iOS Training in Chennai

Ios Training In Chennai

Best iOS Training Institute in Chennai

Do you have passion for mobile apps and want to form innovative mobile apps? Then you should consider getting trained in the  iOS training in Chennai. In fact, mobile apps have turned out to be very popular in the current world as it assists you in making your work simpler. You may be having innumerable creative ideas concerning mobile apps; you can transform your ideas into reality through the Best iOS Certification Training in Chennai.

Overview of iOS Training in Chennai

Apple products are the happening things nowadays. The applications of Apple products comprising iPhone, iPod and iPad seem to quickly rise annually. This rapid usage has paved the way to various iPhone application developments in market.

Both business owner and corporate companies invest a huge sum in building their own iOS application. This is for the purpose of reaching the customers throughout the world. This developed a tremendous demand for iOS app developers in the present IT domain.

In the iOS training offered by SLA Jobs you can gain knowledge about building apps with the assistance of same tools and procedures which have been applied in building apps that are seen in the App Store. Even if you don’t possess experience in coding, we will impart knowledge on Swift programming language. During the progression of our training program, we will train you in every phase of app development including project creation, testing and coding.

Learn from Experts of the Top iOS Training Institute in Chennai

All the sessions of iOS training in Chennai from SLA Jobs is taken by proficient iOS experts. They will be ever ready to assist you in coding and testing. They will also clear your doubts in an efficient manner. Our experts will provide training in a comprehensive manner so that you become efficient in the concept of iOS development.

iOS Swift Programming Language Training in Chennai

Swift is the first iOS programming alternative to Objective C, It is a clean, reachable, object-oriented language that consists of built-in support for modern programming features including closures, tuples and generics. Are you searching for learning a new language? Or are you trying to dive into the iOS development world? Then learning Swift from the top iOS Training Center in Chennai is a wise choice.

iOS Course Fee and Duration

The iOS Training Course Fee in Chennai is reasonable. The candidate has the flexibility to pay it in two installments. Suppose you have any queries regarding venue, time and duration, you can contact our technical team who would be happy to help you.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for iOS. Please contact our team for current iOS course fee and duration.

IOS Course Syllabus

The syllabus for iOS Training in Chennai is diligently prepared keeping in mind the current industry requirements. The experts ensure that the syllabus is according to the industry standards. This will give the students the much-needed confidence to attend the interviews.

SLA Jobs has placed many students. And help companies to hire certified and trained candidates on Android & iOS. GT now serve companies on Mobile Development and other background to find rightful talent who successfully fill up the gap for required set of skilled professionals.

iOS Application Development Training Modules

The Following are the iOS Application Development Training Modules

  • Xcode and Interface Builder
  • Introduction to Platform Overview and Objective-C
  • Cocoa Touch Foundation and Tools
  • Windows, Views, and View Controllers (MVC)
  • UIControls and ViewController Containers
  • Memory Management
  • Data Persistence and Accelerometer
  • Parsing XML and SQLite
  • Integrating with Core services – Email, Contacts, Camera, Map kit etc
  • Profiling and live device testing
  • Quality Assurance

Training Course Description

1. Introduction to Objective C and Xcode

  • Introduction to iPhone development and Xcode
  • Introduction to Objective C – Part 1
  • Introduction to Objective C – Part 2
  • Introduction to Objective C – Part 3
  • Making your first iPhone App

2. Cocoa Touch and MVC in iOS

  • Introduction to Objective C – Part 4
  • Properties, Protocols and Categories in Cocoa Touch
  • Important Frameworks and creating Cocoa Touch classes
  • Understanding MVC architecture

3. Controls in iOS

  • Introduction to Controls
  • Understanding views and view hierarchy
  • Advance controllers programming in iOS

4. Controllers and Memory Management in iOS

  • Understanding Various View Controllers in detail
  • Working with Switch, Slider ,Buttons and Segment
  • Understanding Pickers and Action Sheets
  • Memory management in iOS

5. Introduction to Table View in iOS

  • Understanding Navigation Controller in iPhone
  • Working with Table view and mixed content
  • Grouped, indexed and dynamic table view
  • Other operations in Table view (Table Cell)

6. Persistence in iOS

  • File handling in iPhone (Directory and file creations, saving and retrieval of data)
  • Using SQLite in iPhone
  • Working with Persistence using property list.
  • Understanding of Core Data
  • Understanding the use of Accelerometer

7. Multimedia and internationalization in iOS

  • Playing back video and music in iPhone
  • Using camera in iPhone/ Photo library

8. Quality assurance in iOS Application

  • Steps to Launching the App in the APP store
  • Performance tuning of an Application
  • Debugging in Xcode
  • Unit Testing Applications

iOS Training in Chennai for non programmers

iOS app development is in fact simpler even if you are not a seasoned programmer. In this iOS Certification Training in Chennai, we impart the most essential concepts of iOS in such a way that people coming from any background can understand. There is no requirement of programming experience for this training. Once the course is completed, you will understand how to work on an app, and a fundamental comprehension of Xcode, which is the toolset for building iOS apps. You can talk to our educational counselors to make out whether iOS learning path is appropriate for you.

Scope Of iOS

iOS gets updated frequently as per the market requirements. The developers should keep in mind the happening trends and they should be able to survive in the competition. If you dive into a career in a progressive domain such as iOS then there would be great opportunity for you in the world of mobile development. It is now time to sign up for the Best iOS Training Course in Chennai and get a chance to be placed in one of the top companies.

Advantages of iOS

iOS applications are developed in Objective-C and the newly-emerged Swift programming language. As far as mature development tools are concerned iOS takes the leading position.

The XCode IDE of iOS is highly intuitive and lets developers to create applications for iPhone, iPad, etc from one location. The IDE platform, which is feature-rich, provides an easy learning curve for beginners to begin developing iOS applications.

The Swift Playground is a good learning environment that enables novices to write code on the left and verify the output on the right side of the screen. This sort of an effective learning environment assists developers to ace the skills in a rapid manner.

The Apple Store consists of over 2.1 million applications. Besides, the demand for mobile apps is seeing a raise. iOS app developers have the chance to tap into this high-paying market and get the result. Not only businesses but also freelance developers consider the Apple market good to earn more income.