R Programming Training in Chennai

R Programming Training In Chennai

Best R Programming Training in Chennai

Register for the best R Programming Training in Chennai that equips your knowledge for effective data manipulation, calculation, and graphical display. We provide extraordinary R Training in Chennai with hands-on practices on various statistical and graphical techniques such as Linear, Non-Linear Modelling, Classical Statistical Tests, Clustering, Classification, Time-Series Analysis, and so on.

R Programming Training in Chennai

Welcome to the Best R Programming Training Institute in Chennai. Expert in data analysis, data manipulation, statistical computing, graphics, and statistical analysis. R is a popular software environment and programming language that is used for statistical computing and computer graphics. R Programming language supports well for data analysis processes and it is the best choice for Data Miners around the world.

It can be easily learned by beginners if they have statistics knowledge or mathematics background. We provide comprehensive training with a practical hands-on understanding of the best-in-class R programming course syllabus that makes you shine with job-ready skills.

Overview of R Programming Course in Chennai

We offer the No.1 R Language Training in Chennai as R Programming is used widely around the globe for statistics-oriented computing and graphical-oriented computing. R Language is the topmost choice of data scientists as it is well-developed, simple, and effective that consists of conditions, loops, functions, and IO facilities. It gives an integrated collection of tools for data analysis and makes the job easy for data scientists.

We at SLA Academy provide all-inclusive training with job-ready skills in our R Language Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance. R Programming Training in Chennai at SLA provides fundamental and advanced concepts with the most seasoned and certified expert faculties in the statistical evaluation field. SLA, the Best R Programming Training Institute In Chennai helps working professionals on exploratory data analysis, text mining, predictive modeling (Linear regression, normal distribution, density, etc.), and machine learning. Call us for more details or simply fill out the inquiry form to get enrolled in the Best R Training in Chennai.

About R Programming Training in Chennai

R Programming is a dynamic statistical programming language. It is turning out to be the most needed skill in the domain of analytics due to its open-source nature. Several amazing packages are present in R that will assist in quick data evaluation. The highlight of R is that it can be synced with other data management tools including Excel, Oracle, etc. SLA that provides R Programming Training in Chennai harnesses the power of R Programming with a keen eye for quality.

R Training in Chennai has gained a sufficient reputation due to the open-source nature of the software. When you register for the R training course in Chennai at SLA then you will get comprehensive knowledge of R and also real-time exposure to it. Not only on theoretical, but you also become an expert in practical aspects through our expert coaching.

R is a popular and developer-friendly coding language to develop statistical computing and graphics. It is developed by John Chambers and his colleagues at Dell laboratories.

It provides a wide variety of techniques required for statistical and graphical such as linear and non-linear modeling, classical statistical tests, time-series analysis, clustering, and classifications. And R Programming is highly extensible with many mathematical symbols and formulas are defined in inbuilt libraries.

R provides integrated software facilities for data manipulation, graphics, and calculation that consist of effective data handling, storage facility, powerful operators, graphic displaying facilities, and so on. It is aimed to characterize a fully planned system than other software systems that are designed around a true computer language. The R language can be extended with packages easily used for modern statistics. In our R Language Training Institute in Chennai, students can learn from the fundamentals to the advanced concepts along with complete hands-on exposure.

One of the unique strengths of the R language is publication-quality plots to produce mathematical symbols and formulas wherever required. Also, R is an open-source software application and is freely available. R compiles and executes on all operating systems like UNIX platform, Linux OS, Windows OS, and macOS. It provides a wide range of statistical facilities such as linear modeling, non-linear modeling, classical statistical tests, clustering, classification, time-series analysis, and so on along with graphical techniques. Our trainers equip all the students with the required knowledge on the foundation and advanced concepts through our R Programming Course in Chennai.

What’s New in R Language?

New features of R Language have just been updated with gradient fills, pattern fills, masks, and clipping paths to the R Graphic Engine in version R 4.1.0. We can utilize them for graphic-related processes on data analysis, computing, and so on. The important thing in R’s new features is all the graphic implementation will be done with a few source codes that are very understandable even by beginners. Our R Language Training in Chennai enhanced with new updates and the trainers will be updated their knowledge to provide industry-ready skills for the aspiring candidates.

