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SLA’s VB.NET training course provides an overview of Visual Basic, including navigating Visual Studio, understanding objects, priorities, methods, and collections. You will start this course by learning how to install and use the Visual Studio. In this training course, you will develop the skills to leverage the object-oriented capabilities of Visual Basic to create multi-tier applications that include relational database access. The course starts from scratch and hence it is ideal for any beginner.

Expedite your career with VB.Net Training at SLA

Welcome to the best VB.Net Training Institute in Chennai. Many new controls are being added constantly to streamline VB. net program development. VB.NET also supports multithreading and Web development services, such as Web forms and services. SLA Institute is here to provide just that, the best coaching and learning experience one can access among the various VB.Net-training centers in Chennai.

VB.Net Course Overview

Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) evolved from Visual Basic 6 (VB6) to meet an increasing need for easy web-services and web development. VB.NET is a language in itself, a programming language under the ownership of Microsoft. It can perform mathematical and logical operations, variable assignments, and other expected traits of a programming language.

We have expert trainers in our VB.Net Training Center in Chennai to provide industry-specific coaching with hands-on exposure. Our course material is designed by professional developers as per the demand of top companies around the globe. We offer study materials and free software installation for the students to learn by doing during VB.Net Course Duration in Chennai. Learn in-demand skills to perform as a .Net developer as it is the most promising platform that brings tremendous job opportunities.

Best VB.Net Course in Chennai

VB.Net is the computer programming language that follows the object-oriented concept and it is developed by Microsoft. It includes OOPs concepts such as objects, classes, encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance, and abstraction. It is commonly used by most program developers worldwide for developing windows-based, web-based, and enterprise applications. We provide comprehensive VB.Net Training in Chennai for the aspirants to develop applications with the features like portable, robust, scalable, and secure.

The VB.Net has an easy learning curve because of its simplified and understandable syntax. It has numerous shortcuts to minimize the lines of coding that help the developer to build applications faster with efficiency. We provide compete for hands-on practice on every concept on the industry-relevant curriculum in our VB.Net Training Course in Chennai. Get expertise in VB.Net along with certification and placement support at SLA.

Course Objectives of VB.Net Training in Chennai

Our VB.Net Course in Chennai aims to offer the best coaching to develop windows applications using structure-based object-oriented programming techniques. Our students will be able to design, construct, and formulate applications using VB.Net and integrate variables and constants to apply in VB.Net applications effectively. They can determine logical alternatives with VB.Net decision structures; apply lists and loops along with VB.Net controls and iterations, and separate operations in VB.Net functions and procedures.

The students of our VB.Net Training Institute in Chennai can assemble multiple forms, menus, and modules to provide solutions through VB.Net and develop VB.Net programs using multiple array techniques. Our trainers make the students build integrated VB.Net solutions using structures and files using printing capabilities along with the ability to translate common requirements into data-driven solutions for businesses using database concepts.

After the completion of VB.Net Training in Chennai, our students can be:

  • Thoroughly understand the .NET Framework and architecture
  •  in-depth knowledge in the application of the core classes for building, debugging, and deploying Windows applications.
  •  Learn to fasten the implementation of the Visual Studio.NET IDE, which includes debugging, and application deployment.
  • Advanced knowledge of programming algorithm, structure, and processes
  • Thorough understanding of OOPs and identify the entire VB concepts.
  • Complete knowledge on developing and deploying the full-fledged applications
  • Comprehensive understanding of the impact of trending languages and comparing the advantages of VB.Net for business improvement
  • Implementing the core concepts of VB.Net such as objects, message, primitive value, method, repetition control structures, container, selection control structures, object reference, and method parameter efficiently.

VB.Net Course in Chennai

Anyone can pursue VB.Net Course in Chennai after completing computer related degree. Our VB.Net Course Duration is about 45 to 60 hours that can start as per your flexible course timing.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

Our VB.Net Course Fees in Chennai is reasonable for we offer quality training from industry experts. Talk to our career counselor and know the offers and discounts that you can avail as per seasons and vacations.

Who can attend our VB.Net training in Chennai

Visual Basic .NET training prepares IT professionals for crucial roles as application developers and corporate technology architects.VB.NET courses appeal to aspiring IT workers who want to shift from either management or coding, into more comprehensive roles as leaders and visionaries. Microsoft Visual Basic .NET training and certifications can help professionals qualify for jobs such as Enterprise application developers, Web developers, Windows developers, etc.

In addition, this course is for anyone who is interested in VB.NET Programming, for beginners to help them understand basic VB.Net programming, for programmers, students/ freshers, and Software professionals. Parallelly, a fundamental understanding of other programming languages too would be complimentary for one to learn the VB.Net programming language.

