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Hibernate Training in ChennaiA solution called Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) has gained major popularity over the past few years. ORM is a piece of software/product for the representation and conversion of data between the database and the object-oriented programming language. Hibernate is one such ORM solution and it is an open-source project. It is an open source persistent framework created by Gavin King in 2001. It is a powerful, high-performance, feature-rich and very popular ORM solution for Java too.

In general, when you want to interact with database you need to know SQL, your database may change and you might need to change SQL a little bit as well. Hibernate lets you get rid of this problem. Hibernate is database independent. You can work with any database you want, like oracle, MySQL, db2, sql server, etc. – Using hibernate you will not worry about writing database specific queries and syntax. Hibernate provides HQL (Hibernate Query Language), which is compatible with any database server. You just need to write queries in HQL, at the end hibernate converts HQL to underlying database and executes it.

Hibernate Framework has become very famous over the recent past because of its huge variety of features when compared with its competitors. It takes much of the database related boilerplate code from the developers, thereby asking the developers to concentrate on the core business logic of the application and not with the error-prone SQL syntax. Hibernate relieves the developer from 95% of common data persistence related programming tasks. Developers utilizing Hibernate can greatly reduce the amount of time and effort needed to code, test, and deploy applications.

Hibernate course in Chennai, at Softlogic Academy is considered one of the most worthwhile in the recent times

Softlogic academy is well known for the Quality Hibernate Training in Chennai and in turn, Hibernate technology is well known for its excellent stability and quality. Our Training program will help you to have a Complete Understanding on how to apply Hibernate to persistence requirements in both Java and JEE. We frame the syllabus that matches the present industry requirements with vivid theories and real-time examples, which would help students to work better in the particular field. The course also deals with many hibernate related maintenance and performance reality scenarios.

Hibernate technology and hibernate course as such is a pioneering skill which every IT aspirant envies. And Softlogic has been one of the pioneers in coaching learners on this most looked-for module. This course offered at SLA, provides a complete and exhaustive coverage of Hibernate with features like ORM mapping, Persistent class, HQL, Transaction and caching, Inheritance Mapping and many more.

After taking this class, students and trainees will be able to build faster, more flexible and easier to maintain application persistence layers with the Hibernate framework, Skills to use a pre-built framework for rapid application development are acquired and they can effortlessly develop an ORM application to manipulate database.

Target Audience pre-requisites for doing this Hibernate course

Anyone who has a good understanding of the Java Programming language (Core java, Java syntax, J2EE) can opt for this course. A basic understanding of relational databases and SQL is also very helpful. A degree from the computer science background can also be complementary, while taking up this course.

Softlogic, the best Hibernate training Institute’s Program Features

Industry exposure is guaranteed to all our students, who join our hibernate training classes. Practical tests and periodic exercises will be provided to enrich the programming skills related to hibernate. The Syllabus/contents are customized and designed by corporate professionals. The module is delivered to students at their chosen and convenient time. An accommodative batch size at an affordable cost makes the learning environment more encouraging at Softlogic Academy. You will have access to our fully configured lab assets where you can practice under our lab admins. We provide adequate project support with the required study materials. We have the most advanced Training Resources from structured course materials to learning CDs to Video Tutorials and custom lessons with specific terminologies and examples from current businesses. Simulations that we train students on; are based on corporate systems, mirroring the exact system version, configuration and business processes. Placement guidance is arranged for every student with excellent mock interview and resume preparations. Our Hibernate training space, just like any other course, is equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. Our intensive & practical oriented Hibernate Training in Chennai will definitely make you realize your value for money invested in the course. A java developer or fresh engineer can push his/her career in this future promising field after pursuing Hibernate training from Softlogic Academy. To get more details contact Softlogic instantly and speak to our professionals and counselors about our Hibernate training.

Softlogic, the best Hibernate training Institute’s Program Features

We have highly experienced and certified faculty members in team Softlogic Academy. Our Trainers are from leading MNCs with more than a decade of real-time experience in the IT industry. With the trainers’ rich subject knowledge & Clarity in delivering the Hibernate Training, SLA guarantees you 100% satisfaction in the training programme. Our trainers are certified in Oracle Java Hibernate and various database applications – They will briefly explain many tactics and demands of the IT field with different perspectives. With their knowledge and teaching skills, one will acquire a thorough knowledge on Hibernate and would become an expert.

Certification& Job assistance for Hibernate technology at SLA

SLA is impeccably known to be the No.1 training institute in Chennai, in terms of quality and credibility of their Faculties, lab facilities and course modules. We always get positive feedback from our students; they are a happy lot because as we assure 100% excellence in every effort that we take in equipping tech savvies. To elucidate further about us, we offer Extra classes for Programming, Group discussions are organized from time to time, Aptitude tests are conducted periodically, Personality Development and Interview tips are provided, etc.

