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Tableau is one among the best data visualization tools. Well, what is data visualization?

As the name implies, data visualization is the presentation of data visually. A graph can be data visualization. The analyst need not worry about comprehending patterns and gathering insight when the data visualization tool is available.

The essence of the data is unveiled with the help of data visualization. For Example, you can make out the patterns by simply glancing at the tables.

You might be trying out different ways to rapidly explore and evaluate data. Here Tableau, which is a business intelligence tool, comes to the aid. It can easily link to any form of data source and its drag and drop features is the main attraction of it. Tableau Training in Chennai as SLA offers Tableau coaching to both freshers and experienced professionals.
Tableau has grown in such a way that it is one of the quickest and easiest way to share analytics within the scope of the cloud. The non-requirement of programming knowledge and the straightforwardness of integration adds value to Tableau.

Why Learn Tableau?

All the organizations doesn’t have the same needs. Tableau offers several options to make use of it.

  • Whether you are student, company or a data analyst, you can deploy this tool. The data can be extracted from any place and shared within the company through a desktop or mobile browser.
  • You can build visual dashboards in an easy manner with the help of Tableau. The self-service analytics and quality of data is something that makes Tableau a preferred choice. And the non-requirement of coding is an additional feather in Tableau’s cap.

Tableau provides these products:

  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Prep
  • Tableau Server

Why there is Great Demand for Tableau?

Being a good visualization tool and graphical tool, Tableau provides quick ways to represent pie charts or the bar charts. Data is growing in a swift rate in India and in order to serve the real-time business requirements, companies require tools that make quick evaluation of data. After the data is evaluated, actionable insight is determined from it. Being a happening skill, the requirement of Tableau professionals is also seeing a surge.

Gartner research ranked Tableau as the leader for the fourth time and this shows the power of the tool. Tableau is also one of the most popular products in the domain of data visualization.

Top Reasons to Learn Tableau are:

  • Raise in demand for Tableau professionals
  • A satisfying Tableau career
  • Big companies in the search of Tableau professionals
  • Different type of job profiles
  • Lucrative salary for the candidates

Whom Tableau Training is Suitable for?

Tableau is a powerful tool not only for experienced analysts but it is also a great tool for freshers. It gives way to a number of job roles to select at different levels in your professional life. The aspiring candidates can view and comprehend data with the help of Tableau Training Institute in Chennai at SLA.

  • Data Scientists and Business Intelligence Professionals can upgrade their skills by Tableau Training.
  • Testing professionals
  • Statisticians who want to further expand their skills
  • Business analysts, project managers, data visual analysts etc.
  • Fresh graduates willing to test waters in Tableau
  • Professionals inclined on shifting to analytics field

Prerequisites for Tableau Training In Chennai

You needn’t come from the IT domain if you want to Learn Tableau. The fundamental knowledge of the following is sufficient if you want to Tableau Coaching In Chennai at SLA:

  • A fundamental comprehension of data and statistics
  • A basic knowledge of SQL
  • Some knowledge of information visualization

Tableau Career Opportunities

The Individual who get Tableau Training Chennai at SLA has a good scope as far as career is concerned. You can make an excellent choice out of the wide job roles of Tableau. The flexibility that Tableau offers in switching between the roles is something commendable. Whether you are a developer or a business analyst the expectations don’t change since Tableau is primarily a tool.
When he/she gets a Tableau certificate Training, he/she can be placed in the following roles:

  • Business Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Visual Analyst etc.
  • Tableau consultant
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Developer

While you are get Tableau Training in Chennai at SLA you are dealing with huge sets of data. In this regard, your data visualization skills will also be developed. Companies, whether it is a startup or a big enterprise rely on Tableau for data visualization. If you want to get hold of jobs in business intelligence, then learning Tableau is the right move.

Tableau Training Course Syllabus

Tableau Course Syllabus in SLA is prepared keeping in mind the requirements of the candidates. The Tableau Training Course Syllabus is also devised according to the industry standards. The Syllabus is designed according to the projects that the professionals are undertaking and it is Career-Focused.

