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JMeter Training in Chennai | JMeter Course in Chennai

Softlogic is providing JMeter Training in Chennai, with a focus on hands-on practical sessions. JMeter is open-source testing software used for test performance assessment under several loads. JMeter training from the Best JMeter Training in Chennai is framed to offer you a firm grasp of basic and advanced JMeter testing activities.

JMeterTraining at SLA is structured to assist you in gaining proficiency over this simple server-side scripting language. We ensure that the practical and theory sessions go hand in hand with each other and are taught in an effective manner. Through this powerful approach, every concept of JMeter becomes easy. We provide comprehensive JMeter training with complete hands-on practice to ensure placement. Apache JMeter is used as a load testing tool and it is used for analyzing and measuring the performance of various services related to website and web applications. JMeter is also can be used as a unit testing tool for testing database connections such as FTP, JMS, HTTP, TCP, LDAP, and web services. We can perform functional testing using JMeter and it is used for basic monitoring solutions. We provide comprehensive and best JMeter Training in Chennai for all interested candidates to work in software testing.

JMeter Course Overview

Being a purely Java-based testing tool, JMeter is linked with three types of testing: performance testing, stress testing, and load testing. The striking features of JMeter are that it takes up both functional and performance testing, whether it is web service, web server, database, etc. JMeter may also be harnessed to test applications that run in the cloud.

Why Learn JMeter?

JMeter is a robust tool but still is easy to install and apply. It has the appearance of a web browser. It provides various possibilities for reporting. “View Results Tree” is the most common choice. It can be applied to test the both static resources that includes JavaScript and HTML, besides dynamic resources, including JSP, Servlets, etc. It can find out a significant number of concurrent users that your website can take care of.

JMeter Training in Chennai is useful for testing static and dynamic web services and web applications and it simulates a heavy load of a server, network or object, and group of servers to analyze the entire performance under various load types. Apache JMeter is open source software designed by Java application for measuring performance and load test behavior. Following are the specialized features of JMeter and we give hands-on experience to utilize them effectively for testing applications.

Course Objectives of JMeter Training in Chennai

Our JMeter Course in Chennai aims to provide a complete understanding of how to utilize the JMeter tool for testing the applications with best practices. We cover various types of testing related to JMeter such as load testing, functional testing, regression testing, and performance testing. Our trainers will give in-depth coaching on the JMeter framework that includes test plan creation, listeners, function creation, and regular expression usage.

After the complete JMeter Training in Chennai, our students can able to handle performance tests, load tests, and stress tests. They will be well-versed on JMeter concepts such as environment, test plan building, test plan elements, web test plan, database test plan, FTP test plan, web services test plan, JMS Test plan, monitor test plan, reusable functions, web services, and supported protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, REST, XML- RPC, JDBC drivers, LDAP, JMS, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and FTP services.

At the end of the JMeter Training Course in Chennai, our students can be able to,

  • Learn the importance of performance testing and its tools
  • Get acquaintance of test plan
  • Perform numerous types of test plans
  • Thorough knowledge of features and JMeter process
  • Build user variables and apply JMeter functions in JMeter

JMeter Course in Chennai

Gain the industry-valued certification on JMeter Training in Chennai in 45 to 60 hours of standard course duration. Batches will be started as soon as you enrolled at SLA for the best JMeter BI Course.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

Transform your passion into a profession at a reasonable JMeter Course Fees in Chennai. We offer discounts on one time payment of the JMeter BI Training Fee. Call us for further information at 86087 00340.

Who can attend JMeter certification training in Chennai?

The JMeter Training in Chennai is meant for software professionals who are keen on learning the JMeter framework in a short span. Besides, candidates who want to sharpen their performance testing skills with the help of an automated tool can take up this course.

Our JMeter Training in Chennai prepares the learners in software testing along with a satisfying practical exposure. The students will have updated testing skills through our JMeter Testing Course for a promising future in software application testing in top companies. You can obtain testing roles such as testing engineer, java app testers, and any other testing professionals in big companies and it is the right place and career option for you to gain detailed knowledge of various testing types and methodologies. The following candidates can get benefitted from our JMeter Testing Training Institute in Chennai.

