MS SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai

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MS SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai

Begin your career as a SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai and become the master in Production SQL Server. Upskill your database skills to use the specialized software to store and retrieve data that helps for tasks like capacity planning, installation, configuration, migration, database design, performance monitoring, troubleshooting, and security processes.

Develop your skills with MS SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai

Welcome to our MS SQL Training Institute in Chennai. Being formed by Microsoft, MS SQL Server is a relational database management system. It is formed so as to store data as needed by different applications. The database administrators are trained in such a way that they utilize MS SQL Server to store and streamline the organization’s important data. Learn the best SQL Server DBA training in Chennai and acquire industry-expected knowledge for organizing the big data.

SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai

SLA that provides SQL Server Training, is one of the top Rated SQL Server DBA Training Institute in Chennai. We mostly focus on classroom training and it is taken care of by proficient professionals. The infrastructure and lab facilities are par excellence. Though there is theoretical knowledge we focus largely on practical knowledge wherein real-time application is implemented. A SQL Server DBA is the one who manages the SQL Server to access, organize, and store data successfully. They are responsible for analyzing data management, input, and security requirements of the organization, and also they develop tools for supporting data access and information security. SQL Server DBA remains the in-demand career and the growth of job postings will reach 11.5% at the end of 2025. Learn the best-in-class SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai with hands-on exposure that helps the students to shine in the industries.

About SQL Server DBA Course in Chennai

SQL Server is a complex software that Microsoft offers. You need to have a basic understanding of networks, programming, and databases. The job prospects of the DBAs are very good. The profession of a DBA will sustain to be one of the best ones. SQL Server Database Administrators are involved in the design, execution, and maintenance of SQL Server databases. It doesn’t stop with this; the DBA also has to create and scale databases for the purpose of potential data growth and efficiency.

Course Objectives of SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai

We can implement the SQL Server as the database for both small scale applications and large scale applications. This Relies on the data load and the presence of data. Those Individuals who are inclined in data modeling and architect profile can take up this field.

Our SQL Server DBA Course in Chennai at SLA Jobs aims to provide industry-required skills for global learners to manage and organize data for industries around the world. We train you from basics like installing SQL Server and components, designing database architecture and storage, configuring SQL server for reporting, service-level security, test connectivity, SSIS, migration strategy, and manage SQL server agent by our industry experienced trainers. Our students will get thorough knowledge in configuring databases, SQL server instances, SQL Server Clustered Instances, Troubleshooting optimization, auditing SQL server instances, back-up strategies, restoring databases, AlwaysOn, and Replication implementations, and so on.

We equip our students with job-ready skills along with technical skills in our SQL Server DBA Training Institute in Chennai. We have a dedicated placement team to provide resume writing skills, job searching skills, career enhancement skills, communication skills, and personality development skills. Our trainers are skilled and certified to give elaborate SQL Server DBA Training along with an industrial update that comes regularly. SLA Jobs is keenly observing the technology upgrades and update our course contents and add courses accordingly. Join us to discover the world of Database Administration and propel your career for a bright future.

  • Understand the requirements of the user.
  •  Take care of user access and security
  •  Take into account the back-end streamlining of data and front-end accessibility for end-users
  •  Make the logical design better so that it can be given the shape of a specific data model
  •  Set up and test new versions of DBMS.
  •  Adhere to the data standards
  •  Manage access privileges and permissions
  •  Create, handle and test recovery and back-up plans
  •  Take care of capacity planning
  •  Handle the security and disaster recovery elements of a database.

Our SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai at SLA Jobs is useful for the interested learners to get in-depth knowledge from basics to advanced concepts such as installing SQL server management studio, checking SQL Server version, Data upload, Installing Visual Studio, linking SQL Server into a snowflake, monitoring SQL Server table size with PowerShell, and Workspace analytics with Azure. Our trainers are skilled to provide SQL Server DBA Course as per the industry expectation through numerous project practices.

SQL Server DBA Course in Chennai

My SQL Course is designed for freshers and experienced people to learn at their flexible time on the following course duration. Enjoy the learning benefits at SLA through our My SQL Training in Chennai.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

We provide first grade training at a cost-efficient MS SQL Course Fees in Chennai. Single shot payment on the MS SQL Training Cost will get discounts on the spot.

Who Can attend at MS SQL DBA Training Institute in Chennai

Our SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai is intended to provide balanced coaching that makes thorough theoretical and practical exposure to all the interested learners. This course is mainly designed for candidates who wish to become DBAs with background knowledge and experience in software development, project management, data analysts, application testers, big data professionals, and system administrators. We framed SQL Server DBA Course Syllabus according to the industry requirements with the personalization facility as per the skill level of learners.

