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SQL Server Training in Chennai

SLA Provides SQL Server Training in Chennai that explains some basic and advanced concepts of SQL Server such as how to create and restore data, create login and backup, assign permissions, etc. Each topic is explained using examples for easy understanding. This SQL Server training teaches developers all the Transact-SQL skills they need to create database objects like Tables, Views, Stored procedures & Functions, and triggers in SQL Server.

Shine your skills with SQL Server Training in Chennai

Welcome to the best SQL Server Training Institute in Chennai. MS SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Microsoft. This product is built for the basic function of storing retrieving data as required by other applications. It can be run either on the same computer or on another across a network. It Gives ideas about writing Queries & Sub-queries, working with Joins, etc. As well as database management skills like backup, restore, etc.

SQL Server Course Overview

MS SQL Server Training in Chennai helps the developers to deploy the mission-critical performance by getting quicker insights from stored data. Our MS SQL Server Certification Training in Chennai equips the students with the top-notch skills required for today’s IT industries to develop and deploy applications quickly with the database connections.

MSSQL Server is one of the popular used relational database management systems provided by Microsoft. It is widely used software by top IT and MNC firms that have the primary function of storing and retrieving data according to the request of other software applications. MS SQL Server can be installed in the same machine or another machine to receive and produce data across the internet. We offer the best MS SQL Server Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance at SLA.

About Our SQL Server Training

SLA Jobs is the top provider of SQL Server Training in Chennai that enables our students to manage database solutions with the migration skills required to move data to the cloud storage. Our students get hands-on practicals on real-time projects to become masters in Transact-SQL which is on-demand in the top industries. We provide interactive classroom training as well as instructor-led online training with weekend, weekdays, fast track modes.

SQL Server is the top database technology that rules the market through its scalable and compatible features. It supports innumerable applications that include transaction processing, data analytics, and business intelligence. SQL Server is ideal for developing desktop, web, and enterprise applications. It is developed using SQL programming language and used for managing the databases and queries. Our SQL Server Certification Training in Chennai is useful for all aspirants who wish to work in a database management platform.

An MS SQL Server is used to manage the data in three ways as reads, writes, and modifies. Currently, companies are using MS SQL Server 2019 that was released in November 2019 and it is available in various editions like enterprise edition, standard edition, web edition, BI (Business Intelligence) edition, workgroup edition, and express edition along with specialized editions such as Azure SQL Edition, Compact (SQL SE) Edition, Developer Edition, Embedded Edition, SQL Server Evaluation Edition, Fast Track Edition, LocalDB Edition, Analytics Platform System (APS) Edition, and Data warehouse Appliance Edition. SQL Server has discontinued its support as the editions like MSDE, Personal Edition, and Data Center for various issues and these provisions are there in available editions. We give elaborate SQL Server Training in Chennai for freshers and working professionals to understand SQL Server concepts.

Course Objectives of SQL Server Training in Chennai

Our SQL Server Course in Chennai is intended to provide in-demand industry skills required for the aspirants to perform well as Database Administrator in top companies. We equip the students on building and managing SQL Server databases effectively, retrieving and manipulating data with SQL queries efficiently, and integrate SQL Server with .Net, MS Office, and XML perfectly. We train our students to secure and monitor the databases of the company using Management Studio and replicate data on multiple servers using Merge Replication along with the expertise on data transformation into strategic insights through Business Intelligence Processes.

We offer a wonderful platform for the students to gain expertise in SQL Server with satisfying practical hands-on exposure along with advanced knowledge in relational database designing methodology. Our students can work in various commercial environments like VB-ActiveX, ASP/ADO, VB Script, VBA, and other programming and scripting languages. The students can get elaborate knowledge in SQL Server Database for working along with various applications through our excellent coaching on MS SQL Server Training Course in Chennai.

After completing our SQL Server Course in Chennai, our students can be able to,

  • Work with SQL architecture, database types, client/server techniques.
  •  Deploy functions and operations using SQL Server RDBMS
  •  Work with data to append using Transact-SQL, stored procedures, and views
  •  Implementation knowledge of triggers and server tools.
  •  Well-versed with DBA types, backup, and restoration of databases.
  •  Thorough knowledge in DB optimization techniques, DB concurrency, and data integrity.

