Node JS Training Syllabus

    Node JsNode JS is a program that runs on the server. Based on Google’s V8 Engine, a JavaScript runtime, it was developed. It’s a free and public runtime for building network and server-side software. You may learn all this and more at the career-focused Node Js Training in Chennai offered by SLA. The Node JS course curriculum we’ve developed places an emphasis on hands-on, practical training for students.

    The Node.js training curriculum in Chennai is meticulously crafted by experts with the needs of the business world in mind. A continual process of revision ensures that the Node JS course syllabus is always at its most relevant and effective.


    Session 1: Node JS Modules

    • Functions
    • Buffer
    • Module
    • Modules Types
    • Core Modules
    • Local Modules
    • Modules Exports

    Session 2: Node Package Manager

    • What is NPM
    • Installing Packages Locally
    • Installing package globally
    • Adding dependency in package Json
    • Updating packages

    Session 3: Creating Web Server

    • Creating Web Server
    • Sending Requests
    • Handling HTTP requests

    Session 4: File System

    • Read File
    • Writing a File
    • Opening a File
    • Deleting a File
    • Writing a file asynchronously
    • Other I/O Operations

    Session 5: Debugging Node JS Application

    • Core Node JS Debugger

    Session 6: Events

    • Event Emitter class
    • Inheriting Events
    • Returning event emitter

    Session 7: Express JS

    • Configuring Routes
    • Working with Express

    Session 8: Serving Static Resources

    • Serving Static Files
    • Working with Middle Ware

    Session 9: Database Connectivity

    • Connecting String
    • Configuring
    • Updating Records
    • Working with Select Command
    • Deleting Records

    Session 10: Project Development

    • Project Development using Node JS

    Learn Node.JS from the ground up with our comprehensive Node JS training syllabus and secure your career prospects in the field of web design.