Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai

Hardware And Networking Training In Chennai

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Computer hardware is the combination of the various physical parts of a computer while networking deals with connecting two or more systems. The connection is done so as to share data. In this ever-changing world of technologies, hardware and networking are also finding their relevance now. If you have the innate desire to help people come out of their tech troubles, then taking our Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai at SLA Jobs will be fruitful for you.

Welcome to the best Hardware and Networking Training Institute in Chennai. Among the several career-oriented courses, SLA Jobs offers Computer Hardware Course in Chennai focusing on the relevant concepts including A+, N+, CCNA, and MCSE. We train our students to pass this certification exam in a single attempt in our Hardware and Networking Training Institute in Chennai.

Have you ever been amused by the concept behind IT hardware? Well, for those of you who strongly support the logic of hardware, let us say that software is incomplete without hardware. SLA Jobs is the best institute for Hardware and Networking course in Chennai. Our experienced trainers will impart the basic hardware and networking concepts with a keen eye for quality.

The hardware and networking knowledge is important to the students as it helps to understand the hardware equipment and computer networking devices along with the knowledge of electronic devices required for communication between devices of computer network. This field gives a promising future for learners across the world. We provide the best Hardware and Networking Course in Chennai for interested students in both classroom and online mode.

Who can attend Hardware and Network Training?

Any fresher who is willing to prove his/her mettle in the hardware and networking field Aspiring candidates having a maximum of 2 standing arrears and fewer marks can gain from this career-oriented course. Professionals having reasonable experience in the IT field but want to migrate to hardware and networking can attend the course.

Our Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai makes the students manage the IT infrastructure of the company with complete practical exposure. The students will have required industry skills through our Hardware and Networking Course for a great future in top IT and MNC firms. If you want to become a network solution architect, network programmer, wireless network engineer, network administrator, system engineer, and other related positions, then it is the right place to learn them and this Hardware and Networking is the best career option for you to gain satisfied knowledge of various networking types and topologies. The following candidates can get benefitted from our Hardware and Networking Training Institute in Chennai.

  • Freshers who want to kick start a career in IT Management
  • Working Professionals to transform their career into the IT field

Prerequisites for Hardware and Networking Course

Basic knowledge of computers is enough for the hardware and networking course.

Our Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai is provided in different types of training modes such as weekend classes, weekday classes, and fast track mode of classes through regular in-person mode or instructor-led live online modes. The expert trainers for Hardware and Networking Course will be allocated as per the flexibility of time and location of the students across the world and we are giving the best service throughout the training duration along with placement support. Learn the best Hardware and Networking Training Course in Chennai in your convenient learning hours and easy training modes.

About Our Hardware and Networking in Chennai

Our Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai equips the students with computer hardware elements and network equipment. The understanding of hardware and networking is simple. The study of hardware is all about the electronics peripherals that are seen physically while the networking is the study is about the communication and data transmission between the devices. We at SLA provide complete practical-based Hardware and Networking Training for the aspirants who want to kick-start their career in managing the infrastructure of companies.

The study of Hardware and Networking is helpful for the learners to identify the names of hardware and networking elements with the varied features and different kinds of input and output devices used for networking. You can describe how the CPU is processing the data and instructions to control all other devices. The primary goal of our Hardware and Networking Course in Chennai is to make the students get proficiency with computer systems that are used for interaction and transmission.

Enrolling in Hardware and Networking Certification Training in Chennai at SLA has simple procedures and we ensure a continuous flow that starts from learning to placement. Our learning management is well-formed with career counseling, technical training, hands-on practice, interview preparations, and placement coaching. Join SLA to explore the world of job opportunities that lie in the hardware and networking field with field expertise

For courses including A+ Training, N+ Training, CCNA , and MCSE , the candidate will get excellent knowledge from the proficient trainers. The aspiring candidate will be provided with a course completion certificate once he/she completes the course. For example, the candidate will be getting a course completion certificate for CCNA Training, which paves the way to taking up the CCNA exam.

Importance of learning Hardware and Networking

Hardware and Networking Certification Courses in Chennai help the learners to obtain some key benefits along with career enhancement and professional improvements. Following are the highlighted advantages that you can receive by learning hardware and networking.

Multifaceted Career

Hardware and Networking is the part of computer management with the flexible approach and it is utilized in the industries such as education, finance, insurance, administrative, information exchange, supporting services, entertainment, and medical sectors. We equip the students to learn job-related Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

Technology-based solutions

Hardware and Networking Professionals can able to make technical solutions for the IT infrastructure of organizations. These IT professionals are involved in resolving the complicated technical issues related to network and hardware that help the companies to run with smooth and consistent performance. Learn how to manage the IT infrastructure of the company in our Hardware and Networking Training and Placement Institute in Chennai.

