Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai

Artificial Intelligence Course In Chennai

Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai

Artificial Intelligence Training Institute in Chennai

Welcome to the Leading Artificial Intelligence Training Institute in Chennai. Excel in the four major fields of Artificial Intelligence such as Neural networks, TensorFlow, Graph Visualization, DL Libraries, Reactive Machines, Limited Memory, Theory of Mind, and Self-awareness along with the learning of fundamental elements like categorization, classification, machine learning, and collaborative filtering. We are extremely dedicated to serving you better.

Become a master in Artificial Intelligence for the highest paying roles in the IT industry to create Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI), Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) Machines. SLA provides the upskilling program with AI Training in Chennai that transitions your career to the next level. Get more than what you pay by the specialized Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai at SLA!

Artificial intelligence is the new revolutionary field of the digital world. People are shifting their attention to this rapidly growing domain. When you get Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai, you will have the benefit of hands-on training, job-oriented training, and certification guidance. Master AI techniques with the help of our efficient trainers.

Artificial Intelligence is the fast-moving course of SLA Academy as it is the fascinating field that covers natural language processing, deep neural networks, reinforcement learning, machine learning, image processing, predictive analysis, and human brain imitation. Our Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai trains the students through instructor-led online training and classroom training for the convenience of local and remote learners.

Our Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai is designed by industry experts to provide a comprehensive understanding of theoretical concepts with practical exposure.

About Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai

Artificial intelligence is the process when computers can perform intelligent activities with the help of specialized technologies. The key is that machines exhibit intelligence just like human beings. Now artificial intelligence is much in demand. When you gain insight into artificial intelligence, you will be able to make machines perform actions as smartly as humans perform. Don’t delay!

Enhance your CV manifold by Learning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Course in Chennai from SLA, and land in the job of your dream. If we talk about any artificial training center in India, then we are mainly concerned about the quality of training. If you are interested in taking up the Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai, then you can walk in for a free demo session at SLA and experience the quality of training.

Learn Artificial intelligence Training in Chennai at SLA Jobs as we offer a detailed explanation of how robots are operating, how 2D, 3D spatial relationships are representing, how to plan for an end to end AI-enabled robot system, and how robotic arms are manipulating, etc.

Explore the world of Artificial Intelligence to build your bots by learning through significant concepts such as data clustering, machine learning algorithms, computer vision, problem-solving, image processing, reinforcement learning, speech recognition, image recognition, matrix factorization, data mining, and sequential modeling in our Artificial intelligence Training Institute in Chennai.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in today’s life

There are numerous applications around the world that rule the technology, institute, healthcare, private, and public sectors with AI-enabled bots or software. Some of the most common applications are AI-Powered Chatbots, AI-capable eCommerce software, intelligent personal assistant, AI-based HR recruitments, AI-enabled healthcare services, Intelligent Cybersecurity, AI-enabled logistics, and supply chain, Technical trading, Streamlined manufacturing using AI, Resort management with AI, and AI-powered retailing business.

We equip our students to develop and deploy AI-enabled applications as bots and software through our Best Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai. Machines interact with each other using advanced perception, information processing, decision-making, and data capturing technologies. Artificial Intelligence is now combined with trending technologies like automation, big data, cloud computing, IoT, application development, and so on.

At SLA Jobs, you can take combo courses at affordable Artificial Intelligence Training Fees in Chennai. Our AI Course Content will have the required fundamental concepts like computer science, python programming, mathematics, neuroscience, physics, statistics, R programming, machine learning algorithms, data science, etc to provide students the first-class coaching on Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai.

Specializations of SLA for the best AI Training in Chennai

We at SLA give elaborate training on AI technology from the basic to the advanced concepts that include challenges such as knowledge representation, reasoning, problem-solving, planning, perception, manipulation, social intelligence, and general intelligence along with approaches to meet the challenges like cybernetics, brain simulation, symbolic AI, cognitive stimulation, knowledge-based solution, embodied intelligence, computational intelligence, soft computing, intelligent agent paradigm, and so on.

Our trainers are techies by experience have a broad knowledge of AI technologies and provide industry-based coaching in our Artificial Intelligence Training Institute in Chennai. Artificial Intelligence is the fast-moving course of SLA Jobs as it is the fascinating field that covers natural language processing, deep neural networks, reinforcement learning, machine learning, image processing, predictive analysis, and human brain imitation.

