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Git is an open-source distributed version control system to take care of both small and huge projects with speed and competency. This free tool for DevOps gives the developers the much-needed functionality, security, performance, and adaptability. Get Git Training in Chennai from Softlogic and learn about this popular version control tool.

Best Git Training in Chennai

Welcome to the world-class Git Training Institute in Chennai. Learn Git Training in Chennai to become a master in the DevOps process. It also provides its own features. For storing the projects of developers, it is a great service. Git does not utilize much bandwidth. In order to keep pace with the popularity of Git, learn it From Git Training in Chennai

Course Overview of Git Training in Chennai

Git belongs to the Distributed Version Control category that facilitates distributed non-linear workflows. It does this by offering conformity for developing quality software. It keeps track of the modifications when operating with computer codes. There is a version of Git known as GitHub which is a web-based Git version control service. It helps in repository hosting and offers every distributed version control and source code management functionalities of Git. The study of Git is easy to learn that provides simple footprint with lightening fast performance using tools like CVS, Subversion, ClearCase, and Perforce. It enhanced with special features such as cheap local branching, multiple workflows, and flexible staging areas. We offer the best Git Training in Chennai for freshers and working professionals to have in-depth knowledge in Git concepts on latest version of 2.30.0 to manage everything from small to large scale projects with efficiency and speed.

About of Git Training in Chennai

Devops refers to the practice of providing agility to the process of development and operations. It is an innovative concept that has created ripples in IT companies globally. It enhances project life-cycles and in turn, raises profits. DevOps motivates communication between development engineers and operations. These employees collaborate together in the total service life-cycle.

Tools including Git let communication between the operations and the development team. When you are forming a large project with a big number of collaborators, it is essential to have interaction with the collaborators while performing modifications in the project. Commit messages in Git takes up a crucial role in communication in the team. To come out in flying colors in DevOps you should consider Version Control to a great extent. So, Git takes up an important role in DevOps.

Course Objectives of Git Training in Chennai

Our Git Course in Chennai is framed to provide the in-depth understanding of Git concepts to manage version-control systems with specialized features using real-time project practices. The students will learn about the differences of Git, Github, and Gitlab to install and configure Git. They will be proficient with CLI commands that are used for creating, cloning, and managing repositories. Performing basic troubleshooting, audit trial reviews, branching performance, rebasing the objects, merging tasks, resolving merge conflicts, and other general git workflows.

Git Course Curriculum at SLA is framed as per the industry standards that includes git history, design principles, distributed version control, account setup, GUI implementations, repository creations, visualization branches, naming conventions, merge requests, centralized flow, SVN branching, and rewriting histories. Our industry experts are well-versed on complete Git concepts to provide the best Git Training Course in Chennai.

After the Git Course in Chennai, Our students will:

  • Learn Git and its fundamentals
  •  Analyze and update the commit history
  •  Enhance DevOps regular workflow
  •  Implement Branch, merge, and handle remote repositories
  •  Utilize Git as a debugging tool
  •  Understand advanced Git concepts such as object types, bundles, and more

Git Course Fee and Duration

SLA offers flexible timings to every student on the given Git Course Duration.The student can always contact our technical team in order to get clarity regarding the timings. SLA will try to arrange right timings as per your flexibility.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

We provide quality coaching at fair Git Training Cost in Chennai. Call us to get the current offers and discounts with the installment facility.

Download GIT Course Syllabus

Who can Attend Git Classes in Chennai?

Any interested candidates who wish to work in DevOps automation can learn from our Git Training Institute in Chennai. We have designed career-oriented Git course syllabus to make every student thorough with DevOps process using Git tool. Our trainers are skills and certified with a lot of experience to manage freshers and working professionals to provide required technical and industry skills for performing well in the industries from day one. Our Git Course in Chennai is intended to provide the best coaching as per the industry-standards for the following category of candidates:

  • Software Architects and Designers
  •  Security Engineers
  •  Solution Architects
  •  Open source contributors
  •  Testing Professionals
  •  System Admins
  •  Developers who want to shine in their careers using Git and GitHub
  •  Technical managers who are technically adept

Prerequisites for Git Training in Chennai

Git Course at SLA does not require any specific skills for freshers and students as we cover basic to advanced concepts to handle distributed version-control systems in DevOps automation. For working professionals and the students who are enrolled in fast track mode Git training, should have some of the following fundamental concepts to complete Git Course with efficiency. Basic knowledge of windows and command line is useful. It would be beneficial if the candidate consists of at least 1 year of hands-on experience in writing code. Knowledge of Linux is also beneficial.

