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Welcome to the best Oracle Training Institute in Chennai. Enroll in the best Oracle Course in Chennai, learn the essential concepts of Oracle, and walk towards your dream job. Softlogic Academy ensures that there are small batches and individual attention to the students so that the knowledge transfer is done in an efficient manner.

Overview of Oracle Course in Chennai

Are you searching for an institute that offers the best Oracle Training Institute in Chennai with Placement? Then call the educational counselors of Softlogic today and attend the free demo session? Later you can join the classes and take your career in Oracle to the next level. Softlogic Academy provides a wide range of Oracle training that prepares you for Oracle Certification examinations.

The Oracle Corporation offers enterprise application products. Moreover, it is the prominent provider of Database Management Systems that are being used by various MNCs in different market fields. Recruiters look for proficient Oracle certified professionals. These professionals, once recruited, will gain a good income. Softlogic provides comprehensive Oracle Training in Chennai to provide knowledge to the candidate so that they gain adequate skills on this powerful concept.

Oracle Certification Details

Oracle 18c is the recent version of Oracle. It is the world’s pioneer autonomous database cloud. It has been designed to lessen the complexity of databases without the problem of human errors. It also facilitates high security and reliability in optimal cost besides lessening operational costs. We provide both regular and instructor-led live mode in our Online Oracle Certification Course in collaboration with IBM at SLA.

The Oracle Certified Expert (OCE) credentials recognize proficiency in specific, niche-based technologies and architectures. The candidate should have a great understanding of both foundational skills and advanced technologies here. Join our Oracle Certification Course in Chennai to become an expert DBA.

The Oracle Certified Specialist (OCS) credentials are typically implementation-based certifications that are framed on focused products or skill sets and provide a good analysis of a candidate’s level of competency in a particular domain. Check out our Online Oracle Course at SLA and learn from anywhere in this world.

Course Objectives of Oracle Training in Chennai

After our Oracle Certification Training in Chennai, Our Students can have,

  • Thorough knowledge of database analysis and design.
  • Improved knowledge on the Database Development processes and Administration using Oracle SQL and PL/SQL.
  • In-depth Programming and Software Engineering skills and techniques using SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Ability to prepare the background materials and documentation needed for Technical Support using SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Implement the Relational model and signifies it is supported by SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Utilize the Oracle PL/SQL code with IF-THEN-ELSE and LOOP types as well as syntax and command functions.
  • Resolve Database queries using Oracle 9i SQL and Oracle PL/SQL that include the use of Procedures, Functions, Packages, and Triggers.

Oracle Course in Chennai

The typical length of Oracle Course Duration at SLA is 45 to 60 hours. Students want to combine with any other course with Oracle, kindly contact our career instructor for the further queries.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

Acquire the cost-efficient Oracle Course at SLA with the competitive offers and discounts that you can not get in any other Oracle Training Institutes in Chennai. Call at 860 87 00 340 to know about the Oracle Course Fees in Chennai.

Who should Attend Oracle Training from the Best Oracle Training in Chennai?

  • Generally, if you are having a passion to learn Oracle you can take up Oracle training from the Oracle training institute in Chennai. That said, if you are a technical graduate you will be able to grasp the course easily.
  • Moreover, Oracle training is suitable for every IT professional who is handling any platform. For instance, any data warehouse application or front end application needs Oracle SQL knowledge to perform their work.

Prerequisites for Taking up Oracle Course in Chennai

  •  Basic knowledge of the technical elements and Windows Operating system
  • A fundamental grasp of the database would be an added advantage
  • Passion to learn Oracle

Oracle Course Syllabus

The syllabus for Oracle training in Chennai is crafted so that the aspiring candidate gets to know all the concepts of the subject in a thorough manner. Oracle is a broad concept and we are careful to comprise all the technicalities in our well-formed syllabus. We want to make the candidate industry-ready and hence ensure that the syllabus is both the latest and best. You can view the detailed syllabus here.

