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AngularJS Training Institute in Chennai

AngularJs Training

SLA is the top training institute offering Best AngularJS Training in Chennai with adequate guidance and completely interactive classes. We focus on practical oriented training to our learners in working with single page web application design.

The Tasks that we provide will make you excel in designing single page web based applications in the latest version Angular 7.

Angular 7 Training

Angular is one of the most famous frameworks in the field of web application development. With the advent of Angular 7, it has given more convenience to web developers. SLA offers training on this latest version with a keen eye for quality.

What is AngularJS?

Angular JS is one of the dynamic and famous open-source Javascript framework. There is no need to reload entire page in AngularJS; it works as single page application. Being a great front end MVC framework it is useful in building excellent Internet applications.

AngularJS Learning can be a difficult task but SLA makes the process simple by providing practical oriented training to the learners for building end-to-end Angular applications. When we conduct the Angular 7 training, students will be provided with lots of practical examples. By the end of the Angular JS Course the trainee will create a complete Angular 7 application due to the efficient training.

Why AngularJS?

Single Page Applications (SPAs) are making waves in the world of development and web application. But have you contemplated on the functioning of SPAs.? The core behind the working of a single page application (SPA) is AngularJS. Javascript is a rage now and every browser supports it. The scope of AngularJS seems to be promising as long as Javascript is there.

The highlight is that Angular JS, being maintained by Google, supports web applications and mobile applications. AngularJS Training by SLA will guide you on how to form scalable apps in Angular 7. For this we keep in mind the best practices that we have gained through our profound standing in the industry and also deliver the Advanced AngularJS Concepts with proficiency.


AngularJS is turning out to be a great asset to those who possess the skills. In order to learn the powerful language the candidate should have knowledge of the following:

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • All attendees must have reasonable prior experience working with JavaScript. If the trainees do not have this experience, we would be glad to give you exhaustive Javascript introduction.

Who can Attend AngularJs Training?

Aspiring candidates who are willing to dive into the world of web designing can find the Angular JS course useful. But to be specific, candidates with minimum industry experience of 1 year in web designing technologies will get the job in the AngularJS field easily.

Angular JS Syllabus and Course Fee

Our syllabus gives a clear idea of the AngularJS Course Content. With Regard to AngularJS Course Fees you can contact +91 86087 00340.

AngularJS Introduction

  • AngularJS History
  • AngularJS Extends HTML

AngularJS Expressions

  • AngularJS Numbers
  • AngularJS Strings
  • AngularJS Objects
  • AngularJS Arrays

AngularJS Controllers

  • controller implementation
  • Functions
  • Nested controllers
  • multiple controllers

AngularJS Directives

  • ng-change
  • ng-class
  • ng-if
  • ng-show
  • ng-readonly
  • ng-disabled
  • ng-click

AngularJS Filters

  • currency,uppercase,lowercase
  • filter,orderby
  • custom filter

AngularJS Services

AngularJS AJAX - $http

AngularJS Tables.

  • forms
  • validations

AngularJS Routing

AngularJS Application-Make a Shopping List

software implementation

  • visual studio code
  • Git,CLI,Node
  • Npm commands


  • Data
  • decision making
  • loops
  • functions
  • modules

1. Angular 4 - Environment Setup

2. Angular 4 - Project Setup

3. Angular 4 - Components

4. Angular 4 - Module

5. Angular 4 - Data Binding

6. Angular 4 - Event Binding

7. Angular 4 - Templates

8. Angular 4 - Directives

9. Angular 4 - Pipes

10. Angular 4 - Routing

11. Angular 4 - Services

12. Angular 4 - Forms

13. Angular 4 - Animations

Angular 5 and 6 up gradation

Project Implementation

Angular JS Course Duration

AngularJS Training Duration
TrackRegular TrackWeekend TrackFast Track
Course Duration30 – 40 Days5 WeekendsAccording to your Convenience
Hours2 hours a day6 hours a dayFits your Requirements
Training ModeLive ClassroomLive ClassroomLive Classroom

Job Opportunities in Angularjs

In the present era, there is a great demand for web development. Several startup and MNC organizations recruit Angular JS developers to handle their web development projects. Several individuals are opting to become a web developer. Hence training will be the best starting point to gain a job in the IT domain.

SLA provides wonderful support for web development and you can gain insight into Angular JS and Javascript in a simple manner. Since most of the companies are recruiting individuals skilled in AngularJS, learning it from an established institute as SLA will be favorable.

What are the Different Job Profiles of AngularJS?

  • Web Developers
  • UI Developer
  • UI Engineer
  • Frontend Developer
  • Javascript Developer etc.

Placement Assistance for AngularJS

SLA cares about your career. Hence we provide placement assistance so that you are job ready. We give you sufficient boost including mock interviews, regular technical reviews etc. to crack the interviews easily.

Angular JS Course Certification

Are you looking for Angular JS Certification in Chennai? Then it’s time to talk to our educational counsellors to have a clear idea about the opportunities that you have to take up after the training. When you complete the certification from SLA that is situated in K K Nagar you will have knowledge of the important concepts including Angular Material, Angular Bootstrap, Angular Services, Angular Animation etc. This knowledge along with the non-technical skills training offered by SLA will prepare the attendee for the Angular JS job in IT industry.

AngularJS Training Reviews

I had finished Angular JS Training Course in Chennai from Softlogic Academy, it was really a good program to be a part of with the trainer knew what he was covering and the subject knowledge was in-depth. I was new to any programming language which was dealt with in very calm and compost manner. The training programmer helps me to get placed in Sales Arm IT Services as a web developer, which is on campus interview arranged by SLA!

— Gokul prasad

I have had my Angular JS training from Softlogic Academy, KK Nagar. Mr.Dhanesh was my tutor. I am very much happy about this course and the tutor. That has reflected in my Interview results. I got my job in Reptech Ltd as Junior Web designer. I was lucky enough to have an Hands-on practical class and times were also flexible and well organized. Friendly, “approach me anytime on any doubts in the course” offer from them are the added advantages. I would recommend my friends for this course. Thanks to the SLA Jobs, and a special hearty thanks to my tutor. keep up the good work. All the best!

— Bhuvaneshwar

First of all thanks for SLA Jobs for giving me such nice opportunity to work in the field of Angular JS. When I started over here, There are a lot of positive statements about SLA Jobs and one of my friend have suggested me to take Certification in SLA Jobs because he completed and came with very good knowledge in Angular JS. Now, He is doing Web designing for his own business in a successful way!

— Kumar krishnan

I was part of the Angular JS training in Chennai at Softlogic Academy, it was really a good program to be a part of with the trainer was an expert in the subject knowledge. The Academy is also good and flexible in scheduling the sessions, this helps you plan everything. I really appreciate the effort they are making for every program becomes successful. Thanks to the Trainer and Thanks to SLA Jobs.

— Vishnu Santhosh