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Prepare for N+ Certification through our N+ training in Chennai. It is even more vital that you learn the N+ certification course at SLA. Softlogic is one of the leading training providers for A+ and N+ certifications. Never miss the opportunity to study and get certified in SLA, one of the competing N+ Training Institutes in Chennai.

Best N+ Training Institute in Chennai

Welcome to the No.1 N+ Training Institute in Chennai. Discover how the Networking platform makes your IT career successful with its tremendous job openings and salary hikes. We provide comprehensive learning support based on the all-inclusive N+ Course Curriculum and prepare you for the certification exam with industry-ready skills.

N+ Course Overview

N+ Training in Chennai gives fundamental knowledge and understanding of networking elements of an organization. The students can manage both wired and wireless networks for global enterprises. The study of the N+ Course has a great scope as the world is increased with virtualization, cloud migration, network expertise, and remote work that help in IT administration for handling critical network issues. Join us to explore the job opportunities in the N+ field by gaining expertise in networking concepts at SLA. We has a technology-driven infrastructure supporting the hardware and software to get trained for A+ and N+ certifications. SLA assists students to take up these two certifications apart from imparting training to the enrolled students. The ambient learning environment at SLA motivates the study and interests. Our students’ feedback promotes our brand in the IT training sector. 100% job guaranteed with A+ and N+ certification and SLA boosts this probability by providing placement assistance. Classes handled by A+ and N+ certified professionals.

About Our N+ Training

N+ Certification Training in Chennai is helpful for the candidates to obtain CompTIA N+ Certification that is considered as entry-level validation for various networking-related jobs in top companies. This N+ Certification is required for the candidates who want to work in the IT administration and operational team to manage, configure, and troubleshoot all kinds of networking elements across industries worldwide. We train the students to gain a basic understanding of emerging technologies and how to implement them for a traditional-based system with modernized IT infrastructure.

Course Objectives of N+ Training in Chennai

Our CompTIA N+ Course in Chennai is intended to provide a detailed understanding of current network technologies to address the problems with an extensible coverage of related domains. The course includes critical security concepts for helping the network aspirants to work on secured networking, cloud computing process with typical service models, new hardware and virtualization techniques, and combinations of skills to keep the network resilient. We have designed and update the curriculum as per the current industry requirements in our N+ Training Institute in Chennai.

The learning outcomes of our students are preparing for the CompTIA N+ Certification exam as a first preference that covers designing and implementing functional networks in enterprises, best practices on configuring, maintaining, and managing network services that provide uninterrupted connecting within the organization, utilization of switches and routers for implementing robust network, identifying the shortcoming and limitations of the legacy system and discovering solutions with trending technologies, implementing the IT infrastructure by understanding the organization properly, implement protocols, security, and industry standards perfectly, troubleshooting any network issues quickly and efficiently, and implement emerging technologies such as cloud computing, VPN, virtualization, and remote access with networking. Learn the best N+ Training in Chennai at SLA with 100% Placement Assistance.

After the course completion at SLA, our student will have

  • Thorough on fundamental network theory concepts and communication methods.
  •  Know about bounded and unbounded network media.
  •  Determine network implementation types.
  •  Well-versed in TCP/IP addressing and data delivery methods.
  •  Apply routing technologies to deploy TCP/IP networks effectively
  •  Define the infrastructure of a WAN implementation and the components used in cloud computing and virtualization.
  •  Proficient in network security and prevents security breaches successfully to respond to security incidents.
  •  Understand the components of remote network implementation along with tools, methods, and techniques used in handling a network.
  •  Ability to troubleshoot any network issues.

N+ Course in Chennai

N+ Training in Chennai offered by SLA is the best in quality within a course duration of 45 to 60 hours. At the sametime you can opt out of your slots on N+ Course duration based on your suitable timings.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

Our N+ Course fees in Chennai is well-reasoned for our quality training with seasonal offers and discounts for the benefit of all the students around the world that can be taken with the above training modes.

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Who can Attend for The N+ Certification Course in Chennai with Placement?

