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Clinical SAS Training Institute in Chennai

Clinincal SAS TrainingSoftlogic helps students get in-depth knowledge of Clinical SAS and gain exposure and experience through comprehensive training material. SLA is committed to providing excellent Clinical SAS Training in Chennai to help students learn in real-time corporate scenarios. SLA produces outstanding training outputs and helps to mould trainees into successful working professionals. Get placement assistance post training and get placed in top IT firms.

Softlogic Academy is definitely the best IT training institute in Chennai for Clinical SAS. We have been helping students master Clinical SAS over the past decade.

  • We follow a 100 percent practical approach in coaching students through carefully prepared case studies and recent industrial corporate projects.
  • Our training syllabus is one of our strengths to help students achieve subject matter expertise.
  • SLA’s team of trainers are well qualified and possess high industry experience to train and to develop the confidence level in students through our Clinical SAS Training in Chennai.

What is Clinical SAS?

Clinical SAS is used for performing advanced levels of analytics. It is a predominantly used software in Business Intelligence. For managing large quantities of Data and for observing, classifying and drawing predictions with data, Clinical SAS is used. Clinical SAS is used for statistical analysis and used in many industries particularly healthcare. Since there is no prerequisite for training under this course, if you are Clinical SAS Business Analyst or a Data management or Warehouse professional, you can move up the career ladder through Clinical SAS training and placement. Through our Best Clinical SAS Training in Chennai, we help students to learn and gain efficiency of Clinical SAS and get hands-on practical experience through our training methodology.

The No 1 Clinical SAS Training Institute in Chennai

If you are on lookout for one of the Best Clinical SAS training Institutes in Chennai, register at Softlogic Academy’s Clinical SAS Training Course in Chennai. Our experienced instructors have more than a decade experience, having offered many IT solutions to many top corporate firms. SLA does not offer conventional and traditional coaching but offers a mix of practical sessions which helps to shape and mould the students into successful IT professionals. Our practical methodology makes students learn concepts with relevance to the industry needs. We ensure that Students get the required experience along with good subject knowledge to handle corporate assignments.

Register at SLA’s Clinical SAS Training Course in Chennai

For information and guidance on Clinical SAS certification, call our career centre for instant guidance. Through our training syllabus, we enable students to learn drug discovery and development process, Clinical Trial Data, how to use SAS to analyse, Clinical Trials Tables, and also to know how to Analyse common factors and obtain statistics. Softlogic Academy is the most trusted training partner, having trained more than 15,000 students in Clinical SAS. We assure 100 percent training and placement support for students to let them complete the Clinic SAS certification successfully.

SLA is the leading IT training provider in Chennai with a track record of more than 15,000 successful students training and placement.

  •   SLA is the best training centre for students to receive post training support like interview preparation tips and personality development sessions.
  •   SLA has a committed team of industry experts who deliver training and help mould the students into working professionals.
  •   Through our group interaction for students, we ensure students receive deep insights into the subject matter concepts and help them gain confidence.
  •   Softlogic follows a strict practical oriented session for coaching students.
  •   Due to flexibility required for working professionals, we have customised timings and syllabus for working professionals. Contact our student centre for corporate training or customized online training. Our classes cater to both freshers and advanced levels.
  •   SLA’s huge success rate lies largely on the course content which is prepared for students, which helps them complete certification easily.
  •   Softlogic Academy comes with great infrastructure facilities which is essential to provide a very motivated and inspired learning environment for students to learn. SLA believes in creating a comfortable and supporting environment for students and ensures a great training atmosphere.
  •   SLA awards the course completion certificate, once the student completes the training program.
  •   For students looking for Clinical SAS coaching Training in Chennai, speak to our career consultants for information and guidance.
  •   Try the Free demo classes, which are made available for students.
  •   Softlogic Academy also conducts corporate training and online courses for working professionals looking for flexible timings.

