Machine Learning Course in Chennai

Machine Learning Course In Chennai

Machine Learning Training in Chennai | IBM Certification & Placement Support

Our Machine Learning Course in Chennai is a highly interactive session with a keen focus on quality. We provide a comprehensive course with hands-on exposure in clustering, regression, classification, and algorithms of Machine Learning applications to become an expert in the Data Science platforms. You can learn this form of artificial intelligence from the expert trainers of SLA.

Welcome to the world-class Machine Learning Training in Chennai with Placement assistance at SLA as we make way for your career destination! Machine learning can be a good domain for any company whether it is a top MNC or a startup organization. We provide the extensive “Machine Learning Training Course in Chennai” with the industry-standard curriculum that helps our learners to shine in the Data Science field.

Best Machine Learning Training in Chennai

Data science is mainly concerned with getting better insight from the data. Here then, machine learning is a main area of focus. Algorithms form the essence of machine learning and the software applications turn out more accurate in forecasting results. The highlight is that there is no need for explicit programming with machine learning. Are you contemplating a machine learning project? Python, R, and SAS are powerful solutions that assist directly in performing analytics work.

Machine Learning Training Institute in Chennai

Machine Learning is the process of making computer systems to act without being operated externally such as self-driving cars, speech recognition, automatic web search, and language translation.

Many trending things come up every day in the market as the product of the Machine Learning process and each of them has unique features. Here, in our Machine Learning Training Institute in Chennai, you will learn effective machine learning techniques along with practical implementation on real-time projects. Surely, you will gain theoretical underpinnings as well as hands-on exposure through our exclusive Machine Learning Course in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

Machine Learning Certification Training in Chennai

Propel your career in Machine Learning with the appropriate tools and algorithms at SLA. Our Machine Learning Course is exclusively designed for working professionals who wish to upgrade their fundamental programming and analytical skills with big data processes, ML application deployment, Predictive model making, and advanced statistics and programming.

Learn from our industry experts who are 10+ years of experience in the domain and proficient in the field. Promising career after the course completion with the valuable certification. Register for a free demo class and avail the course benefits more than you imagine.

Our Machine Learning Course in Chennai covers all the industry-required concepts such as data mining, web scrapping, statistical pattern recognition, data visualization, predictive modeling, data manipulation, and analytical tools implementation. Machine Learning Course Curriculum has been designed by our experts at the Machine Learning Training institute in Chennai that is loaded with significant concepts like supervised learning, Unsupervised learning along with core Machine Learning.

Our Machine Learning Course Syllabus includes parametric and non-parametric algorithms, neural networks, kernels, and support vector machines of supervised learning and Clustering, deep learning, recommender systems, and dimensionality reduction of unsup0ervised learning and Bias/Variance Theory, AI process, and innovation process of Machine learning.

Skills covered in our Machine Learning Training in Chennai

You can acquire the most-sought skills in the industries such as logistic regression, Artificial Neural networks, and Machine Learning algorithms in our Machine Learning Training Course in Chennai. Machine Learning Content also includes a detailed explanation of important theories like decision trees, Means clustering, boosting and bagging techniques, and random forest classifiers with practical implementation on the projects.

Our trainers equip the students by conducting periodical assessments, case studies after every chapter, and real-life application practices, and make you create a smart robot by yourself. The Machine Learning Course in Chennai at SLA Jobs is the smartest choice for students around the world.

The significant concepts that are covered in Machine Learning Course in Chennai help you to understand how to apply algorithms and techniques in practice. Using logistic regression, you will practice classifying email as spam or not. Using neural networks, you will practice in machines to understand your speech. In such a way, you will learn everything with hands-on practices in our Machine Learning Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

Our Machine Learning Course in Chennai aims to provide comprehensive training with real-time exposure to industrial projects. We focus on giving elaborate coaching through a well-planned Machine Learning Course Curriculum that covers the most required skills of the industries. You can enhance your skills for a futuristic career here by learning from experts. Our expert trainers have framed a Machine Learning course Syllabus that ensures the placement of top companies. Machine Learning Content includes scripting languages, programming languages, analytic tools, statistical concepts, data manipulating, predictive modeling, data visualization, data exporting, and advanced database systems along with practical implementation on each concept.