Any aspiring candidate who wants to commence his/her career in the networking industry can take up the N+ course at SLA. N+ course from our Institute will have a substantial impact to expand your horizons. We provide CompTIA N+ Training in Chennai to prepare the students to manage the IT infrastructure of any organization with complete hands-on exposure. The students of our N+ Course will have the required industry skills for a great future in top IT and MNC firms. If you want to become Network Administrator, IT consultant, Network Field Engineer, Computer Technician, Help Desk Technician, System Engineer, Network Support Specialist, and Network Analyst our A+ Training would be helpful for you.

Prerequisite for Taking the N+ Course in Chennai at SLA

There is no big prerequisite for pursuing the N+ Certification Training in Chennai. Basic knowledge of TCP/IP, Switches, and Routers would be an added advantage. Our N+ Training Course in Chennai is provided in different types of training modes such as weekend classes, weekday classes, and fast track mode of classes through regular classroom mode or instructor-led live online modes. The expert trainers for N+ Course will be allocated as per the convenience of time and location of the students across the world and we are giving the best service throughout the N+ training duration along with placement support. Learn the Best N+ Training Course in Chennai in your flexible learning hours and easy training modes.

The learning benefit of the N+ Course in Chennai

Join N+ Training in Chennai at SLA to learn the most crucial system interconnection model and understand the seven most important layers of the networking connection model along with the knowledge of TCP/IP system interconnections. You will learn network infrastructure, network administration, network security, and IT support. We make you prepare for the CompTIA N+ exam and make them clear in a single attempt.

We equip the students how to design and implement functional networks, how to configure, manage, and maintain important network devices, how to use switches, routers, and other networking devices for segmenting network traffic and generate resilient networks within an organization, how to identify advantages and limitations of network configurations, how to implement network security and protocols as per network standards, how to troubleshoot network-related problems, and how to support the creation of virtualized networks through our N+ Training Course in Chennai.

Our students will be gain expertise in the following skills in our N+ Training Institute in Chennai.

  • Networking Concepts: Our trainers will explain the utilization of various networking concepts and implement them according to the requirements in our N+ Training in Chennai with real-time examples that are understandable easily by the students.
  • IT Infrastructure: We determine and explain elaborately to the students about the appropriation of cabling, networking devices, and storage technologies through our N+ Course in Chennai.
  • Network Operations: The students can learn with the best hands-on practices to manage the network, policy determination, and ensuring business continuity in our CompTIA N+ Training Course in Chennai with hands-on exposure.
  • Network Security: We at SLA explain physical security and general cyber attacks to secure the wired and wireless network by our expert and experienced trainers of N+ Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.
  • Network Troubleshooting Tools: Our trainers will explain how to troubleshoot networking issues by common and specialized methodologies using appropriate tools that support connectivity and performance in our CompTIA Network+ Training in Chennai.

Join one of the leading N+ Training Institutes in Chennai and learn how to manage network elements and connectivity through complete hands-on exposure. We provide course materials and required software and hardware backups for the students to study with practical implementations through in-person and online modes of classes. We give placement training along with a technical course on resume writing, job searching, and soft skills development classes free of cost. SLA Jobsis the place for you to learn IT-related courses with an industry-oriented curriculum.

The N+ training course covers the following major topics and SLA also gains popularity for CompTIA Network+ training in Chennai. Understanding network configuration, management, troubleshooting of wired and wireless networks.

  • Introduction to unified communications
  •  Learning about mobile clouds
  •  An overview of virtualization technologies.
  •  Network topologies
  •  Learning the network devices and tools
  •  Network data delivery
  •  Network media and hardware
  •  Network implementations
  •  Networking with TCP/IP
  •  Alternate network protocols
  •  LAN infrastructure
  •  WAN infrastructure
  •  Remote networks
  •  Network disaster recovery
  •  Backup procedures
  •  Network data storage

The topics mentioned above does not confine the list to study the course at CompTIA Network+ training institutes in Chennai. SLA offers best coaching classes for both A+ and N+ certification courses in Chennai. Choose SLA and get certified as A+ or N+ professional as SLA is one the reliable and best A+ training institutes in Chennai for these courses..

Job opportunities after N+ Training in Chennai

IT field is robust and generates tremendous opportunities for certified and skilled professionals as per the review of Labor Market and Market Intelligence Company International Data Corporation tells that the IT sector adds 4 Million good pay jobs worldwide till 2027. It grows faster across all the sectors with 13% of rapid growth and it brings a promising future for the candidates. We provide the best CompTIA N+ Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance for all the interested candidates with hands-on exposure and industry-worth certification at SLA.