  • Fresh graduates and college students are eligible to take up the course to kick-start their career in software development.
  • Working professionals who wish to transform their careers into web application development can pursue this course.
  • All the beginners who wish to develop applications in windows, web, game, and mobile devices.

Prerequisites for learning VB.Net Training in Chennai

No prerequisites for learning but some basic understanding of programming languages are adequate. We provide VB.Net Certification Training in Chennai from scratch for beginners and fresh graduates. It covers basic to advanced concepts required for developing full-fledged applications using the VB.Net programming language. Working professionals can customize the VB.Net Course Curriculum as per the learning requirements as fast track mode of classes. We have regular modes to provide VB.Net Training in Chennai on weekdays, weekends, and learn from home through online mode of classes. All modes of training will be provided with satisfying hands-on practices for equipping them to work in top firms.

Advantages of Learning VB .Net from the Best VB.Net Training Institute in Chennai

Softlogic is clearly cognizant of the fact that all companies do not look for only academic grades at the time of placement. They require a certification course from a reputed training center as Softlogic. Hence having a certificate from Softlogic will make you stand apart.

Softlogic has association with several IT companies. We make sure that all our students attend interviews till they get a job. We give importance to practical sessions rather than boring the candidates with theory alone. The trainers make sure that the students get the exposure that meets the current IT requirements.

Career Prospects in VB.Net Training in Chennai

As VB.Net is open-source and continual growth makes it maintain its popularity for developing windows and web-based applications. Top companies are progressively involved in the development of applications in.Net framework. Therewith, it has enhanced career prospects if it is combined with the whole .Net framework. Microsoft, JetBrains, Google, Samsung, Unity, and Redhat are some of the popular companies using Microsoft.Net for developing applications. The average salary of the Visual.Net Developer is around $60,000 according to

VB.Net is a well-established programming language used to develop small to enterprise-level applications for windows, web, mobile, and game requirements. It brings huge job opportunities for the learners in worldwide companies with high pay and perks. We provide Training in Chennai with Placement Assistance at SLA and we have a dedicated placement team to provide job-related skills such as resume writing skills, career enhancement skills, communication skills, and collaboration skills.

Future Scope of VB.Net Programming Language

Top companies are employing certified and skilled VB.Net Developers as they are adapting this open-source technology to build various software applications for their clients. It will give a promising career for the learners who wish to make a career in web and application development. VB.Net has high prospects as per the current requirement of the global companies. We equip our students in our VB.Net Training and Placement Institute in Chennai by providing them the best platform to learn by practicing.

We help the students to clear the international certification exams like MCTS and MCPD through our future-focused VB.Net Training in Chennai. Our trainers are providing the best coaching for the students who have technical skills or for the persons who do not have any technical background. They can become windows application developer, iOS developer, technology architect, web developer, VB developer, android app developer, and UI designers through our job-related VB.Net Training in Chennai

Roles and Responsibilities of VB.Net Developers

VB.Net is one of the programming languages used in the ASP.Net framework to develop dynamic web pages and applications along with specified roles and responsibilities. We give a wonderful platform for learning VB.Net to perform various tasks assigned by companies through our Best VB.Net Training Institute in Chennai. Following are the common roles and responsibilities expected by big companies from certified VB.Net developers.

  • Develop web-based software applications using VB.Net and MSSQL.
  • Perform software testing and quality checks on the developed project according to the QC guidelines and ensures error-free application delivery with an optimum product to clients.
  • Create websites in ASP.Net framework along with VB.Net Programming Language as per the requirements of clients around the world.
  • Update the existing applications with trending technologies and that should be covered the reviews and feedbacks of users to rectify the issues or upgrade the platform.
  • Perform testing on the developed websites on executing them in various web browsers and devices to ensure compatibility and verifies the standard user experience.
  • Provide training to team members to get an error-free product that meets the client requirements with expected quality.
  • Designing the back-end database for web applications and generate stored procedures that make it easy to maintain the application and websites.
  • Update with the trending technologies that help to enhance the core application according to the requirement of current industries.
  • Ensure the capability of websites and applications with the newer technologies and operating systems as per the observation of global platforms.
  • Keep updating the applications through observations and modify the software development lifecycle along with software testing professionals to deliver the product quickly and efficiently.

Course Curriculum of VB.Net Training Institute in Chennai

VB.Net course will be taken the specialized concepts such as fundamental programming concepts, OOPs concepts, Delegates, Processing Controls, Arrays, Lists, Collections, Strings, file streams, XML, Database and Threads with complete hands-on experiences on real-time projects. After the VB.Net course completion, one can able to have the appropriate understanding of along with the guidance through our updated VB.Net Interview Questions and Answers on our website. Our Course Syllabus covers the following comprehensive concepts in VB.Net Training Center in Chennai.