Java Hibernate certification training path is provided to all students on the successful completion of their course and this adds plus points to one’s profile. After gaining knowledge from our expert trainers, students are able to fetch a job anywhere in India. SLA provides plenty of interview opportunities after the course completion, so that students will be placed as early as possible. So are you ready to be trained from the Best Hibernate Training Institute in Chennai? Well, then inquire about the upcoming batch for Hibernate and reserve your seat at Softlogic

Hibernate Training Course Syllabus

Introduction to Hibernate

  • Issues with Persistence layers and Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)
  • Hibernate Overview and Benefits
  • Hibernate architecture overview
  • POJO (Plain Old Java Object) Based Mapping

Getting started with Hibernate quickly

  • Overview of the Hibernate distribution
  • Configuring Hibernate
  • hibernate.cfg.xml file
  • SessionFactory configuration
  • Connection properties, Database dialect
  • Configuration class, Session Interface
  • “Hello World” Program for Hibernate
  • Mapping a Class
  • Persistent Entity Class, Hibernate Mapping
  • File, Mapping the Entity Class
  • Primary keys: Id property, Generated Id
  • Hibernate Type System Working with sessions and Persistent Objects

Overview and configuration for Hibernate

  • Querying
  • Inserting and Updating Entities
  • HQL – Hibernate Query Language Overview
  • The Query Interface
  • Creating and working with queries
  • Named Queries, Projection Queries, Aggregate Queries

The Persistence Lifecycle

  • Transaction Overview and Transactions in Hibernate
  • Hibernate Transaction API (in Managed and Non-managed Environments)
  • The lifecycle of managed objects
  • Persistent, transient, and detached objects
  • The Persistence (Session) Context (Lifespan, Relation to Managed Objects, Propagation)
  • Contextual Sessions
  • Synchronization to the Database

Optimistic Locking / Versioning

  • Detached Objects and Optimistic Locking
  • Versioning overview and Using Versioning
  • Locking Objects
  • Object Relationship Overview
  • Mapping Collections of Value Objects
  • Entity Relationships: 1-N, N-1, N-N, 1-1
  • Mapping Entity Relationships
  • Uni and Bi-directional Relationships
  • The Relationship “inverse”
  • Cascading Over Relationships
  • Queries Across Relationships (Lazy and Eager)

Inheritance Mapping

  • Entity Inheritance with Hibernate
  • Table-per-class mapping
  • Table per Subclass mapping
  • Table per Concrete Class mapping

Additional Querying Capabilities

  • Projection Queries, Aggregate queries
  • Bulk updates and deletes
  • Native SQL Queries
  • Query Filters

The Criteria API

  • Overview of the Criteria API
  • Working Querying with the Criteria API
  • Query by Example

Hibernate and Java Persistence / EJB 3

  • Overview of Java Persistence
  • EJB 3
  • Relationship between Java Persistence and Hibernate
  • Overview of Annotations
  • Mapping Entities with Hibernate Annotations
  • The EntityManager, Persistence Context and Persistence Unit
  • Working with Transactions – EntityTransaction, Managed, and Unmanaged
  • Environments
  • Inserts and Updates
  • JPQL – Java Persistence Query Language
  • Versioning

Students Speak

SLA is the excellent training institute in Chennai. I received professional, thorough, useful & informative Hibernate training from a specialized trainer in SLA. He is very knowledgeable & skilled. I enjoyed all lectures delivered by him. Excellent Classroom, lab and infrastructure facilities too. Thanks SLA!

— Shek Appas

SLA is an outstanding training institute to gather knowledge in technical concepts and theories. If you wish to establish a career in the technical field, I recommend that you join Softlogic. Kudos to Softlogic.

— Arivazhagan K

This is an amazing institute for learning Hibernate technology. Learning experience at Softlogic was excellent. The trainer through his Training Sessions cleared all my doubts. I am looking forward to enroll myself in more new courses at Softlogic

— Girija N

Hey SLA…It was a real cool experience joining this institute, it is one of the best institutes in Chennai who have been in the training Industry for quite sometime. Special thanks to all trainers who made my hibernate course a great learning experience. People believe me…without wasting your time just join SLA & solve your career codes quickly.

— Manikam

Am glad with the training provided by this institute. Trainer explains every concept with real time examples. The way of the teaching is good. It is the best institute for any software development course. The trainers are very friendly and excellently experienced. I am very happy that i have been a part of SLA.

— Manivannan

Good training was provided with practical experience. I am happy to be a part of this training institute. Classes and lectures were delivered in a Professional manner. Thanks a ton SLA.

— Suriya Kala