Obtaining the certification will be helpful for the students to get a job among the large pool of applicants as it is important to prove the skills of a potential employee. It not only adds value to your profile but makes you stand out of the queue through your performance indicator acquired by certification. CompTIA Network+ certification is the best way to show your skills for any entry-level job in IT management. Our trainers offer the best N+ Certification Training in Chennai and prepare you for the CompTIA Network+ Certification exam conducted by CompTIA.

The CompTIA N+ certified professionals have a variety of job opportunities that includes Network Technician, Helpdesk Technician, Cable Installer, Network Installer, and Network Administrator. They have tremendous career opportunities lined up for them such as Security Engineer, Security Architect, Systems Administrator, Security Administrator, Security Consultant/Specialist, and Network Administrator.

Domain covered by N+ Certification

Our N+ Training in Chennai provides the core knowledge to build foundational skills and ensure it is offered with current industry requirements. It covers the following five domains and we give comprehensive training and certification to prove your knowledge from basic concepts to specialized and advanced areas such as networking events, advocacy, educational programs, and researches.

  • Networking Concepts: It helps the learners to explain the goal of different networking concepts and apply them properly.
  • Infrastructure: It assists the students to determine and explain the proper cabling, storage technologies, and networking devices.
  • Network Operations: It helps to utilize the best practices of managing the network with the determinant policies and ensures business continuity.
  • Network Security: It helps the candidates to summarize physical security and common cyber attacks when securing the wireless and wired network.
  • Network Troubleshooting and Tools: It helps the students to explain the network troubleshooting methods and proper tools to guide connectivity and performance.

Network+ Related Jobs and Salaries

We train the students to become network-related professionals through our N+ Training and Placement Institute in Chennai. We guide them to get placed through our industry-accredited certification and offer them job-based skills such as resume writing, aptitude skills, and soft skill development by our dedicated placement trainers. They can obtain the following jobs after the successful N+ Training Course in Chennai.

  • Junior Network Administrator – $55,731 per annum.
  • Computer Technician – $54,770 per annum.
  • Network Field Technician – $54,530 per annum.
  • Help Desk Technician – $42, 959 per annum.
  • Junior System Engineer – $78,255 per annum.
  • System Engineer – $98,277 per annum.
  • IS Consultant – $90,454 per annum
  • Network Support Specialist – $83,090 per annum
  • Network Field Engineer – $110,000 per annum.
  • Network Analyst – $117,500 per annum.

Join SLA for the best Network+ Certification Training in Chennai and gain expertise with top-notch skills required for obtaining and performing in the above-mentioned jobs. We have professional techies as trainers to provide in-depth understanding and best practices for working efficiently in top companies.

Course Syllabus of our N+ Training in Chennai 

SLA has designed the N+ Course syllabus in such a way that you can ace the concepts pertaining to the entire networking process. The N+ Course content that we provide is crafted by our proficient trainers. We concentrate on assisting you to crack the N+ certification exam through our detailed syllabus:

Basic Network Theory

  • Network Definitions
  •  Network Models
  •  Connectivity
  •  Network Addressing
  •  Signaling Concepts

Network Connectivity

  • The Data Package
  •  Establishing a Connection
  •  Reliable Delivery
  •  Network Connectivity
  •  Noise Control
  •  Building Codes
  •  Connection Devices

Advanced Network Theory

  • The OSI Model
  •  Ethernet
  •  Network Resources
  •  Token Ring/IEEE 802.5
  •  FDDI
  •  Wireless Networking

Common Network Protocols

  • Families of Protocols
  •  NetBEUI
  •  Bridges and Switches
  •  The TCP/IP Protocol
  •  Building a TCP/IP Network
  •  The TCP/IP Suite

TCP/IP Services

  •  Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  •  DNS Name Resolution
  •  NetBIOS Support
  •  SNMP
  •  TCP/IP Utilities
  •  Upper Layer Services: FTP

Alternate Network Protocols

  • Introduction to IPX/SPX
  •  AppleTalk
  •  Introduction to Apple Open Transport
  •  Introduction to IPv6

