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Chef efficiently controls infrastructure by writing code in contrast to utilizing rigorous methods. For coding, it applies pure-Ruby, a domain-specific language. The chef can efficiently automate your infrastructure configuration, deployment of configurations and applications that are being controlled across your network. The Chef Training in Chennai from SLA will assist you to learn this tool from the beginning. It will take you through simple steps.

Best Chef Training in Chennai

The primary objective of DevOps is to consist of continuous development and continuous deployment lifecycle of software applications. Software development is a never-ending process because new applications are constantly developed and few features are included or removed from an application in a frequent manner. The chef is one tool that is utilized to achieve automation in conventional infrastructure to support the change in practices.

About Chef Course in Chennai

A dynamic automation tool applied in configuration management by changing infrastructure into code is called Chef. The chef is one of the most commonly adopted Configuration Management tools in the present DevOps culture. It is utilized to organize the task of configuring and maintaining an organization’s servers. It can easily blend with cloud-based platforms comprising AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud, etc. It can also blend with on-premise infrastructure. The chef can transform your infrastructure into code. It has simple and readable syntax and can be applied smoothly. Chef has a good fix for both small and large scale systems. It can operate in stand-alone mode besides master-slave architecture. Chef Training in Chennai teaches it comprehensively.

After the successful completion of the Chef Training Program in Chennai, our students can able to,

  • Understand the deep insights of Chef ecosystem
  • Know the Server management and Cloud infra with Chef tool
  • Implement the Chef infrastructure using automation process
  • Develop cookbooks, plugins, recipes, etc.
  • Perform evaluation and troubleshooting the Chef cookbook executions.

Chef Course Fee and Duration

The duration of Chef Classes at SLA Jobs comes around 45 to 60 hours that can be taken at your flexible class timings. Small batch allocation, backup classes for the missing classes, unlimited lab accesses are the Chef course benefits and explore more by calling us.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

We offer quality training at a cost-effective Chef Course Fees in Chennai. There are seasonal offers, different payment modes and installment options to pay the fee for Chef Course. Discounts for Chef Training Fee will be provided on One Time Payment. Call us to know more about Chef Training Cost in Chennai.

Chef Training Course Syllabus

SLA’s Chef training syllabus is structured such that anyone can learn, develop and gain practical knowledge and execute in a short time. The syllabus is diligently prepared such that it is fresh and best.

  •  Hosted Chef/Multi-Tenant Chef
  •  Workstation Setup
  •  Knife Client
  •  Test Node/Client Setup
  •  Convergence
  •  Node Object
  •  ERB Templates
  •  Cookbook Dependencies
  •  Data Bags
  •  Installation and Configuration
  •  Standalone Chef/ chef-solo
  •  Public Chef: client/server
  •  Hosted Chef/Multi-Tenant Chef
  •  Workstation Setup
  •  Knife Client
  •  Test Node/Client Setup
  •  Convergence
  •  Attribute Precedence
  •  Cookbook Metadata
  •  Execute Resource
  •  Not if/ Only if conditionals
  •  Directories
  •  Cookbooks, Recipes Resources
  •  Packages, Cookbook Files, Services
  •  Standalone Chef/ chef-solo
  •  Public Chef: client/server
  •  Hosted Chef/Multi-Tenant Chef
  •  Workstation Setup
  •  Knife Client
  •  Test Node/Client Setup
  •  Convergence
  •  Node Object
  •  Cookbooks, Recipes Resources
  •  Packages, Cookbook Files, Services
  •  Run list

Prerequisites for learning Chef at the top Chef Training center in Chennai

  • Acquainted with writing code in a text editor
  • Knowledge of command line
  • Knowledge of fundamental administration including installing packages, loading devices, etc

Who can attend Chef training from the leading Chef Training Institute in Chennai?

  • Freshers who are inclined to commencing their career in the domain of Cloud and Automation.
  • System Engineers
  • IT professionals
  • System Administrators
  • DevOps Engineers

Trainer’s Profile

We have qualified and experienced DevOps Chef Trainers in our Chef Training Institute in Chennai They are 15+ years of industry experience and can handle interactive classes with practical exposure. Our Chef Trainers are experienced in top companies for DevOps automation processes. The following are our Trainer’s brand technical qualities along with Industry Exposure, ability to take Interactive Classes, and Passion towards student’s Placement

  • In-depth knowledge in Metadata, Attributes, data bags, and all other resource
  • Configuring chef and bootstrap activitie
  • Troubleshooting and Linux chef folders processe
  • Usage knowledge of validator.pem and
  • Sound knowledge in arrays, hash, string interpolation, idempotency, and server control commands

Career Path

When you are in a position to deliver the software changes rapidly it strengthens your business speed. The chef does exactly that. The errors must be rectified quite fast besides speedy deployment. Your system’s resilience is increased with Chef. The security policies and compliance can be covered as part of a Chef application.  The infrastructure and servers can be automatically installed and provisioned conveniently with Chef techniques. The chef is the ideal choice that suits the requirements of the cloud or datacenter. You can deploy Chef even if you change the cloud providers.

Chef removes the complexity of IT infrastructure and organizes your workflows. The chef can easily navigate through complexity and organize your IT operations and workflow. If you get Chef Training in Chennai you will get to know this in-demand tool and embrace the cloud technology and control varied environments.

Individual Advantages of Chef

  • Chef consists of industry-wide support and functions with about every platform you can imagine
  • Chef significantly reduces the amount of documentation
  • A DevOps Engineer with Chef knowledge can earn a lucrative salary

Organizational Advantages of Chef

  • Chef Analytics – The program will analyze by itself and will notify you if something is not correct before the issues become noticeable to your clients.
  • Chef Development Kit – allow you to write and control Chef infrastructure from any machine/OS
  • Chef’s Knife – Lets you control the interface between Chef Server and Chef Repository

It is important to train people on cropping technologies including blockchain, bitcoin, IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. SLA has several courses that are in demand now and the student can gain thorough exposure through the comprehensive method of training. The courses at SLA are more focused on making your job-ready. We conduct mock interviews and regular technical reviews to boost your confidence in cracking the interviews.