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Mongodb Training In Chennai

MongoDB Training in Chennai | MongoDB Training Institute in Chennai

Nowadays there is a growing need for businesses to extract business value from the data rather than just evaluating it. There are some issues in RDBMS with regard to the handling of big data. This is where the role of the NoSQL database comes. In order to know about the importance of this dynamic technology, enroll in the MongoDB Course in Chennai

Master in MongoDB Skills

Welcome to the best MongoDB Training Institute in Chennai. MongoDB is one of the most widely known NoSQL databases with great features that make it the obvious choice for deploying NoSQL database systems. Enjoy the learning benefits of MongoDB Training in Chennai at SLA Jobs and become an expert MongoDB Admin in Global companies.

MongoDB Course in Chennai

MongoDB is a free and open-source database program. It is also cross-platform and document-oriented. It has gained a reputation for its MapReduce figuring besides document-oriented NoSQL highlights. The key aspect of MongoDB is to hold as much as functionalities prudently at the same time letting horizontal scaling. This would make the designer’s life quite smooth. Learn the importance of MongoDB and its practical application from the MongoDB Training Course in Chennai. SLA provides comprehensive MongoDB Training in Chennai by industry-leading experts with complete hands-on exposure. We have a fully air-conditioned classroom with well-equipped lab facilities and updated software applications to get thorough knowledge on the MongoDB concepts. Our trainers will provide study materials and software installation during the MongoDB Course in Chennai. Case studies, real-time projects, and periodical assessments will be assigned to make you proficient with the technical skills along with job-ready skills by our dedicated placement team. Join us to grab the opportunity from top companies for working as a database professional through our best MongoDB Training Institute in Chennai.

About MongoDB Training Course in Chennai

MongoDB is very easy to get started and to apply. It also enhances productivity. Enroll in the MongoDB Course in Chennai and take your career to the next level. It has eliminated the schema barrier which lets developers concentrate on creating applications, not databases. MongoDB also has huge support for every relevant language in the future of the web including C, C++, JavaScript, C#, Node.JS, etc.

MongoDB is the product of 10gen Software Company released as a component to provide platform-as-a-service. It is used to manage and maintain the organization’s data through many key features such as Ad-hoc queries, indexing, replication, load balancing, file storage, aggregation, sever-side JavaScript execution, capped collections, and transactions. SLA provides in-depth MongoDB Training in Chennai that covers from basic to advanced elements with practical implementations.

The editions of MongoDB are MongoDB Community Edition that is available free for Windows, OS X, and Linux. MongoDB Enterprise Server is for commercial edition available with an advanced subscription. MongoDB Atlas is a fully-managed service that runs on Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS Cloud platform. MongoDB Architectures are equipped with programming language accessible, security assurance, serverless access, and management and graphical front-ends. We are one of the leading MongoDB Training Institutes in Chennai to offer best-in-class coaching for the students.

Course Objectives of MongoDB Training in Chennai

MongoDB will be a good choice for companies with smaller databases and searching for a more general solution. The proficiency to handle large and unstructured amounts of data is one of the advantages of MongoDB. MySQL is well-known for its high performance, reliable database protection, flexibility, and management simplicity. However, if your data is complex and unstructured, or if you are not able to pre-define your schema, MongoDB is the best choice. Moreover, if you wish to deal with a huge volume of data and store it as documents then MongoDB will assist you to meet the challenges

  • NoSQL databases have evolved in popularity in the past few years since they let users query their data without the need for acing SQL.
  •  The increase in popularity of the Javascript-based MEAN stack indicates that several programmers now prefer MongoDB as their database.
  •  MongoDB has evolved from being just JSON data to the most popular NoSQL database solution.
  •  The sharding and aggregation framework, document validations, and a mature ecosystem of tools also make MongoDB the preferred database for several people.
  •  Database schema design, backup, and security, data modeling, etc. are the general challenges encountered by database administrators nowadays.
  •  When you gain proficiency over MongoDB 3.x then you can challenge these concerns. The developers can build powerful, scalable database solutions with simplicity

Our MongoDB Course in Chennai at SLA Jobs is intended to provide all-inclusive coaching on theoretical and practical concepts to perform well in the industries as DBAs. We cover every necessary MongoDB concepts such as architecture, products, solutions, and other components in our MongoDB Course Curriculum. Our personalized mentorship is useful for all the learners around the world as we provide at their convenient time according to their skillset on MongoDB.

