Nagios Training in Chennai


Nagios is a DevOps tool which is useful for continuous monitoring. A monitoring service can instantly make out an issue and the server on which the problem emerged. This offers the DevOps team with a quick benefit; the location of the issue can be shared with the relevant team to identify the cause, and then shared to the people that will solve the basic problem. There is no need for running manual tests to make out what is the problem. In order to know about Nagios and enhance your career, enroll in the Best Nagios Training Institute in Chennai

Nagios Training in Chennai

Welcome to the best Nagios Training Institute in Chennai. Learn the on-demand Nagios tool training in Chennai to become an expert in the DevOps process. The monitoring of the server is essential to save your project environment from any issue. It turns out to be the fundamental requirement to ascertain that the systems, services, and applications are working properly. There are also other benefits of monitoring service which you will learn from the Best Training Center for Nagios Course

Course Overview of Nagios Training in Chennai

In your role as an IT professional, you are under pressure to swiftly deploy new software and updates to your production applications. This is because you don’t want to lag in the competition. You have to be abreast of changing technology. To face this challenge, several companies are turning to DevOps.

About Nagios Training in Chennai

Nagios is one of the powerful DevOps automation tools to offer to monitor and alerting services for switches, applications, servers, and services. It is a free and open-source computer-software application that helps in monitoring systems, infrastructure, and networks. It provides the industry-standard IT infrastructure monitoring to companies around the globe to fix the problem on the spot. We offer the best Nagios Certification Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance at SLA.

We offer comprehensive training in theoretical concepts with practical implementation in our Nagios Training Institution in Chennai. Our trainers are proficient in entire Nagios concepts along with industrial project experience to provide coherent coaching for freshers and experienced candidates.

Nagios is one of the most commonly used tools for Continuous Monitoring. Nowadays companies are releasing software on a regular basis than before. Hence there is a great need for a monitoring tool that checks the working of the software and gives the team appropriate feedback. This is one of the primary reasons that led to the conceptualization of Nagios.

Making use of a Monitoring Service

To delve further, It provides monitoring and alerting services for servers, applications, switches, and services. It alerts users when there is something wrong and alerts them again when the issue has been fixed. Learn this continuous monitoring DevOps tool from the Best Training Center for Nagios Course.

Nagios assists to make out the issues and send alerts to technical staff and customers. It assists in mitigating the downtime of servers and supports both virtual and physical machines. It functions as a client-server model. Nagios functions on the server as a service. It regularly runs plugins on the same server that associates with hosts or servers on the internet or network. Later the status details can be seen by a web interface.

Our Nagios Course Curriculum in our Nagios Training Institute in Chennai consists of the following industry-specified concepts:

  • Monitoring of network services such as SMTP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP, FTP, SSH, SNMP, and ICMP using Network Monitoring Software, Traffic Monitoring, and Network Analyzer.
  • Monitoring of Server for the flexible usage of agent-based and agentless services using Server Monitoring Software, Windows Server Monitoring processes, and Linux Server Monitoring.
  • Monitoring of Applications for implementing the effective applications quickly with eliminating the longest downtime of users through Application Monitoring Tools, Web Application Monitoring, and Application Log Monitoring.
  • Monitoring of host services such as processor load, system logs, and disk usage.
  • Monitoring of operating systems that include windows through monitoring agents.
  • Monitoring of hardware elements such as temperature, alarms, and so on.
  • Monitoring of remote devices through scripts and Nagios Remote Plugins Executor.
  • Monitoring of SSH and SSL encrypted tunnels.
  • Designing of plugins to allow users for developing service checks, choice of tools for scripting from the shell, C++, Perl, Ruby, Python , C#, and Python.
  • Implementing Data graphing plugins and parallel service checks.
  • Implementing flat-text configuration files to integrate with editors.
  • Defining the network using parent hosts that allow hosts to reach the unreachable.
  • Defining event handlers for proactive problem resolution.
  • Implementing log file rotation for automation
  • Implementing redundant monitoring hosts.
  • Implementing performance data graphing and database backend.
  • Implementing push notifications and applying web-interface for viewing network status, problem history, notifications, and log files.

Specifications of Nagios for DevOps automation

Nagios is provided with agents such as Nagios Remote Plugin Executor (NRPE), Nagios Remote Data Processor (NRDP), NSClient++, and NCPA (Nagios Cross-Platform Agent) for accomplishing various services like monitoring scripts, flexible data transport, monitoring windows machines, and monitoring hosts and API respectively. Our trainers equip with all Nagios components such as Nagios Core, Nagios Core Plugins, Nagios Core Frontends, and Nagios Core Addons. We offer the best Nagios Training in Chennai to make you stand out of the queue in DevOps engineer recruitments.

Course Objectives of Nagios Training in Chennai

The primary benefit of Nagios is that it lets you know about the status of each host. It also consists of various types of alerts, through which it signals the type of failure that a host can show and thus solve issues as early as possible.

Nagios lets you integrate with different platforms. The code is open which lets you perform changes and adjustments as per the requirements you have in your network.

  • There is more regular software deployment
  •  Quicker time to promote new features
  •  Good application quality and performance
  •  Enhanced operational efficiency
  •  Less risk

After the course completion of Nagios Training in Chennai, one can able to,

Our Nagios Training in Chennai at SLA involves all products of Nagios such as Nagios XL, Nagios Log Server, Nagios Network Analyzer, and Nagios Fusion along with hands-on exposure. We provide comprehensive training on Nagios that allows organizations to identify and resolve IT infrastructure issues before it affects critical business processes. It includes comprehensive monitoring, problem remediation, visibility and awareness, proactive planning, multi-talent capacities, extendable architecture, stable and reliable platform explanation, vibrant communication, customizable codes, and reporting of DevOps process with Nagios platform.

We offer course materials, placement practices, software installation, periodical assessments, practical implementation, knowledge base, webinars, updated interview questions and answers, certifications in our Jenkins Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Support. You can gain industry-ready skills on technical base and theoretical concepts of Jenkins with value-worth certification that help you to shine in various recruitment of top companies.

  • Detect network or server issues
  •  Maintain the security of the service
  •  Monitor server troubleshooting and performance issues
  •  Plan effectively for DevOps infrastructure slopes the cause of the outdated system’s failures
  •  Respond to problems at the first state
  •  Automate problems fixing after detected

Who Should Attend Nagios Training in Chennai?

Our Jenkins Course in Chennai is intended to provide the best coaching for freshers and working professionals on DevOps automation. We have industry experts to frame Jenkins Course Curriculum to offer the relevant skills to perform well as the expectation of global companies. This Jenkins Course is useful for developers, DevOps engineers, system admin, and all interested learners who want to automate everything for a faster deployment process.

  • Fresh graduates and college-goers with a computer degree background
  • Professionals with experience in software development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.
  • DevOps engineers who wish to automate processes with the Jenkins tool.
  • Career seekers with automation processes.
  • Professional who wish to learn full-stack development

Prerequisites for Nagios Training in Chennai

There are no specific prerequisites required for fresh graduates and college students as we provide Jenkins Training in Chennai from basic to advanced implementations of the Jenkins platform. The professionals who are already working in any computer-related platform and the students who wish to study in fast track mode, the following background knowledge are required to complete Jenkins concepts efficiently on time.

You should have a fair knowledge of Linux, DevOps, and AWS. If you know these it would be easy to comprehend the subject.

Nagios Course Fee and Duration

The duration of Nagios Classes at SLA comes around 45 to 60 hours that can be taken at your flexible class timings. Small batch allocation, backup classes for the missing classes, unlimited lab accesses are the Nagios course benefits, and explore more by calling us.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

We offer quality training at a cost-effective Nagios Course Fees in Chennai. There are seasonal offers, different payment modes and installment options to pay the fee for Nagios Course. Discounts for Nagios Training Fee will be provided on One Time Payment. Call us to know more about Nagios Training Cost in Chennai.

Course Syllabus on Nagios Training in Chennai

The syllabus for Nagios Training in Chennai from Sofltogic is prepared with a concentration on the industry standards. We ascertain that it is fresh and best. The content of the syllabus is highly relevant and is prepared by experts. It covers basic to advanced concepts and the trainers teach in a highly effective manner. Since the syllabus is updated regularly, you will have the confidence to attend interviews. The trainers teach you in such a way that they give importance to your place.