  • Freshers who want to kick-start their career in JMeter testing
  • Working professionals who want to transform their career into the JMeter field
  • Testing professionals who want to upskill for career enhancement through JMeter software

Prerequisites for JMeter classes in Chennai

Grasp of basic JMeter is adequate to learn JMeter Testing Course in Chennai. Our JMeter Training in Chennai is offered in different types of training modes such as weekend classes, weekday classes, and fast track mode of classes through regular in-person mode or instructor-led live online modes. The JMeter trainers will be allocated as per the convenience of time and location of the students across the world and we are giving the best service throughout the training duration along with placement practice. Learn an all-inclusive JMeter Training Course in Chennai in your flexible learning hours and convenient modes.

JMeter Course Syllabus

The syllabus for JMeter Training from the leading JMeter Training Institute in Chennai is meticulously prepared to keep in mind the industry standards. We take care that it is fresh and best. Our JMeter Course Syllabus contains fundamentals of JMeter along with tools, performance testing process, types of performance testing, JMeter elements, Parameterize with Test data, reporting and analyzing the test results, performance-based testing process, and JMeter performance. We train the students with an industry-relevant JMeter Course Curriculum that helps the learner to shine in the industries on expected testing skills to measure the performance of applications.

Introduction to JMeter

  • What is JMeter?
  • Why use JMeter?
  • What are the other tools like Jmeter

What is Performance Testing?

  • Overview of Performance Testing
  • Performance Testing Concepts
  • Performance Testing Types
  • Why use a performance testing tool?

Types of Performance Testing

  • Load testing
  • Stress testing
  • Endurance testing
  • Spike testing
  • Volume testing
  • Scalability testing

Introduction to Elements of JMeter

  • Thread Group
  • Controllers
  • Samplers
  • Logic Controllers
  • Listeners
  • Timers
  • Assertions
  • Configuration Elements
  • Pre-Processor Elements
  • Post-Processor Elements

Parameterize With Test Data

  • Identifying the test data on AUT
  • Open a CSV file with JMeter
  • Reading the data from CSV files
  • Using the parameters in JMeter Tests

Reporting and Analyzing the Results

  • Adding the Assertion Results and monitoring.
  • Configuring and Generating the Distribution Graph.
  • Configuring and Generating the Graph Full Results.
  • Generating Monitor Results.
  • Saving the data through Simple Data Writer.
  • Configuring and Generating the Spline Visualizer.
  • Generating the Aggregate Graph for the multi-group test.
  • Generating the Aggregate Report for a multi-thread group test.
  • Generating the Summary Report.

Performance Testing Process

  • Identify your testing environment
  • Identify the performance acceptance criteria
  • Plan & design performance tests
  • Configuring the test environment
  • Implement test design
  • Run the tests
  • Analyze, tune and retest

The power of JMeter

  • A comprehensive overview of the available JMeter components and functions.
  • Implementing an advanced functional test using the key JMeter functions and components.
  • Designing and implementing your own practical example to “test” a website of your choice.
  • High Performance : JMeter can load and perform testing on various applications, servers, and protocol types that includes web – HTTP, HTTPS, Java, NodeJS, PHP , ASP.Net, SOAP, Rest web services, FTP, Database like JDBC, LDAP, MOM (Message-Oriented Middleware), JMS, Mail –SMTP (S), POP3 (S), IMAP (S), Native commands, shell scripts, TCP, and Java objects.
  • Full-featured test IDE: It enables fast test plan recording that records from browser to native applications, building, and debugging applications.
  • CLI mode (Command-Line Mode): It is also referred to as headless mode and Non-GUI mode to load the test from any java compatible operating system such as Linux, Windows, and macOSX.
  • Dynamic HTML Report: It provides a complete and ready to implement dynamic HTML report.
  • Access to any textual format: It can have an easy correlation with the ability to extract data from popular response formats such as JSON, HTML, XML, and any textual format.
  • Portable and Pure Java: JMeter is 100% java purity with complete portability.
  • Multithreading framework: JMeter follows a complete multithreading framework that allows concurrent sampling through simultaneous sampling and many threads of various functions by separate thread groups. It allows caching and offline analysis to replay the test results.
  • High Extensible Core: JMeter has pluggable samplers that allow unlimited testing capabilities, Scriptable samplers and compatible with languages like Bean Shell and Groovy, pluggable timers for choosing multiple load statistics, Virtualization plugins and data analysis for enabling great extensibility and personalization, Reusable functions used for providing dynamic input to test or providing data manipulations, and simplified continuous integration via third-party open-source libraries such as Maven, Jenkins, and Gradle.

