as WebHDFS access as a proxy server, Hadoop metrics sink for Graphite, and Hadoop Compatible File System (HCFS) for specification work is in Hadoop Common Module. Extended attributes, OfflineImageViewer, NFS gateway, Secondary NameNode JournalNode, and DataNoden web UI are in the HDFS module. YARN REST API, timeline store, and Fair Scheduler are in the Hadoop YARN module. We have updated the Hadoop application in our lab systems for practicing as per the industry requirements through our all-inclusive best Big Data Hadoop Training in Chennai.

SLA Academy has expert and experienced trainers to provide comprehensive coaching in all required concepts with hands-on exposure. We offer study material, unlimited lab hours, free software installation, case studies, periodical assessments, and project practices through our industry-relevant Big Data Hadoop Course Syllabus.

We have a dedicated placement cell to equip the students with job-ready skills such as resume writing skills, job searching skills, communication skills, and personality development through instructor-led online and in-person modes of classes in our Big Data Hadoop Training Institute with Placement Assistance.

Big Data Hadoop Training in Chennai with Placement

Our Big Data Hadoop Course in Chennai aims to provide detailed training on Hadoop concepts with real-world experiences for the career advancement of students around the world in the Big Data field. You can learn Big Data with the Hadoop tool to market new products in the market with the benefits of connecting consumers, increase consumer value, and minimize risks. We make you proficient with Hadoop Common, HDFS, YARN, and MapReduce and equip you with data mining, Hadoop structure, deployment, and cluster environment.

SLA Jobs is a leading Big Data Hadoop Training Institute in Chennai that provides expert coaching to analyze and work on big data to generate the report for better decision-making. We train students to learn, understand, and implement big data analytics with the Hadoop tool that includes modern computing, machine learning techniques, and scaling up machine learning approaches used for industrial applications.

Our Hadoop Curriculum consists of conceptualization, summarization, and cloud computing technologies, and scaling up ML processes with the hands-on practices of characteristic identification of datasets, machine learning implementation, scalability issues, model parameters, and statistical tools. Our Big Data Hadoop Course in Chennai focusing global students through virtual and in-person mode with complete hands-on exposure.

At the end of the course in our Best Big Data Training in Chennai, one can able to,

  • Master in HDFS
  •  Expertise in YARN (Yet Another Resource Navigator)
  •  Perform efficiently on working with Hadoop storage and management
  •  Understand MapReduce Framework to handle complex business solutions
  •  Working with data ingestion technique effectively
  •  Perform well on ETL operations and data analytics
  •  Schedule jobs with Oozie and integration with Hive
  •  Working with Apache Spark and its ecosystem
  •  Working efficiently with real-time Hadoop cluster

Who can attend our Big Data Training in Chennai?

Eligibility considered for our Big Data Hadoop Course in Chennai will be different based on the interests and skill level of learners. Freshers and experienced people can learn efficiently as our Hadoop Curriculum covers from fundamental to advanced concepts which can be personalized as per the requirements of students. Any aspirant can get trained to become a big data engineer for better placement in top companies through our industry-required skill development Hadoop Training in Chennai.

The following professionals can learn Big Data Hadoop Course in Chennai

  •  Analytics Professionals
  •  Business Intelligence, ETL, Data Warehousing Professionals
  •  Mainframe Professionals
  •  Testing Professionals
  •  Software Developers
  •  Project Managers
  •  Architects
  •  System Administrators
  •  Data Management Professionals
  •  Software Testing Professionals
  •  Senior IT professionals
  •  Candidates interested in becoming Data Scientists
  •  Freshers (Btech, BE, BCA, Mtech, ME)

Prerequisites for learning at the Big Data Hadoop Training Institute in Chennai

No specific prerequisites are needed for attending Big Data Hadoop Course as we have a customized course curriculum to provide in-depth coaching for the interested students. We provide study materials, case study practices, periodical assessments, software installments, and project experiences along with required job-ready skills in our Big Data Hadoop Training Institute in Chennai.

