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Mobile Application Development Training In Chennai

Mobile Application Development Training In Chennai

Mobile App Development Training in Chennai | Mobile App Development Course in Chennai

Mobile App Development Training in Chennai provided by SLA will be the best choice of your career with wonderful placement assistance for aspiring candidates. We offer Mobile Application Course in Chennai with real-time project experience for the best practice on Android and iOS device software apps.

Mobile App Development Training Institute in Chennai

Welcome to the No.1 Mobile App Development Training Institute in Chennai. Students, Freshers, and working professionals can gain benefits from our Mobile Application Training Institute in Chennai through our expert and experienced trainers who are dedicated to serve you better. Weekdays, Weekends, Fast track, and Online modes of classes are available for the student’s convenience in their flexible class time allocation. We provide comprehensive learning support based on the best-in-class Mobile App Development Course Curriculum and make you ready with industry-ready skills. SLA provides the best Mobile App Development Training in Chennai from scratch using a variety of tools such as Android Studio, Eclipse, BuildFire, Alpha Anywhere, and so on. Our trainers are proficient in mobile app development with plenty of experience in creating numerous applications for all platforms. We have designed the curriculum by industry experts to offer job-ready skills in mobile app development with placement assistance.

Mobile App Development Course Overview

Mobile Application Development is the process of developing a software app that runs on mobile devices like Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc with the utilization of network connection. This process includes the development of software packages as a front-end design, implementation of data access as a back-end service along with API, and testing the developed application on various devices.

About Mobile App Course in Chennai

We offer the Best Mobile Application Development Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assurance for the right candidates. We build your career with our industry-oriented study materials trained by proficient trainers through unlimited hands-on practices and make sure the placement for every individual in top companies. We provide all-inclusive lab access for gaining more knowledge and required soft skill training as a value-added service. Our placement team conducts many mock interviews for better preparations to perform well in the main assessments of the top recruiters.

There are 3.5 billion smartphone users around the world and it is a thriving industry with tremendous growth for job opportunities for the learners and promising ROI for the organizations. As people spending more on digital media through mobile, the usage of mobile apps increased to 90% for both native and cross-website access. It gives motivation for the learners to build a mobile app with proper hands-on experience along with appropriate training on tools. Learn to build your app through our Mobile App Development Course in Chennai with hands-on exposure.

Course Objectives of Mobile App Development Training in Chennai

Our Mobile App Development Course in Chennai aims to empower candidates to develop various mobile apps to meet the real-time problems of mobile users across the world. Our trainers train you with the step-by-step process of building mobile apps on the three important signs of progress such as understanding the user requirement, developing the product or software, and test the product or software. You will learn to develop a strategy before developing mobile apps with the analysis of objectives, use cases, business model, investment, revenue details, and marketing your app. We make your proficiency on the key elements of mobile app development such as functionalities, designing, reliability, and usability in our Mobile App Development Training Institute in Chennai. Build your first mobile app with ultimate features and user experiences through our industry-ready Mobile App Development Training Course in Chennai. We make you learn Mobile App Development with the knowledge of targeting the right audience, utilization facilities of applications, finding the existing alternatives, the strategy of proposed mobile apps, the business model for maximizing customers, language proficiency, framework implementations, and technological expertise. You can also learn to fix a budget for your app, time-consuming of the entire development, and the expected revenue generations in our Mobile App Development Training Center in Chennai at SLA.

At the end of our Mobile App Development Training, our students are able to

  • Develop, Test, and Maintain the improvements of Mobile Apps.
  • Make sure the quality and functionality of the delivering applications
  • Code writing for various apps in specific OS environments
  • Design and develop application’s user interface
  • Integrating with team members with new ideas and designs
  • Immediate solution to resolve issues

Prerequisites for learning Mobile App Training in Chennai :

No prior app development knowledge is required for freshers to learn Mobile App Development Training in Chennai at SLA. We offer a complete course from scratch that includes fundamental development to advanced technological implementations. Our Mobile App Development Course Syllabus can be customized as per the requirement of learners to shine in the mobile app development industry. However, the candidates who wish to learn our Mobile App Development Course through fast track mode are suggested to have the following skills to learn the course with satisfying hands-on exposure.

  • Basic knowledge in Java, SQL, and a streamlined process of app development
  • Fundamental of XML Syntax , C++, C# is adequate
  • For fresher and students no prerequisites needed as we have trained from the essentials.

Who can attend Mobile Application Training Institute in Chennai ?

