Best Docker Training in Chennai

Best Docker Training In Chennai

Docker is a new technology that lets development teams create, control, and secure apps anywhere, Being an open-source technology, Docker Course in Chennai is preferred by Linux powers including Red Hat, Microsoft, etc. Docker lets true independence between applications and infrastructure. Docker’s definition is incomplete without telling what containers are. In order to know more about containers, Docker, enroll in the Best Docker Training Institute in Chennai.

Best Docker Training in Chennai

Welcome to our Docker Training Institute in Chennai. The concept of single servers where there is a provision of the apps being hosted and served, and the concept of Virtual Machines initiating on top of the VMware servers, was witnessed earlier. This is done so that whatever a developer released will function irrespective of which environment it runs.

Best Docker Course in Chennai

Learn the best Docker Course in Chennai from industry-experts and gain expertise in the DevOps process with complete hands-on exposure. Our Docker course contains all the required concepts to perform well in the top companies from day one. We offer flexible learning hours to train in regular mode and virtual mode with practical implementation on real-time projects. The students will get proficiency on DevOps concepts along with Docker skills to automate applications and infrastructure through our Docker Certification Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance. Containers are quite an old concept only but utilizing them was a bit difficult. Docker did a great transformation in the simplification of containers. Developers and IT ops can give way to their potential through Docker. The concept of containerization where we have the opportunity to package the application and its dependencies.

About Docker Course in Chennai

SLA offers the best Docker Training in Chennai to the interested candidates for working in DevOps automation with proficient skills that help to implement continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous testing, and continuous deployment. Docker tool provides a set of the platform as a service for OS-level virtualization to deploy software packages called containers. It isolates from one another and bundles the applications, configuration files, and libraries to communicate between them with enriched channels. It will run in all operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Our Docker course helps the students to develop, deploy, and maintain applications and enables users to separate the applications from IT infrastructure to deliver them quickly and efficiently. We offer course materials, free software installation, placement guidance, case studies, periodical assessments, and mock interview preparations to make you proficient with technical and job-oriented skills. The trainers of our Docker Training Institute in Chennai are skilled and certified DevOps professionals who are to provide the best coaching that bridges the knowledge gap of the IT industry for automation SDLC.

Why should you learn Docker for DevOps automation?

Docker is a lightweight, self-contained, and portable container that improves software development, business agility, and application deployment. It offers a grip on software that we can wrap up an application till deployment with the continuous maintenance of resolving runtime issues. Docker helps to discover how to expose an application in a network, the simplest way to manage storage, I/O, and memory, and how to manage access permissions. We have designed an industry-relevant Docker Course in Chennai to provide complete hands-on practices that help you to work in top companies with the required skills. Following are the reasons for using Docker for DevOps automation:

  • Docker allows more effective use of system resources
  • Docker helps in a faster software delivery lifecycle.
  • Docker provides portability for using applications
  • Docker is used for microservices architecture.
  • Docker provides solutions for security issues of runtime applications.

Benefits of using Docker for DevOps process

Docker will be applied in the DevOps process to create, deploy, and execute applications using containers that allow a developer and engineer to packing up an application along with libraries, dependencies, and shipment features. 2/3 of giant enterprises like ING, Spotify, ADP, and Paypal, etc. using Docker tool for implementing in production enhancement as it can be accompanied easily with the programming languages such as PHP, Java, Node, and Ruby. Our Docker Training in Chennai contains detailed coaching to provide the best education on the DevOps platform with Docker skills. The following are the organizational benefits of Docker tool implementation that generates more job opportunities for learners around the world.

Return of Investment and reasonable cost savings

Docker drives the industries for the assured ROI through making quality management decisions on new product deployments. It generates steady revenue for the companies with the cost-saving feature by reducing infrastructure resources, best automation solutions, and server cost by cloud processes. Docker requires only a small team to complete more tasks effectively that saves cost on employees too.