Database Architecture & Configuring Recovery Manager

  • Describe course objectives
  • Explore the Oracle 10g database architecture
  • Recovery Manager Features and Components
  • Using a Flash Recovery Area with RMAN
  • Configuring RMAN
  • Control File Auto backups
  • Retention Policies and Channel Allocation
  • Using Recovery Manager to connect to a target database in default NOCATALOG mode
  • Displaying the current RMAN configuration settings
  • Altering the backup retention policy for a database

Installing the Oracle Database Software & Using Recovery Manager

  • Explain core DBA tasks and tools
  • Plan an Oracle installation
  • Use optimal flexible architecture
  • Install software with the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)
  • RMAN Command Overview
  • Parallelization of Backup Sets
  • Compressed Backups
  • Image Copy
  • Whole Database and Incremental Backups
  • LIST and REPORT commands
  • Enable ARCHIVELOG mode for the database
  • Use Recovery Manager

Creating an Oracle Database & Recovering from Non-critical Losses

  • Create a database with the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)
  • Create a database design template with the DBCA
  • Generate database creation scripts with the DBCA
  • Recovery of Non-Critical Files
  • Creating New Temporary Tablespace
  • Recreating Redo Log Files, Index Tablespaces, and Indexes
  • Read-Only Tablespace Recovery
  • Authentication Methods for Database Administrators
  • Loss of Password Authentication File
  • Creating a new temporary tablespace
  • Altering the default temporary tablespace for a database

Managing the Oracle Instance & Incomplete Recovery

  • Start and stop the Oracle database and components
  • Use Enterprise Manager (EM)
  • Access a database with SQL*Plus and iSQL*Plus
  • Modify database initialization parameters
  • Understand the stages of database startup
  • View the Alert log
  • Use the Data Dictionary
  • Recovery Steps
  • Server and User-Managed Recovery commands
  • Recovering a Control File Autobackup
  • Creating a New Control File
  • Incomplete Recovery Overview
  • Incomplete Recovery Best Practices
  • Simplified Recovery Through RESETLOGS
  • Point-in-time recovery using RMAN

Managing Database Storage Structures & Flashback

  • Describe table data storage (in blocks)
  • Define the purpose of tablespaces and data files
  • Understand and utilize Oracle Managed Files (OMF)
  • Create and manage tablespaces
  • Obtain tablespace information
  • Describe the main concepts and functionality of Automatic Storage Management (ASM)
  • Flashback Database Architecture
  • Configuring and Monitoring Flashback Database
  • Backing Up the Flash Recovery Area
  • Flashback Database Considerations
  • Using the Flashback Database RMAN interface
  • Using Flashback Database EM Interface
  • Managing and monitoring Flashback Database operations

Administering User Security & Dealing with Database Corruption

  • Create and manage database user accounts
  • Authenticate users
  • Assign default storage areas (tablespaces)
  • Grant and revoke privileges
  • Create and manage roles
  • Create and manage profiles
  • Implement standard password security features
  • Control resource usage by users
  • Block Corruption Symptoms: ORA-1578
  • DBVERIFY Utility and the ANALYZE command
  • Initialization parameter DB_BLOCK_CHECKING
  • Segment Metadata Dump and Verification
  • Using Flashback for Logical Corruption and using DBMS_REPAIR
  • Block Media Recovery
  • RMAN BMR Interface
  • Dumping and Verifying Segment Metadata

Managing Schema Objects

  • Define schema objects and data types
  • Create and modify tables
  • Define constraints
  • View the columns and contents of a table
  • Create indexes, views, and sequences
  • Explain the use of temporary tables
  • Use the Data Dictionary
  • Manage data through SQL
  • Monitor and resolve locking conflicts

Managing Undo Data & Monitoring and Managing Storage I

    • Explain DML and undo data generation
    • Monitor and administer undo
    • Describe the difference between undo and redo data
    • Configure undo retention
    • Guarantee undo_retention
    • Use the undo advisory
    • Database Storage Structures
    • Space Management Overview
    • Oracle-Managed Files (OMF)
    • Row Chaining and Migrating
    • Proactive Tablespace Monitoring
    • Managing Resumable Space Allocation