Git Course Syllabus

The syllabus for Git Training in Chennai is carefully designed to meet the industry standards. The experts ascertain that it is fresh, updated and best.


  • What is a Version Control System (VCS)?
  •  Distributed vs non-distributed VCS
  •  What is Git and where did it come from?
  •  Alternatives to Git
  •  Cloud-based solutions (Github, Gitlab, BitBucket, etc)

Installation and Configuration

  • Obtaining Git
  •  Installing Git
  •  Common configuration options
  •  GUI tools

Key Terminology

  • Clone
  •  Working Tree
  •  Checkout
  •  Staging area
  •  Add
  •  Commit
  •  Push
  •  Pull
  •  Stash

Git – Local Repository Actions

  • Creating a repository (git init)
  •  Checking status (git status)
  •  Adding files to a repository (git add)
  •  Committing files (git commit)
  •  Removing staged files (git reset)
  •  Removing committed files (git rm)
  •  Checking logs (git log)

Git – Remote Repository Actions

  • Creating a remote repository (git init)
  •  Cloning repositories (git clone)
  •  Updating the remote repository from the local (git push)
  •  Updating the local repository from the remote (git pull)

Tagging in Git

  • What is Git Tags?
  •  Listing Tags
  •  Lightweight tags
  •  Displaying tag details (tag show)
  •  Annotated tags
  •  Checking out tags
  •  Pushing tags
  •  Pulling tags

Branching in Git

  • What is a branch
  •  A note about andlt; HEADandgt;
  •  Listing branches
  •  Create a new branch
  •  Checkout branch
  •  Pushing branches
  •  Pulling branches

Merging in Git

  • Fetching Changes (git fetch)
  •  Rebasing (git rebase)
  •  Git Pull

Git Workflows

  • Different ways of using Git
  •  Centralized
  •  Feature Branch
  •  Gitflow Workflow
  •  Forking Workflow

Git – Stashing Changes

  • What is Stashing?
  •  Using Stash
  •  Creating a branch from a Stash

Advanced Repository Actions

  • Removing untracked files (git clean)
  •  Remove staged changes (git reset)
  •  Revert a commit (git revert)
  •  Check out a previous commit (git checkout)

Advanced Branching and Merging

  • Deleting a Branch
  •  Fast forward merge
  •  Three-way merge
  •  Resolving merge conflicts
  •  Cherry-Picking (git cherry-pick)

Advanced Git Configuration

  • Aliases
  •  Submodules
  •  Patches
  •  Hooks

Advantages of Git

  • Git runs swiftly. Both the servers and local operations are carried out easily with the benefit of high speed.
  •  The work-flow operations in the Git version control system are flexible. You can make a choice from the work-flow options.
  •  You can begin merging another code in the system. It is an excellent means for developers to collaborate with each other and give their contributions. There is no long procedure to adhere to at the time of merging.

Specialized Components of Git for DevOps automation

Git is used as low-level version-control system engine for writing front ends with the specialized features of following categories. We make you proficiency in complete git concepts in our Git Training Institute in Chennai.


Git is used for maintaining a large distributed development project of Linux with the intimate understanding of file-system performance to produce well-working systems in urgent and short orders.

Distributed Development: 

Git provides the developers a local copy of full development history to be used for making changes on additional developments.

Cryptographic-based authentication history:

Git history is stored with protection and authentication that the ID of particular version will not be changed until the complete development. It works like Merkle tree of Cryptographic concept with additional nodes and leaves.

Compatible with existing protocols and systems

Repositories will be pushed through protocols like HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) over plain socket or secure socket. Git allows CVS server emulation to supports various IDEs and plugins.

Effective management of large scale projects

Gitprovide scalable and vast environment to perform various jobs like automation testing and repository handling. It fetches history hundred times faster than any other automation tools.

Garbage accumulation till collection completion

Git automatically collects garbage once loose objects have been started to create in the repository. It will be done through git gc command during the process.

Toolkit-based design

C is used as a platform to write shell scripts that offer wrappers for designing and portable features of Git. It can be rewritten as per the speed and reliability of components involved in projects.

Strategies for Pluggable Merge

Git is a well-defined model for handling incomplete merge using numerous algorithms. This process will be completed automatically and does not require manual interaction.

We offer the best Git Training in Chennai with more in-depth knowledge on periodical packing, and snap short directory trees. Our trainers are proficient with complete Git concepts such as server, and binary that support developing the source code reviews.

SLA for the best Git Training in Chennai

Git Training at SLA is the best choice of students around the world as we have fully equipped lab facilities to offer updated and industry-relevant curriculum that helps them to shine in top firms. Our course is framed with balanced coaching on theory and practical implementations to make them proficient on Git implementations. We offer study materials, software installations, case studies, assessments, and project practices along with job-ready skills such as resume writing, communications skills, personality development, career enhancement, and job searching skills through our Git Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Support.

