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C# Training Institute in Chennai

SLA takes you from immanence to transcendence, from nothingness to infinity, from nowhere to here. This is the most economic C# Training Institute in Chennai and is the Best C Sharp Training Institute in Chennai that you can ever come across in the stream of education. After #c training, we move you from there and provide you with the C Sharp Training, exclusively in Chennai. Do you think we’d stop there? Here’s what we are up to – we are here with the Best C Sharp training in Chennai with no doubt in placements.

C# Training Institute in Chennai

Welcome to the Best C Sharp Training Institute in Chennai. Learn C# from Domain experts and become the full-fledged application developer through our best C# Training in Chennai.The learning of C#.Net brings solid prospects with guaranteed career growth and tremendous job opportunities in global companies. It offers wide exposure and the ability to work for top MNCs and IT firms for developing trending applications. C#.Net skills give a strong foundation along with SQL expertise to compete this mortgage-driven development of companies around the world. You will be hired easily if you get certified through our best C#.Net Certification Training Institute in Chennai as plenty of opportunities can be found with assured career enhancement. 

C# Training in Chennai

The basic programming language that encompasses the whole of the programming languages is C# (pronounced as see sharp). C# is a multi-paradigm programming language adjoining strong typing, imperative, declarative, functional, generic, object-oriented (class-based), and component-oriented programming disciplines. SLA Jobs provides the best C#.Net Course in Chennai for the interested students to develop desktop, web, and mobile applications using the .Net framework. Our trainers have designed the course syllabus as per the current industry requirements to bridge the skills gap of global industries. The C#.Net Training at SLA can be taken according to the needs of beginners and working professionals in their convenient learning hours along with a customized syllabus. Our C# Training in Chennai is fully hands-on to learn the concepts thoroughly and we offer value-worth certification after the course completion.

About Our C# Training in Chennai

The infrastructure of the C# programming language is just like a common man’s affluence. This is called the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). Theoretically and technically, a C# compiler could generate machine code like traditional compilers of C++ or FORTRAN. The Next step of training is C#., which is given by us without any barrier, in the best C# Training Institute in Chennai.

C# is a multi-paradigm and general-purpose programming language based on OOPs concepts that enable the developers to build various applications for desktop, web, and web services along with game applications development. It is a highly remarkable programming language with great demand for skilled and certified developers around the world. We provide an elaborate understanding of application development through our job-based C#.Net Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

Course Objectives of C# Training in Chennai

We aim to provide world-class coaching in C#.Net Course in Chennai at SLA to make them through with the theoretical concepts and practical implementations as well. Our trainers will provide a detailed understanding of string manipulations, exception handling, event handling, and GUI component manipulations within the .Net framework. The students will obtain expertise from basic to advanced C# concepts that include designing and developing windows applications using Windows forms, Advanced UI programming, control library, and data binding.

The completion of this C# Course offers the students to understand the code solutions and C# compilation methodologies for running applications effectively. Our students can design and develop windows and web applications with the comprehensive knowledge of OOPs concepts, UI enhancement, and functional requirement of upcoming client projects. They can easily construct classes, assessors, methods, and instantiate objects efficiently through our all-inclusive C#.Net Training in Chennai. Our students will be thorough with database connectivity using ADO.Net for applications and identify the issues to troubleshoot using simplified methods.

After the complete C# Course in Chennai, you will have

  • Knowledge in the structure and model of C# programming language
  •  Implementation of C# in various programming technologies
  •  Develop the complete software application with C#
  •  Define the user requirements for specialized functionalities in applications
  •  Obtain the engineering approach to resolve problems of operating systems.

C# Course in Chennai

C# Course is set to a duration of 45 to 60 hours that can be started by students at their convenient learning hours. We will allocate batches as soon as you enroll for C# Course.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

Avail the best offers and discounts on our C# Course Fees in Chennai. You will get more than you pay for the C# Training from our industry experts. Book a free demo and know about our quality training on C#.

Who can attend C# Training in Chennai?

We are intended to offer best-in-class coaching for freshers, students, and working professionals as per their learning requirements for a futuristic career in applications development. Our C#.Net Training in Chennai brings more career benefits for the following category of students with promising pay.

  • Students who have completed any degree with a minimum of 50% academic marks.
  • Working professionals with non-it experience irrespective of experience

Prerequisites for learning C# Course in Chennai

There is no specific requirement for taking up a C#.Net Course in Chennai at SLA as we begin from scratch. Those who wish to learn for quick career growth through our fast track-based learning mode are suggested to have foundation knowledge in OOPs. Students can personalize the C# Course curriculum for satisfying hands-on practice on advanced concepts in our C# Training Center in Chennai.

