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SLA Jobs is the best Deep Learning Training Institute in Chennai which provides enormous insights on the technology along with consistent course materials framed and instructed by the skillful trainers in convenient batch allocating and shortest time duration. Online classes are also available for remote learners with an affordable Deep Learning Training Cost in Chennai.

Develop your analytical skills with Deep Learning Course in Chennai

Welcome to our Deep Learning Training Institute in Chennai. Deep Learning is part of the Machine Learning concept and is completely based on ANN (Artificial Neural Networks). This technology was introduced by Rina Dechter to the community of Machine Learning in the year 1986. We provide comprehensive coaching with best practices at SLA

Overview of Deep Learning Course in Chennai

Deep Learning is a subcategory of Machine Learning in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and it can be supervised, semi-supervised, or unsupervised. This architecture includes deep neural networks, recurrent neural networks, deep belief networks, and Convolutional networks which can be applied in the fields like computer vision, speech recognition, social network filtering, machine translation, natural language processing, bioinformatics, and game programs, and so on. Our Deep Learning Training in Chennai is provided with hands-on exposure. The Deep Learning process makes more accessible in the process of extracting relevant information from the vast storage like cloud or server and comparatively much faster than the decade taken by the human brain to do it. Our Deep Learning Training Center in Chennai allows the learner to have a good understanding of the process with hands-on experiences and eminent placement guidance

About Deep Learning Training in Chennai

Deep Learning is the branch of AI and ML that follows the process of the human brain for processing the datasets to make efficient decision making. It will be implemented in self-driving cars, news aggregation, fraud news detection, natural language processing, virtual assistants, entertainment, visual recognition, fraud detection, and healthcare. Google’s TensorFlow is the most popular and open-source library of Deep Learning for research and production. The Deep Learning course covers the knowledge about TensorFlow and its applications in our institute. Following are the benefits of Deep Learning concepts and we provide Deep Learning Course in Chennai with Placement Assistance.


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Benefits of Deep Learning Process:

Some of the Deep Learning Benefits are as follows:

  • More Consistent: Features are automatically analyzed and tuned perfectly for the desired result. Features are not required to extract the data so the time taken for the process will be reduced.
  • Fast Deployment: It needs minimal computing resources as the images are stored locally. So it makes fast deployment and affordable.
  • More Reliable: Detect even small defects of the set tolerance.
  • Simple Training Interface: It adopts real-world conditions hence it does not require any special expertise.
  • Global Support: Wide range of community to help the new developers
  • Easy to Configure: Application Setup will be done quickly

Types of Deep Learning

Deep Learning is using Neural Networks with numerous layers and the deep learning algorithm provides features to decide the raw data that improves the amount of data to train them to become relevant. Our trainers explain the deep learning types as follows in our Deep Learning Course in Chennai.

Feed-Forward Neural Network: It is the basic neural network where the flow control appears from the input layer and goes towards the output layer. It is used in the facial recognition algorithm along with computer vision.

Radial Basis Functional Neural Network: It has more than one layered and has relative distance calculated passed towards the next layer from a particular layer. It is used in the power restoration system for restoring the power in the shortest time for avoiding blackouts.

Multi-Layer Perception: It has more than 3 layers for classifying the data that is not linear and it is used for speech recognition and other ML techniques.

Convolutional Neural Network: CNN is the multilayered perception and used for image recognition through providing various image patterns.

Recurrent Neural Network: RNN is the place where the particular neuron is fed back as the input of the same node. It is used in Chatbot development and text-to-speech technologies.

Modular Neural Network: It is a single network with the combination of multiple small neural networks. It is used to achieve a common target by breaking the problems into smaller pieces.

Sequence to Sequence Models: It is the combination of two RNN networks and is used for text processing where the length of input text is not the same as output text.

Enroll at SLA to learn the best Deep Learning Training in Chennai with hands-on exposure and industry-worth certification along with placement support. We provide course materials and software applications for learning the technologies with practical implementations. Our trainers and placement guide will monitor the students with the performance indicator to improve their ability to being hired in top companies with job-ready skills. Our placement team prepares the students with resume writing guidelines, career enhancement techniques, soft skill training, and interview arrangements in our Deep Learning Training and Placement Training Institute in Chennai

Course Objectives of our Deep Learning Training in Chennai

We provide Deep Learning Course in Chennai at SLA intending to prepare the students with job-ready skills to perform well in the top companies. The students will know the fundamental techniques and principles of Neural Networks, different models of ANN and their applications, and an in-depth understanding of Convolutional network concepts. You can learn digital image processing and speech processing after the course at SLA.

