CCNA Course Syllabus | CCNA Training Syllabus

    Ccna Course Syllabus

    Join Softlogic’s CCNA Course in Chennai to acquire expert-level knowledge of networking and security skills. CCNA Course Syllabus was developed by our professional instructors to give students a solid foundation in all things networking-related. CCNA Course Syllabus covers routing and switching, IP connectivity, IP services, security basics, Automation and Programmability, and more. We train everything from fundamentals to cutting-edge strategies within our CCNA training syllabus in Chennai. This CCNA certification course is offered with hands-on training and valuable networking opportunities. Our knowledgeable instructors will be there to help you at every step of the program.

    Our regularly revised CCNA course syllabus has been validated by leading IT firms.  Our goal is to teach students the ins and outs of the networking environment and proper configuration so that they may enter the field and succeed. If you’re looking for a reliable CCNA training program in Chennai with an expertly crafted CCNA Course Syllabus, go no further than Softlogic Systems.

    CCNA Course Syllabus

    Network Fundamentals

    • Role and function network components
    • Network Topology architectures
    • Physical interface and cable types
    • Identify cable issue Compare TCP and UDP
    • IPv4 Classes and Sub netting
    • IPv6 address information
    • Verify IP parameter
    • Virtualization fundamentals

    Network Access

    • Switch and Types of switch
    • Function of switch
    • MAT
    • L2 & L3 difference 
    • Switching Mode.
    • Switch initial configuration
    • Configuration mode and assigning password
    •  VLAN single and multiple switch configuration
    • Access port and Trunk port configuration
    •  Inter-VLAN or 802.1Q
    •  Ether channel configuration
    •  STP
    • Rapid PVST

    IP Connectivity

    • Interpret the components of routing table
    • IPv4 and IPv6 Static Routing
    • Default route
    • Floating static Route
    •  OSPFv2

    IP Services

    • Nat configuration
    • DHCP client and Relay Agent
    • DNS
    • TFTP and FTP Server

    Security Fundamentals

    • Configuration of password
    • Remote access and site-site VPN
    • ACL
    • Switch port security
    • AAA Security

    Automation and Programmability

    • Automation impact network management
    • Compare traditional network and controller-based network
    • Control plane and data plane
    • Cisco DNA center

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