Secured Network Connection

The learning of hardware and networking concepts empowers the students to gain expertise in providing a highly secured network connection for the organization to protect data from network threats and cyber-attacks. Reshape your career by enhancing your skills in providing security for the organization through our best Hardware and Networking Course in Chennai.

Potential Job Growth

The hardware and Networking field is continuously evolving with new technology implementations such as IoT, EmbeddedAI , and RPA . It brings tremendous job opportunities for skilled candidates with faster career development and innovative equipment. Big companies are always recruiting certified professionals for various profiles related to network technology management. Join one of the best Hardware and Networking Training Institutes in Chennai and get a good career start.

What SLA has in store for you in Hardware and Networking Training Course in Chennai?

SLA Jobs provides a comprehensive platform for the students to learn hardware and networking concepts such as the hub, switch, router, bridge, gateway, modem, repeater, and access points that are considered as key network devices. You can be proficient with the types of network connections like PAN (Personal Area Network), LAN (Local Area Network), WLAN (Wide Area Network), CAN (Campus Area Network), MAN (Metropolitan Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), SAN (Storage Area Network), System Area Network, POLAN (Passive Optical Local Area Network), EPN (Enterprise Private Network), and VPN (Virtual Private Network).

We offer complete course materials and required software installations free of cost to learn the concepts clearly with practical implements. Our classrooms and labs are well-equipped with updated elements and we allow unlimited hours to practice. We have proficient trainers and professionals with industry experience to provide industry-first coaching to the students. You can get job-related skill enhancement such as aptitude skills, soft skills (communication skills and collaboration skills), resume development skills, job searching skills, and other required skills in our Hardware and Networking Training Center in Chennai with Placement Assistance.

Hardware and Networking Course Fee and Duration

Sharpen in skills with the customizable hardware and Networking Course Duration in Chennai at SLA. If you want your hand-picked learning hours for the Hardware and Networking Course, try our education consultation at 860 87 00340.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

Enroll at SLA with an irresistible offer on Hardware and Networking Course Fees in Chennai and the discounts have a time limit. Enjoy complete hands-on training at an affordable Hardware and Networking Training Cost in Chennai

Course Objectives of Hardware and Networking Course in Chennai

Our Hardware and Networking Course in Chennai is intended to provide students a complete understanding of the entire physical devices and networking connection management of companies. The students can acquire fundamental knowledge of computer hardware such as keyboard, monitor, printer, and other peripherals along with installation process, PC assembly, troubleshooting hardware, and maintain the whole system management with backup and restore processes.

You will be proficient in network-related processes such as TCP/IP, Internet and Intranet connections, and disaster prevention along with network organization setup, implementation of the entire network infrastructure, data communication establishment, and troubleshooting the network issues. At the end of Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai, you will be having intellectual skills, cognitive ability, implementation strategies, demonstrating capacities, and analyzing abilities.

Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai from SLA Jobs brings more advantages for aspiring candidates with the following benefits:

  • Able to design computer hardware and the production of hardware equipment.
  •  Can test and validate the produced hardware equipment
  •  Able to update the existing hardware with the latest software
  •  Capable of monitoring the performance and security of the network systems efficiently
  •  Able to maintain the smooth running of the network setups effectively.
  •  Able to manage the safety of the system back up perfectly.
  •  Can able to Install and configure all network devices like routers, switches, load balancers, Firewalls, Virtual Private Networks, and QoS (Quality of Service)

Hardware and Networking Training Course Syllabus

We have framed the industry-endorsed curriculum for our Hardware and Networking Course in Chennai that helps the students to get a clear understanding from the basics to advanced concepts. We have the syllabus that is formulated as per the industry direction that helps our candidates to perform well as per the company’s expectation. The following are the detailed course syllabus of our Hardware and Networking Training Institute in Chennai.

