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Advanced .Net Training in Chennai | Advanced .Net Training Institute in Chennai

Learn Advanced Dot Net concepts including MVC, WCF, and WPF from SLA which is one of the Best Institute for IT Software Training. You benefit when you learn from us because of our placements assistance, Practical Training, and Carefully designed syllabus.

Skyrocket your career with Advanced .Net Training at SLA

Welcome to the best-in-class Advanced .Net Training in Chennai and become the fluent web application developer in the reputed companies. With SLA Academy, you learn the way you learn best- We give you unlimited access to study materials, live online training, interactive tutorials, and more. SLA’s Advanced.NET training offers real-world insights through a complete hands-on experience.

Advanced .Net Training Overview

NET Framework is regarded as one of the popular platforms to build desktop applications, mobile applications, etc. The Aspiring candidate will gain confidence in working on the advanced dot net technologies through the efficient training offered by SLA. The course is presented as a mixture of lectures, demos, and hands-on exercises. Practical sessions follow all main topics, designed to reinforce the points covered.

SLA Jobs is the leading advanced .Net Training Institute in Chennai to provide comprehensive coaching on programming support for web services and other web related services. We aim to offer the best training to create web-enabled interface for various applications and computing devices to perform numerous browser-oriented activities. Develop your fundamental dot net skills through our Advanced Dot Net Training in Chennai for obtaining the career enhancement in web development.

About Advanced .Net Training in Chennai

Learn advanced .Net Training Course in Chennai at SLA for developing applications for trending concepts like console, web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, and game development using advanced features of .Net along with machine learning process, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT device developments. Advanced .net Course contains Web API, Dependency Injection, .Net Client, Message Handlers, urlEncoded Data, and HTTP cookies generations. The students will learn with hands-on exposure and become a master in .Net concepts through our best Advanced Dot net Training in Chennai.

Advanced .Net Course Curriculum consists of the following major concepts and we offer best-in-class coaching from industry experts in our advanced .Net Training Center in Chennai.

Configuration of Web API 2

We provide in-depth understanding of configuration of Web API 2 with ASP.Net hosting in this module. You will get trained on how to configure ASP.Net Web API through practicing on configuration settings, ASP.Net hosting, OWIN Self-Hosting, Global Web API services, and Per-Controller Configurations using professional edition of Visual Studio 2017. Gain expertise in this module in our advanced dot net training in Chennai with best practices.

Dependency Injection in Web API2

You will have comprehensive understanding on how to inject dependencies into ASP.Net Web API Controller through this module of our Advanced Dot Net Course in Chennai. A dependency is an object that is required by any other objects to access data using repository. It covers Web API 2 concepts, Unity Application Block, and Entity Framework (above version 5).

Calling a Web API from .Net Client

The students of our advanced .net training center in Chennai will have clear understanding of creating a web API with ASP.Net Core along with the real-time implementation of calling the HTTP endpoint from a .Net Client effectively. You can also learn how to implement Web API with ASP.Net for developing Web API to support CRED operations.

HTTP Message Handlers in Web API

The message handler is a class that exists in .Net for receiving an HTTP request and returns an HTTP response and it derives them from HTTPMessageHandler Class. We give elaborate coaching on server-side message handlers using HttpServer, HttpRoutingDispatcher, and HttpControllerDispatcher for read requests, add a response, and validate requests. This module also contains topics such as custom message handlers, adding a handler to pipeline, X-Http-Methods-Override, and Checking an API key effectively. Learn the required concepts in our training in Chennai at SLA.

HTTPClient Message handlers in ASP.Net Web API

HTTPClient Message handlers perform at the client-side and use them for processing the requests using HttpClientHandler class. We give you hands-on exposure on this module in our advanced dot net training institute in Chennai along with the understanding of custom message handlers and adding client pipeline into message handlers.

URLEncoded Data

This module will make you understanding of how to send HTML form data in ASP.Net web API using Form-urlencoded Data. It covers overview of HTML forms, sending complex types of requests, sending form data through AJAX, and sending simple types using wrapping concepts. Utilize the best advanced .net course in Chennai to gain expertise in these concepts to perform well in the companies.