Our Deep Learning Course gives the basic to advanced understanding of neural networks, feed-forward networks, ANN architectures, deep learning concepts, and backpropagation network, CNN models to object, and detection and image retrieval. The students will be proficient with regularization, deep models, dropouts, setup, and initialization problems, exploding the gradient issues, and descent strategies through our Deep Learning Training in Chennai.

At the end of the Deep Leaning Course at SLA, the following are the learning outcomes of our learners

  • Well-versed with machine learning algorithms related to Deep Learning concepts
  • Implementation of Deep Learning techniques and the applications such as automatic speech recognition, natural language processing, image processing, drug discovery, and so on.
  • Thorough with research activities of deep learning to implement, train, and validate the models.
  • Improved knowledge in computer vision and multimedia.
  • Proficient in computer vision, image classification, CNN, back-propagation, neural networks, visualizing CNN, deep reinforcement learning, image segmentation, and object detection.
  • Ability to identify the work goals and estimate the required resources for achieving the goal by making an effective judgment.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills along with aptitude knowledge.

Learn the best-in-class coaching to become an effective analytical professional through our job-focused and best Deep Learning Training in Chennai

Who can attend our Deep Learning Training in Chennai

Any interested engineering and IT graduates and working professionals can take up this course at SLA Jobs as we provide comprehensive coaching on Deep Learning Training in Chennai with complete hands-on exposure on real-time projects. Our Deep Learning Course Curriculum is designed as per the industry requirements to provide the best training for the following category of students

  • Students and Freshers from any Bachelor’s degree or computer-related courses with various programming languages like Java, Python, Java, C++, JavaScript, and SQL.
  • Experienced professionals also learn this for career growth in deep learning
  • Any aspirants who are interested in analytical research for career enhancements

Prerequisites for learning Deep Learning Course in Chennai

Basic knowledge of computers is a must for learning Deep Learning Training at SLA. The candidate should have a math background. Knowledge in Linear Algebra, Calculus, Stats, and probability are an added advantage. We train students on various modes such as weekdays, weekends, fast track on regular classrooms, and instructor-led online classes in our Deep Learning Training Institute in Chennai. Check with our counselor for a free demo class before enrolling in our Deep Learning Course

Top industries that are using Deep Learning Concepts

Following are the popular industries using Deep Learning concepts and we assist the candidates to explore the job opportunities through our Deep Learning Training and Placement Institute in Chennai.

  • Self-driving cars
  • News aggregation and fraud news detection
  • Natural language processing
  • Virtual assistants
  • Entertainment media such as VEVO, Netflix, Film Making, Sports Highlights
  • Visual Recognition
  • Fraud Detection
  • Healthcare
  • Personalization
  • Detecting developmental delay in children
  • Colorization of black and white images
  • Sound effect adds to silent movies
  • Automatic machine translation
  • Automatic handwriting generation
  • Automatic game playing
  • Image-Language Translations
  • Pixel Restoration
  • Photo Description
  • Demographic and Election Predictions
  • Deep Dreaming

Deep Learning Training Course Fee and Duration

SLA is one of the best Deep Learning Training Institutes in Chennai and the students can join during their degree as students or fresh passed out students to kick-start their career. It can be taken by working professionals to transform their career into the data analytics field and the batches will be allocated right after you enrolled in our Deep Learning Training Center in Chennai.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

Our Deep Learning Course Fees in Chennai are affordable and worth our quality training. The students can avail of fee benefits such as discounts on single-payment, two installments, and no-cost EMI options. Contact our career counselor for availing of your required fee offers.

Top Deep Learning Profiles:

We at SLA equip the students irrespective of freshers or working professionals for good-pay jobs on deep learning technologies. Following are the popular profiles that can be applied and performed in top companies through our best Deep Learning Training Course in Chennai.

Data Scientist: They work as analytical data experts for solving complex problems with in-depth knowledge in deep learning concepts. The deep learning skill is used for processing datasets to decode the insight and build designs for real-world problems. They make around INR 4,50,000 LPA for entry-level jobs.

Machine Learning Engineer: It is the high-demand profile and they should be proficient with C++, Python, Scala, Java, or JavaScript along with deep learning skills. They will create algorithms for decoding the patterns that are collected from larger datasets. They should involve in designing and implementing algorithms or applications like predictions, classifications, and anomaly detections. Their salary will be between INR 7,00,000 LPA to INR 17,00,000 LPA according to their experience and skill set.

