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Informatica Training In ChennaiBest Informatica Training in Chennai

There is the development of new software frequently. This software assists in managing the data. Informatica is one such software that has made a revolution in the world of data management and computing. When you get Informatica training from the Best Informatica Training Institute in Chennai at SLA Jobs, you will be taught the importance of Informatica in this data-driven world.

Overview of the Best Informatica Training in Chennai

Informatica ETL Technology has been steadily evolving for the past 4 years. Informatica ETL Power Center is sparking interest now and it is the most well-known innovation in the domain of Business Intelligence.

Informatica is different from the online transaction processing (OLTP) system. There is a distinguishing between analysis workload and transaction workload in Informatica.

Informatica is a highly read-oriented system. It has a far greater amount of data reading. This lets good analytical performance and doesn’t impact your transaction system.

An Informatica transaction system can be optimized for the purpose of consolidating data from several sources to accomplish a key objective.

There is high value in maintaining a consistent source of data that all users can use; it eliminates several disputes and develops decision-making efficiency.

Informatica Power Center is a major data integration solution present today. Its database is neural and it can interact with any database. It is the most dynamic transformation tool and transforms one application’s data into another format. SLA offers Informatica Training in Chennai and you will upgrade your skills to the latest version. This Informatica Certification Training in Chennai gives you the required skills to manage services on this platform. You will learn the best practices for better performance of your ETL process.

Are you fascinated by powerful concepts such as ETL, Power Center, etc? It’s time to enroll in SLA Jobs which provides the Best Informatica Course in Chennai.

Informatica Course Fee and Duration

The Informatica course fee for Informatica Training in Chennai from SLA Jobs is moderate, You have the convenience to pay it in two installments. You may be having issues regarding time, premises and duration. For this you can contact our technical counselors who would be glad to assist you.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Informatica Training. Please contact our team for the current Informatica Training course fee and duration.

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Prerequisites to learn Informatica Training in Chennai

Fundamental comprehension of any database including SQL, Oracle, etc is essential,  In SQL, knowledge of joins, functions and subqueries is important. For a fresher knowledge of SQL, ETL, and data warehousing will be beneficial. Moreover, understanding Data Storage systems is good but not compulsory. This knowledge will be useful because Informatica PowerCenter is an application that is applied to extract/load data from/to data storage systems including RDBMS, CRMs, Big Data, Social Media, etc.

Who can attend Informatica Classes in Chennai..?

Although any professional who is enthusiastic about data integration can migrate to Informatica, the most common job profiles to take up Informatica are:

  • Software Developers
  • Mainframe developers and Architects
  • BI/ETL/DW Professionals
  • Analytics Professionals
  • The below-mentioned professionals can also take up this powerful course:
  • Individuals belonging to Linux and Database background can take up the role of Informatica Administrator
  • Individuals who have worked as Java Developers can take up the role of Informatica Developer
  • ETL & SQL Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Individuals who haven’t worked in Java or any other programming skills can also take up this course. We will teach from the scratch. Informatica is basically a GUI tool and even non-IT professionals can gain from it.
  • Individuals who wish to become a DWH specialist and are inclined towards data integration and analysis
  • Professionals working in other technologies including Java, Mainframe, .Net etc

Perks attached with getting trained from the leading Informatica Training Center in Chennai

Informatica is one of the rapidly developing ETL devices today, Learn this important course from the top Informatica Training Center in Chennai as SLA Jobs. We have a mixture of both theories and practicals; we ensure that you don’t get bored with theories alone. The batch sizes are also maintained small as to give personalized attention to each student. The certificate that you receive from the Informatica Training Classes in Chennai will be a boost to your career.

Our Informatica Training in Chennai aims to present the entire data warehousing concepts in an easy manner. Learn Informatica from expert professionals and shine in the competition. This is mainly because in today’s competitive environment you have to stand ahead in the crowd. You have to showcase that you the skills and abilities in new and groundbreaking technologies like Informatica. Here SLA Jobsis the ideal institute to hone your skills. What makes Informatica so special?

  • Data is framed for simplicity of access and also high-speed query performance
  • End users gain from Informatica because it helps them mitigate their anxiety for time-sensitive data-related issues
  • Huge amount of historical data is utilized
  • Queries generally retrieve huge amount of data, probably several thousands of rows
  • It uses both pre-defined and adhoc queries
  • The data load comprises multiple sources and transformations

Informatica Course Syllabus

The syllabus of the Informatica Course in Chennai is well-structured and it is industry relevant. Our syllabus is very detailed and career-oriented. This helps the candidate to attend the interviews with confidence. The syllabus encompasses both basic and advanced level and is regularly updated.