Multipart MIME

The students will learn to send HTML form data in ASP.Net web API using file upload and Multipart MIME. You will get practice on real-time projects in this module along with the excellent guidance of industry expert trainers of our Advanced Dot Net Training Institute in Chennai. They will mold the students through file upload, reading form control data, and MultipartContent methods.

HTTP Cookies

This module teach you on how to send and receive HTTP cookies in Web API along with in-depth understanding of background HTTP cookies, specialized cookies of web API, and Structured the cookies data along with real-time examples on set and retrieve cookies in a message handlers. Our Advanced .net training in Chennai covers the industry-specific topics that help you to perform as per the project requirements of clients and top companies.

We give you an excellent platform for learning the advanced .net certification training in Chennai and guide you to get a job in this competitive world with unique and advanced skills. We have prepared industry-coherent curriculum with updated concepts used for developing applications using advanced technologies of .net framework. Reshape your career at SLA which is one of the best advanced .net training institutes in Chennai.

Experts, who work in various top MNCs, provide Advanced.NET Training in Chennai at SLA. Our expert trainers for Advanced.NET are passionate about training and are having more than enough experience in the training sector. Our Classroom training inspires real-time collaboration, preparing students to work in teams. We also render Online Advanced.NET courses to help students quickly and conveniently add Visual Basic to their repertoires.

Course Objectives of Advanced .Net Training in Chennai

Our Advanced Dot Net Training in Chennai aims to provide the ability to develop the entire range of computing devices effectively, interactive capability for website development, XML usage, utilization of centralized data storage for project developments, customized access of .net services, integration knowledge of communication media, and the ability to develop reusable modules. We mold the students for increasing the productivity of companies by reducing the programming and coding errors along with the best practices of fast delivery of applications.

During the advanced .net training course in Chennai you will learn everything about dot net programming through practical knowledge about gathering the development requirements for industrial projects and applications. The students will have in-depth knowledge in the framework development for developing dynamic websites easily. Our trainers will give you an understanding of designing, developing, testing, supporting, and deploying desktop, web, and mobile applications efficiently. You can learn how to design and enhance maintenance activities and procedures along with placement guidance for working in top MNC and IT firms through our best advanced .net course in Chennai.

After the course completion at our Advanced .Net Training Institute in Chennai, our students can benefit from the following:

  • Thorough Knowledge in .Net programming and the implementation of actual practices with real-time projects and applications development
  •  Can develop dynamic websites swiftly with enhanced skills on the web development framework.
  •  In-depth knowledge on how to design, develop, test, support and deploy desktop, custom web, and mobile applications using .Net
  •  Develop and improve testing and maintenance activities and procedures.
  •  Develop and Deploy important applications in an Advance .Net environment.
  •  More chances of getting hired in leading software firms like Infosys, Wipro, Amazon, TCS, IBM, and so on.

Implementation of C# in various programming technologies

  • Develop the complete software application with C#
  • Define the user requirements for specialized functionalities in applications
  • Obtain the engineering approach to resolve problems of operating systems.

Advanced .NET Training Course Fee and Duration

Advanced.Net Course Duration at SLA is framed for 45 to 60 hours with the industry-standard curriculum and hands-on practices. Learning hours and batches will be allotted as per the flexibility of the students joined in our Advanced.Net Training in Chennai.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

We will give offers and seasonal discounts on the Advanced.Net Course Fees in Chennai. Call us to know the current Advanced.Net Training Cost of Softlogic Academy.

Who can Attend our Dot Net Training Institute in Chennai?

Our Advanced Dot Net Training Course in Chennai is intended to provide the best-in-class coaching for all the IT aspirants who want to develop applications in .Net platform. The Advanced .Net Course curriculum is designed as per the industry needs and equips our students to shine in top companies. We have industry skilled .net trainers to provide personalized coaching for the benefit of all learners around the world. Regular classroom and instructor-led live online mode of classes are available for remote learners to take up training on weekdays, weekend, and fast track based Advanced Dot Net Training in Chennai at SLA.