Our Mobile App Development Training in Chennai is offered for any aspirants who wish to develop mobile apps for various purposes. This course is ideal for kick-starting the career in the Application Development field which is having exponential career growth for anyone. If you are passionate about technologies, tools, programming languages, and testing scripts can attend our Mobile App Development Training Program and we offer classes in regular and instructor-led live online modes for the benefit of local and remote candidates.

Any interested candidates with the following category can enroll for this Mobile Application Development Course in Chennai

  • Working professional from any web development experience
  • Fresher and Students who want to start their career in Mobile App Development

Career Opportunity After Mobile Application Development Training in Chennai

Over two-thirds of the world population is connected with mobile devices for such major tasks like online shopping, taking a ride, booking for travel, learning and development, entertainment and so on. Therewith, the mobile app development field becomes more ubiquitous than any other domain in the IT industry.

Taking proper training and hands-on experience along with valuable certification brings huge opportunities to the developers for a high salary package. SLA Jobs provides the top Mobile Application Certification Training in Chennai with all the benefits required for hired easily by the reputed MNCs. The annual salary range for a mobile app developer is between $89,000 and $125,000.

Mobile App Development Course Fee and Duration

Master in Mobile App Development skill without quitting your job as the course duration is flexible and with the below convenient training modes.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

Become an expert at an affordable Mobile Application Development Course Fees in Chennai. Avail the training cost benefits and offers by calling us at 86087 00340.

Download Mobile Application Development Course Syllabus

Mobile App Development Course Syllabus

LA has designed the Mobile App Development Course Syllabus in such a way that you can ace the concepts pertaining to the platforms like Android, iOS, and Others. The courses content that we provide is crafted by proficient Mobile App trainers.

Introducing the Android Platform
  • Establishing the development environment
  • Analyzing components of the architecture
Leveraging Application Fundamentals
Mobile Applications
  • Creating activities to process user input
  • Implementing views to build the User Interface (UI)
  • Packaging applications for deployment
  • Developing unit tests
Supporting asynchronous behavior
  • Performing background tasks with services
  • Communicating with intents
Creating User Interfaces
visual components
  • Building the layout
  • Connecting a view to an activity
  • Positioning form elements
Working with resource declarations
  • Declaring component definitions and layouts
  • Handling multiple screen resolutions
  • Localizing applications
Processing User Input
Communicating with the user
  • Creating and displaying Toast
  • Generating status bar notifications
  • Logging key application events
Interacting with the UI
  • Responding to user input events
  • Launching activities with intents
  • Writing Java event handlers
  • Generating context and option menus
Managing the activity life cycle
  • Integrating with the Android system
  • Persisting data in response to notifications
Persisting Application Data
Selecting storage options
  • Contrasting internal and external storage locations
  • Saving application configuration with SharedPreferences
Manipulating the SQLite database
  • Executing queries to locate information
  • Specifying column selections with projections
Consuming and creating content providers
  • Accessing shared data resources
  • Addressing content providers with URIs
Maintaining System Responsiveness
Avoiding Application Not Responding (ANR) errors
  • Unloading the UI thread
  • Designing for asynchronous execution
Building background services
  • Launching IntentServices
  • Declaring services in the manifest
Exchanging Data over the Internet
Interacting with server-side applications
  • Synchronizing Android devices with servers
  • Communicating via HTTP clients
Developing clients for web services
  • Connecting to RESTful services
  • Creating and parsing JSON
Enhancing the User Experience
Incorporating the Action Bar
  • Manipulating objects with drag and drop
  • Supporting orientation and multiple screen resolutions with resources
  • Combining fragments into a multi-pane UI
Leveraging geolocation and mapping capabilities
  • Plotting positions on Google Maps
  • Establishing location through GPS, Cell-ID and WiFi

Trainer Profile of Mobile App Development Training Institute in Chennai

SLA Jobs have real-time and dedicated Mobile App Development Trainers to provide the best Mobile App Development Training in Chennai. They have 12+ years of experience in Mobile App Development projects with tools implementation and handles interactive classes as a classroom and online mode. They are well-versed in most of the on-demand technologies such as Android, iOS, Blackberry along with real-time practice on Development, Debugging, and Deployment. They continually follow up the industrial demands and designed the Mobile App Development Course Syllabus to provide what is needed most for the students. They are taking placement-focused Mobile App Development Training in Chennai with required job-ready skills.

Our Mobile App Development Course Trainers are proficient in Google Flutter, iOS Development, Swift Programming, SwiftUI, Android App Development, React Native, Dart Programming Language, Kotlin, and React JS along with the entire mobile app development skills. They provide complete hands-on knowledge of Mobile App Development to build native apps, cross-platform apps, hybrid apps, and progressive web apps effectively as a sole developer or team member. Learn the best Mobile App Development Training in Chennai from industry expert faculties of SLA.

The Different ways of Mobile App Development

The most popular platforms Android from Google and iOS from Apple are used to build mobile apps and to date, there are 1.5 Million applications have been developed in both operating systems. iOS is exclusively for Apple devices and Android is used for multiple companies to meet various requirements. We give elaborate Mobile App Development Training in Chennai that can be implemented in four different ways such as building Native Mobile Apps, building Cross-Platform Native Mobile Apps, building Hybrid Mobile Apps, and building Progressive Web Applications.

Native Mobile App Development: Native apps are developed using SDK (Software Development Kit) and various tools provided by platform owners like Google and Apple and these apps will be running natively on the particular platform. It offers the best runtime performance and directly uses the data of the particular platform through platform-specific software development kits. The development and maintenance of codes for each platform is a bit high and the features can be implemented based on the platforms of SDK tools. The learning of Native Mobile App development helps the learners to use native capacities offered by the particular platform and we can access the hardware capabilities like GPS, Microphone, and Camera that helps in faster execution with rich user experience. The developer can implement push notifications easily in Native App Development through Google’s Cloud Messaging Platform and iOS Server (APNS). Learn to develop Native Mobile Apps in our Mobile App Development Training Institute in Chennai.

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Development : It can be written using any programming language and compiled for each platform separately. Cross-Platform Mobile Apps require a single code base for various platforms and the unified user experience will be offered for different platforms. It will be dependent on third-party libraries as the code is not been written natively. Cross-platform mobile apps should be compiled and bridged for ensuring no bugs. The learning of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development is good for the students as iOS and Android platform shares 50-50 skills that we can develop for potential customers accessed through any platforms. It is good for the learners as it involves the skills to align user experience across various platforms. Learn how to maintain two different platforms simultaneously through this cross-platform Mobile App Development Training in Chennai.

Hybrid Mobile Apps Development: It is developed using the latest web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and then it will be bundled for required platforms. Hybrid Mobile App Development requires the knowledge of web containers using a runtime browser. The codebase of the apps can be shared between web and mobile apps and the web development tools also can be used for mobile app development. The performance of Native apps can be integrated along with the usage of web technologies and it also provides support to Native Mobile Devices. The learning of Hybrid Mobile App Development is used for the learners to have in-depth knowledge of various tools and web technologies to deliver the best apps for various users. Discover how to develop hybrid mobile apps in our Mobile App Development Course in Chennai at SLA.

Progressive Web App Development: It does not require cross-platform or native app development strategies and it skips the app store installations and traditional app providing channels. It runs inside the browser irrespective of mobile devices or desktop systems and the link will be added to the device-like icon to access the features. These are web applications that also run on a mobile device. It requires little or no support for native devices and runs complete capabilities of browsers with a stable network connection. If the network connection is lost, the availability of interactions will also be lost. The learning of progressive mobile app development is useful for learners who wish to develop interactive apps using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It helps the developer to solve the issues of native devices such as GPS, Camera, Machine Learning Modules, and Gyroscope, etc. Learn the step-by-step process of progressive web app development in our Mobile App Development Training in Chennai.

Explore the tremendous opportunities in the mobile app development field at SLA as we provide placement-focused training for freshers and working professionals. We offer course materials and software installations for free of cost along with the value-added placement training on aptitude and soft skills. We guide you through mock interviews and a career enhancement program to help you reach your career goal faster and easily through our Mobile App Development Training and Placement Institute in Chennai.

Mobile App Development Internship in ChennaiGet Started

Mobile application developers are in rapidly growing demand in the world. They are a fresh generation of techies and engineers exclusively for mobiles. The developers in this field can be recent graduates or professionals. We give hands-on Mobile App Development Internship Training in Chennai for the aspiring candidates to increase the confidence to work in the companies and as freelancers.

Roles and Responsibilities of Mobile App Developer

We at SLA equip the students to have sufficient skills required for the companies to take care of mobile app development in areas like native apps, cross-browser apps, hybrid apps, and progressive web apps. Our Mobile App Certification Training in Chennai empowers the candidates to gain expertise to perform the following responsibilities effectively in top companies.