SQL Server Course in Chennai

Our SQL Server Training in Chennai can be pursued by interested candidates with personalized SQL Server Course Duration. Batches will be started once you enroll with the other new commerce of the SQL Server Course in Chennai.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

Check out the current and exact SQL Server Course Fees in Chennai by calling our education counselors and know about the offers and discounts on SQL Server Training Cost.

Who can attend SQL Server Training in Chennai?

Our Microsoft SQL Server Training in Chennai aims to offer the best-in-class coaching for all the IT aspirants who want to manage and develop a database for various applications. The SQL Server Course curriculum is designed as per the industry expectation and equips our students to shine in big IT firms. We have industry skilled trainers to give personalized coaching for the benefit of all learners around the world. Regular mode and instructor-led online mode of classes are available for remote learners to take up training on weekdays, weekends, and fast track-based SQL Server Training in Chennai at SLA.

Our SQL Server Certification Training can be taken by freshers and the working professionals with the following experiences:

  • Software developers
  •  SQL and DBAs
  •  Business Analytics
  •  Business Intelligence
  •  Big Data Professionals
  •  Project leads and managers, and so on.

Prerequisites for learning SQL Server Training in Chennai

There are no hard prerequisites needed but fundamental knowledge in relational DBMS is an added advantage for learning them quickly. The students who have experience in other IT fields are taking up MS SQL Certification Training in Chennai through fast track modes are suggested to have basic database concepts, programming language, and scripting language fundamentals to learn efficiently and faster. Gain expertise in MS SQL Server to become the best database and server administrator in top companies.

SQL Server Course Syllabus

The syllabus for SQL Server training in Chennai is designed specialized for freshers by experts. We equip our students from scratch that includes features, server management, object explorer, and management utility. It can be customized as per your requirements. SQL Server Curriculum contains key concepts such as installing and configuring SQL Server 2008, SQL Server Management Studio, Dedicated Administrative Connection, Monitoring the Database Server, Database and index maintenance, Securing the SQL Server 2008, SQL Server Backup and Recovery, Database Availability, Replication Information, SQL Server 2008 Integration Services, and Monitoring and Performance of SQL Server 2008. Our SQL Server Training in Chennai is the best career option for freshers and working professionals to shine in the database field.

SQL Server Course Syllabus

  • Availability and Scalability Features
  •  Security Features
  •  Data Management Features
  •  Administration and Maintenance Features
  •  Development Features
  •  To enable SQLiMail
  •  Testing mail delivery

Installing and Configuring SQL Server 2008

  • SQL Server 2008 Editions
  •  Installing Microsoft SQL Server
  •  System Requirements
  •  Preparing for a SQL 2008 Installation
  •  Installation Checklist
  •  Setup Features
  •  Using the System Consistency Checker
  •  Component Install
  •  Unattended Installation
  •  Upgrading from previous versions of SQL Server
  •  To verify the Installation
  •  Administrative Tools

SQL Server Management Studio and other tools

  • Management Studio Windows
  •  Registered Servers
  •  Object Explorer
  •  Review Database Objects
  •  Modify Database Properties
  •  Create Database Scripts
  •  The Maintenance Plans Node
  •  Solution Explorer
  •  Query Editor
  •  Upgrading to SQL Server Computer Manager
  •  SQL Server 2008 Services node
  •  SQL Server 2008 Network Configuration node
  •  SQL Server 2008 Native Client Configuration node
  •  The SQLCMD Management Utility
  •  SQLCMD Syntax
  •  SQLCMD Variables

Dedicated Administrative Connection

  • SQL Server Management Studio
  •  SQLCMD Mode
  •  Using SQL Management Objects
  •  BCP in and out with Format files and Bulk Insert
  •  Import Export Wizard

Monitoring the Database Server

  • Managing Metadata Views
  •  Metadata Storage
  •  System Views
  •  Information Schema
  •  Catalog Views
  •  Sys All
  •  Dynamic Management Views
  •  System Stored Procedures

