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Sharepoint Training In Chennai

Sharepoint Training Training in Chennai |Sharepoint Training Institute in Chennai

SharePoint is both a document management and collaboration tool that is a product of Microsoft. It is essentially an intranet and content management system that is applied for internal purposes to help to bring an organization together. SharePoint consists of a set of technologies that have different purposes and that have firm integration with Office 365. Learn the importance of SharePoint from the SharePoint training in Chennai from Softlogic.

Shine with SharePoint Training in Chennai

Welcome to the Top Sharepoint Training Institute in Chennai. Sharepoint Training Classes in Chennai from SLA helps you to get acquainted with the thorough knowledge of Sharepoint courses, right from simple tasks too difficult executions. The related technologies such as SQL, .Net, and Visual Studio are also encompassed with it. The Sharepoint Training in Chennai also takes you through the plethora of toolboxes that reduces the difficult quotient of the work.

SharePoint Training in Chennai

Microsoft Office integration is one of the significant SharePoint benefits. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are used for most of the business purposes and since SharePoint is part of Microsoft Office, it integrates seamlessly with them. Being a platform and not a product, SharePoint helps you to develop all types of things on top of it. SharePoint Training in Chennai helps you maintain a plethora of files in a central location. If you are disciplined enough in maintaining it, it functions well in a central storage system.

About SharePoint Training in Chennai

Earlier you would have sent a group mail and copied it to all. The concern with this is that a lot of details get ignored or lost. SharePoint maintains collaboration so that all staff can view the essential information. Document management is the major highlight of SharePoint. Enroll in the best SharePoint training course in Chennai and get to know more about what SharePoint can do in this regard. You can utilize SharePoint to form all types of resources for your teams.

The Recent Version of SharePoint

SharePoint Server 2019 is the current on-premises version of SharePoint. The earlier versions comprise SharePoint 2013and SharePoint 2007. SharePoint Server 2019 is compatible with every primary browser and is supported on the latest generation of SQL Server and Windows products. The latest iteration’s goal is to allow users to spend less time looking out for content and configuration settings and more time working on productive tasks. Cloud-driven versions of SharePoint are gaining popularity nowadays. The companies are leaving old versions in preference to SharePoint’s contemporary user interface and cloud functionality.

Course Objectives of Sharepoint Training in Chennai

After the completion of Sharepoint Course in Chennai, our students will have

  • Thorough knowledge in Sharepoint 2013 with its capabilities and architecture
  •  Installation and configuration set up knowledge of Sharepoint Software
  •  Administrating and Enhancement strategies of Sharepoint tasks
  •  Implementing skills of Farm and Sandbox solutions
  •  Scale the SharePoint sites along with the use of App Model
  •  Generate custom sites, lists, pages, and apps
  •  Provide security to the Sharepoint application

SharePoint Course Fees & Duration

Sharepoint Course Duration at SLA is framed for 45 to 60 hours that can be started at your convenient class timings. Learn from the experts and get to know your trainer by fixing a free demo.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

Call 8608700340 to know exact Sharepoint Training Fees in Chennai which is moderate and reasonable for our first grade training.

Who can Attend SharePoint Training in Chennai?

  • Freshers belonging to the stream of computer science
  •  Aspirants with knowledge of debugging and optimizing
  •  Any aspiring professional wishing to gain understanding in SharePoint
  •  .NET professionals
  •  Candidates with proficiency in web development and web designing

Prerequisites for SharePoint training Chennai

  • MS SQL
  •  Server
  •  .NET framework
  •  ASP. NET
  •  Visual Studio

Course Syllabus on SharePoint Training in Chennai

The syllabus for SharePoint training in Chennai is prepared, keeping in mind the industry standards. It is fresh and best and updated regularly.


  • What is SharePoint
  •  Why Using SharePoint
  •  History of SharePoint
  •  Explain SharePoint Editions

Introduction to SharePoint 2010 Development

  • Understanding SharePoint 2010
  •  Server Object Mode
  •  Creating SharePoint 2010 Applications
  •  Enumerating SP2010 Farm Hierarchies
  •  Manipulating properties of objects in the SharePoint
  •  SharePoint 2010 Developer Tools
  •  Packaging features and solution using VS 2010

Creating SharePoint 2010 Web parts

  • Creating normal web part
  •  Creating SharePoint components in web parts
  •  Creating visual web part using VS 2010
  •  Difference between normal and visual web part
  •  AJAX enabling a web part
  •  Understanding CAML and SPQuery
  •  LINQ to SharePoint
  •  Creating application pages