Visual Basic .NET and the .NET Framework

  • Introduction to .net framework -Features
  •  Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  •  Framework Class Library(FCL).Visual Studio.Net – IDE
  •  Languages Supported
  •  Components.Visual Programming
  • Features
  •  IDE- Menu System
  •  Toolbars
  •  Code Designer
  •  Solution Explorer
  •  Object Browser
  •  Toolbox
  •  Class View Window
  •  Properties Window
  •  Server Explorer
  •  Task List
  •  Output Window
  •  Command Window.

Elements of Visual Basic .net

  • Properties
  •  Events and Methods of Form
  •  Label
  •  TextBox
  •  ListBox
  •  Combo Box
  •  RadioButton
  •  Button
  •  CheckBox
  •  Progress Bar
  •  Date Time Picker
  •  Calendar
  •  Picture Box
  •  HScrollbar
  •  VScrollBar
  •  Group Box
  •  ToolTip
  •  Timer

Programming in Visual Basic .net

  • Data Types
  •  Keywords
  •  Declaring Variables and Constants
  •  Operators
  •  Understanding the Scope and accessibility of variables
  •  Conditional Statements – If – Then
  •  If-Then – Else
  •  Nested If
  •  Select Case
  •  Looping statement – Do loop
  •  For Loop
  •  For Each – Next Loop
  •  While Loop
  •  Arrays – Static and Dynamic.

Functions, Built-In Dialog Boxes, Menus and Toolbar

  •  Menus and toolbars – Menu Strip
  •  Tool Strip
  •  Status Strip
  •  Built-In Dialog Boxes –Open File Dialogs
  •  Save File Dialogs
  •  Font Dialogs
  •  Color Dialogs
  •  Print Dialogs
  •  InputBox
  •  MsgBox
  •  Interfacing With End-user- Creating MDI Parent and Child
  •  Functions and Procedures- Built-In Functions- Mathematical and String Functions
  •  User-Defined Functions and Procedures.

Advanced Concepts in VB.Net

  • Object-Oriented Programming- Creating Classes
  •  Objects
  •  Fields
  •  Properties
  •  Methods
  •  Events
  •  Constructors and destructors
  •  Exception Handling- Models
  •  Statements
  •  File Handling- Using File Stream Class
  •  File Mode
  •  File Share
  •  FileAccess Enumerations
  •  Opening or Creating Files with File Stream Class
  •  Reading and Writing Text using StreamReader and StreamWriter
  • Classes
  •  Data Access with ADO.Net – What are Databases?
  •  Data Access with Server Explorer
  •  Data Adapter
  •  DataSets
  •  ADO.NET Objects and Basic SQL

Trainer Profile of our Advanced .Net Training Institute in Chennai

Our VB.Net Trainers are certified techies who can able to provide job-focused VB.Net Training in Chennai with complete hands-on exposure through various modes of classes for the local and global students as per their learning requirements. They are experts and experienced in developing window-based applications, web-based applications, gaming applications, and mobile-based applications according to the client’s needs. Individual care, subject matter knowledge, attention to updates, passion for teaching, and clearing doubts on the spot are the unique qualities of our trainers at SLA.

We have designed VB.Net Course Curriculum by industry experts and provide training with the updated syllabus every often. Our trainers are not only provide training but also train the students with updated interview questions and answers to make them qualified for the industry jobs in a single attempt. The students can learn at their convenient learning hours and we allocate batches and faculties according to the availability. Learn the best VB.Net Training in Chennai from industry experts along with 100% Placement Assistance and value-based certification.

Trainers of our VB.Net Training Institute in Chennai are proficient and certified professionals who have 15+ years of experience and can take interactive classes with practical training. Our VB.Net Trainers are experienced in large enterprise projects of top companies. Numerous qualities of our VB.Net trainers give extensive knowledge to the students which add value to their profession and our organization.

VB.Net Internship Training in ChennaiGet Started

VB.Net Internship Training in Chennai at SLA equips our students with the required skills of the industries around the world to perform with the following responsibilities.Roles and Responsibilities of VB.Net Developer

  • Develop web-based applications with new and tested codes.
  • Document application codes with the detailed information about database, design, and so on.
  • Upgrade existing applications with necessary enhanced features
  • Provide extensive support to maintain applications

Projects to practice: Fake Product Review Monitoring And Removal For Genuine Online Product Reviews Using Opinion Mining
Description: People come across various reviews on the website but these reviews are genuine or fake is not identified by the user. In some review websites, good reviews are added by the product company itself to produce false-positive product reviews. It will find them and delete the fake reviews.