Our JMeter Training in Chennai covers all the features and explains how to use JMeter along with a component reference for every test element, function reference with real-time examples, properties reference to customize JMeter application, Javadoc API documentation, and JMeter add-ons and plugin installations for advanced usage. Gain expertise in JMeter Testing and become a pro in automation software testing for top companies.

We at SLA provide complete hands-on coaching on the following aspects in our JMeter Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

Distributed Testing:

The students of our JMeter Training Center in Chennai will be trained with the firewalls on the systems, client manipulation, server manipulation, JMeter server access, JMeter and Java, and SSL setup for RMI.

Recording Tests:

In this module, the trainers of our JMeter Training Center in Chennai will train the students with the exact steps to record HTTP and HTTPS along with the simple way to create a test plan for using the recorder.

JUnit Sampler:

We provide an in-depth understanding of the basic design, functionality, and usage of the JUnit Sampler for JMeter software through our best JMeter Training Course in Chennai.

Access Log Sampler:

Our JMeter Training in Chennai makes the students gain expertise in Access Log Sampler for providing a simple way to simulate production traffic along with the benefits of test plan usage on real traffic data, traffic pattern changes for general shifts, access logs for useful data, different types of user determination, and capturing the detailed session information.

JMeter Extension and Updates: In our JMeter Course in Chennai, we provide detailed explanations along with hands-on on how to write a plugin for JMeter that improves the performance of the application for future usage and technology updates.

Learn the best JMeter Certification Training in Chennai at SLA and become a master in software testing. We provide course materials, software applications, a project to practice, and placement assistance for the best learning experience of the students around the globe. The students can access unlimited lab hours to get thorough practice on the JMeter concepts through real-time projects. Join us to learn about your future.

Career prospects and future scope of JMeter

Software performance testing careers can include those who possess experience with a load testing tool comprising JMeter or someone who operates at the design and architecture level. Performance testing is essential to make out that the web application under test will fulfill high load requirements. It can be applied to evaluate total server performance under heavy load. There is scope for performance testing tools since applications should be tested for their performance, which is a specific part of non-functional testing.

JMeter Certification Training in Chennai at SLA helps the testers to measure the performance of applications developed in Java. The learning of JMeter surely brings a better scope in the testing domain with tremendous job opportunities. We offer detailed training through industry-specific resources and value-worth certification for JMeter to make you proficient along with the placement guidance.

Top companies are adapted to the JMeter testing tool as it provides various features to measure and analyze the performance of developed services and products along with the integrated development environment (IDE) support for checking quality and debugging. It works on a web-based environment and behaves as a unit testing tool for JDBC connection validation, LDAP, HTTP, HTTPS, web services, OS native processes, TCP connection, and JMS. We offer comprehensive Training on JMeter Course in Chennai.

Required Skills to become JMeter Testing Professional

We equip the students with the most required JMeter skills to perform measurement and performance testing of the applications through our best JMeter Training Course in Chennai at SLA. Following skills will be provided in our JMeter Training along with the plugin setup and update skills.

  • Thread Groups
  • Test Plan
  • Samplers
  • Listeners
  • Configuration Element
  • Assertions
  • Work Bench
  • Logic Controllers
  • Timer

Roles and Responsibilities of JMeter Professionals

SLA trains the students to work in big IT and MNC firms in all the given roles with the respective responsibilities through our job-focused JMeter Training in Chennai with Placement Assistance. The following are the most popular roles that can be obtained after the JMeter Course

  • JMeter Automation Test Analyst
  • JMeter Load Tester
  • JMeter QA Engineer
  • JMeter Testing Tool Expert
  • Automated Web Application Tester
  • JMeter IDE Consultant
  • JMeter Expert
  • JMeter QA Developer
  • JMeter Testing Tool Auditor

We compiled some of the regular responsibilities of JMeter professionals and we give hands-on exposure to them at SLA, one of the best JMeter Training Institutes in Chennai.