Computer Fundamentals

  • Introduction to computer hardware and networking
  • Basic components of PC, Laptop and Routers
  • Hardware configuration
  • Assembling a PC
  • Installing operating system trouble shooting of PC,Laptop
  • Network fundamentals and network configuration
  • Introduction to various types of cables and connectors used in networking
  • Introduction to networking and networking concepts
  • Repeaters, Hubs, Switches, Bridges, Routers
  • Installing the NIC Card, MAC Address
  • LAN Standards – Ethernet, Token Ring
  • LAN Practical’s
  • IP Addressing and IP Classes
  • TCP/IP Concepts and configuration of IP Address
  • Basic network troubleshooting
  • Basics of network security

Practical Syllabus

  • Installing OS,Applications
  • Troubleshooting pc, Laptops
  • Replacing Hardware parts in Computer and laptop
  • Chip level trouble shooting
  • Assembling new pc’s
  • Mother board Trouble shooting
  • Network configuration
  • Cisco Router Configuration

Career Scope of Hardware and Networking Course in Chennai

The hardware and Networking field brings prospective careers for the learners and it is one of the fast-moving courses of our Hardware and Networking Training Institute in Chennai. People around the globe are using desktop, laptop, mobile and other computer systems for processing their queries and requirements and this era create huge scope for skilled and certified professionals. Today every sector irrespective of private or public industries is running only with computer systems and that is to be managed wisely by educated and experienced professionals.

The learning of hardware elements helps the students to have strong domain knowledge that includes hardware components such as computer systems, processors, RAM, Circuit Boards, motherboards, chips, keyboards, and printers. The hardware and networking professionals should ensure uninterruptable operation by providing them regular updates and troubleshooting problems. Learn how to manage the whole IT infrastructure of the company from scratch at SLA, the Best Hardware and Networking Training Center in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

Following are the career benefits of Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai

  • Promising career: Hardware and Networking professionals have huge career scope and they can work in the company as well as freelancers. Their skills in hardware elements and networking connection along with certification add value to their profile that brings innumerable job opportunities worldwide. We give Hardware and Networking Certification Courses in Chennai along with career guidance at SLA.


  • Domain Growth: Department of Electronics and Information Technology presented the annual report in 2015 and stated that the hardware and networking domain has tremendous growth over the decade. Also, they have estimated $ 400 Billion of turnover can be expected within the end of 2021 by producing hardware and networking elements in the market. It creates 4 Billion jobs for skilled and certified professionals. Develop your skills through our Hardware and Networking Course in Chennai at SLA to attain a good-pay job in top companies


  • Cisco and Microsoft Certifications: Some certifications bring a futuristic career for the aspirants and they are provided by Cisco and Microsoft. Some of the popular Cisco Certifications are CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, CCENT, CCDA, CCDP, CCAP, CCIP, CCDE, and CCAR. Microsoft provides MSCE, MCSA, MTA, MCSD, and MOS. All these courses vary in their roles and responsibilities and these certifications make you stand out of the queue. Join SLA for learning the best Hardware and Networking Course in Chennai with specializations.


  • Popular Job Titles: Hardware and Networking knowledge with certification leads the learners to obtain various positions such as System Admin, System Engineer, Network Admin, Technical Engineer, Computer Hardware Engineer, Network Engineer, Tech Support, Help Desk Technician, Network Support Technician, IT Technician, IT Admin, Field Service Technician, Security Database Development and Administration, and Internet and Intranet Specialist.


  • Salary Package: The average salary remuneration for Hardware and Networking Professionals will be around INR 50000 in an entry-level. It may increase as per the skills and experience of professionals through their continuous learning and updates. The salary will be different according to the size and location of the company. We guide you with resume writing skills, aptitude skills, soft skills, and job searching strategies through our Hardware and Networking Training and Placement Institute in Chennai.

Job Profile of Computer Hardware Engineers

As soon as one completes the hardware and networking course, one can opt for several job titles. The job profiles are listed below:

  • Systems Engineer
  •  Systems Integration Engineer
  •  Field Service Engineer
  •  Project Engineer
  •  Design Engineer

Job Titles in Network Engineers:

  • System administrator
  •  Network Engineer
  •  Technical Support
  •  IT administrator
  •  Network Administrator
  •  Security-Database Development and Administration

SLA is an established training institute and provides hardware and networking courses without compromise on quality.

Job Opportunity in Hardware and Networking

With the advent of Machine Learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) , the domain of hardware and networking has found more relevance. You can get the advantage of the Best Hardware and Networking Course in Chennai from SLA that has structured the course as per student’s requirements.

SLA molds the aspiring fresher for hardware and networking jobs in Chennai. The hardware and networking course is designed in a meticulous way and after completion of the training, the student can get placed in top MNCs.

A hardware professional has to handle the installation of an operating system and the pertinent software. He/she also has to offer comprehensive solutions for good networking performance. Whenever networking and troubleshooting concerns emerge the network expert has to take care of it. SLA offers hardware and networking courses that are equipped with the latest advancements.