SYSAUX Tablespace

  • Monitoring table and index space usage

Implementing Oracle Database Security & Monitoring and Managing Storage II

  • Describe DBA responsibilities for security
  • Apply the principle of least privilege
  • Enable standard database auditing
  • Specify audit options
  • Review audit information
  • Maintain the audit trail
  • Oracle DBA Training Syllabus – Part 2
  • Automatic Undo Management
  • Redo Log Files
  • Table Types
  • Partitioned Tables
  • Index-Organized Tables (IoT)
  • Managing index space with SQL
  • Configure optimal redo log file size
  • View “Automatic Tuning of Undo Retention”

Configuring the Oracle Network Environment & VLDB Support

  • Create additional listeners
  • Create Net Service aliases
  • Configure connect-time failover
  • Control the Oracle Net Listener
  • Test Oracle Net connectivity
  • Identify when to use shared versus dedicated servers
  • Creating Bigfile Tablespaces
  • Packages and data dictionary changes to support VLDB
  • Creating and maintaining temporary tablespace groups (TTG)
  • Partitioning and Partitioned Indexes
  • Skipping unusable indexes
  • DML Error Logging
  • Interpreting Bigfile ROWIDs

Backup and Recovery Concepts

  • Identify the types of failure that may occur in an Oracle Database
  • Describe ways to tune instance recovery
  • Identify the importance of checkpoints, redo log files, and archived log files
  • Configure ARCHIVELOG mode

Performing Database Backups

  • Create consistent database backups
  • Back your database up without shutting it down
  • Create incremental backups
  • Automate database backups
  • Monitor the flash recovery area

Performing Database Recovery

  • Recover from loss of a control file
  • Recover from loss of a redo log file
  • Perform complete recovery following the loss of a data file

Performing Flashback

  • Describe Flashback database
  • Restore the table content to a specific point in the past with
  • Flashback Table
  • Recover from a dropped table
  • View the contents of the database as of any single point in time with Flashback Query
  • See versions of a row over time with Flashback Versions Query
  • View the transaction history of a row with Flashback Transaction Query

Moving Data

  • Describe available ways for moving data
  • Create and use directory objects
  • Use SQL*Loader to load data from a non-Oracle database (or user files)
  • Explain the general architecture of Data Pump
  • Use Data Pump Export and Import to move data between Oracle databases
  • Use external tables to move data via platform-independent files

Enroll the Best Oracle Training and Certification at SLA for a promising career in database administration.

Job Profiles you can Land up After Gaining Oracle Certification

Oracle certification and training raises technical competency. The candidate can get jobs in domains including financial companies, IT companies, central government, hospitals, academic institutions, etc. Enroll the Best Oracle Course in Chennai at SLA. Let’s see some of the profiles of Oracle certified professionals:

  • Database Administrator
  • Instructional Coordinators
  • Senior Information Technology (IT) Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Systems Engineer, IT
  • Oracle Application Developer
  • Software Engineer

Oracle certification and training at SLA gives value to your IT career, assisting you to carve a niche for yourself in a good organization and demand a lucrative salary.

Trainer Profile of Oracle Training in Chennai

Trainers of our Oracle Training Institute in Chennai are proficient and certified professionals who have 15+ years of experience and can take interactive classes with practical training. Our Oracle Trainers are experienced in large enterprise projects of top companies. They have Improved querying skills applied practically in enterprise projects, Handle interactive classes to ensure topic proficiency, and Good lesson planning skills and project allocation ability. These qualities of our Oracle trainers give extensive knowledge to the students which add value to their profession.

Oracle Internship Training in Chennai

Build revolutionary technology with our IBM Certified Oracle Internship Training in Chennai at SLA. Utilize your oracle development skills to solve critical problems and discover new ways to apply emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, and blockchain. We equip students with the following responsibilities to work efficiently in the industries.

Roles and Responsibilities of Professionals with Oracle Certification

  • Perform any number of DB tasks as per requirement
  • Develop and launch database system
  • Develop the website architecture.
  • Maintain and upgrade the industry’s capacity
  • Implement network concepts, programming concepts, queries
  • Communicate with the development and testing team regularly for the updates

Explore plethora of opportunities in the database domain by enriching your skills with the Best Oracle Certification and Training at SLA.

Project to Practice: E Authentication System Using QR Code & OTP

Description: In the project, the user can efficiently login into the system with the security and resistance to avoid the hacking of login credentials.

