Perl Scripting Training in Chennai

Perl Training in Chennai

Perl Scripting Training in ChennaiPerl has become the most sought after programming language among the young aspiring IT professionals. Hence, the need to undergo Perl training in Chennai has become inevitable. Nevertheless, studying Perl course in Chennai at SLA boosts your chances of getting placed as per your career goals. SLA is one of the prominent institutes in Chennai identified as the best coaching centers for numerous job-oriented IT courses including Perl programming training in Chennai as it is also one among those potential job-oriented courses in the IT domain.

Perl Course in Chennai

Perl is a text processing high level programming language and a dynamic CGI scripting language developed by Larry Wall in the year 1987. Perl is usually referred as Practical Extraction and Reporting Language though it not exactly an acronym. As the name implies, it was originally developed for processing reports.

Perl is a general purpose language that underwent various transformations and emerged as Perl version 6 with fascinating features such as portability – runs on multiple OS such as Unix, Windows, Mac OS, Solaris and many more, open source software, stable scripting language, adopts the renowned features of C, Shell, awk, sed etc., can be easily interfaced with other markup languages such as HTML and XML, accommodates Unicode, it is Y2k compliant, based on both procedural and object oriented design concepts, can interface with C/C++ through XS or Swig, its text processing and rapid development features makes it the popular web programming language and is known as the ‘duct tape of the internet’, it is an interpreted language. It is also tagged with the nick name ‘the Swiss army chainsaw of scripting languages’. Moreover, Perl supports complex data structures and first-class functions. The universal feature of Perl versions are automatic data typing and automatic memory management. It is used to develop large projects such as Bugzilla, cPanel, Slash etc., Another interesting feature of Perl is that it is commonly used as a gluing language to gel disparate systems and interfaces including data munging.

SLA bags its recognition among students for its trust, reliability, performance, affordability, flexibility and many more features. The list is long.

Every student should feel the experience of studying Perl scripting course in Chennai at SLA and benefit from this value-added course.

SLA offers courses at affordable price, convenient timings for student and working professionals with talented, knowledge team of considerate and dedicated trainers. An exclusive placement cell that assures 100% placement in IT corporates for our students, is a trustworthy noble service that distinguishes our institute from the competitors in the IT training domain.

Internship is an integral part of course completion in which students are put on live real time projects under constant supervision of our trainers to have hands-on experience on the learnt concepts

Perl curriculum design at SLA covers the following major topics:

  • Date and Time handling
  • Handling files and Directories
  • Learning to debug Perl programs
  • References
  • Modules and packages
  • Regular expressions
  • Learning OOPS concepts in Perl
  • Profiling and Optimizing
  • Perl variables and scoping
  • Using CPAN – Comprehensive Perl Archive Network

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Perl Scripting Course Syllabus

Overview of Perl

  • What is Perl?
  • The Input Operator
  • Print / Printf Statements
  • Running Perl Programs
  • Sample Program
  • Another Sample Program
  • Yet Another Example

Perl Variables

  • Three Data Types
  • Variable Names and Syntax
  • Variable Naming
  • Lists
  • Scalar and List Contexts
  • The Repetition Operator

Arrays and Hashes

  • Arrays
  • Array Functions
  • The foreach Loop
  • The @ARGV Array
  • The grep Function
  • Array Slices
  • Hashes
  • Hash Functions
  • Scalar and List Contexts Revisited

Regular Expressions

  • Pattern Matching Overview
  • The Substitution Operator
  • Regular Expressions
  • Special Characters
  • Quantifiers
  • Assertions
  • Translate
  • Split
  • Join


  • Overview of Subroutines
  • Passing Arguments
  • Private Variables
  • Returning Values

Files Handling

  • Overview of File I/
  • The open Function
  • The Input Operator
  • Default Input Operator
  • The print Function
  • Reading Directories

Quoting and Interpolation

  • String Literals
  • Interpolation
  • Array Substitution and Join
  • Backslashes and Single Quotes
  • Quotation Operators
  • Command Substitution
  • Here Documents

Conditional Statements

  • If Statements
  • If Else Statements
  • If Else if Statements
  • Nested If Statements
  • Switch Statements

Looping Statements

  • While Statements
  • Until Statements
  • For Statements
  • For Each Statements

Packages and Modules

  • Packages
  • BEGIN and END Routines
  • require vs. use
  • Modules
  • The bless Function

Database Connectivity

  • Using DBI
  • Fetching output of the Query through Perl
  • Running other DB queries.

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