Our Specialized R Language Training

We provide R Language Training in Chennai in both online and classroom modes with flexible course duration and timings. Our R Course Syllabus can be customized as per the skill set of the learners. For Beginners, it will be started from fundamentals and it can be personalized for working professionals who have related field or programming experience. Trainers of the R Language Course in Chennai have core skills, techies, and a passion for teaching interested people. We deliver world-class coaching with balanced teaching of practical and theoretical to make the students thorough with the concepts.

Course Objectives of R Programming Certification Training in Chennai

Our R Language Course in Chennai has a goal to offer intensive training on how to programming in R Language from scratch. We teach you from installing the R Software package, environmental setup configuration, and coding the source lines for fundamental programming to the advanced data analysis. R Language Training Course covers significant concepts like statistical computing, data access using R, packages of R, functions of R, debugging R source code, profiling, organizing, and commenting with R codes. We give comprehensive training with complete hands-on practices and industry-worth certification in our R programming certification Training in Chennai.

We offer all-inclusive R Language Training in Chennai for IT aspirants with a clear understanding of critical programming concepts with R Language, how to configure statistical programming software, implement R loop functions in required places, apply to debug tools efficiently, and usage of R profiler for collecting raw data from various sources. Our students will acquire top-niche skills such as fundamental Data Analysis, debugging, RStudio, and other R programming concepts in our R Language Training Center in Chennai.

When you have a reasonable knowledge of statistics combined with the skills of R then your career in data analytics will be a fruitful one. With its exhaustive usage in several big firms including banks, healthcare, logistics, etc. With its exhaustive usage in several big firms including banks, health care, logistics, etc. R Programming Course in Chennai is turning out to be one of the most sought-after software. You will be frustrated with evaluating huge data sets in a short span. This is compensated with the help of R. With R, We can run our code without any compiler, Numerous calculations can be done in vectors, and Statistical Language to perform any kind of task.

Being an open-source software contributes to the wide usage of R and this, in turn, builds sufficient opportunities for professionals who wish to take up a career in this promising field. We can able to integrate this R Programming for data manipulations, calculations, and graphical display that consists of the following features:

  • It gives effective data handling and storage facility
  • It is suitable for array calculations, matric functions, and operator implementations
  • It has a large, coherent, and integrated collection of tools required for better data analytics
  • It has many graphical facilities for data analysis and displays features on-screen or in handy copies.
  • It is a well-designed, efficient programming language that includes conditionals, loops, user-defined recursive functions along with many input and output facilities.

R Programming Training Fees & Duration in Chennai

Any candidate who has passed graduation or pursued their degree is eligible for R Language Training in Chennai. R Language Course Duration comes around 45 to 60 hours and it can be combined with a Data Science Course to become Data Scientists.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

R Programming Course Fees are affordable to pay in two installments. As it can be combined with a Data Science Course, R Language Training Cost will be varied. Call our career counselor to know more about the R Language Training Fee.

Who Should attend the R Training in Chennai

Our R Language course can learn by any interesting candidates and our curriculum is framed as per the industry requirements with the personalized facilities. We train students with complete hands-on exposure through online mode and classroom mode as per their time convenient timing. Our all virtual training is instructor-led that is enhanced with hands-on exposure on real-time projects. So that college-goers, working professionals, fresh graduates can have their flexible course timing for learning R Programming Course in Chennai. We provide unlimited lab hours as we believe in learning by doing concept and our R course curriculum is designed by our expert trainers.

Any aspiring candidate who wants to work with R Programming can learn from the Best R Programming Institute with placement in Chennai from SLA. Besides, the following individuals can also learn this powerful language

  • Aspiring candidates who want to work with R Programming.
  • Candidates inclined in statistics and data science
  • Web developers who are keen on executing data evaluation on their web page
  • Researchers who take care of data analysis

Prerequisites for learning R Programming Training in Chennai

No coding knowledge required for learning R Language. However, basic knowledge in the following concepts are an added advantage:

  • Knowledge in statistics and mathematics
  • Fundamental of graphical data representation

We have expert trainers in our R Language Training Institute in Chennai to provide job-oriented coaching for beginners and experienced candidates according to their skill level. Beginners will learn from the fundamentals of R Language, while experienced candidates who have any other programming language can learn with the personalized curriculum that includes Data Science with R Programming. Check out the detailed curriculum which is designed by our industry experts on this page under the heading of R Course Curriculum and explore the topics from basics to advance.

