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SLA is the Best SEO Training Institute in Chennai that has the advantage of best SEO experts. Our SEO Certification Course in Chennai consists of real-time examples and the experience of the trainers paves the way for the knowledge enhancement of the candidates. Limited batch sizes are also beneficial to the students so that they can gain a thorough knowledge of the SEO Concepts at reasonable SEO Training Fees in Chennai

SEO Training in Chennai

Welcome to the Best-in-class SEO Training Institute in Chennai. Discover how enterprise leaders got the crown in the marketing industries. Learn the smart Digital marketing strategies to implement for the organization’s growth. We provide comprehensive learning support based on the Industry-relevant SEO Course Curriculum and make you shine with job-ready skills.

SEO Training in Chennai

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process that has a deep impact on the position of a website on search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing. The website will get a higher rank in the search listing that comes under the scope of the search engine. As a result, traffic is generated to the website leading to a rise in the number of visitors.

Only proven SEO techniques can help in achieving this. In this regard, the Best SEO Training Institute in Chennai can assist you in gaining comprehensive knowledge of SEO. Here comes the role of SLA that provides. Search Engine Optimization Training with 100% Placement Assurance in Chennai

About SEO Course in Chennai

Our SEO Training in Chennai is provided to explain all the major aspects of Search Engine Optimization that start from finding the terms and phrases required to generate qualified traffic for websites. We train you to make the website friendly to search engines by building links and marketing the unique value of the website. The student can understand the fundamentals of complex SEO things from our industry experts to make any website and service listed in search engine result pages.

The Learning Importance of SEO Course in Chennai

SEO helps the website by increasing organic discovery and high-quality website traffic. The SEO phrase came into use and was popularized in 1997 by Bruce Clay according to the credit of Danny Sullivan. It is technical marketing can be done by experts and it makes it possible for everyone to implement in business to get improved revenue. We provide hands-on practice on SEO Training in Chennai at SLA for equipping the aspirants to become SEO Experts. Following are the benefits of the learning SEO process.

SEO for better user experience

It is important to improve the user experience for the website to maximize user visits and it includes providing relevant information, using images and video clips, easy navigation between pages, and mobile-friendly configurations. SEO process helps website owners to improve search ranking for high conversion rates by implementing useful content publishing. Learn SEO Course in Chennai to know how to implement a better user experience for the websites.

SEO for Lead Generation

SEO plays a major role in Inbound strategy marketing to make it the most effective and successful lead source among B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Customer), and other non-profit organizations. It is the primary source of lead generation by implementing many SEO tactics to make visitors revisit regular activities. Discover how to generate leads through our SEO Certification training in Chennai.

SEO for Higher Closer Rates

SEO helps website owners to reach a nearly 15% of higher closer rate by lead generation compared to outbound leads and it leads to increased conversion rates. It encourages the customers to make actual research for the given products or services for improved conversions and they can easily meet their needs as per the goal. Discover what is called a higher closer rate in our SEO Training Center in Chennai.

SEO for Improved Conversion Rate

The ranking of a particular website assures higher conversion rates and SEO is the way to bring higher ranking by targeting the right market to maintain the top position. If customers become familiar with the brand or website services, there will be more possibilities to close the deal by converting them from visitors to buyers. Learn how to improve page ranking for an improved conversion rate through our industry-standard SEO Training Course in Chennai.

SEO for Better Cost Management

The advertising costs spent for outbound leads will be reduced by implementing the SEO process for the website and if the page is on high rank, it is not needed to go for pay-per-click advertising strategies. The SEO process helps the website to stay on top of other search result pages as long as the increased clicks by internet users. SEO brings big savings for businesses through tools like Linkio for improved ranking through organic traffic for the websites. Accelerate your marketing career by enrolling in our SEO Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

SEO for Improved Physical Visit

The SEO process creates curiosity and a tendency for local customers to visit the physical place for accessing a variety of options. It converts visitors to buyers by marketing its products for making the top choice with trust and service. Nearly 80% of shoppers conduct research online to visit the store physically to buy the products or services according to a recent survey. Learn how to increase physical visits by the improved SEO strategies in our SEO Training in Chennai with value-worth certification.