Course Curriculum of C# Training Institute in Chennai

C# Courses will be taken on specialized concepts such as fundamental programming concepts, OOPs concepts, Delegates, Processing Controls, Arrays, Lists, Collections, Strings, file streams, XML, Database and Threads. with complete hands-on experiences on real-time projects. After the course completion, one can able to have the appropriate understanding of along with the guidance through our updated C# Interview Questions and Answers on our website. Our Course Syllabus covers the following comprehensive concepts in C# Training Center in Chennai.

Plus C# – Introduction

  • What is .NET?
  •  What is CLR?
  •  The FCL
  •  Primitive Types
  •  Namespaces
  •  Statements and Expressions
  •  Operators

Classes and Objects

  • Constructors
  •  Reference Types
  •  Object-Oriented Programming
  •  Inheritance
  •  Access Modifiers
  •  Abstract Classes
  •  Virtual Members
  •  Static Classes
  •  Sealed Classes
  •  Partial Classes

C# – Types

  • Reference Types
  •  Value Types
  •  The struct
  •  Testing Reference Types
  •  Testing Value Types
  •  Passing Parameters
  •  Strings
  •  Boxing
  •  The enum
  •  Defining Types
  •  Interfaces
  •  Arrays
  •  Assemblies

C# – Events, Properties, and Methods

  •  Methods
  •  Method Overloading
  •  Fields
  •  Properties
  •  Events
  •  Events – Delegates
  •  Events – Subscribing
  •  Events – Publishing
  •  Indexers
  •  Operator Overloading
  •  Conversion Operators

C# – Flow Control and Exceptions

  •  Branching
  •  Switching
  •  Looping
  •  Using foreach
  •  Jumping
  •  Returning and Yielding
  •  Throwing Exceptions
  •  Built-in Exceptions
  •  Handling Exceptions
  •  Chaining Catch Blocks
  •  Finally
  •  Re-throwing Exceptions
  •  Custom Exceptions

C# and the CLR

  • Garbage Collection
  •  Threads
  •  Async
  •  Parallel
  •  Reflection
  •  Attributes
  •  Custom Attributes
  •  COM Interop
  •  PInvoke

C# and Generics

  • Why Generics?
  •  Building Collections Without Generics
  •  Generic Collections
  •  Generic Parameters
  •  Generic Constraints
  •  Generic Methods
  •  The default Keyword
  •  Generic Interfaces
  •  Generic Delegates
  •  Variance

C# and LINQ

  • Extension Methods
  •  Extensions and Lambdas
  •  Lambdas and Funcs
  •  Funcs and Expressions

C# and the DLR

  •  Why Dynamic?
  •  Using Dynamic Types
  •  Excel Automation
  •  The DLR
  •  ExpandoObject
  •  DynamicObject
  •  Calling Ruby

Object-Oriented Programming with C#

  • Primitive Procedural
  •  Preoccupations
  •  The Big Encapsulation
  •  Little Abstractions
  •  The Inheritance Check
  •  A Clean Interface
  •  Directional Dependencies

Career Scope for C# Training in Chennai

.Net is the full-stack development platform and it is easy to create web pages with front-end, middleware, and back-end that are used to build entire software applications within a single framework. It is the top choice of companies and employees as it cut short the cost and effort. It is the unified platform used to develop desktop, cloud, web, mobile, gaming, AI, and IoT applications efficiently along with modern technologies. .Net is one of the most evolving applications along with C# and creates tremendous job opportunities in worldwide companies. We provide job-ready skills through our best C#.Net Training in Chennai at SLA for all aspirants.

The future scope of C#.Net is very bright as it is complete full-stack and used widely in global companies for developing various applications. It is easily fit into scalable applications with flexible and friendly to trending technologies. The demand for certified and skilled C#.Net Developers is high and it provides great job stability and salary hike.

Job Opportunities in C#.Net

We cover all the application development areas with hands-on exposure in our C#.Net Training Institute in Chennai. Following are the tools and applications where the learners can find the desired opportunities in the C#.Net platform.

  • The biggest benefit is versatility for software and application developers as it has two frameworks called ASP.Net and ASP.Net MVC used in web applications development. It fastens the development and deployment of other programming languages.
  • The mobile applications are developed with the Xamarin platform of Microsoft that maintain codebase with the shared libraries for adapting to all operating systems such as Android and iOS. React Native is offered by Facebook to support mobile app development.
  • Microsoft Azure, a popular cloud platform offers tools for API code and storage along with background jobs for various cognitive services, security and identity management, enterprise solutions, and machine learning processes.
  • WPF and WinForms are getting evolved with innovative technologies to simplify the desktop application developments.
  • Game development also growing fast through Unity of C#.Net framework with 3D engines to develop an attractive user experience.