SLA Jobs offers the Best Machine Learning Course in Chennai that adds value to your profile as we have onboarded many skilled employees in top companies in the past two decades. Our Certificate is industry-worth and we make our students qualified for performing their skills for the improvement of global industries. We have clients across the world to recruit our candidates and our dedicated placement cells take care of interview details and assist our students to stand out from the queue through our leading Machine Learning Training Institute in Chennai.

We offer best practices for the students of our Machine Learning Certification Training Center in Chennai through real-time experiences on the industry projects like Credit Card Fraud Detection and Breast Cancer Classification. Our trainers will guide you throughout the projects to develop it all by yourself.

After completing our Machine Learning Course in Chennai, one can able to

  • Understand thoroughly about Machine Learning Algorithms and limitations
  •  Proficient in data analysis and numeric computation
  •  Implement ML algorithms confidently in scientific-based application
  •  Able to perform distributed computation effectively
  •  Perform experiments in ML on real-world data accurately.

Machine Learning Course Fees & Duration

Machine Learning Course in Chennai is mandatory for all the students who want to shine in Data Science Career. Machine Learning Course Duration is 45 to 60 hours that can be customized as per the student’s requirement.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

We charge you reasonable Machine learning course fees in Chennai at SLA Academy. Call us to know the offers and discounts for the Machine Learning training cost.

Who can attend our Machine Learning Training in Chennai

Our Machine Learning Course in Chennai is available in online class and classroom mode for students, and fresh graduates who are interested in kick-starting their career in Machine Learning. This course can also opt for the working professionals who want career transformation into this in-demand machine learning field. Students can personalize our Machine Learning Course Curriculum as per their skill level and take up the Machine Learning Training in their flexible class timings.

Machine Learning Course Syllabus of our SLA can be customized as per the experience level of freshers and working professionals.

  • Our Machine Learning Course is suitable for Working Professionals in the field of Software Engineering, Data Engineering, and any other IT professionals.
  • It can be learned by freshers along with basic programming languages such as Python, R, SAS as a combined course.

Prerequisites for learning in our Machine Learning Training Institute in Chennai

No prerequisites required for freshers as we begin with the basic concepts. For working professionals, It would be better to have basic knowledge in algorithms, data structures, probability, statistical analysis concepts along with programming knowledge in Python, R, or SAS. Java or Scala programming knowledge is an added advantage to learn Machine Learning Training Program quickly.

The trainers of our Machine Learning Training Institute in Chennai understand the requirements of the learners and train them according to their needs and skill level. They will give more practical assessments for a better understanding of both beginners and experienced and their guidance will always have individual care that focuses on the placement of top companies.

Machine Learning Course Syllabus

We are one of the top Machine Learning Training Centers in Chennai to provide career-oriented Training with an actively upgrading technology and hence the syllabus is designed such that we deliver the latest and best of industry. ML Algorithms and data processing are the key topics of Machine Learning and we teach you thoroughly with the importance of them. Our Machine Learning Course Curriculum covers from basic to advanced concepts such as Data Analysis fundamentals, Cloud Computing, Cloud Providers, HDFS, SQL, Hive Queries, Spark Essentials, Regression Testing, Statistics, Decision Trees, Clustering, and all Machine Learning Concepts. Check out our Machine Learning Course Syllabus below and the updated interview questions and answers on our website.

Introduction to Data warehousing

  • Types of Scripts
  •  Difference between Script & Programming Languages
  •  Features of Scripting
  •  Limitation of Scripting
  •  Types of Programming Language Paradigms

Introduction to Python

  • Who Uses Python?
  •  Characteristics of Python
  •  History of Python
  •  What is PSF?
  •  Install Python with Diff IDEs
  •  Features of Python
  •  Limitations of Python
  •  Python Applications

Different Modes in Python

  • Python File Extensions
  •  SETTING PATH IN Windows
  •  Python Sub Packages
  •  Uses of Python in Data Science
  •  Working with Python in Unix/Linux/Windows/Mac/Android

Python New IDEs

  • PyCharm IDE
  •  How to Work on PyCharm
  •  PyCharm Components
  •  Debugging process in PyCharm
  •  PYTHON Install Anaconda
  •  What is Anaconda?
  •  Coding Environments
  •  Spyder Components
  •  General Spyder Features
  •  Spyder Shortcut Keys
  •  Jupyter Notebook
  •  What is Conda?
  •  Conda List?
  •  Jupyter and Kernels
  •  What is PIP?

Python Sets

  • How to create a set?
  •  Iteration Over Sets
  •  Python Set Methods
  •  Python Set Operations
  •  Union of sets
  •  Built-in Functions with Set
  •  Python Frozenset

Python Dictionary

  • How to create a dictionary?
  •  Python Dictionary Methods

Python OS Module

  • Shell Script Commands
  •  Various OS operations in Python
  •  Python File System Shell Methods

Python Exception Handling

  • Python Errors
  •  Common Run-Time Errors in PYTHON
  •  Exception Handling
  •  Ignore Errors
  •  Assertions
  •  Using Assertions Effectively

More Advanced PYTHON

  • Python Iterators
  •  Python Generators
  •  Python Closures
  •  Python Decorators
  •  Python @property

Python XML Parser

  • What is XML?
  •  Difference between XML and HTML
  •  Difference between XML and JSON and Gson
  •  How to Parse XML
  •  How to Create XML Node
  •  Python vs JAVA
  •  XML and HTML


  • What is Multithreading
  •  Threading Module
  •  Defining a Thread
  •  Thread Synchronization

Web Scraping

  • The components of a web page
  •  Beautiful Soup
  •  Urllib2
  •  HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery
  •  Dataframes
  •  PIP
  •  Installing External Modules Using PIP

Sequence or Collections in Python

  • Strings
  •  Unicode Strings
  •  Lists
  •  Tuples
  •  buffers
  •  xrange

Python Lists

  • Lists are mutable
  •  Getting to Lists
  •  List indices
  •  Traversing a list

Python TUPLE

  • Advantages of Tuple over List
  •  Packing and Unpacking
  •  Comparing tuples
  •  Creating nested tuple
  •  Using tuples as keys in dictionaries
  •  Deleting Tuples
  •  Slicing of Tuple
  •  Tuple Membership Test

Advanced Python

  • Python Modules
  •  The import Statement
  •  The from…import Statement
  •  Creating User-defined Modules
  •  Python Module Search Path

Packages in Python

  • What is a Package?
  •  Introduction to Packages?
  •  py file
  •  Importing module from a package
  •  Creating a Package
  •  Creating Sub Package
  •  Importing from Sub-Packages
  •  Popular Python Packages

File Handling

  • What is the data, Information File?
  •  File Objects
  •  File Different Modes
  •  file Object Attributes
  •  Directories in Python
  •  Working with CSV files

Python Class and Objects

  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • System
  •  Define Classes
  •  Creating Objects
  •  Access Modifiers
  •  Python Namespace
  •  Self-variable in python
  •  Garbage Collection
  •  Python Multiple Inheritance
  •  Overloading and Over Riding
  •  Polymorphism
  •  Abstraction
  •  Encapsulation

Python Regular Expressions

  • What is Regular Expression?
  •  Regular Expression Syntax
  •  Understanding Regular Expressions
  •  Regular Expression Patterns
  •  Literal characters
  •  Finding Pattern in Text (
  •  Using re.findall for text
  •  Python Flags
  •  Methods of Regular Expressions

Unit Testing with PyUnit

  • What is Testing?
  •  Types of Testings and Methods?
  •  What is Unit Testing?
  •  What is PyUnit?
  •  Test scenarios, Test Cases, Test suites

Introduction to Python Web Frameworks

  •  Django – Design
  •  Advantages of Django
  •  MVC and MVT
  •  Installing Django
  •  Designing Web Pages
  •  HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS

GUI Programming-Tkinter

  •  Introduction
  •  Components and Events
  •  Adding Controls
  •  Entry Widget, Text Widget, Radio Button, Check Button
  •  List Boxes, Menus, Combo Box

Machine Learning with R Training


  •  What are Data Analysis, Data Analytics, and Data Science?
  •  Business Decisions
  •  Case study of Walmart

