Top 20 Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers

How helpful it would be if you could predict the interview questions a recruiting manager will ask you!

Unfortunately, we lack the ability to read minds, but we can provide the closest wisest one: a list of 50 of the most often asked interview questions and suggestions for how to respond to each.

While it’s not a good idea to prepare a set answer for every possible interview question (in fact, it’s a bad idea), you should familiarize yourself with the types of questions that may be asked, the things that hiring managers are really looking for in candidates’ responses, and the steps you’ll need to take to prove that you’re the best candidate for the position.

You can use this document as a study guide for your upcoming job interview.

1Tell me about yourself.

This is a common opening question in HR interviews, especially for new candidates. The purpose of this inquiry is to learn more about you and your career aspirations and to place them in the context of the core principles of the organization.


To begin, I’d like to express my thanks to you and _________ (organization) for the chance to make my case here.

Recollecting myself, My name, _________, signifies _________, as you well know. I came from a poor family in ______ (name of city/town) and learned early on the value of a good work ethic. My dad was a ____________, and he instilled in me a wide variety of lessons about the value of kindness and perseverance.

During my time in school, I first showed an interest in _________ (sales, marketing, etc.). After learning about the vast opportunities in this sector through my studies of _______, I was eager to complete my education and begin my career.

n addition, I’ve participated in many tournaments where I’ve won awards for my expertise in _________ (hobby). When I was a kid, I was really into sports, so I spent a lot of time playing and watching _______ (football/cricket) (sports team)

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2Why should we hire you?

This is just one example of the numerous HR interview questions that most entry-level candidates struggle to answer. The good news is that the solution to this type of hr interview question for new hires is straightforward. By discussing the company’s mission and values, you may give them a sense of how you might fit in with the culture.

In addition, many recent graduates assume that they will not get hired because they lack professional experience. However, your advantage comes from the fact that you are younger. You are the equivalent of a blank canvas on which a masterpiece can be created. So, market yourself in that way.


I am a newcomer to this industry, which you can probably tell from my resume, Sir/Ma’am. On the other hand, I think this works to my favor because I will bring to your organization a strong desire and commitment to learn and apply new skills. I may lack the hands-on experience necessary for success in this area. Nonetheless, I persisted in my efforts to have a thorough grounding in the relevant theory during my time at university, and I now possess a solid foundational knowledge of the most fundamental theoretical concepts in this field.

3State your strengths and weaknesses.</h3

This is a common HR interview topic for new hires, and it will come up in whatever organization you interview with. When asked how you would grade yourself, it gives the interviewer a good idea of how qualified you are. Moreover, they evaluate your awareness of your strengths and areas where you may grow.

It’s a clever move, though, and many applicants make it work to their advantage by playing up their vulnerabilities. It’s also crucial to emphasize the fact that you’re self-aware enough to know your limitations and are making strides to improve. Look, let’s have a look.


Some of my best qualities are:

My ability to effectively convey my ideas has allowed me to assume leadership positions at my university.

I have excellent observational skills and am very attuned to other people’s struggles and triumphs.

I thrive when I am part of a team that has been tasked with completing a specific project by a given date.

I pick up new information quickly and actively seek clarification whenever I have questions.

I aim to be an optimistic and encouraging presence in the lives of those around me at all times.

To make up for my shortcomings,

To begin, I am a detail-oriented perfectionist. As a result, I am occasionally sidetracked from the project as I begin to handle minute concerns within it.

To expedite my work advancement, I accept more duties than I can manage.

I learn a lot when others critique my work. If I don’t receive them, I occasionally miss my target and become lost in my task.

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4Why do you wish to work for our organization?

This type of HR interview question is designed to see if you have done your homework or researched the firm before your interview. In this section, the interviewer is looking for you to demonstrate why you would be an asset to the firm.

Positive comments about the company are not required at all times. Companies of this size value constructive criticism and new ideas from the employees who supply them. Accordingly, you can express your concerns about the company’s operations. If you don’t find any mistakes in this response, feel free to use it.


In my mind, your business is the epitome of cutting-edge creativity. You’ve made incredible achievements in the industry recently, and I can’t think of a better place to gain the foundational experience that will serve me well down the road than your company.

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5What do you hope to accomplish in this lifetime?

A standard inquiry always seems to show up on the list of HR interview questions for new hires. When interviewing potential employees, businesses always look to gain insight into candidates’ long-term objectives. It provides them an understanding of whether you are a useful asset to the organization and can work long.


My immediate objective is to succeed in this interview and secure a position with a reputable firm like yours, and my long-term objective is to work my way up the ranks and become an esteemed executive there.

6What inspired you to perform well at work?

As a newcomer, you may be discouraged by the prevalence of HR interview questions of this type. The interviewer wants to know the answer to this question so they can assess whether or not they have found someone who will be motivated to do a good job for the firm.


When I prepare my mind, I always give it my all potential. While I was still a kid, my dad stressed the importance of giving whatever you do the full 200% of your effort if it bears your name, as that work may survive you. If you want it to stand out, you should give it your all.