  • Any aspiring candidate from the background of B.E, B.Tech, B.C.A, M.C.A, M.B.A, etc.
  •  Software Developers who are interested in advanced .NET
  •  Web Developers, web Designers

Prerequisites for learning Advanced Dot Net Training in Chennai

There are some specific requirements for learning Advanced Dot Net Training in Chennai at SLA and we begin from fundamental concepts to advanced implementation. The students who are taking up Advanced .Net Certification Training in Chennai are suggested to have core .net concepts, C++ programming, ASP.Net, C#, and Programming language basics to learn efficiently and faster. Gain expertise in advanced .Net Programming to become the best application developer in top companies.

The Candidate should possess sound knowledge of .NET

Advanced .NET Training Course Syllabus

Our industry experts prepare the course syllabus in such a way that the industry can recruit the right candidates. It is aligned well with the concepts applied in .NET. It is crafted by specialists who possess experience in the specific domain.

We have formulated industry-specific advanced .net course curriculum that helps the students to gain expertise in hot topics of .net platform. It covers advanced .net concepts such as WCF, WPF, LinQ, MVC, Ajax, Web API, Message Handlers, and so on. Our trainers are proficient in all the advanced .net concepts and it will be provided with complete hands-on exposure. Learn the best in class advanced .Net Course in Chennai with comprehensive advanced .net syllabus that makes you master in software and web developments.

WCF with C#

  • Introduction to WCF
  •  Hosting and Calling WCF Services
  •  Bindings and Contracts
  •  Exceptions, Diagnostics and Message Patterns
  •  Sessions and Transactions
  •  WCF Security
  •  RESTful Services

WPF with C#

  • Introducing WPF
  •  WPF Controls
  •  WPF Document Controls
  • WPF Graphical Rendering Services
  •  WPF Resource Management
  •  WPF Styles
  •  WPF Animation Support
  •  WPF Data Binding
  •  WPF Templates and User Controls

LINQ Training Outline

  • Language Extensions
  •  Introduction to LINQ
  •  Deferred Execution
  •  Data Projection
  •  LINQ to XML
  •  LINQ to SQL
  •  LINQ to Entities


  •  What is Ajax
  •  Advantages of Ajax
  •  How to build an Ajax-enabled website
  •  What is MVC
  •  Advantages
  •  How to build a site using MVC

Download Advanced .NET Course Syllabus

Career Prospects in Advanced .Net Training in Chennai

There are several career prospects for Advanced .NET Technology. Anyone can learn .NET, and the highest paying skills related to this job are Model-View-Controller, Windows Communication Foundation, etc. In fact, with the advent of MVC, there was a surge in demand for applications that were formed on top of .net. Well, what are you waiting for? Call us or fill the inquiry form to know about Advanced Dot Net Training in the shortest span.

Advanced .Net is the widely used platform provided by Microsoft that contains reusable libraries and tools for developing applications and services easily, secure, and faster. We equip the learners to become professional developers through our best advanced .Net Training in Chennai to bridge the skill gap of global industries. It provides enhanced knowledge in multithreading, parallel programming, crush dump, capture analysis, and extensible application developments.

Top companies such as Wipro, Iris, CMC, Robert Half, Ericsson, Dev Solutions, Accenture, and Cognizant are employing huge number of developers every often to perform various parts of project development. Advanced .Net Training in Chennai molds the students with Web API, Dependency Injection, .Net Client, Message Handlers, urlEncoded Data, and HTTP cookies creations. These are the main concepts utilized in the above-mentioned companies for developing small to large-scale applications. The trainers will train the students through case studies, project implementations, and assignments that make them eligible to perform the given operations in big companies.

Roles and Responsibilities of Developers with Advanced .Net Skills

We equip the students with the following responsibilities to perform in the give role of companies in our advanced .net training course in Chennai with 100% placement assistance and industry-accredited certification at SLA.