Our Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai trains the students through instructor-led online training and classroom training for the convenience of local and remote learners. Our AI Course in Chennai is designed by industry experts to provide a comprehensive understanding of theoretical concepts with practical exposure.

Artificial Intelligence Course Fee and Duration

One can pursue Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai after completing any computer related degree. Our AI Course Duration is about 45 to 60 hours that can start as per your convenient timing. Batches will be allocated as soon as you have enrolled for Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

Our Artificial Intelligence Course Fees is reasonable for we offer quality training from industry experts. Talk to our career counselor and know the offers and discounts that can avail as per seasons and vacations.

Artificial Intelligence Training Course Syllabus

Artificial Intelligence is an actively upgrading technology and hence the syllabus is updated such that we deliver the latest and best. Algorithms and data are the keys to artificial intelligence and we teach you the importance of them. Our Artificial Intelligence Course Syllabus covers from basic to advanced concepts such as fundamentals, computational mathematics, machine learning, human language technologies, data mining, and so on.

Our AI Course Syllabus can be customized from the following actual topics. Check out the skills gathered by Artificial Course in Chennai with the interview questions and answers updated on our website. We have designed an all-inclusive Artificial Intelligence Curriculum that consists of the most-required concepts of the industries such as Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Bigdata, Python, R, Statistics, Association rule mining, clustering, random forest classifier, linear regression, logistic regression, and machine learning algorithms.

Our Artificial Intelligence Syllabus is personalized as per the skill set of the learners for the benefit of beginners and experienced. In our Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai equips the students to perform from day one through our complete hands-on exposure. Our Artificial Intelligence Certification is industry-worth and adds value to your profile. Connect us to download the detailed Artificial Intelligence Curriculum by filling up the form right here.

Introduction to Deep Learning & AI

Deep Learning: A revolution in Artificial Intelligence

  • Limitations of Machine Learning

What is Deep Learning?

  • Need for Data Scientists
  • Foundation of Data Science
  • What is Business Intelligence
  • What is Data Analysis
  • What is Data Mining

What is Machine Learning?
Analytics vs Data Science

  • Value Chain
  • Types of Analytics
  • Lifecycle Probability
  • Analytics Project Lifecycle
  • Advantage of Deep Learning over Machine learning
  • Reasons for Deep Learning
  • Real-Life use cases of Deep Learning
  • Review of Machine Learning


  • Basis of Data Categorization
  • Types of Data
  • Data Collection Types
  • Forms of Data & Sources
  • Data Quality & Changes
  • Data Quality Issues
  • Data Quality Story
  • What is Data Architecture
  • Components of Data Architecture
  • OLTP vs OLAP
  • How is Data Stored?

Big Data

  • What is Big Data?
  • 5 Vs of Big Data
  • Big Data Architecture
  • Big Data Technologies
  • Big Data Challenge
  • Big Data Requirements
  • Big Data Distributed Computing & Complexity
  • Hadoop
  • Map Reduce Framework
  • Hadoop Ecosystem

Data Science Deep Dive

  • What Data Science is
  • Why Data Scientists are in demand
  • What is a Data Product
  • The growing need for Data Science
  • Large Scale Analysis Cost vs Storage
  • Data Science Skills
  • Data Science Use Cases
  • Data Science Project Life Cycle & Stages
  • Data Acuqisition
  • Where to source data
  • Techniques
  • Evaluating input data
  • Data formats
  • Data Quantity
  • Data Quality
  • Resolution Techniques
  • Data Transformation
  • File format Conversions
  • Annonymization


  • Python Overview
  • About Interpreted Languages
  • Advantages/Disadvantages of Python pydoc.
  • Starting Python
  • Interpreter PATH
  • Using the Interpreter
  • Running a Python Script
  • Using Variables
  • Keywords
  • Built-in Functions
  • StringsDifferent Literals
  • Math Operators and Expressions
  • Writing to the Screen
  • String Formatting
  • Command Line Parameters and Flow Control.
  • Lists
  • Tuples
  • Indexing and Slicing
  • Iterating through a Sequence
  • Functions for all Sequences

Operators and Keywords for Sequences

  • The xrange() function
  • List Comprehensions
  • Generator Expressions
  • Dictionaries and Sets.

Numpy & Pandas

  • Learning NumPy
  • Introduction to Pandas
  • Creating Data Frames
  • GroupingSorting
  • Plotting Data
  • Creating Functions
  • Slicing/Dicing Operations.