SEO for Increased Brand Credibility

The first five rankings give the customers the idea to buy a service or product from the website and it shows them the popularity of the brand that reaches the maximum users. It also helps the new visitors to believe that it is the well-known and trusted service provided by the particular brand. Improve your marketing skills in our SEO Certification Training in Chennai with best practices.

SEO for Establishing the Brand Awareness

Creating brand awareness is the main key step for promoting the product or service and it helps the provider to target the market with the recognized brand name among people. SEO helps the website to become familiar with the brand and ensures the product is found easily through search engine sites and organic search results. Learn SEO Course in Chennai to know about establishing brand awareness effectively in the market.

SEO for Ensuring Mobile-Friendly Websites

The friendliness of a website to mobile users is more important for the website to get a higher ranking. SEO process improves the user experience to websites for accessing the service or products easily from mobile devices as per the Google Search process. Make the website friendly to mobile by improving the user experience through our SEO Training in Chennai with complete hands-on practices.

SEO for Long-Term Marketing Strategy

Long-term marketing is significant for the business and SEO keeps the website in top ranking that leads to long-lasting product marketing. Six months is the least duration of a website to maintain the optimal ranking and unless the Google algorithm changed or the competitor’s fueled strategies, it is not simple to come down in the search ranking. Understand how to maintain a higher ranking for the websites through our best SEO Training in Chennai.

Course Objectives of SEO Training in Chennai

Our SEO Course in Chennai aims to empower interested candidates to become a master in the SEO process to perform well in the digital marketing field. The students of SLA will understand search engine and ranking concepts by learning how to perform in the keyword research process. We give them practical training on SEO practices to incorporate on a website for higher ranking by understanding thoroughly off-page optimization and corresponding method implementations.

We train the candidates to analyze and monitor SEO progress using free accessed tools for achieving increased website traffic with customer-centric strategies. They can define search engine marketing to any new business owners and identify the elements of search engine market plans efficiently. We make them develop web pages with the fundamental website creation to be crawled easily for indexing the search engines optimally.

Our trainers give fundamental knowledge to construct websites that are friendly to search engines along with the implementation of pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. At the end of our SEO Training in Chennai, our students can implement Google Analytics and other related tools and metrics for achieving search engine marketing goals efficiently.

After the SEO course completion, one can able to

  • Get thorough knowledge in In-page SEO with best practices
  • Generate relevant keywords using SEO methods
  • Perform competitive analysis and design the proper architecture
  • Well-versed in link-building and site optimization
  • Implement SEO for local search and perform successful SEO audits

Who should Join SEO Training In Chennai?

SEO Training is appropriate for those learners who just completed their graduation and want to test the waters in SEO. In the beginning, you can start as an SEO trainee. Whom do we Train in our Best SEO Training Center in Chennai?

Our SEO Course in Chennai is designed and utilized by any digital marketing aspirants to showcase their internet marketing skills on any given website. We have an industry-standard SEO Course Syllabus and it is framed with the keen attention and updated information of the Google Analytics and Algorithms. Our SEO trainers are certified and qualified to offer their maximum teaching effort to make the students ready for the internet marketing jobs of business firms or as freelancing SEO experts. If you are one of the following categories, undoubtedly this SEO Course is for you.

  • IT Professionals
  • Content Writers
  • Mobile App developer
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Inbound Marketers
  • Digital Marketing Experts
  • Search engine Marketers
  • Bloggers

Prerequisites to learn from Best SEO Training Institute in Chennai

For a student who wants to learn SEO, there are no hard prerequisites. However, the following knowledge will also be useful:

  • Good comprehension of computers and the Internet
  • Fair knowledge of HTML tags

Our SEO students can learn during their flexible hours and get trained in regular classroom mode or virtual modes that are instructed live by our trainers with complete hands-on exposure. Explore the wide range of job opportunities in the SEO or Digital Marketing field by learning in our SEO Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Guidance.