Network LAN Infrastructure – Implement LAN Protocols on a Network

  • IP Routing
  •  IP Routing Tables
  •  Router Discovery Protocols
  •  Data Movement in a Routed Network
  •  Virtual LANs (VLANs)

Network WAN Infrastructure

  • The WAN Environment
  •  WAN Transmission Technologies
  •  WAN Connectivity Devices
  •  Voice Over Data Services

Remote Networking

  • Remote Networking
  •  Remote Access Protocols
  •  VPN Technologies

Network Security

  • Introduction to Network Security
  •  Virus Protection
  •  Local Security
  •  Network Access
  •  Internet Security

Disaster Recovery

  • The Need for Disaster Recovery
  •  Disaster Recovery Plan
  •  Data Backups
  •  Fault Tolerance

Trainer Profile of our N+Training Institute in Chennai

SLA has trainers for providing the best N+ Training in Chennai to make the students perform their jobs and they offer practices to clear CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam. They keep watching the industry updates to provide as per the requirements for networking professionals. The trainers of our N+ Training Institute have experienced in IT specialization, networking specialization, Cybersecurity specialization, software, and web application development, and data and network analysis specializations with industry project developments.

The N+ Trainers of our institute are certified and they are well-versed in what is required most to ace the certification exams and interviews of top companies. They are proficient in the responsibilities of network-related jobs and prepare the candidates according to their desire and learning requirements. They teach through live online mode and classroom model in the convenient learning hours of students around the world. Our trainers have good communication skills to provide clear and best N+ Training in Chennai to the global students. Learn from industry experts to become the best network specialists.

Trainers of our A+/N+ Training Center in Chennai are certified professionals who have 15+ years of experience and can handle interactive classes with hands-on training. Our N+ Trainers are experienced in top companies for the Network related activities.

  • Proficiency in all the networking concepts such as routing, switching, service provider, and security.
  •  Design the develop a lesson plan and N+ course curriculum as per industry-standards
  •  Highly skilled from designing to troubleshooting the Networking process
  •  Thorough knowledge in protocols, networking, and relevant concepts

N+ Internship Training in Chennai

The Network Engineer is the responsible person for maintaining the company’s computer networks. The main responsibilities are below that include maintenance of computer networks, and other related systems, They will perform disaster recovery operations, protecting data, software, and hardware from attacks. We provide N+ Internship Training in Chennai to improve the skills for performing well in the industries.Roles and Responsibilities of N+ Engineer

  • Monitor network processes to detect any adjustments require to be made.
  • Work with network users on solving existing system problems.
  • Operate master consoles to handle the performance of networks and computer systems.
  • Integrate computer network access and use.
  • Design, configure and test networking software, computer hardware, and operating system software.

Projects to practice :Wireless Surveillance Robot Controlled by PC
Description : This project is for controlling the wireless camera integrated with the robot through PC using the Bluetooth module to pick any light object and place it. This project is used to control the machine using a Bluetooth modem.

User Reviews on N+ Course in Chennai

Martin. J

I feel very great to learn N+ Training at SLA. It is a very helpful course to know the fundamental concepts required for working in the networking domain. The trainers are very friendly and explain the concepts neatly. I was able to understand and follow the coursework as they are student-mindset and clearing the doubts on the spot with real-time examples. SLA provides attitude and soft skill training along with technical training by placement trainers and I am so happy about SLA.

Thirumurugan. R

N+ Training Course at SLA helped me a lot in understanding the entire networking concepts and they have provided me practice on various tools and methods to manage, install, and troubleshoot networking devices and technologies. I learn all of them with practical implementation and the placement team contributes well to my personality development. I am now a happy employee of Infosys and all thanks to SLA and the team.

Dheva Ratchagan. T

I have joined N+ Training in Chennai for starting my career in the networking field. From the career counseling to placement support, all their guidance was awesome and very helpful. I have learned the networking concepts through expert people and they gave training with practical implementations. At first, I was hopeless in job placement but Ms.Shabana Mam along with their team encourages and taught me various job searching strategies and arranges innumerable interviews. I am now working at Cognizant as Network Engineer. All thanks to SLA.