Nagios Concepts

  • Performance reporting
  •  Routers and switches
  •  NagiosQL
  •  MySQL DB integration
  •  Distributed monitoring
  •  NDOUtils
  •  NagVis
  •  BPI
  •  DNX mod gearman
  •  NetFlow
  •  High availability

Career Scope after Nagios Training in Chennai

Nagios Core is very helpful for monitoring networks including devices and servers. It lets real-time alerting on network hardware including switches make it very useful for checking the health of your environment. With regard to Enterprise users, Nagios XI goes beyond the basic features and provides extra features including UI options, support, etc. Get Nagios Training in Chennai and know the importance of all these features. Companies are looking forward to Nagios professionals to deal with the DevOps automation process. It is 25 percent higher than any other tool of DevOps.

IT infrastructure monitoring software like Nagios is in high demand for the marketing growth of companies around the globe. They focus on qualitative insights, verifiable predictions, and historical data of a product to reach the market size. All leading companies depend on the monitoring software for portfolios, latest advancements, marketing strategy, company profile, cost structure, capacity, contact details, business prospects, and future growth. Nagios Training in Chennai at SLA is equipped with all required knowledge to work for industries besides industry-ready skills.

Future Scope of Nagios

Nagios XI, the latest product of Nagios is combined with more futuristic technologies like Cybersecurity, AI, IoT, Machine Learning, etc. It supports Linux-based IT infrastructure monitoring solutions with flexible deployment options, scalable, and security features. We can easily install agents of Nagios and it gives multi-tenancy capacities for the changes made by the users. It supports offline environments and runs in passive checks that secure company information with high-level protection. Learn in-depth details through practical implementations in our Nagios Training Institute in Chennai.

Responsibilities and Skills required for Nagios professionals

DevOps engineer with Nagios skills is required to look after the responsibilities below. We equip our students with the same skills to perform well in the industries through our best Nagios Training Course in Chennai.

  • They should work on CI/CD tools like Nagios and integrate other tools to deliver the product quickly and efficiently.
  • Knowledge of scripting using bash, shell, ruby, or python is a must to execute files.
  • Linux proficiency is a must to work in Nagios
  • Container-based services with Docker and Kubernetes needed for the containerization of DevOps.
  • Implement functions to configure business applications as per the client requirements.
  • Proficiency in setup and configuration of Nagios.

The key skills of DevOps engineer with Nagios are detailed-oriented DevOps concepts, Azure Cloud, Maven, Logtash, container services, Shell Scripting, Github, System Administration, Deployment, Windows, SQL, Git, Cloud Services, MySQL, SuSE, Linux, and Docker. Enhance your Nagios skills to get placed in top companies through our Nagios Training in Chennai.

Trainer Profile of Nagios Training Institute in Chennai

SLA Jobs have real-time and dedicated Nagios Trainers to provide the best Nagios Training in Chennai. He is 12+ years of experience in Nagios projects with tools implementation and handles interactive classes as a classroom and online mode. He continually follows up the industrial demands and designed the Nagios Course Syllabus to provide what is needed most for the students. He is taking placement-focused Nagios Training in Chennai with required job-ready skills.

Nagios Trainers of our DevOps Training Institute in Chennai are well-versed with JavascriptPerl Python , PowerShell, JSON, and other scripting languages to generate customized solutions of enterprise tools. They are proficient in application integration, engineering, and architecture of computing systems. They can perform the development and configuration of areas that include change, knowledge, configuration management, problems, CMDB, incident, and Asset Management. We provide a detailed understanding of interface scripts with database and web front ends through our best Nagios Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

Nagios Internship Training in Chennai

Implement the learned Nagios skills with the real-time project application at our Nagios Internship Training Institute in Chennai. Enhance the competence skills on Nagios to manage everything needed for writing codes, stay engaged, and achieve your aim. Our Nagios Internship program helps the students to get complete hands-on to perform well in developing and debugging Nagios programs efficiently.

Apply what you have learned in our Nagios Course curriculum in the live project practices. Our Nagios Training in Chennai is based on a package of practices that provide in-depth knowledge of important and complex concepts. Internship Certification will be given at the successful completion of the Nagios Internship program that helps you to get a high profile job and show your quality performance from day one.

Nagios Certification Training in Chennai

A course completion certificate will be provided to all the deserving aspiring candidates of Nagios Training Institute in Chennai. This DevOps Nagios certificate will certainly boost your career and add value to your profile. So don’t wait and get certified in Nagios and kickstart your career in topnotch companies. We also train our students for international Nagios Certifications.