Database and Index Maintenance

  • Index Management
  •  New Index Features
  •  Creating Indexes
  •  Online Index Maintenance
  •  Parallel (multiple CPU) Index Operations
  •  Lock Options
  •  Included Columns in Indexes
  •  Partitioned Tables and Indexes
  •  Altering an Index
  •  Rebuilding an Index
  •  Reorganizing an Index
  •  Disabling an Index
  •  Dropping an Index
  •  Index Fragmentation
  •  Using the Database Tuning Advisor

Securing SQL Server 2008

  • Implementing Securables
  •  New Security Features
  •  Principals
  •  Securable
  •  Permissions
  •  Permission Types
  •  Managing Logins
  •  Managing Users
  •  Managing Schemas
  •  Using Schemas
  •  Managing Execution Context
  •  Managing Permissions
  •  Manage Server Permissions
  •  Manage Server-Scoped Securable Permissions
  •  Manage Database Permissions
  •  Manage Database-Scope Securable Permissions
  •  Managing Certificates
  •  Native Data Encryption
  •  TDE
  •  Code and Module Signing
  •  SQL Server Auditing

SQL Server Backup & Recovery

  • Disaster Recovery
  •  SQL 2008 Disaster Recovery Feature
  •  Enhanced Features
  •  Database Snapshots
  •  Creating a Snapshot
  •  Common Snapshot Applications
  •  Undeleting table rows
  •  Undoing a table update
  •  Recovering a dropped object
  •  Backup and Restore concept and types
  •  Backup and Restore options
  •  Media Integrity Changes
  •  Recovering the MASTER Database
  •  Create a mirrored backup

Database Availability

  • SQL Server 2008 Data Availability
  •  Server Clustering concepts
  •  Failover of SQL Server Cluster
  •  Log Shipping concept and setup
  •  Database Mirroring
  •  The Witness Server and Automatic Failover
  •  Configuring Database Mirroring
  •  Transaction Safety Level
  •  High Availability Operating Mode
  •  High Protection Operating Mode
  •  High-Performance Operating Mode

Monitoring Mirroring

  • Database States for Database Mirroring
  •  Comparison between Log Shipping and mirroring

Replicating Information

  • Replication concept
  •  Distributor Administration
  •  Creating and Managing Publications and setting up of various types of replication
  •  Subscribing to a Publication
  •  Transforming Published Data
  •  Managing Replication Monitors
  •  Distributed query and transaction
  •  Distributed Transaction Coordinator Service
  •  Managing Linked Servers

SQL Server 2008 Integration Services

  • Creating the Database Objects
  •  Creating a Package Using Business Intelligence Studio
  •  Integration Services Project Template
  •  OLE DB Command object
  •  Column Mappings
  •  Adding a Data Viewer

Monitoring and Performance

  • SQL Server Profiler
  •  Optimal Data Storage
  •  Windows Perfmon Monitors
  •  DMV’s
  •  Diagnostic Tools
  •  Query Analyzer
  •  Database Engine Tuning Advisor
  •  Index Optimisation
  •  Partitioned Indexes
  •  Lock optimization

The popular services of SQL Server for trending technologies

SQL Server offers database management services for various applications and provides value-added services on top of them. Our trainers will provide a comprehensive understanding of the use cases of SQL Server along with hands-on exposure for the students who wish to work in the RDBMS platform. The following technologies and applications are served by MSSQL Server to perform various tasks to serve the users with faster responses.

Machine Learning Services

MSSQL Server accompanied with Machine Learning Services allows users to work with machine learning and data analytics using limited memory. SQL Server has popularly used packages for data science along with specialized packages such as revoscalepy, RevoScaleR, and microsoftml for processing machine learning models efficiently. We provide industry-specific MS SQL Server Training in Chennai with trending technology insights for freshers and working professionals.

Service Brokers

Service Broker is used to communicating over TCP/IP and enables the various components to be synchronized through exchanging of messages. It runs as a part of the database engine and provides a convenient messaging and message queuing environment for SQL Server-based applications. Server Broker contains message types, contracts, queues, service programs, and routes. We give you comprehensive SQL Server Training in Chennai for all the aspirants with placement assistance and industry-worth certification at SLA.