Trainer’s Profile of our Hardware and Network Training Institute in Chennai

SLA Jobs has excellent and student-friendly trainers who are having more than 10+ years of experience in IT infrastructure management. They provide industry-first coaching that brings a promising career start in the hardware and networking domain. The trainers of our Hardware and Networking Training Institute in Chennai are proficient in required skills such as computer fundamentals, block diagrams, characteristics, classifications, functions, generations, and devices of computer systems along with advanced knowledge in networking connections.

Our trainers can provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of networking concepts such as communications, LAN, internetworking, bridges, data link layer, MAC filtering, multiple access protocols, Ethernet frame format, wireless data networks, voice over IP, label switching, QoS, and Networking trends. They equip students to work in various network and hardware-related platforms with top-notch skills. Learn Hardware and Networking Training Course in Chennai from industry professionals at SLA.

We are one of the leading Hardware and Networking Training Institutes in Chennai who have experienced and proficient trainers to provide the best learning experience to the trainees.

  • 10+ years of field experience
  •  Well-organized training material makers
  •  Powerful and interactive training experts
  •  Deep knowledge in handling tools required for training
  •  Able to present training as per the aspirant’s skillset

Hardware and Networking knowledge is inevitable for working in top companies and it generates promising careers for IT aspirants. It brings global opportunities for skilled and certified candidates and we provide many Hardware and Networking Certification Courses in Chennai at SLA. If you are not cleared with the following FAQs, feel free to contact us.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of hardware and networking knowledge?

The knowledge of Hardware and Networking is useful for the aspirants to start their career in the IT infrastructure of companies. It contains the understanding of hardware equipment such as Chips, motherboards, processors, and other computer peripherals that includes seen devices such as printers, monitors, keyboards, and mouse. This course includes networking connectivity skills along with required equipment such as hubs, bridges, modems, and networking devices.

What are the skills required to learn hardware and networking?

The learning of hardware and networking training in Chennai does not require any specialized skills as it is enough to have a basic degree in any stream. It just requires passion and future focus to thrive in this industry. We provide in-depth knowledge about Hardware and Networking concepts at SLA from scratch

What is the expected starting salary in Hardware and Networking?

The certified hardware and networking professionals can earn nearly INR 5,40,000 per annum as fresher. There is a chance of increment in every year through upgraded knowledge and experience. We provide lifetime assistance in our Hardware and Networking Certification Training Institute in Chennai.

What is the future scope in learning Hardware and Networking courses?

Learners who are certified in hardware and networking course can upgrade their knowledge in various trending technologies such as automation, robotics, data analytics, machine learning process, petroleum engineering, electrical engineering, mining sector, alternative energy processes, and project managers.

Are hardware and networking a hard field?

The hardware and Networking field is not at all hard in the 2020s as it comes with numerous and advanced technologies that convert complex tasks into simple with smart works. If you are well with the roles and responsibilities of top companies, it will be easy for the students to equip themselves as per the requirements. We offer comprehensive Hardware and Networking Training Course in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

How can I prepare for my hardware and networking interviews?

You can reach out to the companies through your well-prepared resume and apply to the companies that have requirements. Be strong and confident in your known skills and attend the interview with courage and you will reach your desired goal easily. Our Hardware and Networking Training and Placement Institute in Chennai equips you with all required industry skills that simplify the interview process through our practice and preparations.

What are the other hardware and networking courses offered by SLA?

SLA offers CCNA, A+, N+, MCSE, and MCSA courses along with basic hardware and networking course in Chennai with required tools and devices.

How SLA supports placements?

SLA provides peerless placement assistance for the students during the technical course of Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai. We train you on resume writing strategies, job searching ideas, communication, and collaboration skills development, interview questions and answers updates, and mock interview preparations by dedicated placement trainers free of cost in our Hardware and Networking Training Institute.

How can I continue my classroom learning for hardware and networking training in a situation like a pandemic?

The students of our hardware and networking training in Chennai can switch to instructor-led live online mode from regular classroom mode in the situation like a pandemic. It does not require any extra fees and we allocate the same trainer for your learning flexibility in Hardware and Networking Course.

Can I get back up classes in hardware and networking for the leaves taken unexpectedly?

SLA arranges the alternate backup classes for taking ceaseless coaching on hardware and networking curse in Chennai from the same instructors as per their flexible timing and batch facilities. It can be availed for the informed leaves taken by the students of our Hardware and Networking Course. We will cover the missed topics with the same practical implementations for learning the Best Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai.