Embedded Training in Chennai

Embedded Training In Chennai

Embedded Training in Chennai

Welcome to the No.1 Embedded Training Institute in Chennai. We prepare the candidates for the jobs and offer the latest and industrially pertinent Embedded Systems Training in Chennai so as to have a great impact on your career search. We provide comprehensive learning support based on the best-in-class Embedded Course Curriculum and make you ready with industry-ready skills.

Embedded Course in Chennai

SLA is one of the Best Embedded Training Institute in Chennai and possess experience of over 20 years in software training. We have structured the Embedded Course keeping in mind the career of the aspiring candidates. Microprocessors, Micro controllers, LCD, LED, Motors, Keypad, SSD etc.. are covered by us.

Embedded Systems Course Overview

Embedded systems a powerful technology which is a blend of hardware and software. This Blend of hardware and software is also called firmware. Its application is seen in several fields including telecom, medical, home automation etc. It is also called an integrated system because of its mixture of hardware and software. It makes use of a microcontroller and microprocessor to do a particular job.

There is no operating system available in Embedded. Some examples include music players, washing machines, ATMs etc. The Best Embedded Training Institute in Chennai offered by SLA will assist the attendees to enter the promising field of Embedded systems. Embedded Training in Chennai at SLA is provided with complete hands-on on the updated tools and techniques that are used for carry-out the real-time operations of top companies.

Our Embedded Course curriculum is designed as per the industry needs of employees and we have expert faculties as trainers to provide the best coaching from scratch. Our Embedded Training in Chennai is useful for freshers and working professionals who want to shine in embedded technology platforms. 

About Embedded Course in Chennai

Being in the Top 10 Embedded Training Institute in Chennai, SLA comes out as a unique Training center that focuses on total hands-on practical oriented training in the field of embedded Training. Starting from the beginning, every command is illustrated in a practical manner. The lab facilities are par excellence and the students can do the practical with great ease.

SLA, the Top Embedded Training Institute in Chennai understands that electronics is a subject where practical play a significant role. So we have the appropriate expertise and ambiance for every student to come out in flying colors. Embedded Systems is a microprocessor-based computer hardware system with an integrated software application to perform a dedicated function as an independent system or as a large system.

The integrated circuit will be designed to handle scientific computation for completing real-time operations. We train the students to combine computer processors, computer memory, and hardware peripherals for a dedicated function in our Embedded Course in Chennai. Following are the learning advantages and the architecture-based benefits of Embedded Systems.

Course Objectives of Embedded Training in Chennai

Our Embedded Training in Chennai aims to offer a better understanding to develop the technologies using embedded computing systems. We train the students from scratch to design solutions for the issues of embedded systems and equip them to analyze and develop software programs using embedded tools. Our students will understand the hardware and software design needs of embedded systems to develop various software programs as per the need of clients.

As the result of our Embedded Course in Chennai, our students will gain proficiency in complete embedded system process, analysis of embedded systems, and syntheses such as hardware, software, memory, and bus to retarget the OS schedules. They will get hands-on exposure in the implementation of device-level programming, threads of programming, embedded debugging, communication analytics with Bluetooth and multihop networking, interfacing with handheld devices, handshake protocols for a processor, DMA controller, and generate reporting for journals.

After the course completion in our Embedded Systems Training in Chennai at SLA, our students will learn The concepts and architecture of embedded systems, and

  • Basic of microcontroller
  • The concepts of microcontroller interface.
  • The concepts of the ARM architecture
  • The concepts of real-time operating system
  • Different design platforms used for an embedded systems application

Embedded Course in Chennai

Enhance your skills with our Embedded Training in Chennai in your flexible learning hours on the given course duration. Get the detailed course with clear insights on Embedded Course.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

Check out the Embedded Course Fees in Chennai by talking to our career instructor at 8608700340 and know the seasonal offers and discounts offered by us.

Download IOT Training Course Syllabus

Eligibility and Prerequisites

Who can Attend Embedded Training in Chennai with Placement Assistance at SLA

Embedded systems can be learned by any aspiring candidates who have the passion to shine in building system architecture for the algorithm. Also, our Embedded Course in Chennai is beneficial for the candidates who are from the following platform:

  • Candidates with Engineering in EC, EE, TC, CS, IT / MSc / MCA
  • Professionals looking to take their career to the next level of Embedded Systems

Our Embedded Systems Training in Chennai is intended to provide all the fundamental knowledge required for designing and developing the solutions for embedded real-time problems that include software development and hardware maintenance. Learn the best-in-class Embedded Training at SLA on various training modes such as regular and instructor-led live online classes.