Replications Services

Replication Services are provided by SQL Server for replicating and synchronize database objects in entire applications or a subset of the objects. It follows publishers and subscriber models that support three different types of replications as Transaction Replication, Merges Replication, and Snapshot Replication. Transaction Replication is made for updating the database with the transaction history and details and it synchronizes the databases in near time. Merge Replication made the changes of bi-directional synchronization. Snapshot Replications made for copying the entire database for subscriber usage. Learn in-depth concepts of replication services in our SQL Server Training Center in Chennai.

Analysis Services

SQL Server Analysis Services are provided with OLAP and Data Mining capabilities. OLAP is the acronym of Online Analytical Processing and it is the engine that supports MOLAP (Multidimensional OLAP), ROLAP (Relations Online Analytical Processing), and HOLAP (Hybrid OLAP). Data Mining exposed DMX query language that includes various algorithms decision trees, naïve Bayes, clustering algorithm, and sequence clustering algorithm, and so on. Our trainers equip the students with top-notch skills required for performing well in the companies through our SQL Server Training in Chennai.

Reporting Services

Reporting Services are used to generate reports for gathered data from SQL Server databases. It is administered through a web interface with the specialized features of web services to support the development of custom reporting applications and it is created as RDL files. Gain more insights into our SQL Server Training Institute in Chennai.

Notification Services

Notification Services is bundled as a part of the Microsoft SQL Server platform for generating data-driven notifications services for subscribers. It can be used in three methods and it includes SMTP, SOAP, and File System. Enroll at SLA for learning the best SQL Server Training in Chennai.

Integration Services

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a popular service that provides ETL capabilities for data integration, data import, and data warehousing requirements. It can be used in various ways to extract meaningful insights from raw data. Our SQL Server Certification Training in Chennai is all you need for obtaining the best position in top companies.

Business Intelligence Development Studio

BIDS (BI Development Studio) is used for developing data analysis and business intelligence solutions using the SQL Server Analysis Services, Reporting Services, and Integration Services. It is used for various purposes in big data processing and it is considered as the trending services of MS SQL Server. Apart from these, there are services called Azure Data Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, Visual Studio, SQLMD, and Full-Text Search Services offered by MS SQL Server. Obtain industry-oriented coaching with hands-on exposure through our MS SQL Server Certification Training Institute in Chennai.

Career Prospects of SQL Server Training in Chennai

SQL Server is the most popular database that generates tremendous opportunities for the skilled and certified professionals. They can work on the fields such as Business Analyst, Software Engineering, SQL Server DBA, Quality Testers, .Net Developers., System Admins, SQL Server Developers, and so on. There are many possibilities for them to earn up to 80,000 per year as an entry-level worker. Learning SQL Server is worth it for the professionals and updating on the new technologies and packages helps them grow in their career as well. Get acquaintance with SQL Server and become a master in SQL Server operations by learning at SLA, the best SQL Server Training Center in Chennai.

SQL Server Jobs are tremendous worldwide and top companies are employing skilled and certified candidates to communicate, manipulate, and manage the data that are stored in RDBMS databases. SQL Server professionals are required for the companies to perform various processes with analytical thinking and cloud-oriented jobs. It is the challenging job role of the company that requires vast knowledge along with practical hands-on experience and we provide them in our MS SQL Server Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

The one who wants to shine in the database field should have a bachelor’s degree in computer-related streams like IT, CIS, and CA along with an industry-accredited certification in DBA, MS SQL Server, DB developer, DB Designer, DB Architect, or related specialization. They should be experts in PL/SQL and ETL tools for performing as per the expectation of top companies. Develop your fundamental skills through our industry-relevant MS SQL Server Training Course in Chennai at SLA.

MS SQL Server Certified professionals are eligible to apply for the jobs like SQL Server Database Administration and Development, Business Intelligence Professionals, Development DBA, Production DBA, and Infrastructure DBA. Our trainers equip the students in our SQL Server Training Institute in Chennai for performing the following roles with in-demand industry skills.

Database Administrator: They are responsible for maintaining and administrating SQL Server Database

Database Developer: They are responsible for designing and implementing databases

Database Testers: They are responsible for validating the databases for loading the right data.