  • Recognize the proper requirements and expectations of customers to develop new applications that address their needs.
  • Discover multiple ways to handle issues for developing innovative and interactive applications.
  • Implement problem-solving skills to make proper decisions to carry forward the mobile app development.
  • Showcase team spirit to execute the work seamlessly as project developers.
  • Keep focusing on every single part of application development to execute the product smoothly.
  • Planning the budget for developing the entire project along with cost-effective technologies and tools implementations.
  • Time management for developing the entire project to deliver the high-quality and bug-free product on time to customers around the globe.
  • Implement and test the user experience of a product and perform marketing strategies to reach the highest number of user downloads.
  • Ensure the accessibility of apps from various platforms and devices like iOS, Android, and so on.

Enroll at SLA for learning the best Mobile App Development Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance and industry-accredited certification. We also guide you with various career enhancement ideas even after the course duration for stepping up your career ladder faster and efficiently. Joining at SLA gives you wings to soar high with lifetime course access along with free placement service.

Top profiles related to Mobile Application Development
  • Analysts
  • Project managers
  • Software engineers
  • App developers

User Reviews on Mobile Application Development Courses


The training was very good. The faculty explained every topic in detail with good examples, also discussed real-time scenarios. The trainer was equipped enough to answer all questions that would come his way. Overall very good experience would definitely recommend SLA as the best training institute in Chennai for Mobile App Development training.


The USP of SLA is that they have certified trainers who are par excellence. Another thing that I liked about Softlogic was you get emails about job openings on a constant basis from their exclusive placement cell. Well done SLA!

Rajesh Kanna

I attended Mobile App Development training classes from Softlogic Academy. The Sessions were interactive and the trainer was a very knowledgeable person. Good training in the concepts gave us all a profound understanding. Well planned Classrooms & an amazing lab setup. Non- teaching staff is also very good in terms of planning & behavior.


Learned a lot after attending the Mobile App Development training session. Overall good. I have good knowledge of Mobile App Development modules and their usage. Real-time scenario discussions helped a lot. SLA is definitely the best Institute in Chennai for Mobile App Development training.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

SLA Academy provides Best Mobile App Development Training in Chennai. We ensure that the practical and theory sessions go hand in hand with each other and are taught in an effective manner. Through this powerful approach, every concept of Mobile App Development becomes easy.

What are the languages used for learning mobile app development?

The popularly used programming languages for developing mobile apps are Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, C#, C++, Python, PHP, Swift, and Objective-C. We provide mobile app development training in Chennai with the integration of programming language training as of your preferences.

What is the difficulty level of learning mobile app development?

The learning of Mobile App Development is quite complex but we are offering simplifies learning path through practical implementations and a complete course guide in our Mobile App Development Training Institute in Chennai.

Is Mobile App Development bringing a promising career?

The Mobile App Development Training brings a good career for freshers and working professionals for their career start or progressive transformation. As 90% of the world population depends on mobile phones and applications for their regular access, this field makes an excellent choice with futuristic career growth. Join SLA to explore the job opportunities in this field and we guide you through our Mobile App Development Training and Placement Program in Chennai.

What are the tools available in the market for mobile app development?

Sketch, BuildFire, Adobe Experience Design (XD), Axure RP, Marvel, Origami Studio, OmniGraffle, and so on are available for mobile app development and you can learn to use these tools effectively in our Mobile App Development Training Course in Chennai at SLA.

When can I start the Mobile App Development course after enrolling?

Your batch time will be allocated by our tech leads immediately for the Mobile App Development Course and if you want to take a free demo, it will also be arranged by them.

How will you allocate a batch at SLA for Mobile App Development Training?

We allocate a small batch for Mobile App Development Training Course students to offer individual care and attention for their career upliftment. Our Mobile App Development trainer takes a one-to-one classroom session if the student requires it. We allocate maximum size limited with 4 to 5 candidates for a batch of Mobile App Development Training in Chennai

Is there a placement guarantee for the Mobile App Development course in your institution?

We offer placement guidance in the PHP course and that is why we are the No.1 Mobile App Development Training Centers in Chennai. At SLA, We equip for a job, but not buy a job for our PHP students through interview preparations and offer placement arrangements in the corporate companies.

How do I enroll in our Mobile App Development Training course at SLA?

To enroll in this Mobile App Development course, you must first register with Mobile App Development Training in Chennai by filling up the form displayed on the website. Or you can start a chat in the chatbot. Or you can call the number displayed on the screen.

Ready to explore a Mobile App Development Course?

To enroll in this Mobile App Development course, you must first register with Mobile App Development Training in Chennai by filling up the form displayed on the website. Or you can start a chat in the chatbot. Or you can call the number displayed on the screen.

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