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Welcome to the world-class Manual Testing Training Institute in Chennai. Learn the best Manual Testing Training in Chennai with hands-on practice to perform well in the IT platform for testing applications.You will imbibe everything that is needed to become an excellent manual tester in this Manual Testing Training in Chennai.

Manual Testing is one of the processes of software testing that will be implemented in applications that can’t perform complete automation. Software tester should have to test the product manually and ensure from an end-user or client perspective. There are three basic methods in manual testing such as white box testing, black-box testing, and gray box testing. We provide comprehensive Manual Testing Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance and industry-accredited certification.

Manual Testing Course Overview

The current software industry needs a manual tester who is not only proficient in Manual testing but also consists of a good knowledge of the entire software development process. As the top Manual Testing Training Institute in Chennai, Softlogic imparts to you what is manual testing and draws a line of difference with automated testing. The best sizes are limited to not more than four students per batch to provide personal attention to the students. Our training is also totally career-oriented.

About Manual Testing Training in Chennai

Manual testing is needed in several cases. The disadvantage of manual testing itself is its advantage. This is nothing but the need for human intervention. At some times, we need human intuition for testing a system. Some of the cases in which manual testing takes up a significant role are

Usability Testing: Here, you do testing with a perception to know the complexity of the testing process. This is to test the interactivity of the application to the users who are going to apply it. This cannot be automated and hence, must be carried out manually.

UI and UX Testing: If you attempt to automate this testing, it can be carried out to only a particular degree since the user experience is highly subjective.

Exploratory Testing: Automated tests only carry out the actions that you ask them to. They need planning and getting ready to write, which limits the test to specific boundaries. You can get answers to certain questions, including what happens if you do something with exploratory testing.

Ad-hoc testing: This is entirely unplanned testing, which depends on the tester’s insight and approach. You don’t have any script for it.

Manual Testing Training Course Fee and Duration

Become a certified Software Tester at SLA on the personalized Manual Testing Course that can be taken in the following training modes. You can complete hands-on training on Manual Testing from industry experts at your convenient class timings.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

Get certified training at an affordable Manual Testing Course Fees in Chennai. Offers are applicable with the coupon code or the available seasonal discounts on the Manual Testing Training Cost.

Course Objectives of Manual Testing Training in Chennai

Our Manual Testing Course in Chennai aims to provide a detailed understanding of unit testing, integration testing, regression testing, shakeout testing, smoke testing, functional testing, performance testing, white box testing, and black-box testing along with load testing, stress testing, and endurance testing. We equip the students to perform QA testing manually by reviewing and analyzing the system specifications, execute test scripts and reviewing results, and reporting technical issues in documents.

Learn in-demand testing skills at SLA, one of the leading Manual Testing Training Institutes in Chennai that provide complete hands-on practice on every step. We provide course materials, required tools installation, and unlimited lab hours to practice for gaining expertise in the manual testing process. Our trainers will allocate case studies, periodical assessments, and real-time projects for the students to get a thorough practice. Explore the great opportunities in the testing field through a job-based Manual Testing Training Course in Chennai.

At the end of Manual Testing Training in Chennai, our students can be able to

  • Familiar with the fundamental concepts of Manual Testing that includes processes, test strategies, and testing techniques.
  • Thorough knowledge in the manual testing processes such as system testing, re-testing, regression testing, and system integration testing and UAT, etc.
  • Learn and plan the entire testing projects, designing test scenarios, designing test cases and data, conducting testing operations, managing defects and creating various test reports.
  • Perform functional testing, UI testing, usability testing, load testing, performance testing, security testing, and compatibility testing, etc.
  • Collect data on the defect reporting and defect management process.
  • Implement the testing process using tools, such as ALM, JIRA, and Bugzilla.

Prerequisites for Manual Testing Training Institute in Chennai

There are no prior requirements for learning Manual Testing Training in Chennai at SLA as we begin from fundamental concepts to advanced implementation for freshers and working professionals. The students who are taking up Manual Testing Certification Course in Chennai are advised to know programming language concepts and testing fundamentals to learn efficiently and faster. Gain expertise in Manual Testing to become the fastest application tester in reputed MNC and IT companies.

Who can take up Manual Testing Training in Chennai?

Our Manual Testing Training in Chennai is framed to offer detailed coaching for all the interested students who want to test the applications with adequate knowledge and skills in the manual testing process. The Manual Testing Course curriculum is designed as per the industry requirements to equip the students to get succeed in the interviews of top companies. We have skilled and experienced Manual Testing trainers to offer implementation-based classes for the utilization of learners around the world. Regular classrooms, as well as an instructor-led live online mode of classes, are available for remote learners to take up classes on weekdays, weekends, and fast track modes of Manual Testing Course.