Career Scope after Git Training in Chennai

Git has a great scope in the current technological world. People prefer it for good results at an excellent speed. There are various reasons which boost its scope. In the coming future, the requirement of systems like Git would emerge in a high ratio. People throughout the world prefer to make use of this technology. The programmers have a simple reach to such a platform through Git. It offers them a chance to have their own coding ideas and contribute something. Learn this powerful version control tool from the Best Git Training Institute in Chennai.

How Git training in Chennai will boost your career growth?

Git is a great choice for career growth. Being a well-structured tool, it assists both developers and programmers to enhance their career due to the following:

  • It is a free open-source system.
  •  It functions as a distributed control system.
  •  It assists to maintain a working copy of the specific data files.

Roles and Responsibilities of Git Professionals

The DevOps professionals with Git skills have to maintain the automation process of industries that fasten the deployment using the CI/CD approach. Git helps you to automate the DevOps process through computer programming and distributed version controls that allow multiple developers to work on the same project with a shared network. We equip the interested students with required git skills that are used for shaping modern development processes in the top firms through our best Git Training Institute in Chennai.

Git offers numerous benefits for developers such as modularization, creativity, undo facilities, clear progress flow, offline work features, and data protection. Git developers are in great demand in top companies for working well in distributed version control to deploy the products faster. Our trainers are industry experts with well-versed knowledge in the entire Git concepts to provide the best Git Course in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance. The main responsibilities and key skills are here to make you proficient through our best Git Training in Chennai.

  • Perform jobs with agility to DevOps using Git for boosting SDLC.
  • Work in the version control system to deploy products faster.
  • Taking care of all processes from designing to deployment with DevOps tools like Chef, Docker, Ansible, Puppet, and Jenkins along with Git.
  • Explain to management how git can fit DevOps automation processes.
  • Collaborate with team members and clients for planning the deployment and maintenance activities.
  • Manage the code with Git that helps the collaborators to utilize a shared repository.
  • Create a build and test server to deploy products quickly with efficiency.
  • Develop communication using the Git tool between development and operation teams.
  • Create commit messages in Git for internal communications of the company.
  • Compare and discover new updates of git with other available tools using graphs to upgrade the server as per the company requirements.
  • Maintain stable communication between team members with Git solution throughout the project launching.

The required skills of DevOps personal with git tools are SDLC understanding, DevOps tools, problem-solving skills, analytical skills, web application development using python, angularJS, and NoSQL, version control system with Git, CI/CD familiarization, multi-tasking skills, and able to work team-based environment. We equip our students to work in DevOps automation with required git skills through our best Git Training in Chennai with job-ready skills.

Trainer Profile of Git Training Institute in Chennai

SLA Jobs have real-time and dedicated Git Trainers to provide the best training in Chennai. He is 12+ years of experience in Git projects with tools implementation and handles interactive classes as a classroom and online mode. He continually follows up the industrial demands and designed the Git Course Syllabus to provide what is needed most for the students. He is taking placement-focused Git Training in Chennai with required job-ready skills.

Our Git Trainers are well-versed in the entire DevOps concepts with real-time experience on industrial projects. They are proficient with a distributed version control system using the Git tool that is used to regularize and modularize software development lifecycle. We frame the industry-standard Git course curriculum by our expert trainers that cover from basic to advanced concepts for performing well in the top firms. Git Training Course in Chennai from our skilled trainers makes the students shine in the industries with industry required skills.

Git Internship Training in Chennai

Get Github Internship Training in Chennai at SLA to become a successful DevOps professional with the version control system knowledge. Our Git Training in Chennai useful for the software architects, security engineers, solution providers, open-source contributors, testing engineers, and system admins to get thorough knowledge in collaboration skills, distribution skills, control ability, and management qualities. Increase your fundamental skills with our Git Internship Program that offers complete hands-on experiences on the real-time projects. The guidance of our trainers throughout the project life cycle improves the ability of the learners to take necessary decisions on the real-world problems by our advanced Github Training in Chennai.Required Roles and Responsibilities of Github DevOps Engineer

  • Write Specifications and documentation of an application
  • Implement CI/CD management and automation
  • Work efficiently with automation services and platforms.
  • Develop Scripting and coding on tools like Git
  • Maintain infrastructure and management
  • Implement performance assessment
  • Monitor the entire DevOps culture and works

Join SLA for the best upskilling experience for your career growth on DevOps through our best Github Internship in Chennai. Willingness to learn is the mark of a fresh and youthful mind.