Various analytics tools

  • Descriptive
  •  Predictive
  •  Web Analytics
  •  Google Analytics

Various Analytics tools

  •  R and features
  •  Evolution of R?
  •  Big data Hadoop and R

Working with R & RStudio

  •  R & R Studio Installation

Data Types

  •  Scalar
  •  Vectors
  •  Matrix
  •  List
  •  Data frames
  •  Factors
  •  Handling date in R
  •  Conversion of data types
  •  Operators in R

Importing Data

  • CSV files
  •  Database data (Oracle 11g)
  •  XML files
  •  JSON files
  •  Reading & Writing PDF files
  •  Reading & Writing JPEG files
  •  Saving Data in R

Manipulating Data

  •  Cbind, Rbind
  •  Sorting
  •  Aggregating
  •  dplyr

Conditional Statements

  •  If …else
  •  For loop
  •  While loop
  •  Repeat loop


  •  Apply()
  •  sApply()
  •  rApply()
  •  tApply

Statistical Concepts

  • Descriptive Statistics
  •  Inferential Statistics
  •  Central Tendency (Mean,Mode,Median)
  •  Hypothesis Testing
  •  Probability
  •  tTest
  •  zTest
  •  Chi Square test
  •  Correlation
  •  Covariance
  •  Anova

Predictive Modelling

  •  Linear Regression
  •  Normal distribution
  •  Density

Data Visualization in R using GGPlot

  •  Box Plot
  •  Histograms
  •  Scatter Plotter
  •  Line chart
  •  Bar Chart
  •  Heat maps

Data Visualization using Plotly

  • 3D-view
  •  Geo Maps

Misc. functions

  • Null Handling
  •  Merge
  •  Grep
  •  Scan

Advance Topics in R

  •  Text Mining
  •  Exploratory Data Analysis
  •  Machine Learning with R (concept)

Machine Learning with SAS Training

  • The SAS Language
  •  SAS Data Sets
  •  The Two Parts of a SAS Program
  •  The DATA Step’s Built-in Loop
  •  Choosing a Mode for Submitting SAS Programs
  •  Windows and Commands in the SAS Windowing Environment
  •  Submitting a Program in the SAS Windowing Environment
  •  Reading the SAS Log
  •  Viewing Your Results in the Output Window
  •  Creating HTML Output
  •  SAS Data Libraries
  •  Viewing Data Sets with SAS Explorer
  •  Using SAS System Options

Getting Your Data into SAS

  • Methods for Getting Your Data into SAS
  •  Entering Data with the View table Window
  •  Reading Files with the Import Wizard
  •  Telling SAS Where to Find Your Raw Data
  •  Reading Raw Data Separated by Spaces
  •  Reading Raw Data Arranged in Columns
  •  Reading Raw Data Not in Standard Format
  •  Selected Informats
  •  Mixing Input Styles
  •  Reading Messy Raw Data
  •  Reading Multiple Lines of Raw Data per Observation
  •  Reading Multiple Observations per Line of Raw Data
  •  Reading Part of a Raw Data File
  •  Controlling Input with Options in the INFILE Statement
  •  Reading Delimited Files with the DATA Step
  •  Reading Delimited Files with the IMPORT Procedure
  •  Reading PC Files with the IMPORT Procedure
  •  Reading PC Files with DDE
  •  Temporary versus Permanent SAS Data Sets
  •  Using Permanent SAS Data Sets with LIBNAME Statements
  •  Using Permanent SAS Data Sets by Direct Referencing
  •  Listing the Contents of a SAS Data Set

Working with Your Data

  •  Creating and Redefining Variables
  •  Using SAS Functions
  •  Selected SAS Functions
  •  Using IF-THEN Statements
  •  Grouping Observations with IF-THEN/ELSE Statements
  •  Subsetting Your Data
  •  Working with SAS Dates
  •  Selected Date Informatics, Functions, and Formats
  •  Using the RETAIN and Sum Statements
  •  Simplifying Programs with Arrays
  •  Using Shortcuts for Lists of Variable Names