  • Produce code using .Net languages such as VB.Net and C#.Net
  • Upgrade, configure, and debug the existing applications and systems.
  • Design, develop, test, and deploy new applications using .Net framework
  • Implementing web API in ASP.Net applications
  • Implementing dependency injection wisely in .Net applications.
  • Utilize the advanced .net concepts such as message handlers, .net client, encoded data, and http cookies on the large-scale applications efficiently
  • Provide tech support for developing desktop, web, and mobile applications
  • Train the juniors and team members with the advanced and updated knowledge of the .Net field.
  • Participate in project requirement analysis and explain the suggestions
  • Collaborate with team members to provide complete design and architecture of software applications.
  • Develop clean, scalable, and error free codes using .Net programming languages
  • Revise, update, refactor, and debug the codes of developed project.
  • Create an understandable documentation for the developed project to explain clients

Learn the best Advanced .Net Training in Chennai from expert faculties who are experienced in industry projects using all the advanced concepts mentioned above. Develop your fundamental skills to get expertise in advanced .net concepts that help you to perform with updated skills and subject-matter knowledge. Our hands-on practical classes on advanced .net provide you a great platform and wonderful learning experience to develop various applications and for gaining field expertise in .Net to prove your skills in top companies.

Through our Advanced Dot Net Training in Chennai, one can gain the below Career Benefits:

  • It offers an excellent career hike. As per the reports of Naukri, Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, expert owing skills, or proficiency for handling .Net programming language has never seen decay in terms of job opportunities for them. Instead, its demand is continually seen as a hike and it’s increasing day by day.
  •  It allows a great salary. The average salary of the Dot Net programmer is around 4-6 lakhs per year. It can increase as per the skill set and location.

We at SLA Jobs help the students to get a better opportunity through job-ready skills at our Advanced .Net Training Institute in Chennai.

The Job Profiles of Advanced .NET Professionals

Though this depends on the Requirements of the company, we give you the roles anyone can expect after completion of Advanced Dot Net Training in Chennai from SLA.

  • Product Engineer
  •  Support Engineer
  •  Team Lead
  •  .Net Developer

Trainer Profile of our Advanced..Net Training Institute in Chennai

SLA has highly educated and experienced faculties to provide professional and personalized coaching on advanced .net course in Chennai. They are well-versed in WCF, WPF, LinQ, Ajax, MVC, and web API along with real-time project experience. Our trainers are having strong passion for teaching according to what is really expected in industries and they are keeping abreast with technical updates that help them equip the students to bridge the skill gap of global companies. The students can clear their doubts on the spot as they are student-focused and friendly in teaching the advanced .net concepts.

Trainers of our Advanced.Net Training Institute in Chennai are proficient and certified professionals who have 15+ years of experience and can take interactive classes with practical training. Our Advanced.Net Trainers are experienced in large enterprise projects of top companies. The following qualities of our Advanced.Net trainers give extensive knowledge to the students which add value to their profession.

  • Improved coding skills applied practically in large projects
  •  Thorough knowledge in Debugging, Code review, and Libraries
  •  Handle interactive classes that ensure topic proficiency
  •  Good lesson planning skills and project allocation ability

Advanced.Net Internship Training in Chennai

Advanced.Net supports desktop and web-based applications and they are supposed to be easy to deploy, scale, and build. All.Net applications can be easily integrated with the Microsoft SQL Server database. We at SLA provide full-fledged Internship Training in Chennai to equip the requires skills to perform with the required responsibilities:

Roles and Responsibilities of Advanced.Net Developer

  • Design, Develop, Debug, and Maintain Dot Net based mobile and web applications
  • Collect the software requirement by the customer and build the application as per their needs.
  • Validate and analyze the products and technologies related to software
  • Design and develop the activities and procedures with clear maintenance
  • Write the high-quality codes to meet customer requirement perfectly
  • Design, develop and implement the complex application in .Net environment


Projects to practice: Improved Data Leakage Detection
Description: Data leakage detection techniques are built for users to track the data that has been leaked We come across cases where leaked data is found at unknown places. It requires finding sensitive data stored on an unauthorized laptop or website. At such a time it becomes crucial to trace the source of data leakage.

User Reviews on Jenkins Course in Chennai

S.A Pavithra

I have joined SLA Jobs to take advanced .net training in Chennai. Allover experience was good and useful. The industry and subject knowledge given by my mentor was very helpful to me. I am looking forward for my placement with enough confidence. I suggest this institute for beginners. Thank you SLA for providing such great trainings.


I was lucky to have found SLA for my training as they were very good to follow up and provide excellent trainers. I have learned advanced dot net course here and I got very good knowledge in both theoretical and practical basis. Thank you trainers and placement guide of SLA.