Data Engineer: They are responsible for evaluating the accuracy and quality of the datasets and they should be expected to the familiar with MongoDB, NoSQL, SQL, Apache Cassandra, and Deep Learning Algorithms. They should develop a business question to develop datasets for the solutions to the problems. They are earning INR 7,00,000 LPA to INR 15,00,000 LPA for 4 to 9 years of experience in the field.

Data Analyst: Data Analysts are working with datasets on numbers, figures, and facts to analyze the data for conclusions. They are translating complex data into simple and understandable insights for extracting data to design and develop algorithms in deep learning and machine learning techniques. The average salary of the data analyst with deep learning skills is around INR 9,00,000 LPA and it will be increased as per the experience level.

Enhance your data analytics knowledge in our Deep Learning Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance. We pave the way for your successful career in the data science field and make you equipped for the above-mentioned profiles by our dedicated placement faculties

Deep Learning Course Syllabus

Deep Learning is the highly demanded technique and skill applied for various machine learning and artificial intelligence process. We have to keep on focusing on the updates of industries and design the curriculum that meets the learning requirements of students to perform well. Our Deep Learning Course Syllabus contains important concepts such as data science prototypes, ml tools and algorithms, ml algorithms, deep learning algorithms, datasets, data representation, deep learning tests and experiments, and data science concepts. Following is the detailed Deep Learning Course Curriculum and contact us for a free copy.

Introduction to Deep learning:

  • Origin of Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning limitations
  • Introduction about Deep Learning
  • Deep Learning advantages and Machine Learning limitations
  • Real-life use cases
  • Brush up Machine Learning concepts

Understanding the Neural network with TensorFlow:

  • Structure and working of Deep Learning
  • Detailed explanation about Perceptron
  • Different Activation functions
  • Introduction to TensorFlow
  • What is the computational graph?
  • Basic TensorFlow coding and graph visualization
  • Brief introduction about Variables, Constants and Place Holders
  • Creating a simple TensorFlow model

Deep dive into Neural Network with TensorFlow:

  • Different layers in the Neural network
  • Understanding Neural Network in detail
  • Introduction to Multi-layer Perceptron
  • What is Forward propagation and Backpropagation?
  • Build a Multi-layer perceptron model using TensorFlow
  • Familiarise in using Tensor Board

Master Deep Networks:

  • What is a Deep Neural Network?
  • How Deep Neural Network helps to increase accuracy?
  • Understanding the working of Deep Neural Network
  • What is Weight and Bias, how it is getting updated?
  • How gradient descent is useful to update parameters?
  • Types of Deep Networks

Convolutional Neural Network(CNN)

  • Introduction to CNN
  • Advantage of CNN over other Neural Networks
  • Applications of CNN
  • Architecture of CNN
  • Different layers and its use to build a CNN model
  • Real-time use cases of CNN

Recurrent Neural Network (RNN):

  • Introduction to RNN
  • How RNN is different from other Neural Network models
  • Structure and working of RNN
  • Exploding and Vanishing Gradient descend problem
  • Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM)
  • How LSTM overcome the problem of Vanishing Gradient descent?
  • Real-time use-cases of LSTM

Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM) and Autoencoders:

  • What is Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM)
  • Applications of RBM
  • How to do Collaborative Filtering with RBM?
  • Introduction to Autoencoders
  • Autoencoders applications
  • Understanding Autoencoders and how it is different from PCA

Keras API:

  • Introduction to Keras
  • How to build a Models in Keras using TensorFlow backend
  • Sequential and Functional Composition
  • Explaining Predefined Neural Network Layers
  • What is Batch Normalization?
  • How to save and load a model
  • Using TensorBoard with Keras

TFLearn API:

  • Introduction to TFLearn
  • How to build a Models in TFLearn using TensorFlow backend
  • Sequential and Functional Composition
  • Explaining Predefined Neural Network Layers
  • What is Batch Normalization?
  • How to save and load a model
  • Using TensorBoard with TFLearn

Career Scope of Deep Learning Course in Chennai

Deep learning is proving its best performance by its straightforward image structure and neural network systems. Deep Learning Professionals can have a variety of options as of neural programming skills. And they need to know about supporting abilities like Convolutional networks, RNNs (Recurrent Neural networks), LSTM Long Short-Term Memory, Adam, and so on. Our Deep Learning Course in Chennai brings tremendous opportunities through our placement guidance.

