Blockchain Training in Chennai

Bitcoin Blockchain Training in Chennai

Blockchain Training in Chennai

Learn every Blockchain technique that is needed to get you placed in a job from the Top Blockchain Training Institute in Chennai. SLA offers best blockchain course that will make you explore the world of bitcoins, blockchain, ethereum, multichain, cryptocurrency etc.

Get comprehensive knowledge on this transformative technology and become a Blockchain expert.Try one free demo session to experience the quality of training.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is indeed a revolution in the world of IT technologies. Moreover, there is no denying that this innovative technology is the backbone of the current day internet technology. With the passage of time the tech community is finding new means of making the utmost usage of the Blockchain technology.

Blockchain is a decentralized peer-to-peer network which forms the basis of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. These two terms are gaining momentum in banking and financial services.

When you Enroll for Blockchain Training in Chennai from SLA you can enter into those companies that require this technology, and also can ask for hefty salaries. There is a great demand for Blockchain experts and Blockchain Technology Course from SLA is structured to help learners shine in Blockchain.

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that applies the rules of cryptography for organization and production of units of currency. It is a type of digital currency that doesn’t take the print form. On the other hand it is generated by people who are running computers using software for the purpose of solving problems.

Blockchain Course Training Duration

Blockchain Training Duration
TrackRegular TrackFast TrackSuper Fast Track
Course Duration30 – 40 Days5 Weekends8 Days
Hours2 hours a day6 hours a day8 hours a day
Training ModeLive ClassroomLive ClassroomLive Classroom

Blockchain Course Syllabus

  • What is Blockchain?
  • Why Blockchain is better than traditional technologies?
  • Blockchain-as-a-Service
  • Why Blockchain-as-a-Service from Azure.?
  • Azure Blockchain Solutions
  • Intro – What is Ethereum?
  • Intro – What is Smart Contract?
  • Intro – What is Solidity & Ethereum Virtual Machine?
  • Intro – How do smart contracts work?
  • ICO – What is Initial Coin Offering?
  • ICO – How it works?
  • DAO – What is DAO?
  • DAO – Structure & How it works
  • DAO – Security of DAO
  • BaaS – Setting up Nodes Part – 1
  • BaaS – Setting up Nodes Part – 2
  • BaaS – Testing Wallet Transfer
  • Solidity – Setting up Environment – REDOOO
  • Solidity – Basics of Solidity by Example – REDOOO
  • Solidity – Layout of the Solidity Smart Contracts
  • Cryptocurrency – Minimul Viable Contract
  • Cryptocurrency – Executing Minimal Viable Token
  • Cryptocurrency – Adding Parameters to Cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency – Adding Balance Checks before Transfer
  • Cryptocurrency – Adding Transfer Event for Logging
  • Cryptocurrency – Adding transfer on behalf of Feature
  • Cryptocurrency – Executing TCoin Stage 2
  • Cryptocurrency – Improving Cryptocurrency-Adding Admin
  • Cryptocurrency – Allowing Admin to Mint New Coins
  • Cryptocurrency – Allowing Admins to Freeze or Unfreeze the Tokens
  • Cryptocurrency – Adding Automatic Buy & Sell Feature
  • Cryptocurrency – Adding Auto Refill Feature
  • Cryptocurrency – Adding Proof of Work & Block Reward
  • Cryptocurrency – Testing Full & Final Cryptocurrency
  • Multichain – What is Multichain?
  • Multichain – Compatibility & Differences with Bitcoin Core
  • Multichain – How to create a Blockchain?
  • Multichain – How to connect to a Blockchain?
  • Multichain – Commands in Interactive Mode
  • Multichain – Using Native Assets & Transaction Metadata
  • Multichain – Working with Multichain Streams
  • Multichain – Round-robin Mining-How to Enable Mining?
  • Multichain – Multichain Explorer
  • Multichain – Multichain Web Demo
  • PoE – Our App’s Architecture
  • PoE – Setting up the Environment
  • PoE – Setting up Blockchain (Multichain) Nodes
  • PoE – Creating Web API for Publishing & Verifying Data to & from Blockchain – 1
  • PoE – Creating Web API for Publishing & Verifying Data to & from Blockchain – 2
  • PoE – Publishing Proof-of-Existence through Web Interface
  • PoE – Checking PoE in using Multichain
  • PoE – Verifying Published PoE through Web Interface
  • What is Hyperledger?
  • What is Hyperledger Fabric?
  • Comparison between Fabric & Other Technologies
  • Fabric Architecture
  • Components of Hyperledger Fabric
  • Advantages of Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain
  • How Hyperledger Fabric Works?
  • Bluemix – Launching Fabric Blockchain Bluemix
  • Bluemix – Understanding Interface
  • Bluemmix – Interacting with Fabric Blockchain