Creating Event receivers and application settings

  • Event Handlers and uses
  •  List Item Event Receivers
  •  List Event Receivers
  •  Creating Feature Receivers to Modify Web. Config
  •  Creating Web Event Receivers

Developing SharePoint 2010 workflows

  • OOB Workflows
  •  Developing InfoPath 2010 with SharePoint Designer workflows
  •  Developing WF using visual studio 2010
  •  Advanced workflow scenarios

Developing interactive user interfaces

  • Creating site actions menu items
  •  Creating a ribbon items – button, group and tabs
  •  Creating client side dialog

Developing Client object model

  • Understanding client object model
  •  Developing Silverlight applications
  •  Implementing JavaScript

Advanced developments

  • Developing Sandboxed solutions
  •  Taxonomy APIs
  •  Programming with timer jobs
  •  Developing content management
  •  Customizing master pages
  •  Applying themes
  •  Developing Solutions by using BCS

SharePoint as a Developer Platform

  • Introducing the SharePoint Developer Landscape
  •  Choosing Approaches to SharePoint Development
  •  Understanding SharePoint 2013 Deployment and Execution Models

Working with SharePoint Objects

  • Understanding the SharePoint Object Hierarchy
  •  Working with Sites and Webs
  •  Working with Execution Contexts

Working with Lists and Libraries

  •  Using List and Library Objects
  •  Querying and Retrieving List Data
  •  Working with Large Lists

Designing and Managing Features and Solutions

  • Working with Features
  •  Deploying Solutions
  •  Working with Sandboxed Solutions

Working with Server-Side Code

  • Developing Web Parts
  •  Using Event Receivers
  •  Using Timer Jobs
  •  Storing Configuration Data

Managing Identity and Permissions

  • Understanding Identity Management in SharePoint 2013
  •  Managing Permissions in SharePoint 2013
  •  Configuring Forms-Based Authentication
  •  Customizing the Authentication Experience

Managing Custom Components and Site Lifecycles

  • Component Overview
  •  Defining Custom Lists
  •  Defining Custom Sites
  •  Managing SharePoint Sites

Introducing Apps for SharePoint

  • Overview of Apps for SharePoint
  •  Developing Apps for SharePoint

Career Scope of SharePoint Training in Chennai

SharePoint is one of the best products to offer highly complex business solutions in a short time without any problem. Moreover, SharePoint has turned out to be an ideal solution for several businesses in the latest realm of the digital world, where there is a lot of innovations. This can be attributed mainly due to the rise in the customer base and regular requirements or customer data handling appropriate activities.

Common SharePoint Job Roles

  • SharePoint Administrator
  •  SharePoint Engineer
  •  SharePoint Developer
  •  SharePoint Architect
  •  SharePoint Consultant
  •  Project Manager

Trainer Profile of Sharepoint Training Institute in Chennai

SLA Jobs have real-time and dedicated Sharepoint Trainers to provide the best Sharepoint Training in Chennai. They have 12+ years of experience in Sharepoint projects with tools implementation and handles interactive classes as a classroom and online mode. Our Sharepoint trainers continually follow up on the industrial demands and designed the Sharepoint Course Syllabus to provide what is needed most for the students. They are taking placement-focused Sharepoint Training in Chennai with required job-ready skills.

SharePoint Internship Training in Chennai

The SharePoint Developer uses graphics design and .NET technologies to create, modify, maintain SharePoint server portals. Design, develop, and maintain the site content and provide regular reports of the existing portals. Performs testing process through test review and analysis, We offer the best Sharepoint Internship Training in Chennai that increases the confidence through experience on the application to accomplish career goals.Roles and Responsibilities of Sharepoint Developers

  • Develops software solutions for client requirements
  • Analyze and inform the needs to the company that gathers from stakeholders, IT Management
  • Analyze systems flow, data usage, and work processes
  • Design software using software development fundamentals and processes
  • Debug, test, and deploy software solutions
  • Develop and maintain important components of the software suite using classic ASP and SharePoint Server 2007 and new 2013.
  • Implement SharePoint workflows and the development of Business Intelligence dashboards.

User Reviews on Sharepoint Course in Chennai

Rachel Vinodhini

IIt was a nice training and very responsive placement support by SLA. They helped me to place in a Top IT firm and for sure I recommend this institute for learning SharePoint Course in Chennai! According to my experience, SLA is the best training center for both freshers and advanced learners to learn any IT Courses. My SharePoint trainer was very good and his teaching methods are superb! Sincere thanks to SLA!