Deep Dive – Functions & Classes & Oops

  • Functions
  • Function Parameters
  • Global Variables
  • Variable Scope and Returning Values. Sorting
  • Alternate Keys
  • Lambda Functions
  • Sorting Collections of Collections
  • Classes & OOPs


  • What is Statistics
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Central Tendency Measures
  • The Story of Average
  • Dispersion Measures
  • Data Distributions
  • Central Limit Theorem
  • What is Sampling
  • Why Sampling
  • Sampling Methods
  • Inferential Statistics
  • What is Hypothesis testing
  • Confidence Level
  • Degrees of freedom
  • what is pValue
  • Chi-Square test
  • What is ANOVA
  • Correlation vs Regression
  • Uses of Correlation & Regression

Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI using Python


  • ML Fundamentals
  • ML Common Use Cases
  • Understanding Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Techniques


  • Similarity Metrics
  • Distance Measure Types: Euclidean, Cosine Measures
  • Creating predictive models
  • Understanding K-Means Clustering
  • Understanding TF-IDF, Cosine Similarity and their application to Vector Space Model
  • Case study

Implementing Association rule mining

  • What is Association Rules & its use cases?
  • What is Recommendation Engine & it’s working?
  • Recommendation Use-case
  • Case study

Understanding Process flow of Supervised Learning Techniques

Decision Tree Classifier

  • How to build Decision trees
  • What is Classification and its use cases?
  • What is Decision Tree?
  • Algorithm for Decision Tree Induction
  • Creating a Decision Tree
  • Confusion Matrix
  • Case study

Random Forest Classifier

  • What is Random Forests
  • Features of Random Forest
  • Out of Box Error Estimate and Variable Importance
  • Case study

Naive Bayes Classifier.

  • Case study

Project Discussion

Problem Statement and Analysis

  • Various approaches to solve a Data Science Problem
  • Pros and Cons of different approaches and algorithms.

Linear Regression

  • Case study
  • Introduction to Predictive Modeling
  • Linear Regression Overview
  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Multiple Linear Regression

Logistic Regression

  • Case study
  • Logistic Regression Overview
  • Data Partitioning
  • Univariate Analysis
  • Bivariate Analysis
  • Multicollinearity Analysis
  • Model Building
  • Model Validation
  • Model Performance Assessment AUC & ROC curves
  • Scorecard

Support Vector Machines

  • Case Study
  • Introduction to SVMs
  • SVM History
  • Vectors Overview
  • Decision Surfaces
  • Linear SVMs
  • The Kernel Trick
  • Non-Linear SVMs
  • The Kernel SVM

Time Series Analysis

  • Describe Time Series data
  • Format your Time Series data
  • List the different components of Time Series data
  • Discuss different kind of Time Series scenarios
  • Choose the model according to the Time series scenario
  • Implement the model for forecasting
  • Explain working and implementation of ARIMA model
  • Illustrate the working and implementation of different ETS models
  • Forecast the data using the respective model
  • What is Time Series data?
  • Time Series variables
  • Different components of Time Series data
  • Visualize the data to identify Time Series Components
  • Implement ARIMA model for forecasting
  • Exponential smoothing models
  • Identifying different time series scenario based on which different Exponential Smoothing model can be applied
  • Implement respective model for forecasting
  • Visualizing and formatting Time Series data
  • Plotting decomposed Time Series data plot
  • Applying ARIMA and ETS model for Time Series forecasting
  • Forecasting for given Time period
  • Case Study

Machine Learning Project

Machine learning algorithms Python

  • Various machine learning algorithms in Python
  • Apply machine learning algorithms in Python

Feature Selection and Pre-processing

  • How to select the right data
  • Which are the best features to use
  • Additional feature selection techniques
  • A feature selection case study
  • Preprocessing
  • Preprocessing Scaling Techniques
  • How to preprocess your data
  • How to scale your data
  • Feature Scaling Final Project

Which Algorithms perform best

  • Highly efficient machine learning algorithms
  • Bagging Decision Trees
  • The power of ensembles
  • Random Forest Ensemble technique
  • Boosting – Adaboost
  • Boosting ensemble stochastic gradient boosting
  • A final ensemble technique

Model selection cross validation score

  • Introduction Model Tuning
  • Parameter Tuning GridSearchCV
  • A second method to tune your algorithm
  • How to automate machine learning
  • Which ML algo should you choose
  • How to compare machine learning algorithms in practice