Data Scientist: They are responsible for Big Data processing that includes analyzing, predicting, and mining data for business improvement.

ETL Developer: They are taking care of data process that includes Extract, Transform, and Load database applications.

Data Application Interface Developers: They are the people who work in various programming languages such as C#, Java, ASP.Net, and so on to connect with the databases.

BI Application Developer: They are working with the process of data warehousing, reporting, and data transformation to deal with query languages for analyzing various types of data.

BI Administrator: They are responsible for executing ETL jobs to publish and monitor reports that are extracted from data warehousing and compare with backend validations.

Big Data Expert: They are working with Big data tools such as Hadoop, Hive, Spark, and so on.

Cloud Database Expert: They are responsible for working with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and so on.

Database Migration Engineer: They are responsible for database migration from different sources into MS SQL Server.

Data Analyst: They are responsible for creating key performance indicators for data analysis.

BI Report Engineer: They are responsible for building and executing BI reports using various BI tools such as Microstrategy, PowerBI, and Tableau.

BI Solution Architect: They are responsible for providing solutions for critical business problems through analyzing data from different sources like SQL.

NoSQL DBA: They are responsible to administrate the NoSQL database with the expertise in MongoDB skills.

Big Data Architect: This is the highly demanded position that relates to much other trending technology expertise to manage the high volume of data around the world using multiple skills.

We enhance and equip the students for performing the above-mentioned roles in our SQL Server Training Course in Chennai with certification and placement guidance. We have a dedicated placement team to provide job-related skills such as job searching skills, resume developing skills, communication skills, and collaboration skills. We train the students with frequently asked interview questions and answers as per the trending MS SQL Server field through numerous mock interview preparations. Join SLA for a promising career in the database field guided by MS SQL Server Training Center in Chennai.

Trainer Profile of our SQL Server Training Institute in Chennai

Our SQL Server Trainers are experts and experienced in the domain with more than 12+ years on industry projects. They handle interactive training classes on SQL Server with student-friendly nature and job-focused preparations. Our trainers keep focusing on industry updates and prepare the course curriculum, case studies, assignments, and projects. With their widest knowledge on the fundamentals and trends, they can manage basic to advanced classes as per the learner’s requirements. Learn from our industry experts to become an industry-recognized candidate on SQL Server processes.

We have excellent SQL Server Trainers at SLA to offer industry-specific coaching on MS SQL Server Course in Chennai. They are well-versed in entire SQL Server concepts such as MS SQL, RDBMS, SQL Commands that includes DDL, DML, DCL, DQL, and TCL, knowledge of joins like Inner Joins, Full Joins, LEFT Joins, and RIGHT Joins, Knowledge of Interface SQL with Programming languages like Python and R, and Advanced SQL concepts.

Our trainers of MS SQL Server at SLA have unique qualities that you can’t find in any other MS SQL Training Institutes in Chennai. They care for every individual and clear their subject doubts on the spot along with continuous assessment on career improvement. We allocate trainers for providing the best SQL Server Training in Chennai as per the convenience of students to learn with flexible learning facilities around the globe. Learn MS SQL Server Administration from industry experts along with certification.

SQL Server Internship Training in Chennai

SQL Developer is the one who develops databases and writes SQL queries by using SQL software. SQL Database Admins or SQL Experts are known as SQL Developers. The main operation of a SQL developer is to handle CRUD operations ( Create, Read, Update, and Delete the operation). and many other complex operations are also done in SQL.Roles and Responsibilities of SQL Server Developers

  • Design databases and make sure the stability, reliability, and performance of it
  • Develop and implement database systems based on the end client’s requirements.
  • Enhance the application’s performance.
  • Create documentation for database applications.
  • Implement Memory management for database systems.
  • Apply database schemas, tables, and dictionaries wherever required
  • Validate the data quality and integrity in databases.
  • Resolve issues related to database performance and provide corrective measures.
  • Take database backup regularly
  • Test databases and perform debugging.
  • Implement authentication and authorizations for Database access

Projects to practice: Enhanced Library Management System
Description: This project is a library management software system that contains all the basic and innovative features for managing a library of ebook mailing and expiry notification via SMS. It includes a large database of numerous books available in the library.