SEO Course Fee and Duration

Enroll at SLA to obtain placement-oriented SEO Training in Chennai and acquire a promising future in Digital Marketing Field. The SEO Analyst course duration is given below and can be availed by any aspiring candidates online and in person.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

SEO course fee at SLA is affordable and efficient. Reach us now to explore more about our training and placement support.

SEO On Page Optimization Tools

  • Competitors Analysis
  • Key word Research
  • Key word Placement
  • Title Creation
  • Meta Tag Creation
  • Meta Description Creation
  • Content Optimization
  • Keyword Density
  • URL Structure Analysis
  • Content Creation
  • Use of Robots.txt

SEO Off Page Optimization Tools

  • Search Engine Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Press Release Submission
  • Forums Posting
  • Blogs (Creation, Submission, Commenting)
  • Postings Free Classifieds
  • Google Mapping / Listings
  • Social Book Marking
  • RSS Feeds
  • Video Optimization

Link Building

  • One – Way
  • Two – Way / Reciprocal/ Link Exchange
  • Three – Way

SEO Tools

  • Google Keyword Tool
  • Word Tracker
  • Keyword Spy
  • Keywords Position Checker
  • Keyword Density Checker
  • Google Analytics
  • Stats Counter

Job Opportunity in SEO Field

SEO career is an integral part of the Digital Marketing field. It is gaining momentum in India and if you watch the recent advertisements on job portals, you will observe that the requirement for well-trained SEO professionals is rising day by day. Whether it is a small or established company investing in SEO will help to get first ranking in Google.

Demand for SEO Professionals is seeing a surge because of raise in digital awareness, surging online competition, and increasing mobile and internet users. Learning SEO is a great start for your career especially if you are enthusiastic about marketing, blogging, analytics, etc. SLA, the top SEO Training Center in Chennai provides deep guidance for that.

SEO is a concept that simplifies marketing strategies through internet marketing with search engine optimization. It gives successful growth for businesses for nearly two decades and creates job opportunities for all categories of people irrespective of their educational background. Every website today requires attention on Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and SEO is the king for organic lead generation. Learn our best SEO Training in Chennai with Placement Support and gain expertise in digital marketing.

Companies around the world are employing SEO professionals who are having specialized skills in Search Algorithms that are running behind the search engine results. SEO Experts can help companies to appear in top positions of SERP by implementing various SEO strategies. They can have opportunities to upskill their fundamental SEO knowledge with data analytics, Google Analytics, content strategy, content marketing, web content writing, link building, HTML coding, keyword research, competitor analysis, and so on. Enhance your marketing career at our SEO Training Institute in Chennai.

Following are the top six popular roles in SEO Career Path

Search Engine Marketer: They are promoting the websites by increasing the visibility in search engine result pages through PPC (Pay Per Click) along with Advertising, and Customer Relationship Management. The average pay for this role is around $45,255 for a year.

Business Marketing Consultant:_ They will take care of client-based consultation for the companies and they will plan and implement marketing initiatives. They will also manage public relations through a chatbot or other medium. The average salary for this role is around $57,590 per year.

Digital Marketer: They will utilize the complete SEO strategies with the planned content marketing. They will promote the services or products of their website through social media platforms with well-designed advertisements. The average salary for this role is around $47,919 per year.

Marketing Analyst: They have to track the performance of the companies through generating forecasts and future trends. They will also create reports based on the data history by analyzing them regularly. The average pay for this role is around $52,177 per year.

Content Marketer: They will create web content related to the services or products along with blog designing, video making, and graphic designing. They will be a part of decision-making in marketing plan and execution for a business with qualified content. The average pay for this role is $57,414 per year.

SEO Manager: They will be Search Engine Marketing (SEM) administer and manage various teams from SEO Analyst to Content Creator. They will be experts in strategy making with sales and marketing plans. The average salary for this role is around $64,358 per annum.