There is multiple job opportunities are raising every day for the Deep Learning professionals in top companies such as Accenture, AIMonk, Viteos, Intel, and Admatic, etc as per the record of LinkedIn. All they need a certified professional from the best Deep Learning Training in Chennai, The salary package of a Deep Learning professional can earn approximately from $77,572 to $135,255 according to the level of experience and stuff.

About Deep Learning Trainer Profile

We have experts and experienced deep learning trainers for providing the best coaching based on industrial updates and equip them to perform well from day one in top companies and high profiles. They will give the students satisfying hands-on exposure and explain them data analytical processes with deep learning concepts from scratch. Our trainers for Deep Learning Course in Chennai are proficient in predictive modeling, market scenario, statistical modeling, Machine Learning , R programming, Python Programming Language, and machine learning process along with deep learning expertise.

The trainers of our Deep Learning Training Institute in Chennai have boundless experience in undertaking data collection, pre-processing, data analysis, and data visualization technique projects. They have 15+ years of experience as a data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, ML engineer, and Deep Learning Engineer in top companies. Their technology expertise and experience surely equip the students to achieve their desired goal through a simplified learning path and job-ready skills. Learn the best Deep Learning Training in Chennai from our industry experts of SLA

Deep Learning Internship Training in Chennai

Deep Learning technologies are implemented in datasets for the data extraction in the machine learning process. It teaches the computer system what to do for replacing human activities without any interactions. In Deep Learning, a system should learn to perform classification tasks from images, sound, or text for performing various activities such as computer vision, audio processing, natural language processing, and image recognition, and so on. The study of our Deep Learning Internship Training in Chennai helps the students to have complete hands-on practice on deep learning concepts on real-time industry projects under the guidance of our expert trainers. They equip the candidates with the technical and job-ready skills for performing the following activities in companies.

Expected responsibilities of top companies

  • Analyzing and convert data science prototypes with Deep Learning Methods
  • Design and develop Machine Learning models and schemes with Deep Learning algorithm
  • Perform statistical analysis for machine learning models using deep learning results
  • Discover possible datasets for implementing in training data
  • Train or re-train Machine Learning models and systems regularly
  • Enhance the existing AI and ML frameworks and libraries with a new Deep Learning process
  • Develop Machine Learning applications as per the client’s expectation through deep learning
  • Perform research, experiment, and implement appropriate Deep Learning algorithms and tools
  • Analyze the problem-solving capacities and applications of Deep Learning algorithms and improve the success probability.
  • Explore and visualize data for understanding and identification variations in data distribution to impact the model performance for real-time problems.

Required skills and expertise of top companies

Following are the skills required in top companies and we empower the candidates according to them through our Deep Learning Training Course in Chennai.

  • Degree or equivalent in Computer Science/Statistics/Mathematics
  • Advanced knowledge in Mathematical concepts such as linear algebra, Bayesian statistics, calculus, mean, median, variance, and so on.
  • Strong data modeling and data architecture skills
  • Familiarity with programming languages like Python, Java, R, C, C++, and Scala.
  • Proficiency in big data frameworks like Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Pig, or Flume.
  • Hands-on exposure in machine learning frameworks like Keras or TensorFlow
  • In-depth understanding of the machine learning libraries such as Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib, Caffe, Theano, and so on.
  • Strong verbal and oral communication skills along with interpersonal and collaboration skills.

Project to practice: Digit Recognition System

Description: We provide project practice for our Deep Learning Internship Training students on digit recognition system to classify digits based on the set tenets. The students will be practiced on the digits ranging from 0 to 9 with the combination of deep neural network and logistic regression implementation.

Project to practice: Music Genre Classification System

Description: In this project, students will be practiced on creating deep learning models used in neural networks to classify the genre of music list automatically. We train the candidates to implement the FMA library for this classification in our Deep Learning Internship Training Institute in Chennai at SLA

Users Reviews on Deep Learning Course
Savitha. K

I have joined SLA for learning Deep Learning Course to upgrade my career into the data analytics field from my software developer job. This is truly a blessing to have studied in SLA as the trainers were very talented and experienced. I have got what I expected from the institute and I also thank the placement team who has helped to acquire job-related skills. Thanks a lot to SLA and I surely recommend this institute.

Francis Xavier

It was a very deep and informative course at SLA on Deep Learning Training. The coursework was clearly planned with satisfying hands-on exercises. It helped to learn the concepts thoroughly based on practical implementations. I never forget the efforts they are taking for me to being hired because they have arranged innumerable interviews along with profile enhancement training. I thank SLA for the staff and counselors who have paved the best way for an IT career.

