Manual Testing Training in Chennai

Manual Testing Training Institute in Chennai

Manual Testing Training in Chennai

Manual Testing training in Chennai is a reverie to many. We are here to wake you up with reality. We are the epitome of Manual Testing Training in Chennai with first-rate corporate professionals. SLA is a hub, is a creative platform to many aspiring analogists, who wish to perceive the world with the best training for Manual Testing in Chennai. What isn’t needed is very much important than what is needed. SLA makes you fit in the most unfit situations, because you have whatever you are supposed to be having, with the manual testing training in SLA. Economy, endurance, emphasis and empathy, being our forte, our trained professionals make manual testing course an elixir to life. Certification and knowledge is the healthy concoction- SLA makes it reliable. We make it happen for you! We are here! Why take strain? We concentrate on both manual and automation testing streams. By course syllabus and practical we are the best Manual Testing Training in Chennai, by giving the manual testing real time project training.

We guarantee to provide them career developmental policies coupled with our coaching in Manual Testing Training. Evolve through us, Develop with Manual Testing programming. Get Placed at the optimum!

Our best Manual training institute in Chennai with affordable fees is situated at the most convenient, approachable location. Our infrastructure include the right ambience of labs and classrooms needed for students to purely focus on academics.

Manual Testing Training Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to testing
  • Verification vs validation
  • Types of Applications
  • Probabilities of getting an error in an application

SDLC – Software Development Life Cycle

  • Waterfall
  • Prototype
  • Incremental(Agile methodology and Scrum Framework)
  • V-Model
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of each software development life cycle
  • Principles of Testing
  • STLC –Software Testing Life Cycle
  • Difference between Test case, Use case and Scenario’s.
  • How to prepare test plan and strategy
  • How to Prepare test case template?
  • Difference between Error, bug, defect and failure

Test Case Design Technique

  • Boundary value Analysis
  • Equivalence Partitioning
  • Decision Table
  • State Transition Diagram
  • Use Case Testing
  • Bug Life cycle
  • How to Prepare Bug template?
  • Bug Tracking tool
  • Types of Testing
  • Difference between static and Dynamic testing
  • Difference between Functional and Non-functional testing
  • Black box testing and its types
  • System Integration Testing vs User Acceptance Testing
  • Entry Criteria and Exit Criteria
  • Test Environment and Test data preparation
  • Flow graph notations
  • Statement coverage
  • Branch Coverage
  • path coverage
  • Cyclometric Complexity