We equip our students with the required technical knowledge such as JSON like documents, data structures, object mapping, application codes, Ad hoc queries, indexing, real-time aggregation, distributed database, and licensing details. Our MongoDB Training in Chennai enhances the students to gain expertise in all the roles related to MongoDB such as designing Schema, troubleshoot performance issues, Implementing advanced queries, applying aggregation framework, implementing backup and recovery efficiently, assure the scalability using Sharding, configuring replicated cluster, manage DB Server, develop tools, implement Query Router, and integrate GUI Robomongo. Become a master in MongoDB cloud projects to set up, monitor, and configure application deployments through our best MongoDB Training Institute in Chennai.

MongoDB Training in Chennai

Master in MongoDB within 45 to 60 hours of course duration. Excel in DBA field through our industry-standard MongoDB Training in Chennai and learn from domain experts.

Course Duration and Fees for MongoDB Training in Chennai

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

Join SLA and get the unexpected offers on MongoDB Course Fees in Chennai. Reach us to know more about MongoDB Training Cost at SLA.


Download MongoDB Course Syllabus

Who can Attend MongoDB Training Course in Chennai?

The MongoDB course in Chennai can be pursued by professionals keen on a career in NoSQL databases and MongoDB. Our trainers have framed MongoDB Curriculum as per the industry standards and keep observing the updates of technical upgrades to make our students shine as per the trending requirements. We will provide unlimited lab hours to learn through doing and offer study materials and free software installation during MongoDB Course Duration in Chennai. Join us to get expertise in MongoDB and learn the in-demand skill to bridge the skill of top companies.

  • Database Architects
  •  Software Developers
  •  Database Professionals
  •  Software Architects
  •  System Administrators
  •  IT developers, testers
  •  Research professionals
  •  Web Developers
  •  Database Administrators
  •  Project Managers
  •  Mainframe professionals
  •  Data professionals
  •  Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data warehousing Professionals
  •  Freshers who are interested in data analytics

Prerequisites for Attending MongoDB Course in Chennai

No specific knowledge is required to learn MongoDB as we train our students from basic for the students who are learning in the regular track. For the students who wish to learn MongoDB in fast track mode, the fundamental understanding of relational databases, programming languages, scripting languages, and text editor is required for quick and efficient learning. Our MongoDB Course in Chennai at SLA Jobs has a customized syllabus for freshers and working professionals to learn them as per their convenience.

Course Syllabus of our MongoDB Training in Chennai

The syllabus for MongoDB Course in Chennai is structured as per the industry standards. It is highly comprehensive and is fresh and best.

Introduction to NoSQL

  • What Is NoSQL?
  •  Why NoSQL databases are required.
  •  Types of NoSQL Database
  •  NoSQL vs SQL Comparison
  •  ACID & BASE Property
  •  CAP Theorem
  •  Benefits of NoSQL databases
  •  Installation
  •  Start and Stop the MongoDB process


  • Document, Collection, Databases
  •  JSON and BSON
  •  Storage Engines (WiredTiger and MMAP)
  •  Read Path
  •  Journaling
  •  Write Path
  •  Working Set
  •  Capped Collection
  •  Oplog collection
  •  TTL Index
  •  GridFS

CRUD Operations

  • MongoDB Data Types
  •  Inserting, Update, Deleting the documents
  •  Querying the documents
  •  Bulk insert operation
  •  Updating multiple documents
  •  Limiting documents
  •  Filtering documents

Schema Design and Data modeling

  • Dynamic Schema
  •  What is Data modeling?
  •  RDBMS and MongoDB Data modeling difference
  •  Embedding Document
  •  Reference Document


  •  Index concepts in MongoDB
  •  Types of indexes
  •  Indexes and its use cases
  •  Creating Indexes
  •  Managing Indexes
  •  Index strategies

Database Administration

  • Database status
  •  Troubleshooting issues
  •  Current Operations
  •  Rotating log files
  •  Users and Roles
  •  Copy and Clone database
  •  DB and Collection Stats
  •  Explain plan
  •  Profiling
  •  Changing configuration files
  •  Upgrading the database