  • Software Test Managers
  • Customer Support Executives
  • Fresh Graduates
  • QA Engineers
  • QA leads and Managers
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • Administrators

Manual Testing Training Course Syllabus

The curriculum for Manual Testing Training in Chennai is devised as per the industry requirements. With our in-depth syllabus, the candidate gains a complete comprehension of the concepts in manual testing. The curriculum is also revised regularly.

Our Manual Testing Course Syllabus contains from basic introduction about manual testing, validation and verification details, and application types, probabilities of errors, complete SDLC process, and test case design techniques. Learn from fundamental to advanced concepts that help you to perform as the best Manual Tester in big companies.

Introduction to testing

  • Introduction to testing
  • Verification vs validation
  • Types of Applications
  • Probabilities of getting an error in an application

SDLC – Software Development Life Cycle

  • Waterfall
  • Prototype
  • Spiral
  • Incremental(Agile methodology and Scrum Framework)
  • V-Model
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of each software development life cycle
  • Principles of Testing
  • STLC –Software Testing Life Cycle
  • Difference between Test case, Use case and Scenario’s.
  • How to prepare test plan and strategy
  • How to Prepare test case template?
  • Difference between Error, bug, defect and failure

Test Case Design Technique

  • Boundary value Analysis
  • Equivalence Partitioning
  • Decision Table
  • State Transition Diagram
  • Use Case Testing
  • Bug Life cycle
  • How to Prepare Bug template?
  • Bug Tracking tool
  • Types of Testing
  • Difference between static and Dynamic testing
  • Difference between Functional and Non-functional testing
  • Black box testing and its types
  • White box testing and its types
  • System Integration Testing vs User Acceptance Testing
  • Entry Criteria and Exit Criteria
  • Test Environment and Test data preparation
  • Flow graph notations
  • Statement coverage
  • Branch Coverage
  • path coverage
  • Cyclometric Complexity

Scope of Manual Testing

We cannot release a product by merely executing automated testing. Manual Testing Course in Chennai will help you understand the importance of manual testing. Manual testers’ scope has not faded, and several companies hire quality analysts who are seasoned in manual testing. Organizations can save time and money by recruiting candidates who possess knowledge of both manual and automation testing.

Manual Testing is the never-fading field in software quality analysis that brings numerous job opportunities through continuous learning and upskill. There is an exponential growth in the QA field and especially manual testing makes the company with stable growth for test professionals as they can deploy the quality application to the clients. We offer Manual Testing Training in Chennai for freshers to kick-start their careers in their desired software testing field.

Guide to become a professional software testing engineer

Software testing is an important integral part of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) as it makes the software error-free and quality. It would be better if the students know the proper career path of manual testing and we have given them below. Join our Manual Testing Training Center in Chennai for comprehensive coaching with best practices.

Choose the desired career path

Software Testing has tremendous career paths and manual testing is one among them. It brings job opportunities in a variety of industries like healthcare and manufacturing along with the IT domain if the students are specialized in CRM, SAP, and ERP. It will have a career path in the technical or test management field through experience and upskilling process. The students can learn automation testing, performance testing, mobile app testing, and security testing, and so on by continuous learning on the latest technologies. The major roles such as Test Lead, Test Manager, Skilled QA Manager, Senior Manager, Director, and QA Analyst can be obtained after the successful completion of the Manual Testing Certification Course in Chennai at SLA.

Become Professional

Integrity is the main thing to become a professional in Quality Analyst. If the learner wanted to be considered as a trusted testing engineer, it is important, to be honest, transparent, and dependent. The candidate should improve their communication skill to interact clearly with clients and management and they should avoid being negative like complaining and criticizing others as it holds back the growth level of testers. We mold our students with related non-technical skills in our Manual Testing Training Institute in Chennai at SLA.

Be a Volunteer for Complex Assignments

Taking up the tough and challenging project to test will be helpful for career growth. It brings a wide range of opportunities to form worldwide along with career appreciation. It will help gain confidence and innovative ideas to test the application faster and accurately. We provide Manual Testing Internship Training in Chennai on real-time industry projects that give wider wings for fresher.

Move on Ceaselessly in Your Career Growth

Continuous learning helps one’s career and the learning of new skills gives the broader platform to implement your testing skills. The collective experience in various industry projects helps the candidate to explore more skills and apply them in a useful manner. It does not mean shifting from company to company as it leads to questioning the loyalty of the employee. Consult the educational manager of our Manual Testing Training Center in Chennai for better and stable career growth.