Text Mining& NLP

  • Sentimental Analysis
  • Case study

PySpark and MLLib

  • Introduction to Spark Core
  • Spark Architecture
  • Working with RDDs
  • Introduction to PySpark
  • Machine learning with PySpark – Mllib

Deep Learning & AI using Python

Deep Learning & AI

  • Case Study
  • Deep Learning Overview
  • The Brain vs Neuron
  • Introduction to Deep Learning

Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks

  • The Detailed ANN
  • The Activation Functions
  • How do ANNs work & learn
  • Gradient Descent
  • Stochastic Gradient Descent
  • Backpropogation
  • Understand limitations of a Single Perceptron
  • Understand Neural Networks in Detail
  • Illustrate Multi-Layer Perceptron
  • Backpropagation – Learning Algorithm
  • Understand Backpropagation – Using Neural Network Example
  • MLP Digit-Classifier using TensorFlow
  • Building a multi-layered perceptron for classification
  • Why Deep Networks
  • Why Deep Networks give better accuracy?
  • Use-Case Implementation
  • Understand How Deep Network Works?
  • How Backpropagation Works?
  • Illustrate Forward pass, Backward pass
  • Different variants of Gradient Descent

Convolutional Neural Networks

  • Convolutional Operation
  • Relu Layers
  • What is Pooling vs Flattening
  • Full Connection
  • Softmax vs Cross Entropy
  • ” Building a real world convolutional neural network
  • for image classification”

What are RNNs – Introduction to RNNs

  • Recurrent neural networks rnn
  • LSTMs understanding LSTMs
  • long short term memory neural networks lstm in python

Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM) and Autoencoders

  • Restricted Boltzmann Machine
  • Applications of RBM
  • Introduction to Autoencoders
  • Autoencoders applications
  • Understanding Autoencoders
  • Building a Autoencoder model

Tensorflow with Python

  • Introducing Tensorflow
  • Introducing Tensorflow
  • Why Tensorflow?
  • What is tensorflow?
  • Tensorflow as an Interface
  • Tensorflow as an environment
  • Tensors
  • Computation Graph
  • Installing Tensorflow
  • Tensorflow training
  • Prepare Data
  • Tensor types
  • Loss and Optimization
  • Running tensorflow programs

Building Neural Networks using


  • Tensors
  • Tensorflow data types
  • CPU vs GPU vs TPU
  • Tensorflow methods
  • Introduction to Neural Networks
  • Neural Network Architecture
  • Linear Regression example revisited
  • The Neuron
  • Neural Network Layers
  • The MNIST Dataset
  • Coding MNIST NN

Deep Learning using


  • Deepening the network
  • Images and Pixels
  • How humans recognise images
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • ConvNet Architecture
  • Overfitting and Regularization
  • Max Pooling and ReLU activations
  • Dropout
  • Strides and Zero Padding
  • Coding Deep ConvNets demo
  • Debugging Neural Networks
  • Visualising NN using Tensorflow
  • Tensorboard

Transfer Learning using

Keras and TFLearn

  • Transfer Learning Introduction
  • Google Inception Model
  • Retraining Google Inception with our own data demo
  • Predicting new images
  • Transfer Learning Summary
  • Extending Tensorflow
  • Keras
  • TFLearn
  • Keras vs TFLearn Comparison

Download Artificial Intelligence Course Syllabus

Course Objectives of Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai

Artificial Intelligence is making its presence felt in self-driving cars, chess-playing computers, etc. In addition, it is seen in every aspect of our lives. Great accuracy can be accomplished with the help of Artificial Intelligence. You can also assess bigger and deeper data with Artificial Intelligence. There is an addition of intelligence to existing products through AI.

Artificial Intelligence jobs also pay the candidates well. This is the reason why individuals are enrolling for Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai in a serious manner. Artificial Intelligence is turning smarter day by day. To build a great career in AI, enroll for the Best Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai at SLA, in which we give a total knowledge of AI concepts.

This course helps you to gain practical, hands-on experience to ascertain error-free implementation of real-life projects with an affordable Artificial Intelligence Course Fee in Chennai You can turn out to be a professional data science expert once you learn the course from us. SLA acquaints you with the fundamental terms, problem-solving, and learning methods of AI. We also make you understand the impact of AI.

Artificial Intelligence is constantly growing and organizations are finding out new ways to gain from this technology. Whether it is automating processes, raising productivity or decreasing cost, AI has paved the way to a significant increase in the demand for AI certified professionals. However, a student is confused to make out which is the Best Artificial Intelligence Training Center in Chennai.