The blockchain is an amazing technology that is making revolution now. Many people are using it after they are getting exposed to it.

Simple coding knowledge is required for learning blockchain architecture. A blockchain architect can be any person who understands how to design a blockchain infrastructure. This doesn’t imply that they are actually forming and coding the blockchain itself. The developers on the other hand will be building the blockchain.

As a blockchain developer, the programming languages that you should be familiar with to build blockchain solutions are :

  • Linux Fundamentals
  • NodeJs Fundamentals
  • JavaScript

Who can Attend Blockchain Training?

Blockchain Training in Chennai from SLA is primarily suitable for those who want to come out in flying colors in the domain of blockchain technology. Having said that, this course is mainly suitable for:

  • Business Process Employees
  • Graduation & Post Graduation Holders who have reasonable industry experience
  • Analysts
  • IT Professionals
  • Network Admins
  • Administrators
  • Professional in banking and financial domains

Why you should Learn Blockchain Training?

Blockchain is a booming domain and there are lot of opportunities waiting for you.

Not only banking but also supermarkets, energy resources, voting, healthcare and several other domains can apply blockchain technology in the future.

Due to the reason of companies raising the pace of embracing blockchain, there has been a great demand for skilled blockchain professionals. However, the supply should pick up. Hence, it is justifiable to get into the world of blockchain and make the utmost use of the technology wave. Those who move first are the ones who can gain several benefits. Hurry up and get in-depth Blockchain training from SLA!

What are the Blockchain Job Opportunities?

Blockchain is the trending IT job skill today; understanding what companies want is the gateway to landing in a lucrative and challenging job. Big companies and startups are on the lookout of recruiting more people with blockchain skills and experience.

For example, Blockchain engineers must gain comprehensive knowledge of an organization’s technical needs. Engineers should evaluate code, launch infrastructure for Ethereum and Bitcoin usage etc. It would be better if the candidate is skilled in languages as Python, C++ and Java.

Right from crypto startups to established organisations, the job market gives a bright picture for blockchain aspirants. It is also anticipated to grow in a jaw-dropping rate in the future.

Companies have begun to invest a lot in blockchain technology. The training provided by SLA will assist you in being on top of the technology and gain knowledge of its implementation. The lack of Blockchain experts will also be favorable to you.

Some of the job roles that a person who learned Bitcoin can take up are:

  • Senior software Engineer, Cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency Developer
  • Cryptocurrency Trader
  • Cryptocurrency Analyst
  • Direct Sales Associate – Cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency Mining Technician
  • Cloud Engineer with Bitcoin Protocol / Blockchain
  • Bitcoin Full-Stack Developer
  • Systems Engineer (Trading Cryptocurrency)
  • Cryptocurrency Research Analyst (Internship)

It is important to train people on cropping technologies including blockchain, bitcoin, IOT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. SLA has several courses that are in demand now and the student can gain thorough exposure through the comprehensive method of training. The courses at SLA are more focused on making you job ready. We conduct mock interviews and regular technical reviews to boost your confidence in cracking the interviews.