Enroll at SLA to gain expertise for the roles given in companies through our SEO Certification Training in Chennai. We have smart and experienced trainers to provide industry-standard coaching on technical skills and we have dedicated placement trainers to equip you with job-ready skills such as communication and collaboration skills. Our education counselors will guide you through a lifetime with free profile enhancement ideas and encourages you to step ahead in your SEO career.

Trainers of SEO Certification Training in Chennai

Our Trainers provide hands-on practical experience from SLA to hone your knowledge. They have sufficient experience and hence you can gain from the appropriate tactics of SEO. Our trainers cover proven techniques that assist the trainees to gain wide insight into search engines. There are lots of training institutes that offer SEO Certification Training in Chennai but SLA is a cut above them in the sense that we offer placements assistance along with various other value additions.

Our trainers are dedicated and handle all those aspects pertaining to placement including providing interview tips, Conducting mock-up interviews, preparing as well as scheduling you for interviews, etc. We endeavor for excellence in whatever we do and want the student to enjoy as well as gain from the learning process.

SLA Jobs provides SEO Training in Chennai with various learning modes that are flexible for the students to learn from remote places as well as a regular classroom. We allocate trainers as per your convenient class hours along with industry-standard coursework that is blended with balanced theoretical and hands-on practical concepts. Following is the technical expertise of our trainers who are having 10+ years of field experience along with teaching abilities.

  • Proficient in fundamental to advanced SEO concepts
  • Build their website using CMS tools like WordPress and Joomla.
  • Basic Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Well-versed in Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Updated knowledge of Google Algorithms and Events
  • Complete understanding of Search Engine Works
  • Read Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines regularly
  • Expert in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) processes
  • Thorough technical SEO includes mobile usability of websites.
  • In-depth understanding of Content Strategy, Content Creation, Content Optimization, and Content Promotion.
  • Excellent in link building and know how it works for successful approval
  • Excellent Communication Skills to Share their knowledge with the global trainees.

Learn the best SEO Training Course in Chennai from industry expert faculties and become a master in SEO Analytics, Google Analytics, and SERP Processes.

SEO Internship Training in Chennai

SEO Analysts are the people who build and improve business with an online brand presence. SEO Analysts involve keyword research, and website traffic monitoring, and provide many improvement strategies to produce the best user experience. We train our students in our SEO Internship Training in Chennai with the up-to-date and current SEO techniques to perform well in the industries on the following duties.

Roles and Responsibilities of SEO Analyst

  • Implement keyword research using dedicated applications, and generate brand-new keyword ideas regularly
  • Research websites and social media pages to make decisions for business improvement.
  • Keep updating website traffic, search results, and development strategies.
  • Generate content strategies and analyze them with the team.
  • Reviewing content creation and providing suggestions.
  • Update outdated content and optimize the pages for desktop, tablet, and mobile use.
  • Develop link-building strategies and manage paid search campaigns.
  • Keep aware of new trends and trending SEO practices.



Hi, My Name is Aaradhana. I have joined SLA for taking an SEO Course. My trainer explains the concepts very clearly with real-time examples. They have assigned a lot of exercises to practice regularly and I can use the systems for practices there at SLA. The placement coaching also went well and they have arranged interviews for many companies. I thank SLA and the team from the depth of my heart for providing such a useful platform to learn for my career.


I have joined this SEO Course at SLA to become a digital marketing specialist as I felt the curriculum is all I need for gaining expertise. The trainers were also delivered the course effective way that is easy to understand and follow with practical exposure. I had to change my classroom to online due to lockdown and SLA arranges online classes with the same instructor with the same learning experience. They have trained me for placements and I am happy for learning at SLA Jobs.

Ramesh Kumar

The SEO Course Syllabus is well-structured and prepared by experts as per the needs of industries. I have learned a lot with practical implementations and the classes are really useful. They have explained every term and algorithm with a PPT presentation that is very easy to take notes. I was from different background but the trainers here changed everything through their simplified training methods and I can able to perform well for SEO Analytics. I have joined a reputed e-commerce company through their wonderful placement support. Thanks a lot to SLA.