Here then, you can call SLA for a free demo session and only after being convinced with the quality of training, you can attend the class. Our effort will also help to start or uplift your career in Top Companies through our Artificial Intelligence Training Institute in Chennai with Placement Assistance.

Learning outcomes of Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai

Our Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai aims to provide a clear understanding of algorithms and techniques to solve real-time problems. Learners will be able to perform AI intensive computing through our strong foundation in Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai. Following are the learning outcomes after the successful completion of AI Training in Chennai at SLA Academy:

  •  Implement basic principles, algorithms, and models of Artificial Intelligence to recognize and solve problems of information systems.
  • Understand the data structures and techniques to perform data searching, machine learning, reasoning, and language processing.
  • Design and develop AI components for intelligence systems like computer games, semantic web, expert systems, machine translation, information retrieval, support systems, mobile robots, and intelligent mentoring systems.
  • Understand the core concepts to advanced AI that consists of CSP, dynamic Bayesian network, Natural Language Processing, graphical models, informed searching, deep learning, and so on.
  • Thorough knowledge of overall AI techniques to understand the traditional process for solving the limitations using proposed research papers and applications.

Who can attend an Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai

Our Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai focuses the interested candidates to provide a comprehensive coaching that makes them techies in top companies. Trainers of our AI Training Institute in Chennai designed the syllabus as per the industry requirements. AI Curriculum can be personalized as per the skill level of learners.

Beginners and Working professionals can attend and the following are the eligible candidates to learn in our Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai.

  • Any aspiring candidate who is looking for a brighter future.
  • Any innovative person who has the desire to transform the world with their developed AI applications
  • Working professionals who want to try different jobs and wants to join this trending technology
  • Freshers who are good in analytical skills but are worrying about their future can enroll in our artificial intelligence course.
  • Data scientist interested to delve into artificial intelligence
  • Business analysts who want to learn about artificial intelligence
  • Aspiring candidates who get bored with the traditional coding procedures and wish to form some self-learning algorithm
  • Any individual who is inclined towards artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning can enroll for this course
  • Any aspiring candidate who has studied Python for data science.
  • Hadoop developers who want to try their luck in artificial intelligence.

Prerequisites to learn in Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai

No specific requirements are needed to attend Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai at SLA Academy. Our AI Course Content consists of basic concepts and advanced technologies that are customized according to the learners. Beginners and fresh graduates can have basic knowledge in any programming language to learn AI concepts quickly.

Experienced candidates are expected to have knowledge in programming and data analysis as an added advantage. Download our Artificial Intelligence Syllabus to understand what is in store for you in our Artificial Intelligence Training Institute in Chennai.

Career Scope of Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai

Artificial Intelligence is the technology to make machines think without human intervention. The autonomous vehicle, IoT devices, military drones, facial recognition systems, and Natural Language Processing are the prime examples of Artificial Intelligence. Capturing millions of data and processing it for future development manually is risky and time is taken decisions for the companies.

To compete in the product market effectively, global companies are adapting to AI Culture and implement many automatic applications for faster decision making. It generates more job opportunities for AI professionals certified from any Artificial Intelligence Training Institutes in Chennai. SLA Jobs provides detailed training on AI Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

Job opportunities in Artificial Intelligence

AI Jobs required just any bachelor’s degree with the certification in Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai. 10000+ Job vacancies are found in job portals such as, Indeed.Com, and so on with the salary range starts from $125K per annum. Top companies like Amazon, Apple, IBM, Google are recruiting candidates who have strong knowledge in required concepts such as programming skills in any languages like Java, Python, R, and C.

Those who learn the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence will be in great demand. They are the individuals that most big companies will be willing to recruit. These people will also have a competitive advantage over other candidates in IT. If you want to be one such individual, then it’s time that you enroll in SLA for Artificial Intelligence Course in ChennaiHigh paying job profiles in the Artificial Intelligence field

  •  Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  • AI Project Manager
  • AI Consultant
  • AI Researchers

Promising Career in AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence is the fastest growing and futuristic field that has tremendous opportunities for skilled and certified AI professionals who have got the best Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai. Industries like digital marketing also depend on AI algorithms and methods to make decisions for their business development.