Sorting, Printing, and Summarizing

  • Using SAS Procedures
  •  Subsetting in Procedures with the WHERE Statement
  •  Sorting Your Data with PROC SORT
  •  Printing Your Data with PROC PRINT
  •  Changing the Appearance of Printed Values with Formats
  •  Selected Standard Formats
  •  Creating Your Own Formats Using PROC FORMAT
  •  Writing Simple Custom Reports
  •  Summarizing Your Data Using PROC MEANS
  •  Writing Summary Statistics to a SAS Data Set
  •  Counting Your Data with PROC FREQ
  •  Producing Tabular Reports with PROC TABULATE
  •  Adding Statistics to PROC TABULATE Output
  •  Enhancing the Appearance of PROC TABULATE Output
  •  Changing Headers in PROC TABULATE Output
  •  Specifying Multiple Formats for Data Cells in PROC TABULATE Output
  •  Producing Simple Output with PROC REPORT
  •  Using DEFINE Statements in PROC REPORT
  •  Creating Summary Reports with PROC REPORT
  •  Adding Summary Breaks to PROC REPORT Output
  •  Adding Statistics to PROC REPORT Output

Enhancing Your Output with ODS

  • Concepts of the Output Delivery System
  •  Tracing and Selecting Procedure Output
  •  Creating SAS Data Sets from Procedure Output
  •  Using ODS Statements to Create HTML Output
  •  Using ODS Statements to Create RTF Output
  •  Using ODS Statements to Create PRINTER Output
  •  Customizing Titles and Footnotes
  •  Customizing PROC PRINT Output with the STYLE= Option
  •  Customizing PROC REPORT Output with the STYLE= Option
  •  Customizing PROC TABULATE Output with the STYLE= Option
  •  Adding Traffic-Lighting to Your Output
  •  Selected Style Attributes

Modifying and Combining SAS Data Sets

  •  Modifying a Data Set Using the SET Statement
  •  Stacking Data Sets Using the SET Statement
  •  Interleaving Data Sets Using the SET Statement
  •  Combining Data Sets Using a One-to-One Match Merge
  •  Combining Data Sets Using a One-to-Many Match Merge
  •  Merging Summary Statistics with the Original Data
  •  Combining a Grand Total with the Original Data
  •  Updating a Master Data Set with Transactions
  •  Using SAS Data Set Options
  •  Tracking and Selecting Observations with the IN= Option
  •  Writing Multiple Data Sets Using the OUTPUT Statement
  •  Making Several Observations from One Using the OUTPUT Statement
  •  Changing Observations to Variables Using PROC TRANSPOSE
  •  Using SAS Automatic Variables

Writing Flexible Code with the SAS Macro Facility

  •  Macro Concepts
  •  Substituting Text with Macro Variables
  •  Creating a Modular Code with Macros
  •  Adding Parameters to Macros
  •  Writing Macros with Conditional Logic
  •  Writing Data-Driven Programs with CALL SYMPUT
  •  Debugging Macro Errors

Basic Statistical Procedures

  • Examining the Distribution of Data with PROC UNIVARIATE
  •  Producing Statistics with PROC MEANS
  •  Testing Categorical Data with PROC FREQ
  •  Examining Correlations with PROC CORR
  •  Using PROC REG for Simple Regression Analysis
  •  Reading the Output of PROC REG
  •  Using PROC ANOVA for One-Way Analysis of Variance
  •  Reading the Output of PROC ANOVA
  •  Graphical Interfaces for Statistical Analysis

Exporting Your Data

  • Methods for Exporting Your Data
  •  Writing Files Using the Export Wizard
  •  Writing Delimited Files with the EXPORT Procedure
  •  Writing PC Files with the EXPORT Procedure
  •  Writing Raw Data Files with the DATA Step
  •  Writing Delimited and HTML Files using ODS
  •  Sharing SAS Data Sets with Other Types of Computers

Debugging Your SAS Programs

  •  Writing SAS Programs That Work
  •  Fixing Programs That Don’t Work
  •  Searching for the Missing Semicolon
  •  Note: INPUT Statement Reached Past the End of the Line
  •  Note: Lost Card
  •  Note: Invalid Data
  •  Note: Missing Values Were Generated
  •  Note: Numeric Values Have Been Converted to Character (or Vice Versa)
  •  DATA Step Produces Wrong Results but No Error Message


  • Introduction To SAS/ SQL
  •  Features
  •  Uses
  •  Terminology
  •  Data Types, Key Words, & Operators
  •  Functions, Predicates
  •  Formatting Output
  •  Group By Clause
  •  Order By Clause
  •  Having Clause
  •  Case Expression And Conditional Logic
  •  Creating, Populating & Deleting Tables
  •  Alter Table Statement
  •  Changing Column’s Length
  •  Joins
  •  Constraints
  •  Renaming A Table & Columns
  •  Views