  • Why Tableau? Why Visualization?
  • Level Setting – Terminology
  • Getting Started – creating some powerful visualizations quickly
  • The Tableau Product Line
  • Things you should know about Tableau
  • Connecting to Data and introduction to data source concept
  • Working with data files versus database server
  • Understanding the Tableau workspace
  • Dimensions and Measures
  • Using Show Me!
  • Tour of Shelves (How shelves and marks work)
  • Building Basic Views
  • Help Menu and Samples
  • Saving and sharing your work
  • Marks
  • Size and Transparency
  • Highlighting
  • Working with Dates
  • Date aggregations and date parts
  • Discrete versus Continuous
  • Dual Axis / Multiple Measures
  • Combo Charts with different mark types
  • Geographic Map Page Trails
  • Heat Map
  • Density Chart
  • Scatter Plots
  • Pie Charts and Bar Charts
  • Small Multiples
  • Working with aggregate versus disaggregate data
  • Analyzing
  • Sorting & Grouping
  • Aliases
  • Filtering and Quick Filters
  • Cross-Tabs (Pivot Tables)
  • Totals and Subtotals Drilling and Drill Through
  • Aggregation and Disaggregation
  • Percent of Total
  • Working with Statistics and Trend lines

Getting Started with Calculated Fields

  • Working with String Functions
  • Basic Arithmetic Calculations
  • Date Math
  • Working with Totals
  • Custom Aggregations
  • Logic Statements


  • Options in Formatting your Visualization
  • Working with Labels and Annotations
  • Effective Use of Titles and Captions
  • Introduction to Visual Best Practices

Building Interactive Dashboard

  • Combining multiple visualizations into a dashboard
  • Making your worksheet interactive by using actions and filters
  • An Introduction to Best Practices in Visualization

Sharing Workbooks

  • Publish to Reader
  • Packaged Workbooks
  • Publish to Office
  • Publish to PDF
  • Publish to Tableau Server and Sharing over the Web

Putting it all together

  • Scenario-based Review Exercises
  • Best Practices

Tableau Course Training Duration in SLA

Tableau Course Training Duration
TrackRegular TrackWeekend TrackFast Track
Course Duration30 – 40 Days5 WeekendsAccording to your Convenience
Hours2 hours a day6 hours a dayFits your Requirements
Training ModeLive ClassroomLive ClassroomLive Classroom

Note: SLA give importance to the convenience of the candidates and hence makes sure that the timings are accommodative.

Tableau Course Certification

The Tableau training and certification course from SLA that offers Tableau Training in Chennai offers you an in-depth knowledge of critical topics. You can be a competent professional when you learn the nuts and bolts of Tableau from SLA. The certification offers you the ability to come up with excellent and reliable outcome. Placements assistance and moderate fees is also one of the highlights of SLA and the student can gain from the dedicated placement team.

Students speak

Tableau training at SLA is easy to learn yet effective. One of my friend recommended this institute and I was astonished by the way they take care of students! Wonderful classes with an excellent trainer! I really appreciate your effort, energy and patience during teaching. I learned a lot within my training period and highly recommend SLA for Tableau training.

— Kavitha

Thanks to SLA for providing me the best Tableau course. Any institute can provide a course but only SLA can provide a in-depth knowledge in Tableau. Understanding BI in depth is really hard but SLA made it easy and interesting. I enjoyed every single class and gained more knowledge about the BI world through this training. The framework of the syllabus was structured in a way that anyone can understand the concept without technical knowledge. Here the course was clear and concise that makes the student to grasp the concepts easily.

— Saran Raj

I completed my Tableau Course Training in Chennai at SLA. I started my course without any knowledge in Tableau but after the completion, feel like I am the master in Tableau. I appreciate the trainer who explained the subject in a clear manner. Expressing or explaining the subject in understandable way is much important and the trainers in SLA are experts in that. I have ever seen a wonderful trainer as in SLA. Whatever queries the students raise, trainer answers them quickly and moreover with patience. My trainer always encourages me and that encouragement during training has made me grab a good job with good package. Thank you!

— Sumathi

I have gained extreme Tableau knowledge in SLA. Learning Tableau course here provides a massive job opportunities along with in-depth subject knowledge. I realized a amazing support from the trainer that enhanced my career growth. Friendly environment and friendly trainer always concerned about the students career path. I joined the course without any technical knowledge but they made me skilled person to perform better in interview. Finally I got a job with good pay. Thank you for your efforts!

— Arul Murugan

Joining Tableau course in SLA is the best decision I ever made. Anyone keen to learn Tableau, then there is no institute in Chennai like SLA to acquire real subject knowledge. The quality of training is superb! Being a BI professional, it is so critical to understand BI world but Tableau course at SLA has made me a successful BI professional.

— Veni

I have learned more from SLA. When I made my decision to learn Tableau, I searched for the best training institute in Chennai. Finally, I joined SLA, referred by one of my classmate. Classes was easy to understand and the instructor was so friendly. From zero knowledge, I gained 100% knowledge in Tableau that turned my life upside down, making me enter to the next level of career. Thank you SLA! Really had a awesome experience empowering my skills to shine in my desired field.

— Kumaran

I joined Tableau Training in Chennai at SLA. Very good tutors and pleasant environment. They prove that they are experts in training students. Thank you for helping me to gain perfect knowledge about Tableau!

— Muthu Krisnan