The people have interested in computer science, data analysis, mathematics, programming, and linear regression can learn Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai for a promising career with a high profile and package. Applications like Alexa, Siri, Watson, Linked In, Cortana, and Google AI are examples of the present time and popular AI-enabled technologies. These applications are used to set reminders, turn on/off home appliances, information fetching from the website, and many more.

Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai at SLA enhances the candidates to discover innovative applications for the future development of AI technologies. Artificial Intelligence technology helps to extend the business to the next era and industries such as transport, healthcare, gaming, search engine optimization, and so on. Artificial Intelligence takes care of the learning, planning, problem-solving, and face recognition process of such industries that bring the assured return of investments with high profit.

How is AI enhancing the Industries?

  • The robotics industry is the most beneficial industry to solve real-world problems using machines with AI-enabled technologies. It increases uptime and reduces programming time with high productivity. There are great numbers of AI engineers required for making robotic systems and moving machines from manufacturer to clients.
  • The gaming industry is one of the beneficial industries that powered with AI for generating intelligent enemies to keep the players more challenged. AI developers are required for designing such challenging games and characters that keep a user engaged in games with innovative ideas.
  • Face Recognition Industry helps private and government sectors with security and safety features. Departments such as the police force, security agents, and casinos are enhanced with AI technologies by utilizing facial recognition process to catch the frauds and thieves on time.
  • Digital Marketing is also getting benefits through AI-enabled search engine optimization by finding innovative ways to manage massive data on the internet. AI makes the search easy for the users using previous search and frequent interests. SEOs utilize the option of views and make use of marketing new products that come in the market as per the interests.
  • DevOps and AI are inextricably linked since DevOps is a business-driven approach to software delivery and AI is the technology that can be put into the system to improve functioning. DevOps teams can test, code, release, and monitor software more effectively with the aid of AI.

SLA Jobs equips our students with the required skills used for the above industries in our Artificial Intelligence Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

Trainers Profile of our Artificial Intelligence Training Institute in Chennai

SLA Jobs have skilled and experienced trainers who are techies by profession in our Artificial Intelligence Training Institute in Chennai. They have a passion for teaching to the interested candidates with the industry-based curriculum that consists of basic to advanced concepts. Our trainers are well-versed with the most-sought technologies such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Business Analytics.

They are familiar with Natural Language Processing, Topic modeling, text classification, sentiment classification, deep learning architectures, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, linear algebra, probability theory, and so on along with industrial project experience. Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai taken by them is useful for the learners around the world and makes them stand out from the queue of top companies’ requirements.

Join us to discover the AI world with a unique perspective through our qualified trainers of the Artificial Intelligence Training Institute in Chennai. Trainers of our Artificial Intelligence Training Center in Chennai are qualified and certified professionals who have 10+ years of experience and can handle interactive classes with hands-on training.

Our Artificial Intelligence Trainers are experienced in large enterprise projects of top companies. They handle quality training with the complete practical session and fix all the doubts on the spot. He has more passion and patience to provide you the best learning experience that you can not see in any other Artificial Intelligence Training Institutes in Chennai.

  • Having in-depth knowledge in AI underpinnings
  • Master Degree Background in Computers
  • Proficiency in Python, C, C++, and Java
  • Familiar with ML and DL Algorithms
  • Strong knowledge in Physics and Robotics Concepts

Artificial Intelligence Internship in Chennai

Learn the most sought skills with the practical implementation at our Artificial Intelligence Internship Training Institute in Chennai. Master AI with major concepts such as Programming skills, supervised ML Algorithms, GDP fundamentals, Database and cluster mechanism, Hadoop pipelines, etc. Get real-life experience on the theoretical concepts with our all-inclusive course curriculum on real-world projects.
Our internship training is based on hands-on practices to make sure an accurate knowledge of trending concepts. Certification will be provided at the end of the AI Internship program that helps you to acquire a high paid job and execute from day one.
Quicken your career in Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai as the demand for skilled and certified professionals rising for all the sectors around the world.Engage yourself for the Artificial Intelligence Internship Training in Chennai with the collaborative projects which are given by global companies.
Our mentors will support hands-on interactive classes on the projects to get through the concepts such as linear algebra, data set handling, optimization algorithms, machine learning, and intelligence AI programming, and so on. We are sure our students will be master in AI skills along with the programming and algorithms proficiency that are expected by companies for the following tasks:
Mandatory Roles and Responsibilities of AI Professionals

  • Integrate with Data Scientists and Business Analysts of an organization
  • Automate framework and workforce used by the Data Science team
  • Modulate machine learning models into APIs that are accessed by other applications
  • Test and deploy AI models
  • Generate minimum attainable products based on machine learning
  • Automate processes with machine learning algorithms
  • Make use of AI techniques to empower the company with brand new capabilities

What is AI in simple Term?