Backup and Security

  • Concept of backups
  •  mongoexport/mongoimport
  •  mongodump/mongorestore
  •  Oplog backups
  •  LVM Backups
  •  Backups using MMS/Ops Manager
  •  Purpose of security
  •  Authentication and authorization
  •  Role-based access control


  • Concept of replication
  •  ReplicaSet member roles
  •  Voting and Electing primary
  •  Role of Oplog in replication
  •  Read and Write Concern
  •  Arbiter, Hidden and Delayed replica node
  •  Priority settings
  •  Replica Set nodes health check
  •  Concept of resyncing the nodes
  •  Rollbacks during failover
  •  Keyfile authentication


  •  Concept of Scalability
  •  Sharding concept
  •  Sharkey and Chunks
  •  Choosing Sharkey
  •  Sharding components
  •  Types of Sharding
  •  Balanced data distribution
  •  Sharded and Non-sharded collection
  •  Sharded Replicaset
  •  Tag aware sharding

Monitoring and Other Tools

  • MMS Manager
  •  Ops Manager
  •  Mongo utility commands
  •  Mongo developer tools
  •  MongoDB Atlas
  •  MongoDB client drivers

Career Path after MongoDB Training Course in Chennai

MongoDB course is the best career option as it is preferable even by start-up companies and it is expected that it rules most of the websites in the near future. MongoDB has an easy learning curve and scalability that runs on the server fastly and productively. With MongoDB, the company’s data can be clean and securely and it is the strong reason for the migration from other database applications. Giant firms like Foursquare, Cisco, SAP, EA, eBay, Ericson, Newyork times, MTV, Intuit are using MongoDB for managing their production.

MongoDB is the fastest growing and document-based NoSQL database application that generates tremendous job opportunities for freshers and experienced candidates who have certification from any MongoDB Training Institutes in Chennai. Top companies are recruiting MongoDB professionals regularly for various profiles such as database server engineer, database admin, database specialist, visualization engineer, senior developer, team lead, application engineer, web developer, and data analytics.

Responsibilities of MongoDB Professionals

The demand for MongoDB experts is high in the job market for maintaining MongoDB databases and optimizing the performance of MongoDB clusters that assured security and availability. They are responsible for setting up the MongoDB architecture and keep understandable documentation. We provide industry-relevant MongoDB Training in Chennai that makes our students ready for placement with the top niche skills. Below are some of the main responsibilities of MongoDB professionals that are enhanced in our MongoDB Training Center in Chennai at SLA.

  • Writing procedures for MongoDB database backup and recovery
  • Ensure the maximum availability and highest performance of MongoDB
  • Designing index strategies and upgrading the database using patches
  • Configure, deploy, and monitor replica sets
  • Generate roles and user authentications

Required industry skills of MongoDB Professionals

MongoDB Professionals should have hands-on experience in optimization insertions of the large volume of data and big data solutions using Hadoop technology. They must design systems to deal with a huge volume of data transactions. Strong knowledge in DevOps automation tools such as Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Docker, Jenkins, Nagios, and Git is required along with cloud computing platform knowledge in any service providers like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. Hands-on experience in NoSQL Databases such as Cassandra, DynamoDB, or CouchDB is an added advantage to become MongoDB experts. We equip our students with analytical, problem-solving, interpersonal, and presentation skills to manage critical solutions of the organization through our best MongoDB Training Institute in Chennai.

The candidates should identify tools for the projects and coding standards along with the experience in web portal architecture. Fundamental knowledge in ORM and Linux, UNIX, or Windows is considered as most required skills of MongoDB jobs. They should develop scripts to automate mundane tasks and design document schema whenever it needs. Familiarity in sharded clusters, aggregation framework, and pattern selection are additional skills according to the projects. Our MongoDB Training in Chennai is intended to provide all the required knowledge for the students as per the industry needs.

Future Scope of MongoDB

MongoDB is growing rapidly in the database market for NoSQL applications as it increases the productivity of the top industries like healthcare, retail, and government sectors. It extends its support for web, C, Java, C++, Scala, C#, Objective-C, and so on. It does not require a schema barrier and allows users to concentrate on developing applications. The average salary of a MongoDB professional is around $104,000 as per the report of It will increase as per the size and location of the company. We provide peerless support for the students even after the course duration to encourage continuous learning for career growth through our MongoDB Training Institute in Chennai.