  • JMeter Testers are expected to develop and executes the performance test plans with the assurance of delivering the quality software applications
  • They should involve in test planning, writing test cases and test scripts that include test case automation and analysis of performance test results.
  • JMeter Testers should gather and analyze the data for software process evaluation and improvements along with data integration for business processes.
  • They have to train the technical staff with quality and serves as an internal quality consultant for advising business to the technical team or partners.
  • JMeter Testers should perform quality audits for various IT functions and ensure the quality standards of the product or application released by an organization.

Giant companies like TCS, CTS, Accenture, Wipro, Genpact, Dell, and HCL are employing skilled and certified JMeter Testing professionals regularly and they provide an average salary between INR 48,000 and INR 998000 per year and it will vary as per the location and size of the companies. Learn the best JMeter Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance and industry-accredited Certification at SLA.

Trainer Profile of JMeter Training in Chennai

SLA has qualified and certified professionals to provide industry-specific training on JMeter Course in Chennai. Our JMeter trainers are proficient with JMeter concepts and they are well-versed in distributed testing, recording tests, JUnit Sampler, Access Log Sampler, and JMeter plugin setup. They have strong knowledge and experience in protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, and web services like SOAP, and Rest. We have trainers who taking personalized training as per the convenience of learners around the world with top-notch skills on performance testing, unit testing, load testing, and functional testing.

Our Trainers are extensively Knowledgeable with more than 10+ years of working experience and possess an expert level in JMeter Testing processes. They consistently remain updated with newly changing technologies such as Appium, API, and Selenium. Our Trainers have excellent communication skills to present highly technical knowledge in a manner that is easy to understand for freshers as well as IT staff.

  • Handle Performance testing using Jmeter in GUI and Non-GUI mode and Load Runner
  • Implements API testing using Postman, Rest client, and JMeter
  • Manages Performance testing activities such as Requirement gathering, Bottleneck Identification, Load data generation, Benchmark Load Test execution, Scripts creation, and monitoring of API’s, with different applications under Load conditions
  • Thorough Knowledge of Server monitoring through Java melody, J VisualVM, Jconsole, HeartBeat and Linux commands
  • Wide experience in GIT, Maven, Linux, and SQL commands.

Join SLA and get trained by industry experts on an excellent curriculum that helps the learner to become a professional JMeter Tester in top companies. Our JMeter Training in Chennai is all you required to get accelerated in your career with solid growth.

JMeter Internship Training in Chennai

We offer space for learning by doing through our JMeter Testing Internship Training in Chennai that will be useful for the beginners to get industry jobs easily. Our JMeter Testing Internship Training equips you to get adequate knowledge on the automation testing skills such as static resources, javascript, HTML, dynamic resources, JSP, and Servlets. You will get the best practices on performance testing, thread group, controllers, parameterization, reporting, analyzing, and all the automation testing processes at our JMeter Internship Program at SLA.Mandatory Roles and Responsibilities of JMeter Tester

  • Provide support in the performance testing with JMeter task that includes developing test plan, test script, and reports.
  • Working in an Agile development environment.
  • Participate in weekly Scrum meetings for the application development.
  • Implement the JMeter tool in monitoring business transactions across all tiers (web/app/DB) of the applications.
  • Create scenario-based testing for the JMeter scripts.
  • Develop, schedule and execute the scenarios using JMeter and generate necessary graphs.
  • Worked efficiently on JMeter to develop Thread Groups and test Web Application for various loads on key business roles.
  • Developed and executed JMeter scripts for performance testing of portal

Implement the automation functional test using JMeter Training in Chennai to test the website and mobile based applications effectively.

Projects to practice: Build a target operating model
Description: Use JMeter scripts to perform testing by developing a target model for complete testing.

You are never too old to learn new things.

User Reviews on Jenkins Course in Chennai

Athif Ahamed

Through SLA I got placed in a company and it didn’t go well for some reason. I got totally unsatisfied and quit my job, remained hopeless. At first, I was hesitant to inform their placement team but later I did. I was quite surprised at how they treated me and actually helped me again to put myself back to track. Now, my second job is going pretty great. I sincerely appreciate the placement team for being helpful and supportive at every stage. Thanks a ton!