I am a B.E EEE graduate; I couldn’t get any job after graduation. I joined SLA for the Nagios course. After completing this course, SLA arranged many interviews for me; I got selected in a big company as a DevOps Engineer. I have gained a lot of practical exposure during this course and also improved my soft skills as SLA also provided soft skill and aptitude training along with my training. I thank all the faculties at SLA for helping me start my IT career.


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Priya J

When I was on the lookout for details for the Best Nagios Training in Chennai, my colleague who had previously attended the SLA corporate training told me about this place. I called them to get the course descriptions for Nagios and they patiently answered my queries. The course fees for all DevOps Courses were also quite easy for me to pay! I highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for Nagios certification courses!


Best Nagios Training in Chennai which you can find! Excellent training center with both online and corporate training available for working professionals and students! I was an advanced learner and I totally suggest this training academy for all students! I liked the way how they explain the concepts very clearly and precisely with real-life examples. Very helpful for students! The training content is very apt for students to understand and study! After getting certified, I took their help for placements and am now placed in a top IT firm!


This is one top IT institutes for Nagios training, and students can get placement help after course completion. The training material is very helpful for beginners and the instructors really help you out! This IT institute has tie-ups with good IT companies where they help you with placements. I came to know this training center only through my friends who had been trained for a few other courses. I called the helpdesk at SLA and they patiently explained the course details. I was doubtful initially, but then once the training started, you will know that Softlogic Academy has the Best Nagios Training in Chennai.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Nagios is a software monitoring system that runs periodic checks on critical parameters of network, application, and server resources. Learn Nagios Training in Chennai at SLA Jobs to become the best DevOps Engineer in top companies. Check out the following frequently asked questions and get cleared with your course-related doubts. Feel free to contact us for further queries.

Can Nagios monitor all types of applications?

Nagios offers complete monitoring of applications that include Windows applications, Linux applications, UNIX applications, and all web applications. Learn Nagios Training in Chennai with hands-on exposure at SLA Jobs.

Why should we use the Nagios app?

Nagios is the most powerful and trusted monitoring software to help engineers in networking protocols, application development, system services, and metrics. Explore the performance of Nagios by learning the best Nagios Course in Chennai.

Is Nagios cloud-based?

Nagios provides monitoring process of cloud computing, storage services, and web performance along with other application monitoring processes. DevOps engineers can monitor a wide range of servers and operating systems through physical and virtual environments effectively. Obtain the required skills of monitoring the applications through our Nagios Training Course in Chennai.

Is Nagios easy to learn?

The learning of Nagios requires some efforts on hands-on as it involves a networking process. We provide a comprehensive and simplified learning path that contains complete hands-on practice for the students to learn Nagios Course in Chennai with industry-worth certifications.

What are the companies using Nagios?

Popular companies such as Uber, Twitch, DropBox, doubleSlash, and Zalando are using Nagios for various purposes. Explore the use cases of Nagios and equip with required skills at SLA Jobs which is one of the best Nagios Training Institutes in Chennai.

Why should I learn Nagios in SLA Jobs?

We provide the Nagios Certification in Chennai with 100% Placement Assurance and give value for money by giving practical exposure to the candidates. We keep abreast of emerging technologies in Our Nagios Training Center in KK Nagar Chennai and have many benefits of real-time trainers.

When can I start the Nagios Course after enrolling?

Your batch time will be allocated by our tech leads immediately for the Nagios Course in Chennai and if you want to take a free demo, it will also be arranged by them.

How do I enroll in our Nagios Training course at SLA?

To enroll in this Nagios course at SLA, you must first register with Nagios Training in Chennai by filling up the form displayed on the website. Or you can start a chat in the chatbot for further queries on Nagios Course. Or you can call the number displayed on the screen to get quick response about Nagios Training.

How will you allocate a batch at SLA for Nagios training?

We allocate a small batch for Nagios Training in Chennai to offer the students individual care and attention for their career upliftment. Our Nagios trainer takes a one-to-one classroom session if the student requires it. We allocate a maximum size limited with 4 to 5 candidates for a batch of Nagios Training in Chennai.

Is there a placement guarantee for the Nagios course in your institution?

We offer placement guidance in the Nagios course and that is why we are the no.1 DevOps Training and Placement Center in Chennai. At SLA, We equip for a job, but not buy a job for our Nagios Students through interview preparations and offer placements support in the corporate companies.