Increased productivity with standardization

The containers of Docker assure consistency on the entire SDLC with the standardized platform. It enables repeatable development, test, and deployment of production. The standardization infrastructure for the pipeline allows employees of the same project to work in a parity environment that brings efficient analysis without any bugs on the application. It reduces the time taken for fixing errors and produce error-free product or application on time. With Docker image, it is easy to roll back to the previous version and the whole process will be completed in a few minutes.

Efficient Continuous Integration

Docker helps to develop a single container image that can be used for every step of the deployment process. It has the ability to separate non-dependent steps and executes them in a parallel process that fastens the product development in a minimum time span.

Compatible and Maintainable

Docker eliminates depending on a single machine for all using the parity process. The images of Docker can run on any machine irrespective of a laptop, smartphone, server, or desktop. It requires less time to configure the set of Docker tools and debugs environmental issues with a portable codebase that increases the production environment more stable and reliable.

Multi-Cloud Platform

All major cloud computing providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Compute Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure are adopting Docker and adds its individual support. It can run in Amazon EC2 Instance, Rackspace Server, GCP Engine, or VirtualBox that helps in achieving consistency and stable functionality.

About Docker Training in Chennai

Are you working in the IT industry for a couple of years? Then you would have probably heard of the container platform Docker. Containers and dockers are a new method of running software that is creating ripples in the software development and delivery. To be precise DevOps has some continuous stages including:

  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Development
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Continuous Monitoring

Docker Course in Chennai aims to provide all-inclusive coaching with a blended learning experience on theoretical and practical concepts. Our Docker course equips the industry-required responsibilities for the students such as the implementation of monitoring and alerting, developing highly available systems, implementing and managing CI/CD pipelines, implementing auto-scaling systems, and manages on-call routines with complete hands-on experiences.

Our students gain expertise in key skills like operating systems (Linux, Windows, and macOS), cloud deployment technologies, containerization network, virtualization, CI/CD enhanced application deployment, monitoring skills (Datadog, Prometheus, Grafana), and alerting skills (OpsGenie, PagerDuty). We offer placement-oriented skills as a value-added service in aptitude, reasoning, logic, communication development, personality development, resume writing skills and job searching ideas in our Docker Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

Course Objective of Docker Training in Chennai

A container is a great way of assisting developers to deploy applications swiftly and reliably from varied computing environments. The key benefits of containers are:

  • Containers are quicker and lighter to ship as they have minimum requirements to run your application.
  •  Containers can be shared, archived and versioned.
  •  Containers are quickly commenced as they have a much smaller footprint compared to Virtual Machines.
  •  Build configurations are controlled with declarative code
  •  Containers can be developed and extended on top of existing containers.
  • In order to know more about containers, enroll in the Docker Training in Chennai.

Who can Attend Docker Classes in Chennai?

Docker Training in Chennai is intended to provide for all the interested candidates who are fresh graduates, and working professionals for automating applications and infrastructure in a physical and virtual environment. Docker Course Content begins from basic to advanced concepts that can be applied in DevOps processes with containerization facilities. The students can get expertise in DevOps with Docker skills for implementing in various industrial projects of top companies. Join us to discover the great opportunities in the DevOps field with Docker tool implementation through our best DevOps Training Institute in Chennai.

Systems Admins who want to build, deploy and control Docker containers. Application developers who wish to comprehend what applications are most suitable for containerization.

  • Release Engineers
  • System Engineers
  •  DBAs
  •  Testers
  •  Cloud Professionals
  • Developers
  • Solutions Architect
  • Web developers

Docker in the Cloud is the trending topic nowadays. Possessing cloud computing skills is a highly desired learning path after Docker Training in Chennai from Softlogic Academy.

Prerequisites of Chef Training in Chennai

Our Docker Course Curriculum contains the fundamental concepts to advanced implementations that help our students to shine in DevOps automation processes. We provide all-inclusive Docker Training to the fresh graduates who are attending in regular mode. For the working professionals who want to learn in fast track mode, we will customize the syllabus as per the learning requirements of the students to complete the Docker concepts effectively with hands-on experiences.

