Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai

Hardware and Networking Course in Chennai

Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai

Have you ever been amused by the concept behind IT hardware?

Well, for those of you who strongly support the logic of hardware, let us say that software is incomplete without hardware. SLA is the best institute for Hardware and Networking Course in Chennai. Our experienced trainers will impart the basic hardware and networking concepts with a keen eye for quality. Among the several career-oriented courses, SLA offers Computer Hardware Course in Chennai focusing on the relevant concepts including A+, N+, CCNA, and MCSE.

Computer hardware is the total of the various physical parts of a computer while networking deals with connecting two or more systems. The connection is done so as to share data. In this ever-changing world of technologies, hardware and networking are also finding its relevance now. If you have the innate desire to help people come out of their tech troubles, then taking the hardware and networking course from SLA will be fruitful to you.

Job Profile of Computer Hardware Engineers

As soon as one completes the hardware and networking course, one can opt for several job titles. The job profiles are listed below:

  • Systems Engineer
  • Systems Integration Engineer
  • Field Service Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Design Engineer

Job Titles in Network Engineers:

  • System administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Technical Support
  • IT administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Security-Database Development and Administration

SLA is an established training institute and provides hardware and networking courses without compromise on quality.

Prerequisites for Hardware and Networking Course

Basic knowledge of computers is enough for the hardware and networking course.

Who can attend Hardware and Network Training?

  • Any fresher who is willing to prove his/her mettle in the hardware and networking field
  • Aspiring candidates having maximum 2 standing arrears and fewer marks can gain from this career-oriented course. Professionals having reasonable experience in the IT field but want to migrate to hardware and networking can attend the course.

Hardware and Networking Course Duration in SLA

Hardware and Networking Training Course Duration
TrackRegular TrackWeekend TrackFast Track
Course Duration30 – 40 Days5 WeekendsAccording to your Convenience
Hours2 hours a day6 hours a dayFits your Requirements
Training ModeLive ClassroomLive ClassroomLive Classroom

Note: SLA give importance to the convenience of the candidates and hence makes sure that the timings are accommodative.

Hardware and Networking Training Course Syllabus

    • Operating Systems (Edition, Requirement, Types of Installation, Driver Installation)
    • Dual OS installation, Dos Command, Backup and Restore, User Control, Control Panel
    • Software and Anti-Virus installation, Mail Configuration, Portable Computers
    • Computer Peripherals – (Input and Output Devices, Primary Component, Computers Language, Serial and Parallel Communication, SMPS)
    • Motherboard (Type, form factor, BUS, IRQ, Chipset, I/O Ports and Connectors, CMOS)
    • Memory (Type, Memory Modules, Development of RAM, Comparison of RAM, Virtual Memory, BIOS, POST)
    • Hard Disc (Type, Port, File systems, jumper Setting, Disk Type, Components)
    • Processor (Type, ZIF and SEC, Supports, Virtual Support, Cache, Cores information)
    • External Drives (CD and DVD Drive, Blue ray, Floppy Disk, Modem and Printers)
    • Ubuntu (H/W Requirement, basic Command, installation)
    • Assembling and Dis-assembling components, Component upgrade
    • Troubleshooting
  • Introduction (Types of Network, Topology, protocols and Ports)
  • Networking devices (Routers, Switches, Hub, Repeater, NIC Cards, Bridge)
  • Networking Media (Wire, Wireless, Cables, Crimping, UTP)
  • Networking Layers (OSI, TCP/IP)
  • IP Addresses (Version, Classes, Types)
  • Sub netting (VLSM, FLSM, CIDR, Super netting)
  • Introduction (Certification, Routing, Routing Components)
  • Booting Process, Ports, Simulators, Basic Commands
  • Networking Functions (Static, and Default Routing, Password)
  • Basic Network Troubleshooting
  • Dynamic Routing 1 (RIP1, RIP2, Troubleshooting Commands)
  • Dynamic Routing 2 (IGRP, EIGRP and OSPF)
  • Routing Security (Standard, Extended, Named ACL)
  • Switching 1 (Types, Command, Password, VLAN and Commands)
  • Switching 2 (Inter VLAN and Commands, Trunking Protocol, VTP, STP)
  • WAN Security (Static Dynamic, and PAT NAT)
  • Implementing and Verifying EIGRP
  • Advanced DHCP, VOIP
  • IOS Backup and Restore
  • WAN Technology (PPP, HDLC, ISDN, Frame Relay)
  • Introduction (About, Version, Edition, Requirement, Basic Security)
    Server Roles (Server Manager, Functions, Features, Installation and uninstallation, Workgroup)
  • Domain (Installation and Configuration of Domain, User Creation, Login, Basic Security)
  • Domain Objects (User, OU, Group, shares, User Profile)
  • Domain Security (GPO, Local Administrative Policy, Bit locker, RSOP, Windows Firewall)
  • File Service (FSRM, DFS, VSS, Offline Files, IIS)
  • Domain Roles (PDC, ADC, RODC, Roles)
  • Domain Structure (Sites, Tree, Forest, Child Domain, Trust, ADRMS)
  • Windows Services (WDS, WSUS, Software Deployment)
  • Advanced Concept (NAT, VPN, RRAS, Advanced DHCP, Advanced DNS)
  • Backup (Types, System State, BMR, Restore, Snapshot)
  • Virtualization (Hyper-V, Virtual machine)
  • Load Balance, Clustering, Migration, Core OS
  • Server Monitoring Tools (ACS, Event Viewer, Ping, Remote Desktop, Telnet)
  • ITIL (HAM, SAM, CM, SACM, SLA, Service Desk)
    VMWARE (Snapshot, Templates, Clone, Cold and Hot Migration, DRS and DPM, V- Motion)