Data warehouse basics

  • Different Definitions of data warehouse
  • Difference between OPERATIONAL DS AND DWH
  • Types of ETL
  • Data Extraction
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Merging
  • Data Loading
  • Types of Data loading
  • Data Aggregation
  • ata warehouse Approaches
  • Top down approach and Bottom up approach
  • DW Life cycle
  • DW-database design
  • Star schema and Snow flake schema
  • Facts and dimensions
  • Granuality
  • Types of Dimensions
  • Types of fact table
  • Types of Olap

Informatica Power Center 8.6 Power center Administration

  • Informatica Power center architecture
  • Power center components
  • ETL Plan
  • Power center Clients
  • Designer
  • Workflow manager
  • Work Flow monitor
  • Workflow manager
  • Repository manager
  • Power center repository
  • Administrative tool
  • Repository services
  • Integration services
  • Power center domain
  • Application services
  • Service manager
  • Power center administration console

Repository Administration

  • Creating Repository Users and Groups .
  • Connecting to the Repository.
  • Creating a Group
  • Assigning Privileges to a Group.
  • Creating a User
  • Creating a Folder
  • Folder Permissions
  • Creating Folders

Using the designer

Transformation Creation

  • Creating Source Tables.
  • Creating Target Definitions.
  • Creating Target Tables
  • Creating a Pass-Through Mapping
  • Creating source definitions
  • Creating a Mapping
  • Connecting Transformations
  • Using Transformations
  • Creating a Mapping with Aggregate Values
  • Active and passive transformations
  • Creating an Aggregator Transformation
  • Creating an Expression Transformation
  • Creating a Lookup Transformation
  • Connecting the Target
  • Designer Tips.
  • Using the Overview Window
  • Arranging Transformations
  • Creating the Session
  • Creating the Workflow
  • Creating a Mapping with Fact and Dimension Tables
  • Creating a Filter Transformation
  • Creating a Sequence Generator Transformation
  • Creating a Stored Procedure Transformation
  • Completing the Mapping
  • Creating a Workflow
  • Creating a Link Condition.
  • Running the Workflow

XML sources and Monitoring loads

  • Using XML Files
  • Creating the XML Source
  • Importing the XML Source
  • Editing the XML Definition
  • Creating the Target
  • Creating a Mapping with XML Sources and Targets
  • Creating an Expression Transformation
  • Creating Router Transformations
  • Completing the Mapping
  • Creating a Workflow
  • How to monitor loads
  • Use of Workflow monitor

Using the workflow manager

  • Connecting Transformations
  • Creating Sessions and Workflows
  • Configuring Database Connections in the Workflow Manager
  • Creating a Reusable Session
  • Creating a Workflow
  • Running and Monitoring Workflows
  • Opening the Workflow Monitor
  • Running the Workflow

Workflow Tasks

  • Session
  • Assignment task
  • Link task
  • Event raise task
  • Event wait task
  • Timer task
  • Post session and Pre-session commands
  • Session recovery
  • Commit points
  • Creation of Parameter file
  • Mapping and session parameter

Performance tuning in ETL

  • Various optimization technique
  • Pushdown optimization
  • Incremental aggregation

What job roles you can expect after training from the top Informatica training Institute in Chennai?

The most popular Informatica tools are Informatica Power Center, Informatica Reporting Services, and Informatica Power Exchange. Informatica Power Center is the most commonly used ETL tool used today. Informatica Power Center has efficient data partitioning, innovative caching, parallel processing and bulk extraction. Informatica Power Center is being taken up by organizations across all business sectors. Here is the most popular Informatica job profiles

  • Informatica developer
  • MDM developer
  • Informatica Application Developer
  • Informatica Administrator
  • Informatica Consultant
  • Analyst
  • Project Manager

Career Scope with Informatica

Suppose you are a beginner, you can be recruited as an Informatica ETL Developer. Then you can become a Senior/Lead Developer. Once you gain more than 7 years of experience you can advance to the role of Informatica Admin or Informatica Architect. Other Data Warehouse and BI skills can also provide you the extra edge to become a BI/Data Architect or ETL Architect.

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