Any aspiring candidate having a basic knowledge of Unix/Linux operating system, systems administration concept, command-line interface, text editor, and SDLC can take up this best Docker Training Course in Chennai

Docker Course Fees and Duration

The duration of Docker Classes at SLA comes around 45 to 60 hours that can be taken at your flexible class timings. Small batch allocation, backup classes for the missing classes, unlimited lab accesses are the Docker course benefits and explore more by calling us.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

We offer quality training at a cost-effective Docker Course Fees in Chennai. There are seasonal offers, different payment modes and installment options to pay the fee for Docker Course. Discounts for Docker Training Fee will be provided on One Time Payment. Call us to know more about Docker Training Cost in Chennai.

Docker Course Syllabus

The syllabus for Docker Training in Chennai is in-depth and carefully prepared to keep in mind the industry standards. It is updated regularly and is the best.


  • What is Docker?
  • Alternatives to Docker
  • The evolution of containers
  • How containers work
  • Containers and Microservices Architecture

Getting started

  • Installing Docker
  • Configuring Docker
  • Running your first container

Docker Components

  • Docker Client
  • Docker Daemon

Docker Images

  • What is an image
  • What does an image contain
  • Repositories
  • Versioning and Tags
  • Docker images

Docker Hub

  • What is the Docker Hub
  • Creating an account

Docker Run

  • Overview
  • Terminal Access
  • Detached mode


  • Process Ids
  • Within a container
  • PID
  • docker ps


  • Docker Logs
  • follow

Port mapping

  • Overview
  • Simple port mapping

Building Images with Container Commits

  • Read Only and Write layers, Copy on write
  • Docker commit


  • Introduction
  • Instructions and images
  • FROM
  • RUN
  • Docker build
  • obuild contexts
  • CMD
  • EXEC

Starting and Stopping Containers

  • Docker ps
  • Docker start
  • Docker stop

Getting Terminal Access

  • Docker exec
  • Removing Images
  • Docker rmi

Docker Hub Repositories

  • Docker tag
  • docker push
  • docker pull
  • Volumes
  • Docker run /v
  • Do’s and Don’ts

Port Mapping

  • Docker run -P
  • Docker run -p


  • Introduction
  • Docker –link

Continuous Integration

  • Building Images
  • Docker Hub Auto Build

Debugging Containers

  • Using a volume for logging
  • Docker inspect

Docker Daemon

  • Starting and Stopping the Daemon
  • Configuration
  • Logging Level

Career Scope of Docker Training in Chennai

Simplicity of usage is the main reason for Docker’s popularity. When you enroll for Docker Training in Chennai from Softlogic you can learn it quickly. Besides, Docker is open-source. Containers let much more work to be performed by comparatively less computing hardware. They also let data center operators place a lot of workloads in minimal hardware.

There is efficiency in software delivery applying containers. They are also totally self-contained. Containers comprise an isolated disk volume. The volume rises with the container as it is developed and deployed in several environments. Working on containerized applications is more flexible compared to non-containerized applications. Besides, there is the concept of container orchestrators which you will learn from Docker Training in Chennai.

To be precise, Docker can make more applications running on the same hardware. It makes the lives of developers easy by rapidly forming ready-to-run container applications. This leads to management and deployment simpler.

Responsibilities of DevOps Engineer with Docker Skills

Docker is becoming one of the finest skills of DevOps automation that simplifies developing and deploying the products quickly using containerization. It helps to free the developers from dependencies on software for implementing IT infrastructure. Top companies are employing DevOps Engineer with Docker skills to manage and maintain projects related to healthcare, wellness, innovative application development, and many businesses. There are some common roles that are coming up with more number of vacancies to implement the following responsibilities. We at SLA equip the skills to fulfill the requirements of DevOps automation through our Docker Training in Chennai.

Senior Software Developer for identifying poor codes and fixes them with Docker tool.

Senior Backend Engineer to build a strong DevOps team for IT automation.

DevOps Engineer for implementing the cloud computing system using Docker tool.

Python developer with Docker to develop and deploy codes using containerization of Docker.

Site Reliability Engineer to support and maintain IT services within a collaborative team.