Prerequisites of learning Embedded Systems Training in Chennai

There are no big prerequisites for learning Embedded system Course. However, it is beneficial if you have C programming knowledge and reasonable understanding of networks, circuits, microprocessors, micro controllers etc. However, It would be better if you know the following concepts:

  • PHP is one of the easiest and most uncomplicated scripting languages. This makes it easy to comprehend.
  • Understanding of Basic Digital Electronics and Analog Electronics.
  • Fundamental knowledge in C Programming skills
  • Understanding of Micro-controller or Micro-processor.
  • Moreover, patience and passion to learn Hardware Boards and Peripherals.

The student who holds Bachelor’s Degree in any stream is eligible to take up this Embedded Training in Chennai. Our Embedded Course Syllabus can be customized as per the learning requirement of the students. We provide personalized Embedded Systems Training in Chennai through fast track mode along with weekdays and weekend modes for the convenience of learners around the world.

The Embedded System Architectural advantages

  • Simple Control Loop: The Embedded System has a loop called subroutines to manage a part of hardware and software.
  • Interrupt-Controlled System: Generally, Embedded Systems will be controlled by interrupts that means the tasks of Embedded are triggered by various kinds of events during low latency. It is managed by an interrupt handler that adds longer tasks to a queue structure and will be executed by the main loop.
  • Cooperative Multitasking: A permissive multitasking system is a control loop scheme except the loop hidden in API. Each task has its environment that contains pause, wait, and yield.
  • Preemptive multithreading: A piece of code will be switched between tasks or threads based on the timer. This code can damage the data or task and it should be handled carefully by sharing data with synchronization strategies like semaphores, message queues, and non-blocking sync.
  • Microkernels: It is the logical step taken from real-time OS and the usual arrangement allocates memory and switches the CPU to various execution threads. It will implement major functions like file systems and network interface.
  • Monolithic kernels: It has the capabilities that are adapted to suit an embedded environment and provides programmers the platform to a desktop OS like Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS. It needs hardware resources that are predictable and reliable.
  • Domain-specific architectures: Embedded System has the standard architecture for all software applications through the automotive sector.

Enroll at SLA for learning the best Embedded System Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance and industry-worth certification. Our curriculum can be personalized as per the learning needs of our students to perform in the real-time projects of top companies. Learn in your convenient timings at our campus or from home.

Career scope of Embedded Systems Course in Chennai

Embedded System Course is a good career option and generates opportunities in various industries. Embedded Systems Training in Chennai at SLA consist of three main things as Input Device, Microcontroller, and Output Device. The main aim of the Embedded System is to make the microcontroller executes to perform through the code we are providing. The code will be written mostly in ‘Embedded C’. We provide Embedded C Training in Chennai at SLA with placement assistance.

There are numerous devices before our eyes are executing Embedded System process and some of the most common use cases are TV, Digital Calculator, Air Conditioner, Microwave, Smart Phone, Audio Players, Digital Camera, Automatic Features of Cars, Printer, Traffic Lights, Digital Thermometer, Set-top box, WIFI Router, Automatic Geyser, Automatic Water Taps, and Laptop, and so on.

Totally, we can automate anything with the Embedded System process and solve real-time problems. We provide hands-on exposure in our Embedded Training Institute in Chennai with industry-valued certification. Industries such as Medical Electronics, Defense, Automobiles, Aerospace, Toys, Consumer Electronics, Telecommunication, Food Industries, Space, Industrial Machines, Construction, and Agriculture are evolving with Embedded Systems.

Embedded Training in Chennai at SLA creates multiple opportunities for freshers and working professionals for various positions to manage tasks. All the companies are expecting skilled and certified candidates to take care of tasks. We train the students to manage the positions in our Embedded Systems Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

Job Prospects of Embedded Training in Chennai

Embedded Systems are the future for people to automate their regular tasks along with trending technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and RPA. According to the survey, Embedded System is going to touch $470 Billion by the end of 2025 and the jobs in this Embedded Industry reaches 12 Lac by 2022.

Giant companies such as TCS, L&T, Wipro, Elexis, Infosys, Patni, Tech Mahindra, Zensar, Volvo, Airbus, and Patni are investing a lot for the Embedded System-based operations particularly in India. Many mobile manufacturers also setting up their plants in India and explore job opportunities in the embedded industry through our Embedded System Course and Placement Institute in Chennai.

Future Scope of Embedded Systems Training in Chennai

This is a digital world and everything is also automatic and connected. The contribution of embedded system engineers is going to be immense. The scope of this advanced concept develops even more with the emergence of the IoT concept. Get jobs through our placement-focused and IBM Certified Embedded Training in Chennai at SLA.