Artificial Intelligence is the field that involves developing intelligent machines to imitate human actions such as speech recognition, problem-solving, planning, and learning, etc.

What are the core parts of Artificial Intelligence?

The core parts of AI are knowledge, perception, reasoning, planning, learning, manipulating, problem-solving, and so on.

How does AI work?

AI works by combining large amounts of data with quick, iterative processing and intelligent algorithms that enable the application to learn automatically from patterns or features in the data.

What are the use cases of Artificial Intelligence?

AI is widely used in fields such as Chatbots, Virtual Assistant, Agriculture Farming, Autonomous driving, retail shopping, fashion trends, security, surveillance, Sports analysis, game activities, manufacturing, production industries, livestock, and inventory management, and so on.

Is Artificial Intelligence easy to learn?

Artificial Intelligence is easy to learn and apply as we can implement the general concepts in fewer codings. It required a deep and strong foundation on fundamental knowledge such as statistics, neural networks, propagation, regression, LSTM, etc.

How can I become an AI Engineer?

One can become an AI engineer when he gets thorough knowledge required for building AI models using Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms along with neural networks for bringing business insights.

What is the batch size for the Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai at SLA?

We allocate a small batch for the students to give individual attention. In case of unavoidable leaves taken by students, the backup classes will be taken in their flexible timing. Also, our trainer takes a one-to-one classroom session if the student requires it. However, our batch maximum size was limited with 4 to 5 candidates.

Why is it important to learn Artificial Intelligence at your Institute?

At SLA, we have designed the Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai by our industry experienced trainers who are 10+years of field exposure. The course is framed with a high focus on practical hands-on sessions on real-time projects and problems as per the industry-standard curriculum. We offer the course with an affordable AI Training fee in Chennai that has the facility to pay in two installments. We provide you preeminent support for the placement in reputed IT companies along with soft skill development courses and career development guidance free of cost.

How can I enroll in SLA for Artificial Intelligence Training?

You have three ways to get enrolled at SLA for the best AI Training in Chennai. Fill the inquiry form and our counselor will contact and guide you. Open the chat so that you can get detailed information about enrolling Call / WhatsApp at 8608700340 and we are available 24/7 to assist you.
Still, have questions? Reach us to get clarified.
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The faculties at SLA are excellent and skilled. They have provided AI Training in Chennai at par industry. My trainers were very interactive and assign me a lot of exercises to practice. Now I got a job as an AI Interaction designer. I can perform well in any projects allocated for me. Thanks a bunch to SLA for they have helped me to begin my career in my desired domain. I highly recommend SLA for freshers and professionals for all IT Training Courses in Chennai.

Grace Mary

The curriculum designed by SLA was very useful and full of hands-on exercises. I have learned them all with the guidance of expert trainers. There they allow me to utilize lab hours for practicing projects and practical concepts. I thank SLA for helping me to implement my innovative ideas to the projects and it helps me now to showcase my skill in my current job. AI Training in Chennai at SLA is best for all the interested people and I am witnessing for the assured guidance.


I am Swathi got AI Training in Chennai at SLA. The whole training period was very interactive and interesting. My trainer helped me to clear all my doubts on the spot and assign me projects to learn them by implementing them in real-time. Now I am working as a Process Analyst and I can perform in all the assigned projects with confidence. Thanks a lot, SLA and I recommend this institute for my friends and relatives to take up training.

Farhan Muhammed

I got through inte7rviews only by the best AI Training in Chennai of SLA. The trainers are dedicated and gave their best for me to succeed in my desired career. The syllabus is carefully made as per the industry needs with comprehensive practical trainings. I admired their guidance on projects and I can implement the learned skills in my current job. Thanks to SLA for skilled technical trainers and caring placement trainers.


The training and career guidance provided by SLA is just awesome and fruitful for me for getting a job as AI Engineer. The way of AI Training in Chennai at SLA can’t compare with any other institute because of the well-designed curriculum and practical practices. They help me to develop my skills for performing well in my position and I thank SLA for putting in me industry oriented knowledge. I recommend SLA to my friends to begin their careers successfully.