R Programming Course Syllabus

R Training Course syllabus specially designed and covers the key concepts from such as effective data handling, storage facility, array calculations, matrices features, integration of intermediate tools, data analysis techniques, data visualization for the graphical representation of data, loops, and user-defined functions with complete hands-on experiences on real-time projects.

After the course completion, one can be able to have a detailed understanding of R Language concepts along with extraordinary guidance through our updated R Programming Interview Questions and Answers on our site. Our Course Syllabus covers the following major concepts in our R Language Training Institute in Chennai.

As far as innovation is concerned, R’s open-source nature offers companies the required boost. This is because this is a world that is focused on data and you have to shine in the competition. Data science is a great business priority as per Gartner Research. Now the reputation of R Training is going to see even more surge. Suppose you are keen to expand your horizons and you possess data evaluation skills, then R Language can be an amazing language.


  • What are Data Analysis, Data Analytics and Data Science?
  • Business Decisions
  •  Case study of Walmart

Various analytics tools

  • Descriptive
  • Predictive
  • Web Analytics>
  • Google Analytics
  •  R and features
  •  Evolution of R?
  •  Big data Hadoop and R

Data Types

  • R & R Studio Installation Scalar
  •  Vectors
  •  Matrix
  •  List
  •  Data frames
  •  Factors
  •  Handling date in R
  •  Conversion of data types
  •  Operators in R

Importing Data

  • CSV files Database data (Oracle 11g)
  •  XML files
  •  JSON files
  •  Reading & Writing PDF files
  •  Reading & Writing JPEG files
  •  Saving Data in R

Manipulating Data

  • Cbind, Rbind Sorting
  •  Aggregating
  •  dplyr

Conditional Statements and Functions

  • If …else
  •  For loop
  •  While loop
  •  Repeat loop
  •  Apply()
  •  sApply()
  •  rApply()
  •  tApply

Statistical Concepts

  • Descriptive Statistics
  •  Inferential Statistics
  •  Central Tendency (Mean,Mode,Median)
  •  Hypothesis Testing
  •  Probability
  •  tTest
  •  zTest
  •  Chi Square test
  •  Correlation
  •  Covariance
  •  Anova

Predictive Modelling

  • Linear Regression
  •  Normal distribution
  •  Density

Data Visualisation in R using GGPlot

  • Box Plot
  •  Histograms
  •  Scatter Plotter
  •  Line chart
  •  Bar Chart
  •  Heat maps
  •  Csv files

Misc. functions and Data Visualization using Plotly

  • 3D-view
  • Geo Maps
  •  Null Handling
  •  Merge
  •  Grep
  •  Scan

Advance Topics in R

  • Text Mining
  •  Exploratory Data Analysis
  •  Machine Learning with R (concept)

significance of R Programming Training in Chennai

R Programming experts can obtain various kinds of jobs in the IT industry and Data Science Industry as it proves the cutting-edge technology features for many industries around the world. Millions of data have been created by people every day and someone should work on these massive amounts of data to the structured pattern for the future enhancement of the industries. Traditional data analysis was done manually or with complicated tools like SPSS for the companies that end with inaccuracy and latency of the results.

R came as a big solution and it became a game-changer for the data analysis industry through its open-source availability. We at SLA Academy help our students to learn nooks and corners of R programming from developing a simple application to implementing Data Analysis in our R Language Training Institute in Chennai.

When you have adequate knowledge of statistics combined with the skills of R then your career in data analytics will be a fruitful one. With its exhaustive usage in several big firms including banks, health care, logistics, etc. R Programming Training in Chennai is turning out to be one of the most sought-after software. You will be frustrated with evaluating huge data sets in a short span. This is compensated with the help of R.

  • We can run our code without any compiler
  • Numerous calculations can be done in vectors
  • Statistical Language to perform any kind of task.

R programming is a new and competent technology. When you study R Programming Training In Chennai from SLA, you will also be placed in top MNCs. Moreover, top companies are motivating their staff to be familiar with R and are trying to harness their skills. This is the reason a career in R Programming is beneficial. R programming jobs for freshers are also on the rise.

The need for data analysis is increased as the new languages are introduced in the market. R Programming language provides the platform for data graphics and statistical computing like time and classifications. So the R Programming Training in Chennai has a solid boom along with Hadoop and Python. Over 2 Million users adopted the R Programming Language in today’s survey which includes AI and Machine Learning.