Trainer Profile of our MongoDB Training Institute in Chennai

We have qualified trainers as a learning manager who is techies by profession and experience in our MongoDB Training Center in Chennai. They are certified MongoDB professionals who have handled numerous industrial projects in their careers. Passion for teaching, subject matter knowledge, expert curriculum design, updating regularly as per the industry, individual care, and adequate experience are the key strengths of our MongoDB trainers. Propel your career by learning the best MongoDB Course in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance at SLA Jobs.

MongoDB Internship Training in Chennai

Internships are the beginnings of a student’s career development. Getting a job in a company with zero implementation skills on MongoDB and other domains is a bit hard and sometimes impossible. We offer an internship program to get hands-on experience on real-time projects to increase the confidence and knowledge of a student who is looking for a dream job. Our MongoDB Internship Training in Chennai rate their career development as a student and equip them for the following responsibilities.Requisite Roles and Responsibilities of MongoDB professionals

  • Convert business requirements into technical specifications
  • Develop elegant, efficient, and scalable DB solutions based on specifications
  • Apply appropriate indexes like B-Tree, Geospatial, Text for performance improvement
  • Enforcing Mongo Management Service for automating various tasks that includes backup/recovery and performance management
  • Propose and apply for Rest API integration framework/model
  • Build MongoDB and API prototypes and proofs of concept
  • Resolve optimal backup and recovery
  • Help developers in finding performance issues using MMS and Mongodb Profiler

Develop your database skills at SLA.

Projects to practice: Homomorphic Encrypted MongoDB for users Data Security
Description: Work with Homomorphic asymmetric cryptosystem to design an encrypted MongoDB that can be achieved additive operations over encrypted data .

Unleash your potential by implementing your learning into practical


Kavitha Subramanian

I have done my MongoDB training in Chennai at SLA. The trainer was very friendly and he took a course in a crystal-clear manner. I liked the syllabus and he made it through on the concepts. The placement also is done greatly. Thank you all at SLA.


Good institute for career development. I have completed the MongoDB course in Chennai here with full satisfaction. Very good training with real-time problems. It was so useful for my career in the database management system. Thank you, SLA!


Dharani worked as a SQL DB profile. When I wanted to upgrade my skill, SLA helped with the best MongoDB course in Chennai. Now I got into the high profile in Big data field. Thanks to SLA to make my career transition a fruitful one.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

MongoDB is the on-demand skill in which numerous commonly asked questions arise time-to-time. Here we give some of the frequently asked questions that could be the answer to your queries.

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a document-oriented database that can be integrated with any platform. MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with the schema.

What is the use of MongoDB?

MongoDB is used for transactional stores to perform well. It is a schema-less operation that the data structures evolve to update the data.

What are the industries using MongoDB?

MongoDB is used in major fields like computer software, ITES, Internet, Healthcare, Marketing, Advertising, Financial Services, Education fields, Hardware-oriented, and telecommunications.

What are the benefits of using MongoDB?

MongoDB has the major advantages such as Schemaless, Object Structure, No Complex joins, Deep query-ability, Tuning, Ease of scale-out, and application mapping, etc.

Is MongoDB easy to learn?

MongoDB is easy to learn and implement in the database-oriented project. MongoDB has no downtime even for lengthy transactions. Learning MongoDB is useful for the professionals who want to work in the Big Data field.

When can I start a MongoDB course after enrolling?

Your batch time will be allocated by our tech leads immediately for the MongoDB Course and if you want to take a free demo, it will also be arranged by them.

How will you allocate a batch at SLA for MongoDB Training?

We allocate a small batch for MongoDB Training Course students to offer individual care and attention for their career upliftment. Our MSBI trainer takes a one-to-one classroom session if the student requires it. We allocate maximum size limited with 4 to 5 candidates for a batch of MongoDB Training in Chennai

Is there a placement guarantee for the MongoDB course in your institution?

We offer PLACEMENT Guidance in the MongoDB course and that is why we are the no.1 MongoDB Training Centers in Chennai. At SLA, We equip for a job, but not buy a job for our MongoDB students through interview preparations and offer placement arrangements in the corporate companies.

How do I enroll in a MongoDB Training course at SLA?

To enroll in this MongoDB course, you must first register with MongoDB Training in Chennai by filling up the form displayed on the website. Or you can start a chat in the chatbot. Or you can call the number displayed on the screen.