Gunalan. D

First of all, I really thank the trainers of the Deep Learning Course. SLA has many qualified and experienced trainers to provide flexible learning online. They have allocated me many practical with good pay. concepts to work on along with learning the theoretical concepts. The placement trainer Ms.Janani helped me in the interview process and sends me to many interviews with the required preparations. I recommend SLA for the IT aspirants to achieve their goal

Srividhya. R

SLA is a good place to learn with conceptual understanding and practical exposure to Deep Learning Course in Chennai. I never forget to recommend this institute for my juniors and fellow people as I have experienced the good learning benefits along with atmosphere and coursework. I have got enhanced analytical knowledge through deep learning concepts and I can apply them in my current projects. Thanks a lot to SLA Jobs.

Saravanan. A

I tried many institutes before joining SLA because I was requiring the best course curriculum and trainers to meet my learning needs to upgrade my career in data analytics. I have joined SLA after the free demo class as I have found the best curriculum and trainers here. The trainers were helpful and gave me a complete understanding and equip me for designing algorithms on my own. The placement trainers have equipped my job skills and arranged interviews in top companies like IBM. I thank SLA for providing such a good platform for learning with confidence.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Deep Learning along with ML and AI brings the best career for the learners and we provide comprehensive coaching in our Deep Learning Training and Placement Institute in Chennai. Join us to explore the career opportunities on the Deep Learning platform and we equip the learners to get accelerated for the higher profiles. Following are the frequently asked questions and if you are not answered, kindly contact us for clarification on Deep Learning Course from SLA

What is Deep Learning?

Deep Learning is one of the functions of Artificial Intelligence (AI) used for imitating the work of human brains by processing the data and creating patterns to make better decisions. This is also referred to as a deep neural network and deep neural learning. Enroll at SLA for taking the best Deep Learning Course in Chennai.

What are the examples of Deep Learning concepts?

The popular examples of Deep Learning concepts are virtual assistants, driverless cars, face recognition, money laundering, and image processing, and so on. Discover the widest range of applications that can be implemented in Deep Learning concepts in our Deep Learning Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

What are the companies using Deep Learning concepts?

Deep Learning Concepts are used in top companies like NVIDIA, Sensory, Qualcomm, Amazon, and Microsoft. Explore the opportunities by learning in our Deep Learning Training Center in Chennai with best practices.

What is the difficulty level of learning the deep learning concepts?

The learning of Deep Learning concepts is a bit difficult as it has numerous patterns and algorithm designs to learn and apply. But we simplified the learning path of the Deep Learning Course in Chennai at SLA through hands-on exposure and job-oriented coaching.

Is Deep Learning having good career scope?

Yes, Deep Learning is one of the demanded skills in the data science industries to develop algorithms from raw data to extract understandable patterns for decision making. It is a high-profile job with good pay and top companies are recruiting skilled and certified professionals to take care of various tasks including predictive learning, reinforcement learning, and machine learning. We provide the best Deep Learning Certification Training in Chennai with an industry-worth certificate.

How can I register for Deep Learning Course in Chennai at SLA?

To register for Deep Learning Training in Chennai at SLA, you can call us @ 860 87 00 340 and talk to our career counselor for knowing comprehensive details about classes.

When will be my Deep Learning classes started after enrolling at SLA?

The Deep Learning Training Classes will be commenced right after you enrolled along with the new joiners of the Deep Learning Course in Chennai. We will allocate batch with 5 to 7 students to provide complete hands-on exposure that brings confidence on Deep Learning to perform in the companies with required skills.

How SLA supports placements for Deep Learning Courses?

SLA provides peerless placement assistance for the students during the technical course of Deep Learning Training in Chennai. We have a dedicated placement team in our Deep Learning Training Center to equip you with non-technical skills such as resume writing strategies, job searching ideas, communication, and collaboration skills development, interview questions and answers, and mock interview preparations.

How can I continue my classroom learning for training in Deep Learning Course in a situation like a pandemic?

The students of our Deep Learning Course in Chennai can transfer from classroom mode to instructor-led live online mode in the situation like a pandemic or any other natural calamities that lead to lockdown. It does not require any extra cost and we allocate the same trainer for your convenient learning flexibility in our Deep Learning Training Course.

Can I get back up classes in Deep Learning Training in Chennai for the leaves taken unintentionally?

SLA arranges the alternate backup classes for Deep Learning Course with the same instructors as per their flexible timing and batch facilities. It can be availed for the informed leaves taken by the students of our Deep Learning Training Course. We will cover the missed topics with the same classroom experience for learning the Best Deep Learning Online Training in Chennai.