In the past few years there has been a requirement of electricity to function, whether it is house or companies. This in turn provides various Embedded Systems Jobs to the electrical engineers. Embedded systems will have a major impact in our day-to-day lives and those who are entering the domain will have immense knowledge to gain.

There are several job opportunities in embedded Systems. Some of them are:

  • Embedded Software Engineer
  • Application Software Engineer
  • Embedded Hardware Engineer
  • System Software Engineer
  • Software Test Engineer
  • Embedded System Trainer
  • Marketing & Sales Executive

Several startups are looking for skilled people with Embedded knowledge. If you have sufficient practical experience on controllers and know Embedded then they will happily recruit you. If you are planning to invest your time in learning this advanced technology, then the Embedded Training in Chennai at SLA can be your right choice.

Embedded Systems Course Syllabus

SLA the Top Embedded Training Institute in Chennai compiles the syllabus and study material is meticulously structured in accordance with today’s industry requirements. The Topics that we cover will make you a full-fledged embedded systems engineer, who is prepared to be tapped by core embedded companies.

Microprocessor & Microcontroller Classification

  • Difference between Microprocessor & Microcontroller
  • Classification based on architecture
  • Memory Classification

Introduction Of Embedded C

  • Introduction to Embedded C
  • Difference between C & Embedded C
  • Programming Style
  • Basic structure of C program

Constants, Variables & Data Types

  • Keywords & Identifiers
  • Data type & its memory representation
  • Arrays and string


  • Types of Operators
  • Bitwise Operators explained

Control Structures & Loops

  • Decision making with if statement
  • If….else statement
  • Switch statement, and GOTO statement
  • The While and Do – While statements
  • For statement


  • Why Functions
  • Types of Functions
  • A Multi functional program
  • Return values & their types

Introduction To Softwares

  • Kiel Compiler
  • Proteus

Interfacing of LCD

  • Introduction of LED’s
  • Interfacing Circuit Description of LED’s
  • Programming of LED’s Interfacing

Interfacing Of Seven Segment Display

  • Introduction to 7 Segment Display
  • Types of 7 Segment Display
  • Interfacing Circuit Description of 7 Segment Display
  • Programming of 7 Segment Display Interfacing

Interfacing Of LCD

  • Introduction to 16 x 2 LCD
  • Commands of 16 x 2 LCD
  • Interfacing Circuit Description of 16 x 2 LCD
  • Programming of 16 x 2 LCD

Interfacing Of Switches & Keyboard Matrix

  • Introduction to Switches & Keyboard Matrix
  • Interfacing Circuit of Switches & Keyboard Matrix
  • Programming of Keyboard Matrix & Switches
  • Controlling of LED’s by using Switches
  • Key board Matrix & LCD Interfacing Program

Interfacing of Motors

  • Introduction to Motors
  • Types of Motors used in Embedded System
  • Programming & Controlling of motors in Embedded System

Timers & Counters Programming

  • Introduction to Timers & Counters
  • Difference between Timer and Counter
  • Description of SFR associated with Timers & Counters
  • Programming of Timers & Counters

Serial Communication Programming

  • Introduction to Serial Communication
  • Types of Serial Communication
  • Description of SFR associated with Serial Communication
  • Programming of UART

Interfacing Of ADC

  • Introduction to ADC
  • Programming of ADC

Sensor Interfacing

  • Introduction to sensing devices
  • Interfacing of IR Sensors
  • Interfacing of Temperature Sensor

Embedded Networking

  • I2C Bus Standard
  • Bluetooth
  • Zigbee
  • USB
  • UART

Linux Fundamentals & Device Driver Programming

  • Linux Fundamentals
  • Linux Commands
  • VI Editors
  • Introduction to Device Driver
  • The Role of Device Driver
  • Kernel Module Vs Application
  • Types of Device Driver
  • Character Driver
  • Block Driver & Network Driver

Trainer Profile of Embedded System Course in Chennai

SLA Jobs has qualified and experienced trainers to offer the best Embedded Course in Chennai. Our trainers have in-depth knowledge in software skills, hardware skills, and technical skills along with 15+ years of field experience on 100+ real-time projects.

They are well-versed in Embedded C, Microcontrollers (AVR, ARM, and PIC), sensors, peripherals, kernel programming, device drivers, real-time operating system (RTOS), Electronic Circuit Designing, Power Supply Circuit Designing, PCB Designing, Microcontroller Interface, Datasheet reading, SDLC process, and other tools along with innovative thinking, deadline completing, team collaboration, and troubleshooting skills.