User Reviews on VB .NET Course in Chennai


Although I have been a developer for over 8 years, I had very little exposure to the vb .NET ecosystem. This class was a great introduction to visual basic and its foundation, and also the .NET framework as a whole. SLA’s facilities are top-notch and the instructor was simply excellent.


I recently completed this course at SLA and found it to be a good learning experience. If you are looking for a course that teaches the core fundamentals of, this is a great one. Aside from the course, the training facilities are very well planned and arranged. I would definitely consider taking another course at SLA Institute, the best training institute for in Chennai.


SLA Institute provides good training that is easy to understand by anyone. The classroom environment that they have set up allows you to learn the contents of the course effectively. Overall, the class covers a significant amount of content in just a week’s time. The material is sufficient for different skill levels and gives adequate exposure to The instructor was also very willing to help students with general problems (beyond the class material), and specific problems that they were trying to solve. The facilities were also very nice and it was a pleasure studying here.


I learned so much about this subject, and the on-hands Lab work gave me new skills in this common programming language. Although we concentrated on using Visual Studio, I discovered that so much of other controls were also available in the Expressions Web.


Recently I attended this class virtually through SLA Academy, a proven institute that offers effective online training- a great way to attend classes without traveling. New to framework and this class gave me a great start. Thank You, SLA.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

VB.Net is a popularly used programming language used for creating applications in the .Net framework. It is used to address many real-time problems and it is adapted by top IT firms involve in application development. They hire skilled and certified professionals to perform the continuous delivery of applications. Enroll at SLA for learning the best VB.Net Training in Chennai.

What is VB.Net?

Visual Basic.Net is an object-oriented and multi-paradigm programming language developed by Microsoft to implement in .Net framework and Mono platforms. We offer the best VB.Net Course in Chennai for all the interested students to develop their applications.

What are the learning advantages of VB.Net?

The learning of VB.Net provides many advantages as it is not case sensitive, OOPs-based, automatic code formatting, XML designer, garbage collection, Boolean condition, simple generics, event management, and windows-forms. We train the students to implement all the features in various programming implementation in our VB.Net Training Institute in Chennai.

What are the specialized features of VB.Net?

VB.Net has many features such as automated code formatting, object-oriented code construction, performance counters, event logs, file system, visual forms designer, drag and drop capability, application integration, docking, automatic control anchoring, and in-place menu. Learn all-inclusive VB.Net Training in Chennai with hands-on exposure at SLA.

Is VB.Net easy to learn?

VB.Net has many features such as automated code formatting, object-oriented code construction, performance counters, event logs, file system, visual forms designer, drag and drop capability, application integration, docking, automatic control anchoring, and in-place menu. Learn all-inclusive VB.Net Training in Chennai with hands-on exposure at SLA.

Can VB.Net support for a lifetime?

VB.Net supports as long as Windows operating system supports for it is shipped along with Windows OS. We can use VB and C# continuously to develop any kind of application. Join SLA to explore how to develop and deploy applications through our VB.Net Training Course in Chennai.

Is learning VB.Net good for a career in application development?

Yes, VB.Net is coming and updated with much technological development. It gives you a versatile and hopeful career. Continuous learning helps you to stay updated with trending technologies that are implemented with VB.Net. We at SLA guide you even after the course completion and suggest you get updated through continuous learning assistance through our VB.Net Training and Placement Institute in Chennai.

Can I learn VB.Net in 2021?

VB.Net along with the .Net framework is the topmost choice of many developers to create applications faster with zero errors. It is widely used in various application developments as it has innumerable features that simplify the software development lifecycle. Learn VB.Net Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance at SLA.

What are the most required skills of a VB.Net developer?

The VB.Net developer should be equipped with coding proficiency, familiarity in the coding environment, strong knowledge in OOPs and data structure, client-side application development technologies, and knowledge of software development lifecycle with hands-on experience. Enroll SLA to avail of the offer on VB.Net Course in Chennai with Placement Support.

How SLA supports VB.Net learners for placement?

We at SLA equip the learners to grab the opportunities from companies through upskilling their fundamental skills of resume development, personality development, career enhancement, and job searching methods along with best practices on programs, projects, and interview questions and answers. Our VB.Net Training Institute in Chennai is one stop solution to all your technical learning requirements.

What are the companies using VB.Net still?

Microsoft, DoubleSlash, CrowdStrike, Broadcom, and Dreamentum, and other 107 companies using VB.Net for developing applications. Gain expertise in application development through our VB.Net Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.