Senior Database Administrator for building a next-gen platform with Docker

Senior DevOps Engineer to work on innovative technologies with Docker skills.

All the positions of DevOps engineer required skilled and certified professionals in Docker containerization to develop, test, deploy, and maintain automation of IT industries. DevOps gives the work-life balance for employees as it depends on more automation tools that simplify the work of developers. We can see many positive reviews of DevOps professionals about the Docker environment on The average salary of DevOps professionals with Docker skills is around 15Lakhs per annum and the job openings are reaching 8000+ in international companies. Reshape your career in DevOps through our Docker Training in Chennai.

Trainer Profile of Docker Course in Chennai

SLA Jobs have real-time and dedicated Docker Trainers to provide the best Docker Training in Chennai. He is 12+ years of experience in DevOps projects with Docker tool implementation and handles interactive classes as a classroom and online mode. He continually follows up the industrial demands and designed the Docker Course Syllabus to provide what is needed most for the students. He is taking placement-focused Docker Training in Chennai with required job-ready skills.

Docker Trainers of our DevOps Training Institute in Chennai are techies by profession and experience but have more passion for teaching to the interested students with the intention to bridge the skill gap of automation industries around the world. They are well-versed in docker-specific skills such as containerization, parity, and system administrating, cloud deployment, container networking, and application deployment, CI/CD implementation, monitoring skills, and alerting skills. Our Docker course curriculum is carefully designed by our industry expert trainers to provide current Docker requirements of DevOps automation. Subject-matter knowledge, Individual attention, Curriculum making, and assessment handling, and project guidance are the key skills of the trainers of our Docker Training Institute in Chennai. Book a free demo class and gain expertise in Docker tool for best DevOps automation in the IT industries.

Docker Internship in Chennai

Implement learned Docker concepts for DevOps automation and obtain industry-based experience through our Docker Internship Training in Chennai. Our trainers help you to improve your skills on creating, controlling, and securing the apps using Docker environment. Advance your DevOps skills such as containerization, application packaging, continuous integration, development, testing, deployment, and monitoring by our excellent Docker Training in Chennai. We offer this Docker Internship Program for the successful future for the freshers, professionals, and all interested learners to acquire the top positions like DBAs, Testers, Developers, Cloud Professionals, Web Developers, Solution Architect, and Release Engineers, etc. Get yourself ready for the following industry duties after placement through our excellent Docker Course in Chennai.

Required Roles and Responsibilities of Docker DevOps Engineer

  • Apply integrations required by customers
  • Deploy updates and fix issues
  • Present Level 2 technical support along with docker skills
  • Develop Docker tools to reduce the occurrences of bugs and increase customer experience
  • Develop software to collaborate with internal back-end systems
  • Implement root cause analysis for production errors
  • Research and resolve technical problems
  • Build scripts to automate visualization
  • Develop procedures for system troubleshooting and maintenance

Get the enterprise-grade Docker Internship Training in Chennai at SLA to solve any real-world problems of DevOps culture. There will be always one more thing to learn.

User Reviews on Docker Course in Chennai

Priya Kapavaravu

SLA is the best institute for Docker training. The atmosphere is also good. You don't need to worry about the placement once you have joined. You will get many job opportunities. I have completed my Docker course in DevOps at SLA Jobs and got placed in a short time. Thanks to all staff of SLA.

Nandha Kumar

Superb coaching! I did my DevOps Docker certification here and am very happy to choose SLA Jobs. They totally change students, develop the trainee's confidence and personality and make them ready to face job pressure. Even today, I get project support from them! Today I can handle corporate IT work assignments very confidently. Awesome place to learn if you are looking for a DevOps Training Center in Chennai with affordable fees!

Malathi Vasanthan

I was doing a DevOps Training Course in Chennai, and SLA is recommended by many friends! Since I heard this institute was the best, I joined here and took up DevOps training! The classes were absolutely wonderful! And they do offer strong placement assurance for freshers who are looking for jobs. They offer complete coaching, coupled with interview training! I can’t think of another institute that offers a wholesome training experience than SLA!

