React JS Course Syllabus

    React Js Course SyllabusOur React JS Training in Chennai will teach you all you need to know to start creating web and mobile applications. Our React JS Course Syllabus and traditional classroom setting/online give students the tools they need to master the cutting-edge technology of React JS and apply it to create powerful applications.

    The React JS Course Syllabus developed by SLA is intended to train students to create dynamic websites with a wide range of features that attract and retain visitors. Important concepts including JSX, Virtual DOM, components, routers, React Native app development, and React context are covered in our React JS training curriculum. You can become an expert in web design jobs with the knowledge you gain from our comprehensive React.JS Course Curriculum in Chennai.


    React JS Course Syllabus

    Introduction To React & JSX

    • Origins of React
    • React.js Syntax
    • Overview of JSX and why you should use it
    • Getting hold of everything you need to start coding

    React Components

    • React component Properties
    • Setting Properties
    • Component Lifecycle
    • Updating Components
    • Writing your first React.js component
    • Mounting Components


    • Expressions & Attributes
    • JSX Basics
    • Namespaced Components
    • Rendering HTML
    • Rendering React Components


    • Views & Controller-Views
    • Flux is not MVC!
    • Data Flow
    • Action, Dispatcher, Store & View
    • Flux Application Architecture
    • Structure

    Event Handling In React

    • Key Events
    • Event Pooling
    • React.js Event Handlers
    • Synthetic Event

    Creating A Dynamic UI In React

    • Keeping components stateless
    • Event Delegation
    • React Stateful Components
    • Auto binding

    Integration With Other Libraries

    • Gulp & Browserify
    • React with jQuery
    • React & AJAX

    React Server Integration & Deployment

    • httpster
    • npm

    Get valuable experience in web design with our comprehensive React JS Course Syllabus and affordable React.JS Course Cost in Chennai, along with attractive discounts. If you’re interested in learning more about our React.JS Training in Chennai, feel free to give our career counselor a call at +91 860 8700 340.