Future Scope of Manual Tester

Top IT companies are employing and promoting manual testers to test analysts that involve in the analysis of requirement and functional needs of software development and testing. The manual testers can easily learn automation tools to implement faster testing through the learning of specialized tools, leadership qualities, and process analysis. They will be able to handle both manual and automation testing in the future on every application and have a chance to get professional techies. Our Manual Testing Training in Chennai provides a great career start along with career guidance even after the course duration at SLA.

Once the manual testers got enough advanced skills and experience, they can easily adapt to work in an agile environment to fasten the software development lifecycle as it is considered the right key for career growth. Even though they are not familiar with codes, automation tools make it easier to perform software testing and it will be easy for candidates who have strong knowledge of manual testing. The future for manual testers depends on the learning of new skills and automation tools for bringing higher pay and prospects. Our Manual Testing Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance is all you need to kick-start your career in a promising field.

The functional progress in manual testing establishes that it is essential for these people to develop their skills and their regular styles. The manual testers should upgrade to automation testing too. Manual testing and automation testing will work in harmony for a long time.

Roles and Responsibilities of Manual Testers
  •  Defining quality metrics, conceptualizing test strategy, supervising test plans, and supervising the test tasks,
  • Comprehend the software requirements
  • Having a firm grasp of how the end-user will apply the application
  • Building test cases from user scenarios
  • Deploying test cases
  • They should devise the tracks for monitoring test objectives, test plans, and test strategies.
  • Analyze the testing
  • Suppose an issue is found, report it to the developer and solve it
  • Carry out the task again if a defect is identified
  • Assess and monitor the design, execution of the test cases, test suites, etc
  • Maintain the support reports on test progress
  • Write the summary reports on test status.

Trainer Profile of our Manual Testing Training Center in Chennai

Our Manual Testing Trainers are expert and experienced in a testing variety of applications and taught 20000+ learners around the globe through their boundless qualities. Their experiential teaching makes the learner work in top companies in various roles to perform testing and analysis. They are well-versed in fundamental testing, validation techniques, application proficiency, SDLC process, and test case designing techniques. Join us to learn the best Manual Testing Training Course in Chennai with complete hands-on exposure.

SLA has excellent trainers for the Manual Testing Course in Chennai and they will be allocated as per the convenience of global learners to learn on weekdays, weekends, and fast track mode through safe classroom and instructor-led live online classes. Individual care, passion for teaching, subject-matter expertise, and spot response are the best qualities of our Manual Testing Trainers and they are well-versed in the following technical skills

  • Analytical and Logical Implementation on testing of the application
  • Reporting and Communication skills about the bugs and errors
  • Mapping the test sequence effectively for better business solutions
  • Global-level approach on testing the applications
  • Automation process of testing along with tools expertise
  • Strong knowledge in Agile and DevOps methodologies and related processes
  • In-depth understanding of codes in various programming languages
  • Complete knowledge of SDLC (System/Software Development Life Cycle)
  • Strong experience in project management and entire application testing
  • Updated knowledge and awareness on latest mobile and web technology trends
  • Excellent Planning and Documentation skills and Cross browser testing skills
  • Front – end communication and constant learning ability
  • Complete testing tools and technological skills

Join SLA and learn about Manual Testing Training in Chennai from industry experts to kick-start your career journey with full potential in software testing.

The learning advantages of the manual testing process

Manual Testing does not require coding knowledge on the block box testing methods and it is used to test dynamically changing graphical user interfaces. Software tester can interact with applications as an end-user to know that the application is performing with usability and without any user interface issues. Manual testing ensures the bug-free product and is cost-effective to the companies. It is easy to learn by beginners and we provide a Manual Testing Course in Chennai in an easily understandable way.

Following are the steps that come in the systematic approach of manual testing

  • Select a high-level test plan using the general methodology and resources such as computers, people, and software licenses that are acquired and identified.
  • Writing the detailed test cases to identify the clear steps taken by the test engineer along with expected outcomes
  • ssign the test cases for available testers to follow the steps manually and record the outcomes
  • Authoring a test report with the detailed findings of test engineers

We provide a complete understanding of manual testing with hands-on exposure in our Manual Testing Training Institute in Chennai. Our trainers train the students on how to perform manual testing with a systematic approach and practical implementation on observing the required documents, perform test analysis, develop testing, perform black or white box testing, bug finding, and retest after debugging the application.

Manual Testing Internship Training in Chennai Get Started

SLA provides the best Manual Testing Internship in Chennai to get complete understanding on the testing processes such as Usability testing, UI/UX testing, Exploratory Testing, Ad hoc testing, and so on. Our Manual Testing Training in Chennai with the internship facilities can be taken up by any fresh graduates who are interested to shine in the testing field. Kickstart your career in testing through our Manual Testing Internship Program to get selected in the first interview. We mold our students to industry expected knowledge on quality metrics, software requirement testing, testing analyzing, test cases building, test plan implementations, and report generation on the bugs.

Mandatory Roles and Responsibilities of Software Testing Engineer
  • Define the testing activities for teams that include testers or test engineers.
  • Take the entire responsibilities of test planning.
  • Verify the team has all the required resources to execute the testing activities.
  • Preplan for the testing is going hand in hand with the software development in all phases.
  • Generate status reports of testing activities.
  • Interactions with customers as per the requirement
  • Escalate project managers regularly about the progress of testing activities.

Equip yourself with our Manual Testing Training in Chennai and get the job-ready skills for the better placement in the top companies.

Projects to practice : Carry tests throughout the SDLC
Description : Catch bugs in a possible way through a manual testing process and implement all testing such as unit, regression, and so on. Spend more time to practice to realize what you have exactly learned.

User Reviews On Manual Testing Courses

Dhivya Natarajan

I wanna say a big thanks to the Softlogic placement team, they gave us plenty of opportunities to prove our skills Institute for manual testing training in Chennai


Good trainers. I am telling my personal experience. Ms.Kalaivani the one who taught both manual and automation was too good. The way she explains the concepts is easily understandable and she clears the doubt whenever asked no matter what and the way of teaching is very relatable. I thank SLA for providing such good training and placement support for manual testing training in Chennai.


To be frank, SLA is a good place to shape your knowledge and skills as the way they respond is really good. They guided me very well on the technical side as well as the non-technical side to get placed in the software testing field. I would highly recommend SLA to anyone who wishes to progress their career in IT. Thank you, SLA, and the team again. I will surely reach you for further courses.

Deepak Raj

I joined SLA for Software Testing Training and I was trained by many staff here. They all are experienced in their field. I got satisfactory training in Java, Manual Testing, and Selenium. The trainers had sound knowledge of concepts. They never hesitate to provide the expected knowledge of learners and I am a slow learner. Their patience and the answers for repeatedly asked doubts were really helpful. I strongly recommend SLA for professional testing training. The timings were flexible and it is the biggest advantage for me to learn conveniently. Thanks a lot to SLA and the team.

Hari Deepu

It is a good place to learn any software courses and I have studied here Manual Testing. I got placed in FA Soft Solutions. They scheduled weekly twice the interviews and help me to clear the rounds through many mock interviews and required interview skills. And they schedule interviews until I am placed in my desired company. Highly recommended and I thank SLA and team wholeheartedly.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

The current software industry needs a manual tester who is not only proficient in Manual Testing but also consists of a good knowledge of the entire software development process. As the top Manual Testing Training Institute in Chennai, Softlogic imparts you what is manual testing and draw a line of difference with automated testing. The best sizes are limited to not more than four students per batch to provide personal attention to the students. Our training is also totally career-oriented.

What is manual testing?

Manual Testing is the important process of software testing that is carried out manually to find defects without the implementation of tools or automation scripts. The test plan will be prepared and acts as a guide throughout the testing progress to complete the coverage of the application or product.

What are the techniques involved in manual testing?

There are five major techniques involves in manual testing such as equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis, decision table testing, use case testing, and ad-hoc testing.

Is learning manual testing easy?

The learning of manual testing is easy through hands-on practices as it involves primitive techniques and numerous testing types to detect the bugs in software applications. Any application must be tested manually before implementing automation tools and it becomes necessary to check automation feasibility for the applications.

Why should I learn Manual Testing in SLA Jobs?

We provide the Manual Testing Certification in Chennai With Placement Assurance and give value for money by giving practical exposure to the candidates. We keep abreast of emerging technologies in Our Manual Testing Training Center in KK Nagar Chennai and have many benefits of real-time trainers.

When can I start the Manual Testing course after enrolling?

Your batch time will be allocated by our tech leads immediately for the Manual Testing Course and if you want to take a free demo, it will also be arranged by them.

How will you allocate a batch at SLA for Manual Testing Training?

We allocate a small batch for Manual Testing Training Course students to offer individual care and attention for their career upliftment. Our Manual Testing trainer takes a one-to-one classroom session if the student requires it. We allocate maximum size limited with 4 to 5 candidates for a batch of Manual Testing Training in Chennai

Is there a placement guarantee for the Manual Testing course in your institution?

We offer placement guidance in the Manual Testing course and that is why we are the no.1 Manual Testing Training Centers in Chennai. At SLA, We equip for a job, but not buy a job for our Manual Testing students through interview preparations and offer placement arrangements in the corporate companies.

How do I enroll in our Manual Testing Training course at SLA?

To enroll in this Manual Testing course, you must first register with Manual Testing Training in Chennai by filling up the form displayed on the website. Or you can start a chat in the chatbot. Or you can call the number displayed on the screen.

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