Factors for the promising career in C#.Net

C#.Net is generating tremendous job opportunities with a promising future for continuous learners to adapt to new technologies. We provide all career-related guidance through our C#.Net Training and Placement Institute in Chennai. Following are the technical reasons for developing applications in C#.Net

  • Object-oriented imperative language that offers features to transfer the codes into many platforms and languages.
  • Functional Language that offers pattern matching for better data transferring and filtering.
  • Statically typed to simplify the bigger project development
  • Dynamic Features along with dynamic keyword and reflection API for developing DSLs effectively using JSON APIs.

Roles and Responsibilities of C#.Net Developer

We equip our students to perform as per the expectations of global companies through our job-focused C#.Net Training Course in Chennai. The following responsibilities are allocated by the companies for C# Developers who are skilled and certified with industry skills.

  • Create testing and support strategies for application development
  • Composing error-free codes that meet client requirements efficiently
  • Develop programming documentation and modify the existing documents as per recent updates
  • Develop, configure, and debug a variety of applications using C#.Net effectively
  • Provide training and support to team members as per the project needs.
  • Record programming procedures and systems of the entire SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle)
  • Develop models and techniques to include quality results.
  • Organizing spry and scrum methodologies that execute coding standards with consistency and setup utilization as per the designing architecture of applications.
  • Suggesting changes for relentless quality of new and existing applications.
  • Assure the code quality, automation, and affiliations of developed applications.
  • Identify bottlenecks, bugs, and errors of applications to provide innovative solutions.
  • Unravel storyboards and applications to help the application development.
  • Conveying status and problems in an effective way to the development team and take care of the entire development.
  • Perform reviews for the peer code to execute perfect application design as per international coding standards.
  • Analyze and layout the multi-layered applications using C# using various tools like Win Forms, UI Layer, SOAP, RESTful API for application development.
  • Taking care of desktop, web, mobile, and gaming applications effectively.

There is a scope for becoming a web developer as well as a mobile developer. XAMARIN is one of the popular outcomes of C# which is the cross-platform to develop iOS and android based applications. So C# is the best career option and the future scope is tremendous. C# Training in Chennai provides vast career opportunities by learning through basic to advanced concepts. C# have a stable opening for the following domains:

  • Next-generation mobile app development
  •  Business functions of large enterprises
  •  Gaming app developments
  •  Communication sectors

C#.Net is providing solid career growth with the highest earning opportunities. The average salary of a C#.Net developer is around INR 11 LPA and it will be increased as per the skill and experience level. We offer C#.Net Course in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance for all interested students around the globe.

Trainer Profile of our C# Training Institute in Chennai

SLA Jobs has certified professionals to provide job-oriented C# Training in Chennai with all required skills for performing well in top companies. They are techies by profession and know the current requirements of the industries to offer guidance to the learners for easy placement. Our trainers are experts in SOAP-based and RESTful web service development, OOA configuration designs, UNIX, Perl, Shell contents, source control frameworks, Agile/Scrum Methodologies, root cause identification skills, inter-relational abilities, production release management, integration skills, teaching involvement, WebSphere MQ, and MS advancements.

Trainers of our C# Training Institute in Chennai is a proficient and certified professional who has 15+ years of experience and can take interactive classes with practical training. Our C# Trainers are experienced in large enterprise projects of top companies. The following qualities of our trainers give extensive knowledge to the students which add value to their profession.

    • Improved coding skills applied practically in large projects
    •  Thorough knowledge in Debugging, Code review, and Libraries
    •  Handle interactive classes that ensure topic proficiency
    •  Good lesson planning skills and project allocation ability

Build a career in application development through C# skills and gain expertise in every aspect of the .Net framework. Learn from industry experts at SLA, the best C# Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

C# Internship Training in Chennai

C# is the widely used language in .Net framework that generates more opportunities for the beginners and working professionals. We give intensive C# Internship Training in Chennai to enhance your .Net skills with Mono framework, OOPs, Reusable code generating, and library usage for developing industry projects with the required responsibilities.

