Embedded Training in Chennai

Embedded Systems Training in Chennai

Embedded Training

SLA is one of the Best Embedded Training Institute and possess experience of over 20 years in software training. We have structured the Embedded course keeping in mind the career of the aspiring candidates. Microprocessors, Micro controllers, LCD, LED, Motors, Keypad, SSD etc.. are covered by us.

We prepare the candidates for the jobs and offer latest and industrially pertinent Embedded Systems Courses Training so as to have a great impact on your career search.

What is Embedded Systems?

Embedded systems a powerful technology which is a blend of hardware and software. This Blend of hardware and software is also called firmware. Its application is seen in several fields including telecom, medical, home automation etc. It is also called as an integrated system because of its mixture of hardware and software. It makes use of a micro controller and microprocessor to do a particular job.

There is no operating system available in Embedded. Some examples include music player, washing machine, ATM etc. The Embedded Training offered by SLA will assist the attendees to enter the promising field of Embedded systems.

Embedded Systems Certification Course from SLA

In the ocean of a number of software training institutes in Chennai, SLA comes out as a unique Training center that focuses on total hands-on practical oriented training in the field of embedded Training. Starting from the beginning, every command is illustrated in a practical manner.

The lab facilities are par excellence and the students can do the practicals with great ease. SLA understands that electronics is a subject where practicals plays a significant role. So we have the appropriate expertise and ambience for every student to come out in flying colors.

Who can Attend Embedded Systems Training?

  • Candidates with Engineering in EC, EE, TC, CS, IT / MSc / MCA
  • Professionals looking to take their career to the next level of Embedded Systems


There are no big prerequisites for learning Embedded systems Course. However, it is beneficial if you have C programming knowledge and reasonable understanding of networks, circuits, microprocessors, micro controllers etc.

Embedded Course Duration and Course Fees

The Embedded Training duration is 60 hours and the classes are classified into regular, weekend and fast track. The learner can contact the help desk for any clarification regarding the class timings and schedule it according to his/her convenience.

Embedded Training Course Duration
TrackRegular TrackWeekend TrackFast Track
Course Duration30 – 40 Days5 WeekendsAccording to your Convenience
Hours2 hours a day6 hours a dayFits your Requirements
Training ModeLive ClassroomLive ClassroomLive Classroom

Note: The Embedded course fees is moderate and the student can pay it in two installments.

Embedded System Course Syllabus

SLA’s Embedded Systems Training syllabus and study material is meticulously structured in accordance with today’s industry requirements. The Topics that we cover will make you a full-fledged embedded systems engineer, who is prepared to be tapped by core embedded companies.

  • Difference between Microprocessor & Microcontroller
  • Classification based on architecture
  • Memory Classification
  • Description of RAM
  • Description of CPU Registers
  • Functions of SFR
  • Introduction to Embedded C
  • Difference between C & Embedded C
  • Programming style
  • Basic structure of C program
  • Keywords & Identifiers
  • Data type & its memory representation
  • Arrays and string
  • Types of Operators
  • Bitwise Operators explained
  • Decision making with if statement
  • If….else statement
  • Switch statement, and GOTO statement
  • The While and Do – While statements
  • For statement
  • Why Functions
  • Types of Functions
  • A Multi functional program
  • Return values & their types
  • Kiel Compiler
  • Proteus
  • Introduction of LED’s
  • Interfacing Circuit Description of LED’s
  • Programming of LED’s Interfacing
  • Introduction to 7 Segment Display
  • Types of 7 Segment Display
  • Interfacing Circuit Description of 7 Segment Display
  • Programming of 7 Segment Display Interfacing
  • Introduction to 16 x 2 LCD
  • Commands of 16 x 2 LCD
  • Interfacing Circuit Description of 16 x 2 LCD
  • Programming of 16 x 2 LCD
  • Introduction to Switches & Keyboard Matrix
  • Interfacing Circuit of Switches & Keyboard Matrix
  • Programming of Keyboard Matrix & Switches
  • Controlling of LED’s by using Switches
  • Key board Matrix & LCD Interfacing Program
  • Introduction to Motors
  • Types of Motors used in Embedded System
  • Programming & Controlling of motors in Embedded System
  • Introduction to Timers & Counters
  • Difference between Timer and Counter
  • Description of SFR associated with Timers & Counters
  • Programming of Timers & Counters
  • Introduction to Serial Communication
  • Types of Serial Communication
  • Description of SFR associated with Serial Communication
  • Programming of UART
  • Introduction to ADC
  • Programming of ADC
  • Introduction to sensing devices
  • Interfacing of IR Sensors
  • Interfacing of Temperature Sensor
  • I2C Bus Standard
  • Bluetooth
  • Zigbee
  • USB
  • UART
  • Linux Fundamentals
  • Linux Commands
  • VI Editors
  • Introduction to Device Driver
  • The Role of Device Driver
  • Kernel Module Vs Application
  • Types of Device Driver
  • Character Driver
  • Block Driver & Network Driver

Future Scope of Embedded Systems

This is a digital world and everything is also automatic and connected. The contribution of embedded system engineer is going to be immense. The scope of this advanced concept develops even more with the emergence of the IoT concept.

In the past few years there is a requirement of electricity to function, whether it is house or companies. This is turn provides various Embedded Systems Jobs to the electrical engineers. Embedded systems will have a major impact in our day-to-day lives and those who are entering the domain will have immense knowledge to gain.

There are several job opportunities in embedded Systems. Some of them are:

  • Embedded Software Engineer
  • Application Software Engineer
  • Embedded Hardware Engineer
  • System Software Engineer
  • Software Test Engineer
  • Embedded System Trainer
  • Marketing & Sales Executive

Several startups are looking for skilled people with Embedded knowledge. If you have sufficient practical experience on controllers and know Embedded then they will happily recruit you. If you are planning to invest your time in learning this advanced technology, then the Embedded Training in Chennai at SLA can be your right choice.

Why SLA is the Best Embedded Training Institute?

The Primary Objective of a good IT training is to impart seamless knowledge to the trainees and make the candidates job ready. For this SLA walks an extra mile in molding the candidates for interviews. The Trainee can attain the benefit of getting good jobs in the field of design and development in embedded systems.

We Conduct mock interviews and also train the attendees in the field of soft skills and personality development. We prepare the candidates for both technical and non technical aspect of interviews. Several candidates have got placed through SLA and we consider this as our greatest achievement.

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