Boopathi Raja

The DevOps course at Softlogic was well rounded and the trainers were very accessible, which suited my learning style. The support that the faculty gave both inside and outside the classroom was brilliant. They used a variety of teaching methods and moved through the Github course material, ensuring that no one in the class fell behind. I wholeheartedly recommend SLA.


SLA is a fantastic training academy to learn Github Course! When this institute was recommended by my colleague, I took up training in this place not expecting much. But when the classes commenced I realized the coaching was really good! Full practical coaching is followed here! They teach you the concept with the help of practical examples! Wonderful training institute!


Brilliant course material! They know how to deliver the best coaching for Github! I am already looking forward to the next corporate training program! The trainers were excellent and the course was very fulfilling. The best place to get certified and we were so glad to have picked SLA for our team training. If you are a fresher, this place will be very helpful, as they give a lot of importance to beginners! Highly recommend this training institute!


I am satisfied with the training given by SLA on Github Course. During training, the faculty was able to clear my doubts regarding the core concepts of DevOps and provided suitable real-life examples for better understanding. SLA is the best training institute in Chennai for Github learning. I started the class with zero knowledge and thanks to my trainers, I can handle my work efficiently! They inspire you to learn and the training atmosphere is wonderful! A big thanks to SLA for all their training for Github, and I owe it to them for my success!

Nikitha Raja

SLA is an excellent platform for learning Github Training in Chennai if you are looking for some DevOps course coaching. The instructor at SLA was fantastic, and I could totally relate to his course content being from a DevOps background. Even if you are a fresher, they take so much care and importance, and I have never seen this much teaching consideration in any institute I have been to earlier! They helped me pass many IT firm interviews and even today, I approach them for input or any project clarification! Thank You, SLA for providing me such a career boost!

Some Frequently Asked Question

The learning of Git is used to understand the hosting of applications in the virtual environment and it is considered the best task management tool for every project. Learn Github Training in Chennai to understand how it works and how to use them effectively at SLA. Following are the frequently asked questions about the Github course and our SLA Jobs.

What is Github and how to use it?

Github is the platform to upload the codes and is used as collaboration software among coders. It simplifies the code development of beginners by providing existing codes related to the required process. It is recommended for beginners to learn Github Course in Chennai with hands-on expertise for understanding how to use them effectively.

Why Github is popular in the IT field?

Github is an open-source repository that provides numerous unmatched advantages to develop applications anywhere in the world. It offers cloud storage for source code and supports all programming languages and streamlines for the repetition process. Develop your hosting skills in our Github Training Institute in Chennai.

Is Github important for beginners?

Github is the platform to upload the codes and is used as collaboration software among coders. It simplifies the code development of beginners by providing existing codes related to the required process. It is recommended for beginners to learn Github Course in Chennai with hands-on expertise for understanding how to use them effectively.

Do popular companies use Github?

Yes, many popular companies such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are using Github as internal git solutions, and the enterprise to have their codes for future reference. It helps the newly joined candidates to understand the source code of the application that they are working on. Enroll in SLA for learning the best Github Training Course in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

Is Github access free?

The developers or any other IT professionals can access the unlimited private repositories with the collaboration of companies that include commercial project codes, actions, and automation codes for the CI/CD platform. Reshape your developing skills with an enhanced program of Github Training in Chennai with Industry-worth certification.

Why should I learn Github in SLA Jobs?

We provide the Github Certification in Chennai with 100% Placement Assurance and give value for money by giving practical exposure to the candidates. We keep abreast of emerging technologies in Our Github Training Center in KK Nagar Chennai and have many benefits of real-time trainers.

When can I start the Github Course after enrolling?

Your batch time will be allocated by our tech leads immediately for the Github Course in Chennai and if you want to take a free demo, it will also be arranged by them.

How will you allocate a batch at SLA for Github training ?

We allocate a small batch for Github Training in Chennai to offer the students individual care and attention for their career upliftment. Our Github trainer takes a one-to-one classroom session if the student requires it. We allocate a maximum size limited with 4 to 5 candidates for a batch of Github Training in Chennai.

Is there a placement guarantee for the Github course in your institution?

SLA offers placement guidance in the Github course and that is why we are the no.1 Github Training and Placement Center in Chennai. At SLA, We equip for a job, but not buy a job for our Github Students through interview preparations and offer placement arrangements in the corporate companies.

How do I enroll in our Github Training course at SLA?

SLA offers placement guidance in the Github course and that is why we are the no.1 Github Training and Placement Center in Chennai. At SLA, We equip for a job, but not buy a job for our Github Students through interview preparations and offer placement arrangements in the corporate companies.