Our trainers of Embedded Training in Chennai provide the detailed classroom training with the perfect blend of theory and practical and ensure that you are a successful Embedded Systems engineer. They have been assisting students and all aspirants realize their skills and potential through our customized curriculum, interesting instruction, hands-on practice, and placement guidance.

Our trainers are capable of providing the same effective values through online coaching to the students who are not able to attend classroom training for Embedded Course in Chennai that includes all the practical experiences and project allocation as classroom students.

Following are the key strength of our trainers who are working in our Embedded Training Institute in Chennai:

  • Embedded C and Linux Programming and Python and R Programming.
  • Embedded Software Process along with RTOS knowledge
  • Proficiency in 8051 microcontrollers and ARM 7 processors
  • Knowledge in IoT, Interfacing, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino.
  • Internal architecture of microcontroller and schematic drafting skills
  • Debugging skills and Analog and Digital Circuit Skills
  • ARM Cortex microcontroller programming
  • Firmware programming and UART products.

Enroll at SLA to learn the best-in-class Embedded System Training in Chennai from industry experts.

Embedded Internship Training in Chennai

Execute your first product through our Embedded Internship Training in Chennai to develop and implement embedded software programs. Obtain job-ready embedded skills along with industry-worth internship certification that makes you stand out of the queue. Utilize this internship opportunity at SLA Jobs to perform designing, developing, testing, deploying, and troubleshooting the embedded systems efficiently in top companies. We equip you with technical embedded skills along with employment opportunities in our Embedded Training Institute in Chennai.

Equipped Roles and Responsibilities on Embedded Course in Chennai

We train our students as per the job requirements and expectations of global industries and simplify them the career path to enter into IoT, AI, RPA, and other embedded related fields. Following are the key skills that we provide for our students to perform well in big companies. Get equipped with our Embedded Training in Chennai at SLA.

  • Strong programming knowledge in C, C++, and Python to write and debug codes for developing simple models to big and complex systems.
  • Complete understanding of gathering functional requirements and specifications from clients, manufacturers, and engineers.
  • Hands-on practice on designing, developing, testing, debugging, and deploying embedded products to ensure that the model has delivered as expected and error-free.
  • Collaboration strategies with other teams such as UI/UX designers (User Interface/User Experience), Hardware Engineers, and Quality Assurance to ensure both the software and hardware running seamlessly.
  • Enhancing ideas of developed or traditional models with efficiency, reliability, and scalability through simplified and futuristic technologies and codes.
  • Proven knowledge to create and maintain the project documentation that contains a detailed explanation of codes, errors and bugs, specification and requirements to install and execute, and other product and project-related information.
  • Communication Skill development on both verbal and oral to interact with team members, clients, manufacturers, engineers, and managed efficiently.

Gain expertise in the above-mentioned skills in our Embedded Internship Training and Placement Institute in Chennai. The students will get thorough knowledge on programming, designing, developing, troubleshooting, enhancing, documenting, collaborating, and communicating by our expert trainers who are having experience as techies in the industries.

We give training on operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and all current OS, and microcontroller protocols like I2P, SPI, USB, and UART along with fundamental programming knowledge with C, C++, or Python. Reshape your career through our Embedded Course in Chennai.

Project to practice: Fingerprint-based biometric attendance system

Description: We guide the students in our Embedded System Internship Training in Chennai through a biometric attendance system circuit designed using AVR Microcontroller that helps to take attendance in medical, educational, manufacturing, and other systematic related industries.

Project to practice: Water level indicator

Description: Our trainers will guide the students in our Embedded Internship Training Institute in Chennai by developing Water Level Indicator project to implement a simple mechanism that helps users to detect and indicate the water level in an overhead tank or other water containers. It can be implemented in Individual Homes, Commercial Complexes, Factories and Industries, Apartments, Drainage, and Restaurants.


Samuel Johnson

It was a very interesting course at SLA on Embedded Systems. The trainers have trained with conceptual based and practical based to carry out the projects of companies I am working for. They were providing complete technical expertise with placement coaching that helps me ace the interviews. The institute is equipped with the required tools to get complete hands-on practice. Thanks to SLA.

Ramesh Nilan. P

I have got an extremely helpful and valuable Embedded Course at SLA. Trainers were outstanding and they have guided me through projects and best practices. They have a lot of technical and training strategies and cleared my doubts on the spot with a detailed understanding. I have to say thanks to the placement team as they have arranged many interviews with required interview skill developments. Many thanks to SLA and the trainers.

Bagavath Raj

I have joined for Embedded Training at SLA and the course was very helpful to start my career right after my graduation without any career breaks. I can now perform in any projects as the trainers have explained the concepts with practical implementations and real-time examples. I had a space and time for learning thoroughly and the placement support also very excellent. I strongly recommend SLA for the final year students and fresh graduates to begin their careers easier.