  • You needn’t be a tech enthusiast to learn SQL Server Management. You also needn’t have a background in mathematics and an engineering degree.
  •  The aspiring candidate should have experience in DBA and any technical domain. You can migrate to SQL Server DBA if you are working in any other technical domain

Prerequisites for Learning MS SQL DBA Training in Chennai

There are no big prerequisites for learning SQL Server DBA courses. However, Reasonable Knowledge of SQL server is an added advantage but not mandatory. Our SQL Server DBA trainers have designed the SQL Server DBA curriculum that includes basic to advanced concepts that can be customized separately according to the training tracks and skill level of learners. Freshers are advised to learn from basic to advanced concepts in regular track while working professionals who have some background knowledge can customize the syllabus after we examine your requirements and skill level. The students, who wish to take up the SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai in fast track mode, should have mandatory foundation skills in SQL Server.

Course Syllabus of our SQL Server Training in Chennai

The SQL Server DBA course is structured in such a way that it is suitable for aspiring candidates. If you are having a project in SQL Server DBA then you can reach SLA, SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai.

T-SQL [Basic SQL Server]

  • SQL Server Design Architecture
  •  Database Design Techniques
  •  Table Design Principles
  •  Data Integrity & Consistency
  •  Aliasing & Naming Conventions
  •  Schema Creation & Namespace
  •  Views and Data Security
  •  JOINS and Subqueries
  •  Indexes and Performance
  •  Index Selectivity & Options
  •  Stored Procedures & Tuning
  •  Functions and Limitations
  •  DML and DDL Trigger Types
  •  System Objects & Metadata
  •  Cursors Usage and Issues
  •  Synonyms and Limitations
  •  Transaction ACID Properties
  •  Transaction Locks and Memory
  •  Query Hints & Tuning Options
  •  New Functions in DENALI

Advanced Administration

  • Transaction Isolation Levels
  •  Blocking Issues & Deadlocks
  •  Partitioning Strategy & Tuning
  •  DB Snapshots and Usage
  •  Backup Strategies & Tuning
  •  Restore and Recovery Options
  •  Replication Techniques
  •  Peer – Peer Replication
  •  Replication Issues & Alerts
  •  Log Shipping and Issues
  •  Database Mirroring and Issues
  •  Security Management & Issues
  •  SQL Server Performance Tuning
  •  Troubleshooting Issues
  •  Resource Governor (I/O Issues)
  •  Error Handling Measures
  •  Import – Export Techniques
  •  Tempdb Issues and Sizing
  •  Database Cloning and Issues
  •  Indirect checkpoints
  •  Optimizing SSIS Packages
  •  Contained Databases in DENALI
  •  Security Audits in DENALI

Specialized Solutions of MS SQL Server

The study of MS SQL Server is all about its solutions and services provided for storing and organizing data for various purposes such as installation, configuration, capacity planning, designing database, data migration, security, troubleshooting, and performance monitoring, and backup and restore activities. DBAs are the ones who can take care of all the responsibilities of an organization by keeping the data ready for immediate usage. We provide complete SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai for making students get thorough on the solutions of SQL Server.

SQL Server: This is relational database management system software used for supporting databases, security, data, availability, reporting, and Business Intelligence processes. It will run on platforms such as Windows, and Linux in both physical and virtual applications. Microsoft added new technologies to MS SQL Server software such as SQL Server Relational Engine, SQL Server Agent, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Analysis, Services, and Power BI along with the support of Azure and AWS Cloud Platform.

SQL Server Instance: This instance encapsulates all of the database concepts such as database, data, stored procedures, tables, and security, etc. A server will have numerous autonomous instances of SQL Server to share CPU, network, memory, and storage resources that can be used for quality assurance, testing, production, development, and user acceptance testing.

SQL Server Service: This is the main Windows service to control SQL Server instances by stop and starting them. There will be a separate Windows service for each instance. It can be configured to execute with the domain account to utilize resources on the local and network systems. Some of the popular known Windows services are Distributed Transaction Coordinator, Active Directory Helper, Full-Text Filter Daemon Launcher, Analysis Services, Server Integration Services, and so on.

SQL Server Agent: This is used for executing jobs like T-SQL, PowerShell, SSIS, R, Python, MDX, and DOS on the predefined schedule. Users will be notified through e-mail about the job processes when it completes with a failure or success report. SQL Server Agent includes alerts that can be configured as the performance thresholds are met successfully.

Virtual Machine: This is an independent operating system similar to SQL Server with the major difference of virtualization layer between physical hardware and virtual machine. It can support numerous machines at the same time using a single platform that helps users with reduced power and costs. Windows and SQL Server licensing is required to utilize this virtual machine solution.

Host, Guest, VMWare, RDBMS, SQL Server Database, System Database, User Database, MDF File, NDF File, LDF File, DB Transaction Log File, Server Schema, Server Table, Data Types, Integrity, and so on are the popular solutions provided by MS SQL Server used for many different purposes. Students can get detailed knowledge through our MS SQL Server DBA Training Institute in Chennai at SLA Jobs.