Got very good and professional training from my trainer Ms.Kalai as she knows how to teach very easily with her interesting approach and she guides me about career and interviews too. Coming to placement support (Ms.Janani) helped me a lot by letting me know every possible opportunity to get the placement as quickly as possible. After some struggle and tries, now I am placed in Amtex. Without SLA and its staff, this wouldn’t be possible earlier. I will be thankful to them and overall I am happy about my course in SLA.


Actually, I am a 2016 graduate, 2020 joined the testing course in SLA within 6 months and got placed in a company. Special thanks to Janani mam who helped me in placement. She is very friendly to us and the trainers also the best in software skills.

Gokul Krishnan

SLA is a very good place to learn and upgrade our skills. Coming to placements they are doing a very good job. I would suggest SLA for people who are all searching for an entry in the IT field then SLA is the best choice for you.

Antony Manoharan

I really enjoyed the online course for testing. It was planned well and layout with proper concepts. The workload was just enough and it could finish everything with enough time. I have learned about the topics and do not feel overloaded and rushed. I thank SLA and I suggest to my friends who are looking for good training and placement in the IT field.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

JMeter is the popularly used tool for testing the performance of web services, web applications, and web-based products. It generates numerous job opportunities for freshers and experienced professionals who are certified in JMeter Training in Chennai. Here some of the frequently asked questions given for you. If you are not answered, please feel free to contact us.

What is JMeter?

JMeter is the product of Apache that is used for testing, analyzing, and measuring the performance of various software services, applications, and products. It is based on Java Programming language and it is open source for implementation in web applications or FTP applications. JMeter is popularly used to execute performance testing, functional testing, load testing of web applications. Learn the best JMeter Training in Chennai at SLA.

Is JMeter easy to learn and implement?

JMeter is extremely friendly with a highly understandable GUI (Graphical User Interface). It provides features like easy to learn and easy to use. It does not take time to get familiar with JMeter as it follows most of the features and elements like Java programming language. It is a full multithreading framework and it allows simultaneous and concurrent sampling of various functions by a separate group. Gain expertise in software testing in our JMeter Training Institute in Chennai

Does learning JMeter require coding skills?

The learning of the JMeter Course in Chennai does not require any extensive or in-depth knowledge of coding. It is enough to have some fundamental knowledge in Core Java as it is based on the Java programming language. We provide training from scratch to advanced implementation through hands-on exposure at SLA.

What is the major need for JMeter testing?

Apache JMeter is good for testing the performance of both dynamic and static web resources, web applications, and web-based products. It simulates a heavy load on a server, collection of servers, objects, or network to validate the strength through analyzing the overall performance of various load types. Our JMeter Training and Placement Institute in Chennai provides further information about training.

JMeter can be integrated with automation tools like Selenium?

JMeter can easily integrate with automation tools like Selenium through web driver plugin support. The web driver sampler is available with configuration elements such as plugins for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and so on. It can be invoked through the Selenium code written in Sampler. Obtain JMeter Certification Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

Is JMeter a good career option?

JMeter is the widely used and favorite tool of worldwide testers as it is fit for performance testing effectively. It is a great tool choice that we can do all kinds of performance testing such as Baseline test, load test, smoke test, and stress test. JMeter is a very good career as it is very useful for testing the scalability and performance of REST APIs along with an automation testing facility for API. Join SLA as we are the best JMeter Training Center in Chennai.

What are the learning advantages of JMeter?

There are several advantages in JMeter such as server compatibility, extensible architecture, and zero investment. JMeter is still used in testing the web applications of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and it is also implemented for performing the functional test, database test, and unit test. Learn various testing types in our JMeter Training Institute in Chennai with an industry-accredited certificate.

How SLA supports placements?

SLA provides the best placement support for the students during the technical course of JMeter Testing Training in Chennai. We train the students on non-technical skills such as resume writing strategies, job searching ideas, communication, and collaboration skills development, interview questions and answers updates, and mock interview preparations by dedicated placement trainers free of cost along with JMeter Training Course.

Can I get alternate JMeter classes for the leaves I have taken?

SLA arranges the backup classes for learning JMeter Course in Chennai by our instructors as per their flexible timing and batch facilities for the priory informed leaves and unexpected leaves taken by the students. We will cover the missed JMeter topics with the same practical implementations for learning the best JMeter Training in Chennai.