CCNA Training in Chennai

CCNA Training Institute in Chennai

CCNA Training Institute in ChennaiIf you are thinking of taking up CCNA training in Chennai, then SLA is the top institute for pursuing the course. With the help of experienced professionals who coaches you on the fundamentals of CCNA, you can gain an edge over other candidates.

We offer superior quality training and make sure that the candidate gains a comprehensive understanding of the CCNA certification related concepts.

Being in the industry for over 20 years, SLA, the Best CCNA Training Institute in Chennai, knows the exact market scenario and hence fulfill the requirements of the candidates seamlessly.

What is the Importance of CISCO CCNA Certification?

There is no doubt that the CCNA certification is one of the most fruitful IT certifications belonging to the hardware and networking field.

The most prominent activity of the certified networking professional is to setup and configure networking infrastructure to stay in tandem with the transforming business needs.

When you have a CCNA certification then it is the beginning point to various other certifications; for instance, CCNA Security, CCNA Wireless, CCNA Voice, and other specialist certificates comprising CCNP.

CCNA Certification Course

IT Network professionals who want to expand their horizons can take up CCNA certification which is the path to other valuable certifications. SLA is one of the top CCNA Training Centers in Chennai that offers training on CCNA concepts with a keen eye on quality.

We lay the foundation for the candidate to take up the CISCO certified exams and also offer placement assistance.

What is the Prerequisite for Taking the CCNA Course at SLA?

There is no big prerequisite for pursuing the CCNA training in Chennai. But a basic knowledge of IP, basic switches and routers would be beneficial. The proficient trainers at SLA take the classes in a lucid manner and focus mainly on practical sessions.

Who can Attend?

  • Any aspiring candidate who wants to commence his/her career in networking industry can take up the CCNA course at SLA.
  • Suppose you are in the networking industry for some time. CCNA course from SLA will have a substantial impact to expand your horizons.

CCNA Course Duration and Fees

SLA gives importance to the convenience of the candidates to a great extent. The Aspiring candidate can consult the technical managers regarding any concerns in course duration.

Three types of tracks are available including normal track, weekend track and fast track. For CCNA course fee structure you can contact at +91 86087 00340.

CCNA Training Duration
TrackRegular TrackWeekend TrackFast Track
Course Duration30 – 40 Days5 WeekendsAccording to your Convenience
Hours2 hours a day6 hours a dayFits your Requirements
Training ModeLive ClassroomLive ClassroomLive Classroom

CCNA Training Course Syllabus

The Course Syllabus includes routing and switching concepts besides various other aspects related to CCNA. SLA, the Best CCNA Training Center in Chennai , teaches the ins and outs of CCNA concepts.

  • Introduction (Certification, Routing, Routing Components)
  • Booting Process, Ports, Simulators, Basic Commands
  • Networking Functions (Static, and Default Routing, Password)
  • Basic Network Troubleshooting
  • Dynamic Routing 1 (RIP1, RIP2, Troubleshooting Commands)
  • Dynamic Routing 2 (IGRP, EIGRP and OSPF)
  • Routing Security (Standard, Extended, Named ACL)
  • Switching 1 (Types, Command, Password, VLAN and Commands)
  • Switching 2 (Inter VLAN and Commands, Trunking Protocol, VTP, STP)
  • WAN Security (Static Dynamic, and PAT NAT)
  • Implementing and Verifying EIGRP
  • Advanced DHCP, VOIP
  • IOS Backup and Restore
  • WAN Technology (PPP, HDLC, ISDN, Frame Relay)

Career Development with CCNA Course

You are gaining knowledge, skills and a pathway to success once you complete the CCNA course. When you have a certification your profile will be boosted. It can also enhance your chance of going up in the ladder of success.

The CCNA certification is having worldwide recognition and your work will remain appropriate wherever you go. There are also chances of getting a hike in your pay-scale when you get a CCNA certification.

When your resume is enhanced with a CCNA certification after you learn the practicalities from a top CCNA certification training institute as SLA, the best MNCs would welcome you with great enthusiasm. The probability of gaining a job is also relatively fast with regard to CCNA certified individuals.

The companies who are looking out for CCNA certified individuals is seeing a surge. At present, organizations look for people who have a great comprehension of protocols. You will also have a boost in your confidence as soon as you are certified in CCNA.

Placement Assistance after Completion of CCNA Certification

The CCNA course with placement assistance by SLA is a boon for those individuals who want to carve a niche for themselves in the networking field. We mould the candidates in such a way that they come out in flying colors in their career. Life skills are also given due importance in our training.

We know the value of CCNA and how it helps the aspiring candidate to stand in the crowd. We prepare the candidate for the CCNA exam and also offer placements assistance.

Students Speak

SLA is BEST in providing CCNA courses .They have good instructors. They are well structured while allowing you to go at your own pace. The Support team people are also very cooperative and help us out at their best. I had a great experience studying the CCNA curriculum at SLA as we started with the basics initially. After that, we plunged into more advanced CCNA concepts. It helped me get a better understanding of the network and computers that run on these networks. After I completed my course at SLA, the company assisted me in getting an excellent job in an MNC. Enrolling in a CCNA course under SLA training Center does have its own merits. Now, you can improve your resume credentials by doing the CCNA course, which will take your career prospects a notch higher.

— Anantha Krishnan

I thought the training was great. The pace and duration of the class were appropriate. I have been able to setup some experiments using knowledge that I have learned from this class. The instructors were also very helpful and it was a joyful journey at SLA institute.

— Taufeeq Ahamed

This was a great class! Thank you for clarity & enthusiasm in teaching CCNA. I can’t wait to get back to work and start applying everything I’ve learnt.

— Ashok Immanuel

The placement and career support at SLA was truly excellent! Best online class coaching provided here for Power BI Training Courses! Once the training got completed, I was given good interview tips and also made to practise group discussion cycles which helped me perform well in my interview! Thanks to Softlogic for what I am today!

— Joseph A

The instructor was great! Entertaining as well as informative. I came in fearing this course even though I am semi-familiar with the basics of CCNA. The instructor kept the class lively and was also very approachable. My fears definitely faded away within the first day. Thanks SLA

— Karthik Ganesan