Career Benefits of Machine Learning Training in Chennai

The Machine Learning domain is 2023’s hottest career choice that generates 2000+ job openings every month. The great demand for the ML specialists is seen in the various platforms including research and developments that have the highest vacancies for certified professionals. ML is used widely in Big Data processing for Education, Digital Marketing, Healthcare, and Search Engines to build methods for prediction and decision making using its pattern methods. Machine Learning professionals are earning as a starting salary INR 6,99,807 as entry-level employees. It will be increased more as per the skills, locations, and experiences.

The demand for Machine Learning experts is about to reach 70% in 2021. Global companies such as Dell, Morgan Stanley, Google, Apple, and Accenture are recruiting qualified and certified Machine Learning Professionals in the largest numbers every year. To become a professional Machine Learning Engineer, one should improve programming skills, and mathematical skills, thorough in machine learning algorithms, data structures, system analysis, system design, and automation processes. At SLA Jobs, our trainers equip the students with the required skills for the best placement through our Machine Learning Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Support.

Future Scope of Machine Learning Training in Chennai

Today the things that are concentrated manually will be performed tomorrow by machines. There are a plethora of ways in which machine learning is useful to us. For example, the pricing in Uber/Ola, Google self-driving car, product recommendations, and spam filtering are all the results of machine learning. So it is obvious that machine learning has turned out to be an integral part of lives and become more so shortly. The future scope of Machine Learning is widening and the applications are increasing that generate tremendous job opportunities.

Machine learning techniques with Artificial Intelligence helps to create an automated system that enhances performance without any human intervention. It makes the machine to take decisions from experience and existing data storage. Most of the predictions will be accurate than the manual or traditional method. We train our students to develop such a machine and make them engineers for the future automation world through our Machine Learning Training in Chennai.

Industries adopted Machine Learning Process

Global companies depend on Machine Learning Engineers who use ML algorithms to discover predictions for effective business strategies. So Machine Learning is expanding to fields like banking, finance, information technology, media, entertainment, automation, and the gaming industries. We at SLA Jobs equip our students in our Machine Learning Training in Chennai to perform a key role for organizations by utilizing the best ML algorithms.

Robotics Industry: Scientists and researchers around the world are working on creating robots that imitate the human brain. Hanson Robotics developed the first AI-enabled robot, Sophia with ML and AI techniques in the year 2016. Many robots like Sophia are coming to the market with the enabled techniques of ML, AI, Neural Networks, Computer Vision, and so on to accomplish a variety of tasks.

Automotive Industry: Companies like Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, Google, Nissan, etc are competing in the automation industry to produce self-driving cars with the safest and secure features using Machine Learning techniques. These cars are equipped with technologies like IoT, voice recognition systems, HD cameras, etc.

Computer Vision: Computer Vision is the process that gives the ability to a machine to analyze and recognize Images, graphics, and videos. Along with AI, it is possible for ML by meeting the expected goals of companies like Google.

We train our students to bring out innovation that takes ML for many future developments in our Machine Learning Training Institute in Chennai.

Job roles of Machine Learning Course in Chennai

Machine Learning has the greatest scope when compared to other fields by generating numerous job opportunities around the world. There are 2.3 Million vacancies are in the machine learning and AI field to be filled by skilled engineers according to Gartner’s report. We equip our students in our Machine Learning Training Institute in Chennai to acquire jobs in global companies by improving their programming skills, data structure understanding, mathematics, software engineering, data mining, and visualization skills.

  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • Data Architects
  • Data Mining Specialists
  • Cloud Architects
  •  Cyber Security Analyst
  •  Machine Learning Analyst
  •  NLP Data Scientist
  •  Data Science Lead
  •  Machine Learning Scientist, and much more.
  •  Machine Learning Skills
  •  Computer Science fundamentals and programming
  •  Machine Learning Algorithms and Libraries
  •  Probability and Statistics
  •  Software Engineering and System Design

Every job roles that are mentioned above requires expertise in particular areas such as R, Python, SAS, SQL, Hive, Matlab, Pig, ETL Tools, Hadoop, Spark, MapReduce, MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, NoSQL, Data Streaming, Perl, SPSS, C++, and various BI concepts. Giant IT firms such as Google, IBM, Microsoft, Baidu, Twitter, Intel, Qubit, and Apple are using Machine Learning Concepts and as the report of there are 50000 job vacancies found only in India.