Titus Balan

SLA’s SEO Training is the best I have learned so far. This institute provides a complete understanding of required concepts with a neat presentation that includes a variety of SEO Strategies. I can able to understand and implement appropriate SEO strategies according to the website needs and it is possible only with SLA Training. I am very lucky to learn at SLA along with placement support and I am now SEO Analyst in a good company. I recommend SLA for the digital marketing aspirants and all thanks to them.


I have joined for SEO Certification Course in Chennai at SLA as I was longing to lead my business into successful growth. The trainers helped me to learn complete SEO concepts along with Google Analytics processing. I have got enough knowledge and satisfying learning experience at SLA and I will recommend this institute to my fellow business owners and my employees. Thank you, SLA.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

SEO Training in Chennai leads the students to acquire the certification along with job-ready skills for shining brightly in the digital marketing field. Our SEO Course Curriculum is designed as per the industry updates and prepares the students for working efficiently in top companies on their page ranking. Here we have given some of the commonly asked questions that can be answered for your queries.

What is SEO in digital marketing?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process used for increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic through non-paid and organic brand creation. It will be done through various SEO strategies such as content publishing, blog posting, social media marketing, and Google Analytics. Learn how to generate leads through the organic process in our SEO Training in Chennai.

What are the skills required to become SEO Experts?

SEO Analytics requires observation skills, HTML coding, MS Excel Fundamentals, SEO campaign generation, web hosting knowledge, passion, and patience, content creation skills, SEO tools, and Search Engine Optimizer approach. Learn our best SEO Course in Chennai with best practices.

What are the popularly used SEO tools?

One must know popular SEO tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Searchmetrics, rankingCoach, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Sistrix, Searchmetrics, Xavi, Moz, Ryte, and SEMrush. Explore various SEO tools in our SEO Training Institute in Chennai with hands-on exposure.

What are the keywords in SEO?

SEO keywords are phrases in the web page content to make it possible for people to reach the website via search engines. If the website is well optimized with SEO keywords, it brings users who are searching in the same keyword. Discover how to implement keywords in web pages through our SEO Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

Is SLA providing a certificate for SEO Courses?

SLA Jobs offering the industry-accredited certificate on the successful completion of SEO Certification Course in Chennai at SLA. It adds value to your profile and helps your resume be shortlisted in job portals easily.

Why should I choose SEO Course for my career?

The learning of SEO does not require high-level education eligibility and it generates huge demand for certified professionals. SEO Analysts will have exponential career growth along with increased salary pay. There are more possibilities to work as freelancers with a continuous learning process. Join SLA for learning the best SEO Course in Chennai.

Is SEO an easy job?

SEO requires some hard work along with smart implementations. The more you learn SEO the more you can perform. It provides diverse job opportunities for skilled and dedicated professionals and they can work from home, work for companies, work for clients, and work for their own business. The top three websites Google, YouTube, and Amazon help the learners to understand how SEO works. Contact SLA Jobs to know more about our SEO Training Course in Chennai.

How do I enroll in the SEO Training course at SLA?

To enroll in our SEO course, you must first register with SEO Training in Chennai by filling up the form displayed on the website. Or you can start a chat in the chatbot for SEO Course queries. Or you can call the number displayed on the screen to enroll in our SEO Training Course at SLA.

What are the jobs using the SEO process?

The knowledge of SEO Analytics is useful for the jobs like project manager, product manager, e-commerce manager, digital strategist, and digital designers, and so on. Explore the promised career opportunities for a bright future in our SEO Training and Placement Institute in Chennai.

How will you allocate a batch at SLA for SEO Training?

We allocate a small batch with the size of 5 to 8 students for SEO Training Course in Chennai to offer individual care and attention for their career enhancement. Our SEO trainers take one-to-one classroom sessions if the student requires it and they also provide corporate training for the bunch of students through regular classroom and instructor-led live online modes.