Freshers require no prior knowledge as they will learn from basics and experienced people require some basic knowledge in Java, SQL as an added advantage. If anyone wants to learn in fast track mode, foundation concept knowledge is mandatory as our trainers examine the skill level and frame the content as per needs.

Big Data Hadoop Course Fee in Chennai

Big Data Hadoop is the fast-paced growing technology that many students willingly enrolled at SLA with the customizable Hadoop Course Duration. Get into the small batches to obtain the comprehensive classes on BIg Data Specialization Training in Chennai at SLA.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate Big Data Hadoop course fee and duration for Big Data Hadoop. Please contact our team for current Big Data Hadoop course fee and duration.

Download Hadoop and Big data Course Syllabus

Big Data Hadoop Course Syllabus

The Big Data Hadoop course curriculum from the Best Big Data Hadoop training institute in Chennai is framed according to industry expectations. We concentrate both on basic and advanced concepts of Big Data Hadoop. Keeping abreast of the changing trends in technology, our syllabus is both fresh and best.

High-Level Hadoop Training Syllabus

  • Big Data – Challenges & Opportunities
  • Installation and Setup of Hadoop Cluster
  • Mastering HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)
  • MapReduce Hands-on using JAVA
  • Big Data Analytics using Pig and Hive
  • HBase and Hive Integration
  • Understanding of ZooKeeper
  • YARN Architecture
  • Understanding Hadoop framework
  • Linux Essentials for Hadoop
  • Mastering MapReduce
  • Using Java, Pig, and Hive
  • Mastering HBase
  • Data loading using Sqoop and Flume
  • Workflow Scheduler Using OoZie
  • Hands-on Real-time Project

Big Data Hadoop Internship Training in Chennai – Get Started

Learn the most sought skills with the practical implementation at our Big Data Hadoop Internship Training Institute in Chennai. Master in Big Data with major concepts such as cluster, HDFS, MapReduce, Analytics, HBase, Hive, Zookeeper, YARN, Linux fundamentals, Sqoop, and Flume along with the skills to work for the following responsibilities efficiently.

Important Roles and Responsibilities of the Big Data Hadoop Engineer

  • Proficient in the documentation, design, development, and architecture of Hadoop applications
  • Manage the installation, configuration, and support of the Hadoop app.
  • Generate MapReduce coding for Hadoop clusters; assist co-workers to build new Hadoop clusters
  • Convert complicated techniques and functional requirements into the understandable and detailed designs
  • Design and develop web applications for data querying and change data tracking with higher speeds
  • Present effective planning and standards to handover the operations
  • Implement testing on software prototypes and shift them to the operational team
  • Apply Pig and Hive for pre-processing of the big data
  • Handle data security and privacy of big data
  • Manage and deploy HBase
  • Perform and analyze big data stores and derive insights

Quicken your career scope in Big Data Hadoop Internship Training in Chennai as the demand for skilled and certified professionals rises for all the sectors around the world.

Projects to practice:Health care Data Management using Apache Hadoop ecosystem
Description: Hadoop is an open-source framework for processing Big data to store and analyze data parallely through clusters. It contains two main components: Hadoop MapReduce and distributed file system. It is used in healthcare for the data management

Projects to practice: Automated RDBMS Data Archiving and Unarchiving using Hadoop
Description: Table prefix that is used by temporary objects and it automatically deleted in most cases. It even multiple different version of some particular data format across different time periods

Learning gives the ability to adopt a change effectively. Enroll at SLA.

User Reviews on Big Data Hadoop Course in Chennai

Ramesh Kumar

This coaching center was fantastic! SLA is easily one of the better Big Data Hadoop Training Institute in Chennai. I wanted to do my Big Data Course where they also help me with placements. The training sessions were so interesting. This is a great place to do your Big Data Analytics Training in Chennai.