Most Important Machine Learning Interview Questions and Answers

Trainers Profile of our Machine Learning Training Center in Chennai

Our Trainers are highly qualified and have 10+ years of experience in the advanced analytical profession and can deliver numerous ML solutions to large enterprises. They handle quality training and real-time projects with high-level student-instructor interaction. Our ML Trainers provide unparalleled assistance to get high grades in international certification exams. They are dedicated to serving the students with continuous progress on placement-oriented guidance. SLA Trainers are domain experts, friendly nature, and technical proficients to deliver world-class training on Machine Learning Course in Chennai.

SLA Jobs have skilled trainers who are technologists by experienced, skilled, and certified professionals, and passion to create new techies for the industries through our Machine Learning Training in Chennai. They are well-versed in Python, R, SAS, and Machine Learning concepts. 20+ corporate pieces of training and 50+ batches are done in our Machine Learning Training Institute in Chennai by our expert and experienced trainers.

They will update themselves with research papers on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision. Our trainers have strong experience in industry projects using decision trees, random forest, Gradient Boosting, and Stacking. So they can give elaborate training on these concepts with project practices in our Machine Learning Training Institute in Chennai.

Skills and Experience of our Trainers

  •  Skilled and experienced in object-based learning, optimization techniques, neural network, SVM, and regressions.
  • Strong experience in supervised, unsupervised learning techniques, dimensional reduction, and clustering.
  • Implemented data science projects with deep learning techniques such as tensor flow, Keras, and Py-Torch.
  • Worked in Image recognition projects and Auto Encoder projects of Natural Language Processing techniques.
  • Skilled and experienced in self-organizing maps, face images, Open CV, Single Shot Detections, etc.

Machine Learning Internship Training in Chennai

Our Machine Learning Internship Training Institute in Chennai makes you master in Data Science with major concepts such as Python/R/SAS, ML Models, Supervised or Unsupervised Machine Learning Concepts, Predictive Analysis, and Statistics. Machine Learning is the fastest growing field in the world that requires more skilled people for the productive processes. Our internship training is based on practical classes to make a thorough knowledge of updated ML concepts. Certification will be provided at the end of the Machine Learning Internship program that assists you to acquire your dream job in the desired field with the following essential expertise.

Recommended Roles and Responsibilities of ML Engineer

    • Understanding business objectives and developing models that help to realize, alongside metrics to track their progress
    • Managing available resources like hardware, data, and personnel in order that deadlines are met
    • Analyzing the ML algorithms that would be wont to solve a given problem and ranking them by their success probability
    • Exploring and visualizing data to realize an understanding of it, then identifying differences in data distribution that would affect performance when deploying the model within the world
    • Validate data quality, and assure with data cleaning
    • Supervising the info acquisition process if more data is required
    • Finding available datasets online that would be used for training
    • Defining validation strategies

Learn the most sought skills with the practical implementation at our Machine Learning Internship Training Institute in Chennai. Master Data Science with major concepts such as Python/R/SAS, ML Models, Supervised or Unsupervised Machine Learning Concepts, Predictive Analysis, and Statistics.

Get adequate hands-on exposure to the theoretical concepts with our all-inclusive Machine Learning course curriculum on real-world projects. Our internship training is based on practical classes to make a thorough knowledge of updated ML concepts. Certification will be provided at the end of the Machine Learning Internship program that assists you to acquire a high paid job and execute from day one.

Accelerate your career in Machine Learning Training in Chennai as the demand for skilled and certified professionals rises for all the sectors around the world.

Machine Learning Certification Training in Chennai

Acquire the top Machine Learning skills such as Deployment Model, Deep Learning Concepts, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Data Analysis, Predictive Models, Statistical Concepts, Reinforcement Learning, and other graphical models through our Machine Learning Certification Training Institution in Chennai.