The average annual income of the R Programmer is around 60 lakhs per annum as per the top job portal website’s data. The certification from the Top R Programming Training Institute in Chennai with high-level programming experience helps to obtain the job from reputed companies. SLA is the best choice.

The rapid growth of Careers in R Programming

The growth of R has been exploded and accompanied by many trending technologies like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IoT devices, Blockchain, and so on that can be installed and implemented by small to large businesses around the world. R is now the primary tool and the programming language that is chosen by international data scientists. We offer the best R Programming Course in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance to generate more techies for the data science field.

Job Roles that can be obtained after the R Training in Chennai

R Language professionals can find jobs in global companies as there are 1 million job vacancies required to be filled by qualified and certified people. Popular job portals like Naukri, Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, etc can be used for the students’ reference and we help the learners to find and apply for the positions that can be opted according to their skill level through our dedicated placement team at R Programming Training in Chennai.

Industries that Adapted R Language

Industries like healthcare, government, academic, consulting, insurance, energy, retail, media, finance, manufacturing, technologies, electronics, and so on are recruiting numerous employees for their software development with R, and Data Analytics with R. For Academics R is used as a research tool, for healthcare to analyze genetic sequences, for government to keep the records, for IT to gain insights of the business, for finance and banking to detect fraudulence, and for search engines to make page suggestions.

Our dedicated placement cell of R Language Training Institute in Chennai equips the students’ ability through resume writing skills, communication skills, personality development skills, job searching skills, mock interview practices, and vacancy guidance.

Job Roles that can be Obtained after the R Training in Chennai

  • Data Visualization Analyst
  • DB Admin, R Programmer
  • Data Architect
  • QA with R Programming
  • GEO Statistical Analyst

Companies, especially start-ups embrace the skills of R Programmers. The various roles that an R Programmer can have are R Data Scientist, Analyst Manager, Analyst Consultant, Business Analyst, Data Scientist (IT), and Senior Data Analyst.

Trainer Profile of our R Programming Training Institute in Chennai

SLA has qualified trainers who have more than 15+ years of experience in the field and proficient in theoretical and practical knowledge. Trainers are more friendly with the students for individual attention and make sure a thorough understanding of the concepts. High-level technical competency in R Programming

  • Vast knowledge in Statistics, Probability, Data Model and Mathematics
  • Good Communication Skills and explain efficiently even the complex topics
  • Believe in “Learn by Doing” strategy and allocate many real-time problems
  • Gain high-grade international certification and 3500+ happy learners
  • Experience in top companies with lofty profiles
  • Real Passion towards students success for the placement

We offer virtual and classroom modes of R Language Training in Chennai through our expert trainers who have niche skills on the core concepts such as R Basics, Data Structures, conditional statements, OOPs, functions, querying, filtering, and summarizing. T

hey are basically techies but have a passion for teaching and they have designed the curriculum according to the industry requirements. Our trainers of the R Programming Course in Chennai equip the learners by giving periodical assessments, case studies, frequently asked question practices, and many interview tips along with core technical skill development.

Make a smart decision for your futuristic career in the data analysis field by choosing our R Language Training Institute in Chennai.

R Language Internship Training in Chennai

Learn in-demand R Programming skills with practical implementation at our R Language Internship Training Institute in Chennai. Earn industry-ready skills with major concepts of R Programming such as analytical tools, data types, data importing, data manipulating, conditional statements, statistics, predictive modeling, advanced concepts, etc., and become a competent R professional such as a Data scientist, and data analyst. etc.

Implement the things you have learned from our comprehensive course curriculum to the real projects and problems with the complete hands-on practices. Our R Language internship training in Chennai is based on unceasing practices to make sure a detailed knowledge of key concepts. Internship Certification will be provided at the end of the R Language Internship program that assists you to acquire a high paid job and perform from day one.

Propel your career in R Language Training in Chennai as the requirement for skilled and certified professionals for the top companies is rising day by day. Learning is a continuous process. Keep Learning! Keep Moving!!

