What Is The Java Course Fee In Chennai

1What is the Java Course Fee in Chennai?

You must be familiar with the coding language Java, whether you’re a professional programmer or a newbie. Janes Gosling at Sun Microsystems developed the multi-programming language Java in 1995. (now Oracle). Java has developed from its first release to rank among the most widely used programming languages in the computer and artificial intelligence (AI) sectors. One of the top-paid professions in the sector is for Java developers, who are in high demand. Here is the Java Course Fee in Chennai that helps you begin your career plan today.

Overview of Java Course

The goal of the Java course is to assist students in learning programming fundamentals and complicated problem-solving. Being a great programmer takes patience, critical thinking skills, and attention to detail, which are all skills that are needed for this course.

Course Name: Java Programming Language

Prerequisite: Basic Computer Knowledge

Eligibility: Any Aspirants

Duration: 3 to 6 months

Course Type: Professional Certification or Advanced Diploma

Advanced Courses: DevOps, Full Stack, Python, Data Science

Similar Course: C, C++, .NET.

Job Opportunities: Java Developer, Android Developer, Software Engineer

2Why Should You Learn a Java Course?

The following are some of the main benefits of pursuing a career in Java:

  • The powerful core language of Java will help you advance as a programmer.
  • Java-based Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) is a programming language. OOP apps are easy to build and have many uses.
  • Java developers are greatly needed. Their knowledge of Java also gave them an advantage over their competitors and a host of further benefits.
  • An individual with knowledge of the Java programming language gets compensated better in IT companies. Also, enrolling in Java certificate programs could enable you to develop your job and make more money.
  • By instructing students on the use of arrays, variables, exceptions, data types, loops, and other programming concepts, these courses assist students in developing and honing their programming skills. 
  • The advanced concepts discussed include autoboxing, explicit casting, nested classes, abstract classes, interfaces, inheritance, polymorphism, implicit narrowing, and specific specialized APIs.
  • A Java certificate will improve your job capabilities. You have the flexibility to shift employment and work as a freelance Java programmer.
  • This kind of brief training helps a professional career develop overall and keeps you abreast of emerging trends.

3Types of Java Courses

Following are the various types of Java Courses

3.1Professional Java Certification

Any Java Certification Training Institute in Chennai offers Java certifications. Online Java certificate programs are increasingly accessible. Online courses are accessible forever, generally cost little to nothing, and may be finished whenever it suits you.

  • Typically, certificate programs run for three to twelve months.
  • Before enrolling in this course, candidates should have a fundamental understanding of computers and programming.
  • The curriculum may be followed after finishing 10+2, but before enrolling in the certificate programs, students should be comfortable with Java.

3.2Advanced Diploma in Java Programming

The demand for Java programming diplomas and master’s degree programs is rising. Only a few Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma Java Courses are accessible, and they come in both online and offline versions.

  • Programs leading to a diploma can be completed in six months to a year.
  • Whereas PG diploma programs need the completion of a bachelor’s degree, diploma courses in Java may be pursued after passing the 10+2 exam.
  • A Java diploma course typically costs between 20,000 and 50,000 Indian rupees.

3.3Undergraduate Java Courses

Undergraduate courses in computer science and information technology include Java instruction. Students picked up Java among other programming languages in these courses. Particularly in Java, bachelor’s degrees are not available.

  • These 3 to 4-year undergraduate courses are only available to students who have completed the 10+2 program.
  • Applicants must have earned a 10+2 diploma with a foundation in science and have taken Mathematics as one of the prerequisite courses.
  • Bachelor’s degree programs often include programming fundamentals, object-oriented programming, and design, distributed systems, developing web databases, abstraction, data structures, and other Java-related subjects.
  • The annual cost of a degree often ranges from INR 15,000 to INR 6 lakh, depending on the college you choose.

3.4Qualifications for Java Certification

The students must meet the following significant eligibility requirements to enroll in the course:

  • After passing the 12th final year test, the majority of students decide to continue with this program.
  • Students must have a foundational understanding of computers, software, and programming in C and C++. The only prerequisite for understanding the basics of the Java language is computer literacy.

3.5Required Skills to Learn Java Certification Course

  • Web Technologies
  • HTML or CSS
  • C, C++ Programming
  • OOPs Basics
  • Web Frameworks
  • Servlets and JSP (Java Server Page)

Download the Best Java Course Syllabus to know what will be covered in our Java Course in Chennai.

4Java Course Fee in Chennai

The usual prices for Java courses depend on the fact that the admissions procedure is done both online and offline. It costs between INR 20000 and INR 60,000 to enroll in this program at different universities in India. Although it is a basic certificate program, students may also opt to enroll in our Java Training in Chennai. Check out the current fee structure along with offers and discounts by speaking up with one of our counselors.

5Salary Prospects after our Java Courses

The typical salaries provided to graduates of the Java certificate programs vary from ₹1,80,000 to ₹6,00,000. You have the option to apply for jobs in the public and commercial sectors after completing this course. These are the job profiles’ names and complete descriptions:

  • Java Developer: Responsible for generating concepts, designing, and testing software that they produce
  • J2EE Engineer: Responsible for managing activity related to development and applications
  • Java Game Developer: Responsible for creating the software for video games
  • Technical Writer: Writing technical information for the Java language is the major responsibility.
  • Software Engineer: Responsible for developing and testing design-related software.

6Scope of Java Professionals

A Java certification has several advantages. A certificate can help you develop in your job and make more money. A certified Java graduate will be appreciated more than others. Students will be approached by several respected governments and private sector companies, as well as BPOs and KPOs, once they have acquired their Java language certificate.

After completing the Java certificate program, you could be able to command a high salary. Extracurricular talent qualifications will always put you ahead of other applicants when applying for jobs in the private sector.

7Top Recruiters of Java Certified Professionals

  • Accenture
  • HCL
  • Cisco
  • TCS
  • CTS
  • Antra
  • Cloud Big Data Technologies
  • Cisco Systems


Specialists in Java have a wide range of employment options to select from. Some of the professions offered include Java Developer, DevOps Engineer, Full Stack Developer, Game Developer, and so on. Choose your career wisely by enrolling in our Java Course in Chennai with an affordable and reasonable Java Course Fee.