User Reviews on Oracle Course in Chennai


SLA is the best institute for Oracle training, providing an excellent atmosphere for students and teaching from don't need to worry about the placement once you have joined here...You will be having plenty of opportunities.


Great Oracle Training Institute in Chennai. If you want to learn the Oracle course, SLA is the best institution in Chennai and feels comfortable. Recently I have done my Oracle course with complete satisfaction.


Best Oracle Training Institutes in Chennai for the experienced persons who are really looking for career growth in IT Jobs and I choose SLA because the trainers for Oracle have very good stuff in this field and his way of training impressed me well. Thanks, SLA for this wonderful opportunity to learn the best Oracle Course.


YGood environment to learn the Oracle course. I did complete Oracle Training from the expert trainers. Really helpful for me to complete this Oracle course in SLA. Now I am confident to get a good job in Oracle development. Thanks, Softlogic Academy One of the best Oracle training centers in Chennai.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Oracle is the most popular database management system and it is the topmost choice of giant companies as it provides an efficient way to manage the data with security. All the companies are looking for certified and skilled candidates to manage the data using Oracle. We offer the Best Oracle Certification Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance. For your general queries check them on frequently asked questions and if your queries are not answered here, please feel free to contact us.

What is Oracle?

Oracle is a scalable and robust relational database architecture used by numerous international companies for managing and processing data in a wide area network (WAN) and local area network (LAN). Oracle is the widely used database management system that has its own network components to enable communication among networks. Join the Best Oracle Training in Chennai at SLA.

Is Oracle best for freshers?

Oracle Certification Training in Chennai at SLA provides the freshers in-depth knowledge along with hands-on exposure on industry projects. The learning path of Oracle is simplified here through real-time examples and comprehensive coaching. Oracle is a widely used database management system and it brings a futuristic career for freshers who have got certified with practical experience.

What are the popular companies using Oracle?

Oracle has been implemented and utilized by 212 most popular companies that include Netflix, Linked In, eBay, Intuit, MIT, Appian, ViaVarejo, and WealthSimple. Explore a wide range of opportunities by enrolling in our best oracle training institute in Chennai with placement assistance.

Is Oracle open source and free to use for any enterprise?

Yes, Oracle is the powerful Database that provides its service for worldwide enterprises and it comes as a package to download simply. It is an easy to install, easy to use, and feature-packed database application to be used in any environment with the ability to embed and redistribute. We offer all-inclusive Oracle Certification Training in Chennai for freshers and working professionals.

What are the widely used tools of Oracle?

Oracle Universal Installer, Oracle Database Configuration Assistant, Database Upgrade Assistant, Net configuration assistant, Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express, and SQL Developer are the popular tools of Oracle used for administrating the database. Become a master in database skills by attending our Oracle Course in Chennai at SLA.

How can I register for Oracle Course in Chennai at SLA?

To register for Oracle Training in Chennai at SLA, you can call us @ 860 87 00 340 and talk to our career counselor for knowing comprehensive details about classes.

When will be my Oracle classes started after enrolling at SLA?

The Oracle Training Classes will be commenced right after you enrolled along with the new joiners of the Oracle Course in Chennai. We will allocate batch with 5 to 7 students to provide complete hands-on exposure that brings confidence on Oracle to perform in the companies.

How SLA supports placements for Oracle Courses?

SLA provides peerless placement assistance for the students during the technical course of Oracle Training in Chennai. We have a dedicated placement team in our Oracle Training Center to equip you with non-technical skills such as resume writing strategies, job searching ideas, communication, and collaboration skills development, interview questions and answers, and mock interview preparations.

How can I continue my classroom learning for training in Oracle Course in a situation like a pandemic?

The students of our Oracle Certification Course in Chennai can transfer from classroom mode to instructor-led live online mode in the situation like a pandemic or any other natural calamities that lead to lockdown. It does not require any extra cost and we allocate the same trainer for your convenient learning flexibility in our Oracle Training Course.

Can I get back up classes in Oracle Training in Chennai for the leaves taken unintentionally?

SLA arranges the alternate backup classes for Oracle Course with the same instructors as per their flexible timing and batch facilities. It can be availed for the informed leaves taken by the students of our Oracle Training Course. We will cover the missed topics with the same classroom experience for learning the Best Oracle Certification Training in Chennai.