As my previous SharePoint training at another institute did not go well, so I looked out for a better trainer and institute. Then I have joined SLA as it has the best SharePoint Course Curriculum and Trainers. During the training course, I have learned so many new things which were very useful for a professional career! Wonderful placement guidance and superb classes during the entire training program! Thanks, SLA!

Muthu Kumar

The students who are looking to start website designing can join SharePoint Certification Course at SLA and I highly recommend this institute for the course was very interactive and every concept was taught with real-life examples. Very enjoyable SharePoint training and the atmosphere is very positive and brilliant! SLA is for sure the Best SharePoint training center in Chennai! Special thanks to SLA always!

Binoy Kappavara

The placement support and technical training for SharePoint Course are really good in this SLA Jobs. I have got a complete understanding of the SharePoint concepts and their practical training sessions on creating websites are the best way to learn! Excellent coaching by the institute instructors and best placement support by the dedicated trainers! It is worth pay.

Ganesh Yadav

This is one of the Best SharePoint training institutes in Chennai I have ever attended so far! The trainers have outstanding talent and are skilled in their subjects! I entered the class with no prior knowledge and I have become so good at SharePoint Website Development and all thanks to SLA! The whole classes are awesome and the SharePoint training center’s atmosphere is so good! It inspires confidence to learn for students!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

SharePoint is one of the booming platforms provided by Microsoft to create websites. It is the demanded skill as it can be easily integrated with Microsoft Office. Companies are employing SharePoint developers who are skilled and experienced and we provide the best SharePoint Training in Chennai with hands-on exposure.

What is the use of learning SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is the web-based collaborative platform to create websites with the integration of Microsoft Office. It is used for document management and storage purposes and is highly configurable. Find career opportunities in this field by learning our SharePoint Course in Chennai.

Is SharePoint easy to learn?

Yes. SharePoint is easy to learn platform and beginners can easily upload, access, and search files using tags. But it requires a lot of hands-on practice to utilize the options effectively. Join SLA to learn with complete practical implementations on SharePoint Training in Chennai.

Is SharePoint worth learning in 2021?

Yes. It is absolutely worth it as SharePoint is extremely profitable for companies and they are employing skilled and experienced developers every day. It can be learned by newbies and they can become specialized in the website development area through good practices. Enroll at SLA, the best SharePoint Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Support.

Is SharePoint learning requiring coding knowledge?

SharePoint is the application developed in the .Net framework and it involves programming languages like .Net, HTML, JQuery, JavaScript, etc. The fundamental coding skill is enough to understand and develop with SharePoint. Explore the variety of application usage by learning our SharePoint Training Course in Chennai at SLA.

How can I become a master in SharePoint?

Continuous learning and practice make the candidates master SharePoint development. We provide smart coaching on SharePoint Course in Chennai and equip the learners in solving problems of real-time, accessing lab systems for use with SharePoint, and practical implementations for developing user interfaces. Rush to grab your learning benefits provided in our SharePoint Training Center in Chennai.

What is the most required job description of SharePoint professionals?

SharePoint developers are expected to develop and modify codes to build web-based applications and websites for clients as per their requirements. We provide complete hands-on practice with real-time project development in our SharePoint Training Course in Chennai.

What is the average salary for SharePoint Developers?

SharePoint developers are expected to develop and modify codes to build web-based applications and websites for clients as per their requirements. We provide complete hands-on practice with real-time project development in our SharePoint Training Course in Chennai.

Is the SharePoint course available for remote students online?

Yes, we offer the best SharePoint Training Course in Chennai in both classroom and virtual mode. We allocate dedicated trainers to provide SharePoint training through instructor-led live online classes. You can experience the same classroom benefits with our excellent SharePoint online training course with hands-on exposure and project assignments.

What is the placement assistance offered by SLA for SharePoint Training Course?

We at SLA equip the learners in our SharePoint Training in Chennai to grab the opportunities from top companies. We are upskilling their fundamental website development skills along with interview-based skills such as resume development, personality development, career enhancement, and job searching methods with best practices on programs, projects, and interview questions and answers in SharePoint Course.

How do I enroll in our C and C++ Training course at SLA?

To enroll in our SharePoint course, you must register with SharePoint Training in Chennai by filling up the form displayed on the website. Or you can start a chat in the chatbot for SharePoint Course queries. Or you can call the number displayed on the screen for enrolling in our SharePoint Training Course at SLA.