Prakash Raj

Good place to develop our skills with own motivation. Great lecturers with good knowledge for advanced .net training in Chennai. Students and mentors interaction is very good and friendly. It has worthy environment for skills development, technical expertise, and non-technical practices. Thanks a lot for the trainers and placement faculties of SLA.

Sangi Reddy

Teaching is very good with real-time examples for all the topics of advanced .net course in Chennai. Trainers were explained the concepts in live scenarios. They provide unlimited hours to practice and understand the concepts. SLA is the best place for acquiring knowledge in all technologies and IT courses. I recommend beginners and the people who want to upskill for this institute. Thanks you SLA.

Iris Jeba

SLA is the good place for taking training on advanced .net. The trainers are very smart and updated on the concepts. They provide elaborate understanding with real-time examples. They allow us to practice on projects and it helps us to get thorough knowledge in both theoretical and practical. It helps me to implement in projects through their hands-on teaching. Thank you SLA.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Dot Net is the in-demand skill of the global industries and it is the fast moving course of our advanced .net training institute in Chennai. Below are some of the frequently asked questions that you may get the answers for your queries too.

What are the concepts will be taught in advanced .net course in Chennai at SLA?

Our advanced .net training covers the major concepts such as WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), LINQ (Language Integrated Query), AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), and MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture.

Why should we learn advanced .net concepts?

Advanced Dot Net Training in Chennai is useful for the development of wide range of applications as it is free and open-source along with cross-platform facilities. It can be used in multiple languages, libraries, and editors for building mobile, web, games, and IoT-based applications.

What are the specific advantages of advanced .net?

The advanced .net has Web API, message handlers, dependency injection, and .net client and server technologies. All these concepts are used to create enterprise-level applications easily and effectively with zero-error codes. It helps the developers to get collaborated with DevOps culture for continuous development and deployment.

What are the major components of .net framework that can be used in advanced .net development?

Common Language Runtime, .Net Framework Class Library, Windows Applications, Console Applications, Web Applications, XML Web Services, Windows Services, and Representation of Text Strings are the major components of .Net Framework.

Is advanced .net Concepts are hard to learn?

Advanced .Net concepts are easy to learn through hands-on practices. It will be understandable only if the concepts are implemented in real-time projects and programs. Advanced .Net Training Institute in Chennai is useful for the learners to get expertise in the concepts along with real-time project implementations.

Is advanced .net a good career?

Advanced .Net is well-organized and well-established platform used for developing enterprise-level project development. It brings tremendous job opportunities for beginners as well as experienced candidates worldwide. Top companies are employing huge number of candidates who have learned with certifications.

Why learning at SLA for advanced .net concepts?

We have designed an industry-specific advanced .net Course Syllabus by experts and provide training through skilled and experienced trainers with the real-time project and hands-on practices. Our advanced .net Training in Chennai equips the learners to get thorough with concepts theoretically and practically for performing in the industries from day one.

What is the minimum qualification to enroll in advanced .net Course at SLA?

You require a bachelor’s degree in any computer-related stream along with fundamental .net concepts are expected to learn advanced .net Training Course in Chennai to understand the concepts easily and effectively through complete hands-on practices. Contact our career counselor for further guidance on advanced .net training.

What are the specializations of SLA in placement guidance for advanced .net Course?

We will assign dedicate trainer for advanced .net course expertise along with placement faculty to guide through job-related skill development classes such as resume writing, career enhancement, and job searching strategies. Our placement trainers will enhance your communication skills and other non-technical skills with extra care at free of cost along with Advanced Dot Net Training in Chennai.

How can I enroll at SLA for advanced .net training?

SLA has simplified the admission process to enroll in advanced .net and related courses. You can contact us through the chatbox seen in the right bottom corner and get guidance from our career counselors for advanced .net training course. Or you can call and talk to our learning advisors at 860 8700 340 to know the details instantly about advanced dot net training. Or you can come to our office directly and get guidance from our career managers to join immediately in our advanced .net training Institute in Chennai. The payment methods are very easy and you have a lot of offers and No cost EMI to pay our affordable advanced .net Course Fee.