We provide valuable course completion certification that adds value to your profile as we designed the industry-leading course curriculum for Machine Learning Course to get top-notch skills required to tackle even international certification exams. Enroll today to enjoy all the learning benefits of our Machine Learning Certification Training in Chennai. Advance your career in Machine Learning Training in Chennai to bridge the skill gap of the global industries for the proficient Machine Learning professionals. Research is creating new knowledge. Experience the learning by doing process at SLA.

Projects to practice: Credit Card Fraud Detection
Description: In this, you will have best practice on decision trees, data science concepts, machine learning algorithms like logical regression, along with R Language implementation.

Projects to practice: Breast Cancer Classification
Description: Here we train you well with the Python libraries such as NumPy, Tensorflow, Scikit, and Matplotlib, and so on along with some of the Machine learning and deep learning algorithms.



Nice place to study Machine Learning Concepts from good trainers. 100 job assurance in a row I have attended an interview placed in Hexaware with a good package. I suggest people join and brighten their future from SLA.

Saritha Shiva

I have done my R and Machine Learning training course from SLA. it is really a nice place to learn more about technical courses. The trainers are so good and the educational atmosphere is really good. lab facilities and classrooms are very good. They offer placements and soft-skill interview preparation classes. Those classes are really helpful at the time of interviews. they assure job opportunities.

Kumaran Natarajan

Very comprehensive training and a dedicated team provide good support for learners. Enhances our skills to suit expectations across IT companies.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Machine Learning is the on-demand skill in which numerous commonly asked questions arise time-to-time. Here we give some of the frequently asked questions that could be the answer to your queries.

What programming languages can be learned for Machine Learning ?

If you are good at programming, you can learn Python, If you have a statistics background, you can learn SAS or R. You can go with Java, Scala, or JavaScript.

Is Machine Learning hard to learn?

Machine Learning has advanced algorithms that require a lot of hands-on practices, creativity, and tenacity. It is slightly hard but in our Machine Learning Training Institute, we make it easy through our interactive and enjoyable course structure.

Why is it called Machine Learning?

The machine is Learning from algorithms to process data for extracting patterns with accuracy.

Why should I learn a programming language before Machine Learning Course?

Machine Learning concepts can be learned without programming languages but to implement the concepts in applications, it requires Python or SAS or R to make it easy for adding syntax and algorithms.

Does Google implement Machine Learning Concepts?

Google implements Machine Learning algorithms to offer personalized and valuable user experience for its customers.

Is there a placement guarantee for the Machine Learning course in your institution?

We provide PLACEMENT Guidance in the Machine Learning course and that is why we are the No.1 Machine Learning Centers in Chennai. At SLA, we train our Machine Learning students for interviews and offer placements in the corporate companies for the right students.

When can i start Machine Learning course after enrolling?

Your course time will be allocated by our Tech Leads immediately for the Machine Learning Course and if you want to take a free demo, it will also be arranged by them.

What is the batch size for the Machine Learning Course at SLA?

We allocate a small batch for our Machine Learning students to give individual attention. In case of unavoidable leaves taken by students, the backup classes for Machine Learning will be taken in their flexible timing. Also, our Machine Learning trainer takes a one-to-one classroom session if the student requires it. However, our batch maximum size for Machine Learning Training in Chennai is limited with 4 to 5 candidates.

Why is it important to learn Machine Learning at your Institute?

At SLA, we have designed the Machine Learning Course in Chennai by our industry experienced trainers who are 10+years of field exposure. The Machine Learning course is framed with a high focus on practical hands-on sessions on real-time projects and problems as per the industry-standard Machine Learning curriculum. We offer the course at an affordable Machine Learning Training fee in Chennai that has the facility to pay in two installments. We provide you preeminent support for the placement of Machine Learning in reputed IT companies along with soft skill development courses and career development guidance free of cost.

How can I enroll in SLA for Machine Learning SAS Training?

You have three ways to get enrolled at SLA for the best Machine Learning Training in Chennai.

    • Fill the inquiry form and our counselor will contact and guide you.
    • Open the chat so that you can get detailed information about enrolling.
    • Call / WhatsApp at 8608700340 and we are available 24/7 to assist you.
        Still, have questions? Reach us to get clarified.


    • Take a Data Science Journey from Getting a Course to Become a Skilled Machine Learning Expert.

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