Why SLA for the best SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai

We provide study materials, unlimited lab hours to practice, free software installation, case studies practice, project practices, and interview guidance during MS SQL Server DBA Course in Chennai at SLA Jobs. Our trainers have framed the industry-relevant MS SQL Server DBA Course Curriculum to provide best-in-class training for the interested students. We frequently update interview questions and answers on our website to assist our students for the interviews of top companies. Gain expertise and become the best database administrator through our all-inclusive SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Support.

Job Opportunities in SQL Server DBA

Career Scope of SQL Server DBA

The SQL Server DBA or Database Administrators are the professionals responsible for developing and securing databases for digital business activities like mobile computing, e-commerce, social media, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, machine learning, and all database related processes. The automation industry is one of the most important fields that require database administration for all activities from development to deployment. Our SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai gives you elaborate details about complete database works with practical implementations.

How to become a full-fledged SQL Server DBA?

To become a full-fledged SQL Server DBA, one must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a computer-related stream with database management as one of the subjects. You should have strong knowledge in Oracle, MySql, SQL, NoSQL, etc along with proficiency in any programming languages like Java, Dotnet , Python , R, SAS, and so on. Obtain a specialized certification from any SQL Server DBA Training Institute in Chennai is considered as an added advantage. Enhance your soft skills, problem-solving skills, and logical skills along with technical skills help you to get placement easily in top companies. Updating your knowledge regularly makes you stable in the DBA field that assures the highest pay along with career growth. Above all, you must have a positive attitude and confidence for becoming a SQL Server DBA even from your beginning of studies.

Progressive Career Growth of SQL Server DBA

SLA Jobs guide you to set a path for your stable career growth in SQL Server DBA even after your course tenure in our SQL Server DBA Course in Chennai. We continually remain you to update your skills according to the industry updates and encourage you for continuous learning to reach the top profile in the company. The career path starts from entry-level Junior SQL DBA, then Intermediate SQL DBA, and Senior SQ DBA.

Popular Job Roles of SQL Server DBA

The SQL Server DBA is the in-demand skill of companies around the world to manage and organize data to respond to user requirements as quickly as possible. There are three popular divisions involved in this process such as Development DBA, Production DBA, and Infra DBA. We at SLA equip our students to get the in-depth knowledge to obtain any of the position as an entry-level or experienced candidate as per the skill and interests of the learners through our SQL Server DBA Training Institute in Chennai.

Development DBA is responsible for all development aspects of databases. They should have a strong understanding of SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) along with proficient programming knowledge to have a deep look at the exact need for a database for the application developer. Developer DBA should suggest tuning techniques for the existing code to make necessary changes as per the requirements of the end-user. They can have growth as a database architect with increased salary packages if they continue to upgrade their skills to write efficient database codes.

Production DBA is responsible for monitoring and administrating a database that involves a daily check of database tables, automation alerts, and makes the database healthier always. Their major work is installing, upgrading, and migrate the database whenever it is required. They should make databases available and flexible for access to other team members all the time and they must take care of all the issues related to databases.

Infra DBA is mainly deal with systems and networks to attend any issues related to server or network that database are traveling. They should have strong knowledge in server configuration, network design, storage capacity, network setup, clustering issues, and hardware consolidations. They should have continuous touch with the system administrator of the organization to improve the performance of the database by implementing capacity planning, hardware improvement, and so on.

The salary range of entry-level DBA in all the job profiles is around $102,942 per annum and it can be increased as per the size and location of the employer and skill level of the employee. We provide industry expected SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance and Certification to become a skilled employee of the organization.

SQL is an expert language that is formed to function with databases. Hence, there is a great requirement for the candidate to be aware of his/her skills and perform in such a way that is gainful to his/her career. SLA, the Best SQL Server DBA Training Institute in Chennai teaches the concepts of this program with relative ease. Choosing a career as a data scientist can be better for those whose skill is inclined more towards data collection.

Trainer Profile of our MS SQL DBA Training Institute in Chennai

We have qualified and certified instructors to provide a comprehensive SQL Server DBA Course in Chennai. Our SQL Server DBA trainers are techies by profession as well as dedicated trainers of SLA. They are proficient in Oracle, MS SQL Server, database installation and configuration, data security, user creation and maintenance, database backup and recovery, performance tuning and loading, data transfer, and optimization, and querying and reporting. Our trainers are having experience in industrial projects with in-depth knowledge in database related technical skills and placement oriented skills to equip our students for better placement. Join us to explore the vast opportunities in the SQL Server DBA platform through our best SQL Server DBA Training Institute in Chennai. Our SQL Server DBA Trainer is a freelancer and he has the following qualities:

  • 10+ years of experience as SQL Server DBA in reputed IT industries
  •  6+ years of experience as a corporate trainer in SQL, Oracle DBA, and PL/SQL.
  •  Proficient in SQL Architecture, Backup & Recoveries, Performance tuning, etc
  •  Well-versed in SQL DBA right from installation, troubleshooting, access granting, etc
  •  An excellent motivator, good communication skills, and student-friendly nature.