Placement Assistance

The courses that SLA offers are 100% placement oriented. We know that it is not enough to have only technical skills in this competitive world. So we provide a complete package of both technical and communication skills. Mock interviews and technical reviews are also conducted. This will assist the student in clearing the interviews with ease.

Hardware and Networking Essentials with Certification

For courses including A+ Training, N+ Training, CCNA, and MCSE, the candidate will get excellent knowledge from the proficient trainers. The aspiring candidate will be provided with a course completion certificate once he/she completes the course. For example, the candidate will be getting a course completion certificate for CCNA Training, which paves the way to taking up the CCNA exam.

The Perks Attached to Choosing Hardware and Networking Course in Chennai

  • Getting trained in SLA will provide you with the advantage of gaining a job in a company. The course is designed in such a way that jobs are assured.
  • The trainers are proficient in their field.
  • 100% placement assistance is provided to the students.
  • Small training batch is concentrated so that there is individual attention.
  • The timings are flexible and this can be consulted with the educational counselors initially.
  • 100% practical-oriented approach.
  • Good lab facilities.
  • Hardware and networking certification assistance for courses including A+, N+, CCNA, and MCSE.
  • Post training support will be offered so that the student has a life-long experience.
  • Implementation support offered for hardware and networking real time projects.
  • Adequate materials are given for in-depth training.
  • Sufficient support is given for students to practice after classes.
  • Day-to-day assignments will be provided.

Job Opportunity in Hardware and Networking

With the advent of Machine Learning and Internet of Things (IoT), the domain of hardware and networking has found more relevance. You can get advantage of the Best Hardware and Networking Course in Chennai from SLA that has structured the course as per student’s requirements.

SLA molds the aspiring fresher for hardware and networking jobs in Chennai. The hardware and networking course is designed in a meticulous way and after completion of the training, the student can get placed in top MNCs.

A hardware professional has to handle the installation of an operating system and the pertinent software. He/she also has to offer comprehensive solutions for good networking performance. Whenever networking and troubleshooting concerns emerge the network expert has to take care of it. SLA offers hardware and networking courses that are equipped with the latest advancements.

Why SLA is the Best Hardware and Networking Institute?

Right from the first stage of calling up our educational counselors to the last class of hardware and networking, everything is a smooth sail for the students. The educational counselors understand your exact requirements and will brief you about the course that you are going to take up. Later the student will gain in-depth knowledge of hardware and networking from the proficient trainers. The courses in SLA that come under hardware and networking are A+ Training, N+ Training, CCNA, and MCSE. Placement assistance is one of the key factors that differentiates SLA from other institutes. 100% practical training is also something of great benefit to the students. Overall, SLA understands the exact requirements of the student; the courses are tailor-made for both beginners and advanced learners.