In this blog, we are going to discuss the top reasons Why Java Programming is so trending in the software development process?

Java programming language maintains it’s popular as it follows OOPs approach that makes it easier to solve complex problems. OOPs (Object-Oriented Programming) gives a neat modular structure for Java programming language thus it helps programmers to write reusable codes that enhances application development process. Java programming language contains numerous features like classes, objects, abstraction, polymorphism, encapsulation, data binding, and inheritance along with reusable tested packages for simplifying the code development. Java code will be robust as java objects don’t need any external references.

Java is developer-friendly

Java codes are easy to understand as it has English-like syntax that makes perfect for developers to write and troubleshoot codes. It makes software design simpler by breaking the execution process into easy-to-process chunks. It has a simple learning curve and it will not take long time to become master for beginners if they have foundational knowledge in C and C++.

Java is versatile

Java is suitable programming language for developing Web Apps, Android Apps, and Software tools like Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA, etc. The applications of Java are extended to machine learning process, data science application development, and IoT device development. There are 6 billion users around the world prefer Java programming language for designing a variety of applications. Java is multi-platform compatible and it has high-level concurrency tools and packages for developing highly scalable solutions for enterprises.

Java has rich API

The application programming interface (API) of Java is extensive and rich that developers can directly use in any code. Java has API with reusable methods for catering to any purpose like networking, connecting to databases, XML parsing, I/O handling, etc. Java programming language also contains numerous open-source libraries like Google Guava, Apache POI, Apache Xerxes, Gson, and OpenCV.

Robust community behind Java

Java has strong community with millions of active developers to help beginners develop their projects quickly through clarifying their doubts and needs on code development process. Java is the second largest community among Stack Overflow. Experts of java programming language will help novice developers anytime when they got stuck in a programming with Java.

Excellent documentation

Java is an open-source programming language that comes with absolute free for global users. It is well-documented and it has a comprehensive guide to get clarification for the problems while developing codes in Java.

Powerful development tools

Java has most interesting aspects through IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with an extensive suite of various automation tools, debuggers, and editors. Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and NetBeans are the three most popular IDEs of Java for automation and debugging. Maven or ANT with Java is used to develop various kinds of applications and Jenkins will be used for continuous integration and delivery. Java is using JConsole and Visual VM for continuous monitoring of development.

Java Runtime Environment

JRE stands for Java Runtime Environment that makes java platform-independent and it is used for developing and executing java applications on any platform. JRE is to be installed in a computer along with Java software for it can run smoothly on all major platforms like Macs, Linux, and Windows. JRE is working well for developing mobile apps and the flexibility of Java helps programmer grow in his career as it provides comprehensive coding expertise.

Java program can run across servers

The biggest challenge for a company is to connect all computer machines for running a program seamlessly when coding for a huge organization that utilizes networking facilities. Java has PATH and CLASSPATH that don’t have problem about distributing of a program across multiple servers.


Java is becoming more popular among developers as it can be integrated with many trending technologies like data science, machine learning, and IoT developments. It has facilities like OOPs, JRE, JIT, and so on that simplify the code development easier. Java has numerous libraries to support faster software development process. Learn Java Course in Chennai to become a master in software development and data science processes.