Roles and Responsibilities of C# Developer

  • Develop and test C# application with new features
  • Communicate regularly with team members who are involved in the development process
  • Implement, test, and debug C# applications with more functionality
  • Design and implementation of software projects using C#
  • Provide project support to end users
  • Build and maintain efficient and reliable C# code

Projects to practice: Behavioral Analysis using Gamification Techniques
Description: Brain games help in enhancing thinking skills such as processing speed, planning skills, reaction time, decision making, and short-term memory. In this system, we will build and integrate four brain games in one application such as Card and Seek, Color and Match, Memory Matrix, and Make way

User Reviews on C# Course in Chennai


I learned C#.Net in SLA. My trainer has explained the concepts in a good and understandable way. I learned a lot in this course with real-time examples. It definitely helps me in my jobs and career growth. Thanks a lot for SLA and my trainer.

Shanthi Balakrishnan

I have joined in C# Training Program two months before and now I am able to develop a simple program using fundamental OOPs concepts along with database connectivity. I can identify the small bugs and troubleshoot them with the help of my instructor. I hope these classes will be helpful in my job career. I thank SLA for providing such wonderful training through expert trainers.


Good and professional training from my trainer on C#.Net Course. She handles the classes with very much patience with a deep understanding of entire concepts. She clears our doubts on the spot and encourages us to learn by practicing regularly. She also guides me in career enhancement and interview tips. Overall I am happy about the training provided by SLA Jobs and my trainer.


The mentor of the C# Course is a great aspect at SLA Jobs. She helps in concepts anytime and supports me during the practicing hours. It leads me to learn more for my job career. She taught me the whole C# concepts and very patient in clearing my doubts. I learned with satisfaction at SLA Jobs. Thanks a lot to my trainer and placement instructors.

Suresh Agarwal

Course Syllabus is very much related to the industry as I cross-check with my brother who is a techie in Accenture. That’s why I have joined SLA for C# Training and the trainers were really responsible to train us throughout the concepts with hands-on implementations. It helped me with case studies and project practices and I hope this practice gives hands in my future jobs. I thank wholeheartedly for the trainers of SLA and placement faculties for the good career guidance.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

C# is the in-demand skill that generates tremendous job opportunities for skilled and certified developers and we have framed some of the frequently asked questions that arise from the students like you. Cross-check if you have such a question about a course or institute.

What is the purpose of learning C#.Net?

C#.Net is useful for developing a wide range of applications for desktop, web, mobile, cloud-based services, enterprise-oriented apps, and gaming apps. It is a general-purpose programming language that drives the developer to develop applications easily and effectively through libraries and a wide range of inbuilt managed codes.

Is it worth learning C# in 2021?

Yes, indeed. Because C# is one of the most evolving programming languages and used versatile for developing various kinds of applications in a single platform. It keeps the popularity by integrating with trending developments such as machine learning, IoT development, AI practices, big data, and cloud computing services. It helps the learner to bridge the skill gap through our C#.Net Certification Course in Chennai.

How good the C# for beginners?

Beginners easily learn C# if they have fundamental knowledge in programming languages like C++ or Java as the syntax is merely to them. It offers cross-platform tools such as Xamarin, Unity, and so on. Therewith, beginners can kick-start their careers in their desired fields like mobile app development, desktop app development, and web app development.

Can I learn C# on my own?

It can be. But if you choose trainer and institute, it helps you learn as per the industry requirements and real-time exercises. You can develop a variety of applications through learning at the best C# Training Institute under the guidance of industry experts. They guide careers through job searching strategies and skill enhancement plans.

Is C# back-end or front-end?

C# is used widely for front-end development and it is also preferred for back-end in automation-related windows environments. Learn C#.Net at SLA to get detailed information about application development using Dot Net framework.

Why learning at SLA for C#?

We have designed industry-specific C# Course Syllabus by industry experts and provide training through skilled and experienced trainers with real-time project practices. Our C# Training in Chennai equips the learners to get thorough with concepts theoretically and practically for performing in the industries from day one.

What is the minimum qualification to enroll in C# Course at SLA

You require a bachelor’s degree in any computer-related stream are expected to learn C# Training Course in Chennai to understand the concepts easily and effectively through full hands-on practices. Contact our career counselor for further guidance.

What are the specializations of SLA in placement guidance?

We assign dedicate trainer for course expertise along with placement faculty to guide through job-related skill development classes such as resume writing, career enhancement, and job searching strategies. Our placement trainers will enhance your communication skills and other non-technical skills with extra care at free of cost.

How can I enroll at SLA for C# Training?

SLA has simplified the admission process to enroll in any courses. You can contact us through the chatbox seen in the right bottom corner and get guidance from our career counselors. Or you can call and talk to our learning advisors at 860 8700 340 to know the details instantly. Or you can come to our office directly and get guidance from our career managers. The payment methods are very easy and you have a lot of offers and No cost EMI to pay our affordable C# Course Fee.