SQL Server DBA Internship Training in Chennai

MSSQL Server Internship for freshers and working professionals is a good option that gives better Quality of Service (QoS). The worldwide organizations require skilled people best practices on cloud-oriented servers in areas like architecture, designing, developing, administering, and managing. The roles can be obtained in the industries after our MSSQL Server Admin Internship Training in Chennai such as SQL Server DBA, SQL Server Developer, SQL Server Application Framework, SQL Server Finance Functional Consultant, Technical Developer, and so on.Obligatory Roles and Responsibilities of SQL Server DBA

  • Handle the complete SQL Server databases.
  • Configure database servers and processes.
  • Maintain the system’s health and performance.
  • Make sure high levels of performance, availability, sustainability, and security of databases
  • Analyze, solve, and correct issues in real-time.

Gain expertise in MS SQL Server DBA at SLA.

Projects to practice:Information Technology Integration
Description: Technology integration is the use of technology tools in general content areas in education in order to allow students to apply computer and technology skills to learning and problem-solving. Generally speaking, the curriculum drives the use of technology

User Reviews on MS SQL Server Course in Chennai


I would strongly recommend SLA, for the best MS SQL training. I checked the course content and I joined SLA after knowing about the training institute. I was completely in awe of the training provided by SLA instructors! They rely on practical training to let us relate to real-time scenarios. For future IT courses, I am going to always choose SLA!


Excellent training academy to get a conceptual understanding of the subject. The class coaching was truly good and I was advised to take up training for my project, so I spoke to SLA’s help desk. The helpdesk was really efficient, and the training sessions were even better. The course material was really good, and I earned my certification at such affordable fees!

Durga Devi

This is where I would advise students to go if they are looking for SQL DBA Training Institute in Chennai. Their placement support is genuine and all the students get placed after course completion. This is truly a brilliant and a very positive and motivated Microsoft SQL DBA Training Institute in Chennai for learning. The training material is very helpful for beginners and the instructors are very good with students!

Parthiban N

Wonderful training at SLA! The best place to join coaching, they offer good online coaching for MS SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai. Our company is also starting an online corporate training under them! Very comfortable training institute as they customize the training course for advanced levels! Post-training project support is definitely worth mentioning.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

MS SQL Server is the on-demand DBA skill in which numerous commonly asked questions arise time-to-time. Here we give some of the frequently asked questions that could be the answer to your queries.

What is the role of SQL Server DBA?

SQL Server DBA is taking care of designing, implementing, support and maintaining SQL Server databases. He is responsible for the performance, security, and availability of the user’s data.

How much is the salary of SQL Server DBA professionals?

The average salary of the SQL Server DBA is $80,118 for experienced professionals.

Is SQL Server DBA a good career option?

SQL Server has an enormous career scope that contains DBA and development, BI professionals, Data Science and Engineering, and so on. It has great demand in the industries for various roles.

What are the regular jobs of SQL Server DBA?

Verifying all SQL Server instances, Inspecting SQL Server errors and unusual events, Validating the scheduled tasks and database backups, and monitoring the disk space regularly are the mandatory jobs of SQL Server DBA.

Is the SQL Server DBA Course worth learning?

SQL Server DBA Course is well worth learning, Any IT professional can pick it up quickly. But, it requires skill in writing elegant queries that return the data without freezing your server. It takes both time and effort to become a master in it.

Why should I learn SQL Server DBA in SLA Jobs?

We provide the SQL Server DBA Certification in Chennai With Placement Assurance and give value for money by giving practical exposure to the candidates. We keep abreast of emerging technologies. Our SQL Server DBA Training Center in KK Nagar Chennai has many benefits of real-time trainers.

When can I start an SQL Server DBA course after enrolling?

Your batch time will be allocated by our tech leads immediately for the SQL Server DBA Course and if you want to take a free demo, it will also be arranged by them.

How will you allocate a batch at SLA for SQL Server DBA Training?

Is there a placement guarantee for the SQL Server DBA course in your institution?

We offer placement guidance in the SQL Server DBA course and that is why we are the no.1 SQL Server DBA Training Centers in Chennai. At SLA, We equip for a job, but not buy a job for our SQL Server DBA students through interview preparations and offer placement arrangements in the corporate companies.

How do I enroll in an SQL Server DBA Training course at SLA?

To enroll in this SQL Server DBA course, you must first register with SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai by filling up the form displayed on the website. Or you can start a chat in the chatbot. Or you can call the number displayed on the screen.