User Reviews on SQL Server Course in Chennai


It was a good learning experience at SLA, to obtain good knowledge about Dot Net / Asp. Net. The overall training was good and the structure of the course designed for entry-level candidates is amazing. It was a very nice experience and this is the first time I have attended such training in my life, and I just loved it. Our trainer lived up to all our expectations with great commitment. I am looking forward to joining more courses at this Academy.


Very nice experience of being at Softlogic. Overall, I would rate this Asp. Net training as the best. The training provided to us was simply great. The course Material was crisp & Informative and covers all topics- All the practical scenarios have been covered in a nice way and would like to join more certification programs at Softlogic.


Just completed Asp. Net and VB. Net training from SLA. The classes were really good and covered all the important topics. The instructor did many hands-on demos to explain concepts. The labs were good and it was a great experience doing the course


I recently attended the ASP.NET 4.0 course offered by SLA at their facility in KK Nagar, in Chennai. The trainer was very knowledgeable and offered patient and thoughtful instructions. I also commend SLA for their facilities – the classroom and amenities offered to students, further made the learning experience worthwhile.


My greetings to Softlogic Academy. As a .net Pilgrim, I have gained the power of asp. Net through SLA. I feel like I have acquired the magic power of .net, as I am enthusiastically entering the programming world. The instructor covered the basics really well while giving good examples and answering questions on .net concepts. I wish there was some way of showing my gratitude for all that Softlogic has done for me.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

MS SQL Server is the in-demand skill of IT and MNC for managing and monitoring the databases. we have compiled some frequently asked questions here to help you solve the queries related to MS SQL Server Course in Chennai and about our SLA.

What are the uses of SQL?

SQL Server is used to execute queries against the database, retrieve data from the database, insert records into the database, update records of the database, delete records from the database, create new databases, and create new tables in a database.

What is MS SQL Server?

MS SQL Server is one of the popular used database technology and relational database management system to support numerous applications for backend services. Some of the main and trending applications are business intelligence, data analytics, and transaction processing.

Why do we require MS SQL Server?

MS SQL Server provides the functions related to the database to collaborate with other applications. T-SQL (Transaction SQL) is the language used interactively with the database to manage and monitor using queries.

Define key in SQL Server

A key is a single or the combination of multiple fields of a table and it is used to insert or fetch records from the data table as per commands or queries. The key is also used to create a relationship among various database tables or views.

What are the available SQL Servers in the computer field?

Relational and Non-Relational Database Management Systems such as MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MongoDB, and Redis is the trending SQL Servers used in top companies.

What is the difference between database and server?

The server is used to manage and monitor the fixed content of the website and the database is used to store and manage the data of the computers. Web services are offered by servers while web-based services are managed by databases

Why learning at SLA for SQL Server?

We have designed an industry-specific SQL Server Course Syllabus by experts and provide training through skilled and experienced trainers with the real-time project and hands-on practices. Our SQL Server Training in Chennai equips the learners to get thorough with concepts theoretically and practically for performing in the industries from day one.

What is the minimum qualification to enroll in SQL Server Course at SLA?

You require a bachelor’s degree in any computer-related stream are expected to learn SQL Server Training Course in Chennai to understand the concepts easily and effectively through full hands-on practices. Contact our career counselor for further guidance on SQL Server Training.

What are the specializations of SLA in placement guidance for SQL Server Course?

We will assign dedicate trainer for SQL Server course expertise along with placement faculty to guide through job-related skill development classes such as resume writing, career enhancement, and job searching strategies. Our placement trainers will enhance your communication skills and other non-technical skills with extra care free of cost along with SQL Server Training in Chennai.

How can I enroll at SLA for SQL Server Training?

SLA has simplified the admission process to enroll in SQL Server and related database administration courses. You can contact us through the chatbox seen in the right bottom corner and get guidance from our career counselors for SQL Server Training Course. Or you can call and talk to our learning advisors at 860 8700 340 to know the details instantly about SQL Server Training. Or you can come to our office directly and get guidance from our career managers to join immediately in our SQL Server Training Institute in Chennai. The payment methods are very easy and you have a lot of offers and No cost EMI to pay our affordable SQL Server Course Fee.