Saritha Shiva

I have done my DevOps Docker training course from SLA. It is really a nice place to learn more about technical courses. The trainers are so good and the educational atmosphere is really good. The lab facilities and classrooms are very good. They offer placements and soft-skill interview preparation classes. Those classes are really helpful at the time of interviews. They assure job opportunities.


I was looking for DevOps Docker Training in Chennai, and this training institute came recommended. I was looking for a very progressive and practical-oriented class to learn DevOps concepts, and SLA fits the bill! One of my friends who did his training in this training center recommended this place to me. This place truly excels if you want some enhanced learning. A highly motivated environment, excellent coaching coupled with comprehensive content at quite affordable fees! Trust SLA for your DevOps Training Course!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Docker is a group of “platform as a service” products to be used in OS-level virtualization to deliver containers that has software package. We provide the best Docker Training in Chennai for the students who want to perform the DevOps process with containerization. Get clear with our answers in the following frequently asked questions. If you have still questions feel free to contact us.

What is Docker and what is the purpose of using them?

Docker is a perfect tool designed for creating, deploying, and executing applications by implementing containers. These containers enable the developer to develop the applications with the requirements such as libraries and dependencies. Learn how to use Docker in DevOps in our Docker Training in Chennai.

How does Docker work in the DevOps process?

Docker helps the developer to separate the applications from the company’s infrastructure to deliver software quickly with efficiently. It is easy to manage the infrastructure as well as managing the applications. It is an open-source platform for developing, shipping, and running the applications in DevOps culture. Gain expertise in application management through our Docker Course in Chennai.

Is Docker creating a good career?

Docker is adopted by many companies for its shipping, developing, and running the applications as a portable, lightweight, and sufficient containerization process tool. It is great for businesses and an excellent tool for the cloud computing process. Tremendous job opportunities are coming up for Docker skills in top IT companies. Explore the job opportunities in our Docker Training and Placement Institute in Chennai at SLA Jobs.

Why Docker becomes popular?

Docker is popular with the revolutionary development through the benefit of containers that generate huge economic scale in the IT industry. Obtain industry-centric Docker Certification Training in Chennai with Hands-on Exposure at SLA Jobs.

Is Docker simple and easy to learn and apply for the DevOps process?

Docker will be used widely to develop and deploy large-scale applications without wasting productive timing. It is very easy to pick up the concepts and there will be no reason to avoid learning Docker. It is easy to integrate into the IT environment while developing and deploying the applications. Reshape your application development knowledge through our Docker Training in Chennai with hands-on exposure.

What is the learning path of Docker at SLA?

The Docker course curriculum contains the c-ollection of modules that are organized as per the requirements of the industries to perform various roles such as developer, architect, and system administration along with technical expertise. We provide unlimited lab hours to practice along with course materials and case study assignments. We offer certification for course completion in our Docker Training Institute in Chennai.

What are the features of SLA for the Docker Course?

You can learn Docker with appropriate progress along with hands-on activities as per the curriculum designed by experts. We allow you to access lab systems for unlimited hours to practice well on the Docker concepts taught by trainers. Our Docker trainers will give you real-time projects to practice and teach you how to deploy in Git and other cloud platforms. You can enjoy the best learning experience at SLA for Docker Course in Chennai.

What are the specializations of SLA in placement guidance on the Docker Course?

We assign a dedicated trainer for Docker Course along with placement faculty to guide through job-related skill development classes such as resume writing, career enhancement, and job searching strategies during technical training. Our placement trainers will equip the learners with extra care free of cost when they enroll in our Docker Training Course in Chennai at SLA.

How can I enroll at SLA for Docker Training?

SLA has simplified the admission process to enroll in DevOps courses. You can contact us through the chatbox seen in the right bottom corner and receive guidance from our career counselors regarding the Docker course. Or you can call and talk to our learning advisors at 860 8700 340 to know the details of any Dot Net course instantly. Or you can come to our office directly and get guidance from our career managers to learn Docker Course in Chennai. The payment methods for Docker Course are very easy and you have a lot of offers and No cost EMI to pay the fees.