R Training in Chennai

R Programming Training in Chennai

R Programming Training

Learn R Training in Chennai at SLA and get to know the fundamental and advanced concepts with the most seasoned and r certified expert faculties in the statistical evaluation field.

SLA provides Best R Programming Training In Chennai to working professionals on exploratory data analysis, text mining, predictive modelling (Linear regression, normal distribution, density etc.) and machine learning. Call us for more details or simply fill the enquiry form.

What is R Programming Training?

R Programming is a dynamic statistical programming language. It is turning out to be the most needed skill in the domain of analytics due to its open source nature. Several amazing packages are present in R that will assist in quick data evaluation. The highlight of R is that it can be synced with other data management tools including Excel, Oracle, etc. SLA that provides R Programming Training In Chennai harnesses the power of R Programming with a keen eye for quality.

R Training in Chennai has gained sufficient reputation due to the open source nature of the software. When you register for R training in SLA then you will get comprehensive knowledge of R and also real-time exposure to it. Not only on practicals, but you also become expert in theoretical aspects through our expert coaching.

Why R Programming?

When you have a reasonable knowledge of statistics combined with the skills of R then your career in data analytics will be a fruitful one. With its exhaustive usage in several big firms including banks, healthcare, logistics etc.

R is a turning out to be one of the most sought after software. You will be frustrated with evaluating huge data sets in a short span, This is compensated with the help of R. Being an open source software contributes to the wide usage of R and this in turn builds sufficient opportunities for professionals who wish to take up a career in this promising field.

Who should Attend?

Any aspiring candidate who want to work with R can learn R Programming from SLA. Besides, the following individuals can also learn this powerful language

  • Aspiring candidates who want to work with R
  • Candidates inclined in statistics and data science
  • Web developers who are keen on executing data evaluation in their webpage
  • Researchers who take care of data analysis

R Programming Training Duration and Course Fees

The Aspiring candidate can discuss the course duration and fees with the help desk. We value the convenience of the candidate and offer flexible timings.

R Training Duration
TrackRegular TrackWeekend TrackFast Track
Course Duration30 – 40 Days5 WeekendsAccording to your Convenience
Hours2 hours a day6 hours a dayFits your Requirements
Training ModeLive ClassroomLive ClassroomLive Classroom

Prerequisites for R Programming Training

There are no hard prerequisites for learning R. However, good knowledge of statistics will be an added advantage.

One more thing to keep in mind that if you are inclined to apply for several analytical functions then some basic comprehension of statistics would be great. But when you take it as a programming language, there is no requirement to have understanding of any programming languages.

Data Science in R Training Course Syllabus

As far as innovation is concerned, R’s open source nature offers companies the required boost. This is because this is a world that is focused on data and you have to shine in the competition. Data science is a great business priority as per Gartner Research. Now the reputation of R Training is going to see even more surge. Suppose you are keen to expand your horizons and you possess data evaluation skills, then R Language can be an amazing language.

  • What are Data Analysis, Data Analytics and Data Science?
  • Business Decisions
  • Case study of Walmart
  • Descriptive
  • Predictive
  • Web Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • R and features
  • Evolution of R?
  • Big data Hadoop and R
  • R & R Studio Installation
  • Scalar
  • Vectors
  • Matrix
  • List
  • Data frames
  • Factors
  • Handling date in R
  • Conversion of data types
  • Operators in R
  • CSV files
  • Database data (Oracle 11g)
  • XML files
  • JSON files
  • Reading & Writing PDF files
  • Reading & Writing JPEG files
  • Saving Data in R
  • Cbind, Rbind
  • Sorting
  • Aggregating
  • dplyr
  • If …else
  • For loop
  • While loop
  • Repeat loop
  • Apply()
  • sApply()
  • rApply()
  • tApply
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Central Tendency (Mean,Mode,Median)
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Probability
  • tTest
  • zTest
  • Chi Square test
  • Correlation
  • Covariance
  • Anova
  • Linear Regression
  • Normal distribution
  • Density
  • Box Plot
  • Histograms
  • Scatter Plotter
  • Line chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Heat maps
  • 3D-view
  • Geo Maps
  • Null Handling
  • Merge
  • Grep
  • Scan
  • Text Mining
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning with R (concept)

Career in R Programming

R programming is a new and competent technology. When you study R Programming Training In Chennai from SLA, you will also be placed in top MNCs. In fact, top companies are motivating their staff to be familiar with R and are trying to harness their skills. This is the reason career in R Programming is beneficial. R programming jobs for freshers is also on the rise.

Job Profile of R Programmers

Companies especially start-ups embrace the skills of R Programmers. The various roles that an R Programmer can have are:

  • R Data Scientist
  • Analyst Manager
  • Analyst Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Scientist (IT)
  • Senior Data Analyst

Why SLA for R Programming Training?

Offering best quality training at cost-effective fees is the motto of SLA. We provide training in niche technologies that are most sought. All our trainers are experts with good experience. Our goals complement well with the students’ objectives to form their career in this competitive world.

When you take up R programming training in Chennai from SLA which is one of the top training centers, there are lot of perks attached to it:

  • The candidates would get a thorough course material.
  • The course materials are prepared according to the latest advancements.
  • We impart R in such a way that you can apply it for effective data evaluation.
  • The trainers at SLA are industry-level experts.
  • One-to-one attention is given to the students so that the students can gain more.
  • Flexible batch timings to cater to the requirements of both freshers and working professionals.
Students Speak

I was searching for a decent institute for R Programming Training Course in Chennai, And I came to know about SoftLogic academy! At once, I asked them for a demo class. One demo class was enough to clearly know this is the best training institute for R programming! Joined here and found the classes to be very interesting. I got full practical training and for sure, this is the best training academy there ever is!

— Anusha

I was not clear with R programming concepts, so I personally needed training. Through my office group training attended R Programming classes at SLA! This was the best thing that could happen to me professionally. The tutors at SLA are simply the best! They train even the basics with utmost importance and both the freshers and advanced professionals are given equal importance. Totally recommend the SLA if you are looking for R Programming Training Institutes Chennai.

— Dhiya

Took online training for R Programming Certification and was very pleased with their coaching! This place came recommended to me by one of my friends who did his training in this training centre. Fantastic training and excellent training centre for students to learn! Great student-tutor equation which is the main reason why they have a great training experience with students! I found this place to be a motivated environment and the fees are quite affordable!

— Kaviya

The Best institute for doing your R Language Training in Chennai. Great placement support and nice training atmosphere! Their instructors are really good and the classes were very lively! Excellent practical training and they were very good in their training sessions! Recommend SLA training centre to successfully complete the R programming and to become a certified R programming professional. I attended their post training sessions and also got placed in a top IT firm!

— Vijay Vengatesh

For good R programming coaching, choose this training institute! Had previously attended R programming classes at another institute which was not effective for me. Then, joined SLA for R Programming Language Training Course in Chennai and found Softlogic Academy to be the best IT training institute for R programming coaching. The trainer was excellent and I learnt so much in his training sessions! I feel very confident now with subject knowledge I have gained by attending classes here! The syllabus covers every concept for both beginners and advanced levels. This is one top IT institute to get trained for R programming.

— Srinivasan