Mithran. A

I highly recommend this Embedded Course at SLA for all candidates who wish to start or upgrade their career in hardware-related fields like IoT, Embedded, and RPA. In my learning experience at SLA, I have got a clear understanding of concepts with hands-on exposure that is expected exactly by the industries around the world. The placement guidance also very excellent and helpful and I thank SLA for this extraordinary service.

Sarath. K

I liked SLA as they offered me a complete understanding of Embedded Systems. The course curriculum was full of required conceptual and practical exercises. They have allotted a small batch for me and that helped me out to understand everything about embedded along with direct implementations. I have got many interview ideas and strategies through the placement team and this encourages me to start my career and enhance my career in the future. Thanks a lot to SLA.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Embedded Systems Training in Chennai is useful for the students to start their career in Embedded Developments and IoT developments. We have designed a curriculum that is relevant to the current industry requirements and we provide Embedded Training by expert trainers. If you have any queries kindly check the below FAQs and you are not answered feel free to contact me.

What are the uses of learning Embedded Systems?

The learning of Embedded Systems helps the candidates to have strong knowledge on designing, developing, troubleshooting and maintaining a system for controlling and interacting with various devices. Get the Best Embedded Training in Chennai at SLA.

What is Embedded System Software?

Embedded Software System involves designing and developing specialized programming tools to initiate and facilitate the functions for controlling devices from a single machine. It is designing the software to manage hardware devices. We train students in developing software using the C Programming language in our Embedded Course in Chennai.

What are the languages used for implementing Embedded Systems?

C, C++, Python, Assembly, Arduino, Rust, C#, Verilog, and other 9 programming languages used for developing and deploying Embedded Systems. We give elaborate training as per the industry requirements in our Embedded Training Institute in Chennai.

What the basic concepts of Embedded System to learn?

Embedded Software and Embedded Hardware are the two major things to design and develop Embedded Systems. Embedded System Software is used to write program codes to perform a particular function and Embedded Hardware is used to develop a device to implement the embedded system and it contains Machine Code and Programming Language knowledge.

Embedded Hardware has a choice of Microcontroller-based system and Microprocessor-based system for implementing embedded functionalities. We provide a detailed understanding of both Embedded Software and Embedded Hardware in our Embedded Training Institute in Chennai.

What are the various types of Embedded systems?

There are three types of Embedded systems as Small Scale, Medium Scale, and Sophisticated. The main difference between them is a microcontroller that is many kinds of handling instructions and a microprocessor that has fewer handling instructions. Gain expertise with Embedded Systems through our Embedded C Training in Chennai at SLA.

Is Embedded System Learning bringing good career?

Embedded Systems Training in Chennai will be interested in the students who wish to know about how the systems are working through hardware and software. The learning of Embedded System is a better choice to work in software that helps in building system architecture for algorithms. It brings innumerable opportunities for the learners as it is involving in IoT and RPA development.

What are jobs can be obtained by learning embedded systems?

There are great numbers of job profiles you can be applied after gaining Embedded Training in Chennai at SLA through the guidance of our dedicated placement team.

You can have opportunities to work as Embedded Software Engineer, System Software Engineer (Kernel and RTOS), and Application Software Engineer for device drivers, Embedded hardware Engineer, Software Testing Engineer, Hardware Troubleshooting Engineer, Embedded Hardware Engineer, Marketing Executives of Embedded Systems, and Embedded System Trainers.

What are the sectors that are hiring embedded professionals?

Embedded Training in Chennai with hands-on experience and certification. Electronics, Automotive, Robotics, Security Systems, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Healthcare, Manufacture, Retail, Financial Services, Insurance, and Recycling sectors are some of the use cases of Embedded Systems

What are the skills I can get in embedded training at SLA?

The students can obtain skills such as Software Skills on Embedded C, Microcontroller programming, kernel programming, sensor, and peripheral designing, device driver designing, RTOS (Real-Time Operating Systems), and Innovative Development, Hardware Skills in Electronic Circuit, Power Supply Circuit, PCB Designing, and troubleshooting skills, and more.

They should have other skills such as datasheet reading, project documentation, deadline reaching strategies, and report generation by enrolling in our Embedded Training Institute in Chennai with Placement Assistance.

How SLA supports placements for Embedded Training courses?

SLA provides the best job assistance for the students during the technical course of Embedded Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance. We have a dedicated placement team in our Embedded Training Center to equip you with non-technical skills such as resume writing strategies, job searching ideas, communication, and collaboration skills development, interview questions and answers updates, and mock interview preparations.