7Who inspires you?

One of the most common answers to this question at HR interviews for new hires is the name of a celebrity or life coach who has inspired millions to improve their professional or personal lives. Additionally, they could drop the name of the company’s CEO in an effort to win over the interviewers.

Your response should, however, be original and certain to wow the interviewers.


Many people I’ve encountered, from mentors to parents, have served as inspiration, but ultimately, I find that I am my own greatest source of motivation. You see, I like to imagine where I’ll be in ten years, imagine what my life will be like then, and then work really hard to get there. However, as I approach that goal, which is ten years away, I have already fashioned another image for myself. Seeing myself in 10 years has served as a constant source of inspiration, and it drives me to strive for even greater success now.

8What does success mean to you?

While most would assume that interviewers are just looking to see how well you speak the language, in reality, the purpose of HR interview questions for new hires is to learn more about the candidate and how they define success.


The road to success is paved with challenges for me. These roadblocks are lessons learned, which I use as launching pads on my way to victory. Nonetheless, I consider my work and life to be successful if each new day is an improvement over the one before.

9Do you mind if we want you to relocate?

These HR interview questions for entry-level candidates assess a candidate’s adaptability to the numerous changes the organization will introduce into their lives. The most significant is that you might have to relocate from your current location to an unknown city in an unknown region of the country.


I anticipate this to be an exciting experience. Even though I’ll be far away from my friends and family, the internet has made it possible to keep in touch from anywhere in the country.

10Are you available to work extra hours, including evenings and weekends?

The vast majority of HR interview questions for new hires center around how far you are willing to go to fulfill your duties for the company. Now is the time to reassure your audience that you are still dedicated to achieving your goals and will do all in your power to achieve them.


As I’ve already mentioned, I always give 110% to whatever I’m working on. As a result, if it’s necessary for me to come in on the weekend to complete these responsibilities, I won’t hesitate to do so, as I place a premium on producing excellent results at all times.

11Can you perform well under pressure?

Human resources interview questions for new graduates like these are designed to assess candidates’ mental fortitude and resilience under pressure. Keep in mind that you will have to keep working even when things are very difficult, as this is something that will inevitably happen in any given field. They might be either private or public. The most practical course of action, though, is for you to keep working constantly.


I’ve always had a deep appreciation for them. I enjoy it so much that I am not bothered by the prospect of performing in front of a large audience. Since I enjoy _________ so much, this is the result. So long as I’m doing something I enjoy, like sales or marketing, I never feel stressed. If we are passionate about our work, we will be able to handle pressure far better than those who aren’t.

Next, we’ll look at five of the most common HR interview questions asked of new candidates, with the goal of gaining insight into your thought process and the ways in which your approach to problems sets you apart from the competition.

12In your opinion, what constitutes creative thought?

If the position you’re applying for requires creative thinking, HR will likely ask you some probing questions to gauge your inventiveness.


From a three-year-crayon old’s painting of a car to Michelangelo’s masterpiece on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, I think that creativity is in every human being. The moment we open our eyes and take in the world around us, inspiration strikes because we can’t help but focus on what catches our eye.

13Describe some of your interests and activities outside of the workplace.


__________ is one of my favorite genres to read, and I do so frequently (author). Also, my family and I like to go see a new release at the theater every Sunday. Like you, I enjoy spending time in the water on warm days.

14Have you ever considered being your own boss?


My lifelong ambition is to launch my own business. On the other hand, I am a newbie and hope to improve myself by learning new things. Therefore, I do not believe that I am prepared to launch my own business at this time. The hope, though, continues to thrive.

15What do you anticipate from us?


My main goal here is to get knowledge about the business. As a result, I anticipate receiving a lot of criticism. As I had previously mentioned, I am the type of person who thrives on criticism since it helps me see my own areas of improvement.

16In ten years, where do you see yourself?


Ten years from now, I hope to have advanced to a managerial role inside your company. I’d like to grow not only in expertise but also in stature among my peers in the workplace. In the future, I hope to be someone who others look to for advice or direction. To this end, I believe that holding a position of leadership will be beneficial. Sign up with Indeed to find your favorite job.

17Do you have any inquiries for us?

For first-year candidates, this is a must-answer question during the interview stage. Consequently, you shouldn’t allow this chance to slip through your fingers. It’s recommended that you inquire further into the company or accept this answer.


I was hoping you could tell me what characteristics you look for in a newcomer to this field. And if you have any comments or advice for my future at your company, I would greatly appreciate it.

18To Sum up

In a nutshell, the focus of HR interview questions for new hires is on revealing information about the candidate’s character and demeanor. Just be who you are. If you find yourself struggling to answer questions during the HR round, it’s recommended to refer to these answers as a reference.

Every job interview relies on a positive first impression. It’s not enough to simply have a well-written CV, be on time, and dress professionally; you also need to be ready to answer any and all questions that may be asked of you during the interview.