R Language Certification Training in Chennai

We offer completion certificates at the end of R Programming Training in Chennai. Companies around the world need certified professionals but have no time to validate them on a skill basis. Our Certification bridges the skill gap of the industries through our industry-relevant R Certification Training in Chennai. Our certification will be provided on the basis of validating the skills that come from the in-depth learning and hands-on practices on the following basis:

  • Solving problems that involve a real dataset
  • Thorough knowledge in R Data types, vectors, and advance functions
  • Ensure the understanding of complicated topics
  • Verifying the result of the assignments, case studies, and projects.

Therewith, Our R Language certification adds value to your resume and takes you to a high profile.

User Reviews on R Programming Training in Chennai

Vikas Chauhan

Hi, myself Vikas. When my family shifted from Delhi to Chennai after my graduation, I struggled a lot to find a job in this new city. I was googled for the best training institute that provide training along with a certification that helps me to get placed like a cherry on the top. After the deep analysis and tried with the demo class, I have found SLA Jobs. I joined here for Data Science Training with R Programming. Ram sir was my coach and I should appreciate his coaching. He trained me with more passion and completed my course with confidence in two months. Initially, I couldn’t get job but the placement team of SLA Jobs encouraged me and fixed many interviews without any extra fees. They kept training me with what is weak with me and improved my aptitude skills and personality skills. Finally, I got placed in Solucrine Technology in a good profile. Thanks to Shabana Mam and the whole placement team of SLA. I recommend this Institute to my friends.


I was searching for a decent institute for R Programming Training Course in Chennai, And I came to know about SoftLogic academy! At once, I asked them for a demo class. One demo class was enough to clearly know this is the best training institute for R programming! I joined here and found the classes to be very interesting. I got full practical training and for sure, this is the best training academy there ever is!


I was not clear with R programming concepts, so I personally needed training. Through my office group training, I attended R Programming classes at SLA! This was the best thing that could happen to me professionally. The tutors at SLA are simply the best! They train even the basics with utmost importance and both the freshers and advanced professionals are given equal importance. I totally recommend the SLA if you are looking for R Programming Training Institutes Chennai.

Vijay Venkatesh

The Best institute for doing your R Language Training in Chennai. Great placement support and a nice training atmosphere! Their instructors are really good and the classes were very lively! Excellent practical training and they were very good in their training sessions! Recommend the SLA training center to successfully complete the R programming and to become a certified R programming professional. I attended their post-training sessions and also got placed in a top IT firm!


I took online training for R Programming Certification and was very pleased with their coaching! This place came recommended to me by one of my friends who did his training in this training center. Fantastic training and excellent training center for students to learn! Great student-tutor equation which is the main reason why they have great training experience with students! I found this place to be a motivating environment and the fees are quite affordable!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

R Language is the on-demand skill in which numerous commonly asked questions arise time-to-time. Here we give some of the frequently asked questions that could be the answer to your queries.

Is It easy to learn R Programming Language?

R Language has many additional packages that make hard things easy. So it is easy to learn for freshers as well as experienced professionals. No coding knowledge required for learning R Language.

Is R Language worth learning?

Definitely, Big Yes! R is the perfect programming language to perform analytical operations in industry projects. R can be implemented in many applications some of them are healthcare, finance, media for analyzing their data.

Is R Language based on OOPs concept?

R programming language is based on OOPs. Moreover, R has three class systems such as S3, S4, and Reference Class System.

Can I get R Programming software for free?

R is the open-source and freely available software used mainly for statistical computing and graphics supported. Many data miners and statisticians used R for developing statistical software and data analysis.

Who created R Programming?

R Programming Language was created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman in the year 1990. The main purpose of R Language creation is to perform statistics for data cleaning, data analysis, and data representation.

Is R still used in the industry?

Yes. Data Science with R Language is used widely in the financial industry as it provides an advanced statistical suite in which we are able to carry out necessary financial tasks. And other sectors also used R for various purposes.

How is the learning curve of R and is it easier than Python?

R is a bit more difficult than Python for the non-statistical background students as it doesn’t have normal conventions like Python. But for statistical people, it is very much easy to pick up.

How can I enroll in SLA for R Language Training?

You have three ways to get enrolled at SLA for the Best R Programming Training in Chennai.

    • Fill the inquiry form and our counselor will contact and guide you.
    • Open the chat so that you can get detailed information about enrolling.
    • Call / WhatsApp at +91 860 8700 340 and we are available 24/7 to assist you.
        Still, have questions? Reach us to get clarified.


    • Take a Data Science Journey from Getting a Course to Become a Skilled R Language Expert.

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