Ramamoorthy. K

It was a fabulous learning experience at SLA on N+ Training. They have designed the curriculum wisely and provided training with real-time practices. The trainers are well-versed and experienced and provided what is required most in the industries to manage the IT infrastructure. I got placed in Mphasis as Network Engineer and I can able to perform in my role effectively. Thanks to the placement team also as they give me courage and training related to job skills. Thanks a lot, SLA.


I was learning N+ Training in Chennai at SLA by excellent trainers. They offered me good training along with practical experience and allow me to practice for many hours. I was trained with job-related skills and they encourage me to attend many interviews until I got placed in my desired role. Finally, I have got selected in Mphasis as Network Executive with good pay. I thank SLA for providing me such a great platform to learn the best N+ Course.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Strong knowledge in networking is most required in the industries and it generates a promising future with numerous career opportunities for IT aspirants. It brings global opportunities for skilled and certified candidates to work in the network administration domain and we provide many Hardware and Networking Certification Courses in Chennai at SLA along with N+ Training Course. If you are not answered on the following FAQs, feel free to contact us to learn about our N+ Training in Chennai.

What is mean by N+ Certification?

The N+ Certification is the IT exam that validates the essential skills required for developing and managing the IT infrastructure of a company. It is a professional-level certification exam conducted by CompTIA. We offer an in-depth understanding of N+ Training in Chennai to get proficiency in emerging technologies, cloud technologies, and virtualization technologies.

Is learning of N+ harder than A+?

A+ provides the fundamental hardware knowledge while N+ gives professional-level knowledge with networking skills. A+ is the foundation and prerequisite for learning N+ Training effectively. If you are well-versed with A+, it is very easy to learn N+ concepts that help in networking tools and technologies. Join SLA to learn the best N+ Training in Chennai with hands-on exposure.

Is N+ Certification enough for networking-related jobs?

Yes, the study of N+ provides the skills and knowledge to start a career in the networking field. It opens many doors of opportunities across the world to take care of the networking infrastructure of companies with top-notch skills. N+ Training at SLA covers all the required concepts such as tools, technologies, topologies, methods, and security concepts. We are focusing on the industries and update our curriculum as per the requirements of industries to provide the best training in our N+ Training Institute in Chennai.

What is the future scope of the N+ training course?

All aspirants who are certified in the N+ course can have a career path in various trending technologies like Cybersecurity, robotic automation, network analytics, network engineering, electrical engineering, mining industries, energy processes, and project management. Our N+ Training and Placement Institute in Chennai guides as per the learner’s desire with job-ready skills.

Is the networking field hard to work?

The networking field was hard in early times but today it becomes simplified through advanced technologies and automation processes that convert complex tasks into smart works. We offer N+ Training Course in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

How can I prepare for my N+ Certification exam and interviews?

Our N+ Training and Placement Institute in Chennai equips you with all required industry skills that simplify the exam and interview process through our practice and preparations. We have trainers who have got certified already and many experiences in the field to guide you on exam preparations and interview processing.

What are the other networking courses offered by SLA?

SLA offers fundamental Hardware and Networking Courses, CCNA, A+, MCSE, and MCSA along with specialized N+ Courses in Chennai. We have well-equipped classrooms and lab facilities that contain all required tools and devices to practice. Join us to learn the best N+ Training Course in Chennai

How SLA supports placements?

SLA provides wonderful placement assistance for the students during the technical course of N+ Training. We equip you with job-related skills through resume writing strategies, job searching ideas, communication, and collaboration skills development, interview questions and answers updates, and mock interview preparations by dedicated placement trainers free of cost in our N+ Training Institute in Chennai.

How can I continue my classroom learning for N+ training in a situation like a pandemic?

You can switch to instructor-led live online mode from regular classroom mode in a situation like a pandemic to learn N+ Training Course in Chennai at SLA. It does not require any extra fees and we allocate the same trainer for your learning flexibility in Network+ Course.

Can I get back up classes in N+ Training for the leaves taken unexpectedly?

We arrange backup classes for taking continuous coaching on N+ Course in Chennai from the same instructors as per student’s flexible timing and batch facilities. It can be availed for the informed leaves taken by the students of our Network+ Course. The trainers will cover the missed networking concepts with the same practical implementations for learning the Best N+ Training in Chennai.