Clinical SAS Course Syllabus

Introduction to drug discovery and development process

  • Overview of highly regulated drug development process, from discovery to bringing a biopharmaceutical product to market.
  • Understanding major phases (Phase I – IV) of clinical trials and clinical data management
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and Guidance (21 CFR part 11, GCP, eCTD)
  • Regulatory overview and approval process including IND/NDA to FDA
  • Types and parameters of Clinical trial
  • Getting in depth knowledge about the functional group and working of CRO/Pharmaceutical industry and knowing in and out of guidelines pertaining to company involved in clinical trials
  • Learning about the general department structure of pharmaceutical industry, roles and responsibilities of SAS programmer in the company
  • Understanding clinical study and documents {e.g. Protocols, Case Report Form (CRF), annotated and electronic Case Report Form (aCRF and eCRF), Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP)}
  • Learning more about types of analysis in clinical trials (Pharmacokinetic, Pharmacodynamics, Efficacy, Safety, etc.)

Introduction to Clinical Trial Data

  • Learn to prepare and clean clinical trial data
  • Know how to categorize and summarize clinical data
  • Studying and classifying different types of clinical trial data {Safety (ISS) and Efficacy (ISE) Data}
  • Getting acquainted with new Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC)
  • Implementation in categorizing clinical data.

Using SAS to Create Analysis Data sets

  • Key concepts for creating and transforming analysis data sets (Using DATA steps and PROC TRANSPOSE)
  • Comparing Data sets using PROC COMPARE
  • Understanding and creating Time-to-Event, Change-from-Baseline, Critical variables data sets.

Generate Customized Clinical Trials Tables, Listings and Graphs/Figures

  • Using PROC TABULATE to create clinical trial tables
  • Using PROC REPORT to report clinical trials tables and listing
  • Creating summaries of Adverse Event, Concomitant medication, Laboratory data using DATA steps and various SAS Procedures
  • Creating Kaplan-Meier Survival Tables using PROC LIFETEST or PROC GPLOT
  • Using ODS with PROC REPORT and PROC TABULATE to generate nice looking tables and Listings.
  • Generating Graphs and Plots using SAS/BASE, SAS STAT and SAS/GRAPH
  • Producing Bar and Pie charts using PROC GPLOT and PROC GCHART
  • Creating Box and Scatter Plot using PROC BOXPLOT, PROC GPLOT and PROC UNIVARIATE

Performing Common Analyses and Obtaining Statistics

  • Obtaining Descriptive Statistics
  • Obtaining Inferential Statistics from Categorical Data
  • Analysis
  • Obtaining Inferential Statistics from Continuous Data
  • Analysis
  • Obtaining Time-to-Event Analysis Statistics

Performing Common Analyses and Obtaining Statistics

  • Using the SAS XPORT Transport Format
  • Creating XML Files

Students Speak

When I was searching for Best Clinical SAS Training in Chennai, my colleagues recommended SoftLogic. Awesome coaching and very helpful training material. There are very helpful instructors, who are very patient with students. This is the training institute to register for Clinical SAS class, if you are looking for a place which provides placement help after completing training. There is no other IT institute which offers good training experience than SoftLogic academy!

— Shanthi

Superb coaching! Did my clinical SAS certification here and very happy to choose Softlogic Academy! They totally change students, develop trainee’s confidence and personality and make them ready to face job pressure. Even today, I get project support from them! Today I am able to handle corporate IT work assignments very confidently. Awesome place to learn if you are looking for Clinical SAS Training Center in Chennai with affordable fees!

— Nandha Kumar

Excellent course material, which is very apt for both freshers and also advanced learners. Highly recommend Softlogic Academy, if want good training in Clinical SAS. Few things I love about this training centre, that the instructors are very responsive and also provided great training for Clinical SAS! They regularly conduct student group interactions which is very good! All the people who I personally knew, have all been placed in top IT corporate firms!

— Sathish L

Fantastic IT training institute to do your Clinical SAS Certification Training in Chennai. What can I say about the instructors and the training academy… They are completely awesome! I was a fresher and I was having difficulties at work because I was not able to get along with the pace of other co-workers. So, I decided to join a training course for Clinical SAS and enrolled into an online training program with SLA. If anyone is looking for the Clinical SAS Training Center in Chennai to get certified, I Would recommend this institute for sure!

— Murugan B