I would recommend SLA for getting the Best Hadoop Training in Chennai. The training atmosphere is very lively and very comfortable for students. They begin the classes from the basics which were very beneficial for beginners like me. Their big data analytics sessions are excellent. I am recommending SLA to anyone who is looking for Big Data and Hadoop Certification Training in Chennai!


Very effective and possibly the Best Hadoop Training you can find in Chennai. The syllabus is very considerate even for beginners. I was an advanced learner and I found the trainer to be very informative, and very experienced. The training was on schedule and we all found ourselves eagerly waiting for the next sessions. A special word of mention to all the practical sessions we had which was very useful for my project work.`


I was under a corporate training program for Big Data Analytics. The trainers were excellent and the course was very fulfilling. The best place to get certified and we were so glad to have picked SLA for our team training.


I am proud to say that I completed my big data course from Softlogic Academy. It provides the best Hadoop and big data training in Chennai. The training sessions go depth in knowledge of big data and Hadoop and its ecosystems. The trainer for Hadoop and big data was a working professional in the field of Hadoop developer, he is an expert in the Hadoop field. Softlogic systems designed their big data and Hadoop courses to give you a competitive edge in the ever-evolving IT jobs. the intensive 2months training program will provide us with an in-depth knowledge of the big data framework using Hadoop and its ecosystems. they provide a unique and engaging content on a user friendly and immersive learning platform that helps you to not only attend the training sessions but watching learning videos, read learning materials, interact with fellow students, full-time practical labs, 24/7 support from a single window that makes learning effective. The placement training sessions along with the course ensures you the capability to attend any interviews confidently. There is a special placement team working for the placement and interviews.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Big Data Hadoop is the on-demand skill in which numerous commonly asked questions arise time-to-time. Here we give some of the frequently asked questions that could be the answer to your queries.

What is Big Data Technology?

Big Data is the software utility used for design, analyze, process, and retrieve information from the complex and large data set.

What are the types of Big Data?

Data types of big data that are involved in the Analyzing process can be defined as structured, unstructured, real-time media, geographic, time series, natural language, network, linked, and events, etc.

What are the latest use-cases of Big data?

Big Data trending of this current tech world is IoT networks, Artificial Intelligence, Dark Data, Predictive Analysis, and so on.

What are the popular tools used for Big Data processing?

The popular open-source Big Data tools are Hadoop, Spark, Storm, Cassandra, and RapidMiner, MongoDB.

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is a big data tool and the popular software ecosystem that enables massive parallel computing. It is used to handle data processing and storage for big data applications running in clustered systems.

What are the tolls involved in Big Data Hadoop?

  • Data Extraction Tools such as Talend, Pentaho.
  • Data Storing Tools such as Hive, Sqoop, MongoDB.
  • Data Mining Tools such as Oracle
  • Data Analyzing Tools such as HBase, Pig.
  • Data Integration Tools such as Zookeeper

Why should I learn Hadoop in SLA Jobs?

We provide the Big Data Hadoop Certification in Chennai With Placement Assurance and give value for money by giving practical exposure to the candidates. We keep abreast of emerging technologies like Hadoop Training Center in KK Nagar Chennai.

How will you allocate a batch at SLA for Hadoop Training?

We allocate a small batch for Big Data Training Course students to offer individual care and attention for their career upliftment. Our Hadoop trainer takes a one-to-one classroom session if the student requires it. We allocate maximum size limited with 4 to 5 candidates for a batch of Big Data Hadoop Training in Chennai

Is there a placement guarantee for the Hadoop course in your institution?

We offer PLACEMENT Guidance in the Hadoop course and that is why we are the no.1 Big Data Hadoop Training Centers in Chennai. At SLA, We equip for a job, but not buy a job for our Big Data students through interview preparations and offer placement arrangements in the corporate companies.

How do I enroll in Hadoop Training course at SLA?

To enroll in this Big Data course, you must first register with Hadoop Training in Chennai by filling up the form displayed on the website. Or you can start a chat in the chatbot. Or you can call the number displayed on the screen.

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