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SMM and SMO Training in Chennai | SMM and SMO Training Institute  in Chennai

SMO is a technique that uses software tools to optimize the contents of a business website to improve the web traffic. One may create online web contents in the form of texts, images, photos or any videos so that people visiting your website may find it interesting and such user experiences may share to other people via LinkedIn or any other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Instagram, etc. and can also be done by expressing likes, sharing comments by retweeting, posting reviews, an interesting way to promote the contents of your website.

SMM and SMO Training in Chennai

Welcome to the On-demand SMO Training Institute in Chennai. Discover new opportunities by upgrading your knowledge and skills which is very much required for solving the complex data integration challenges. By completing the Social Media Marketing, you can discover new opportunities to increase your career growth. We provide comprehensive learning support based on the best-in-class SMM/SMO Course Curriculum and make you ready with industry-ready skills.

SMM and SMO Training Course Overview

SMO are targeting customers from various geographical regions, enhancing Search Engine Optimization through the number of hits for the website which are usually referred as votes and the customers have the privilege to post a comment, share their experiences and provide feedback on the products when they visit a company’s website based on which SMO allows a professional to collect data about the potential customers and customer preferences. SLA provides the best SMO and SMM Training in Chennai with hands-on exposure that helps the learners to shine in the digital marketing industry. We give course materials at the beginning of the course and allow you to access the lab systems for unlimited hours to practice well. Our coursework was designed by industry experts to offer the trending marketing strategies to implement for improved lead generations. Join us to explore the wide range of opportunities of SMO and SMM.

Why Learn the SMM and SMO Training in Chennai

Search engine optimization – SEO technique depends upon SMO because based on the contents when more number of users visit your company website, this is regarded as a hit and based on this hit SEO techniques can be applied to increase the ranking of your page which in turn impacts a business in a more profitable way. An interesting fact about SMO is that it can drive web traffic from various other sources other than Search Engine Optimization ranking or in other words Search Engine Optimization tracking is one of the methods SMO uses to drag web traffic to the business website. Moreover Social Media Optimization focuses on various geographical regions and this technique ensures very high conversion rates of potential customers when compared to the other techniques such as Search Engine Optimization.

Now let us have a brief insight into SMM – Social Media Marketing and how SMO and SMM are interlinked. SMM refers to social media marketing where marketing happens over the social media websites such as Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest etc. It can be understood that SMO uses SMM to promote a business product and generate huge web traffic to your company’s business website thus resulting in targeting potential customers there by improving the sales of any business. A person aspiring to become a SMO or SMM professional should be aware of the important techniques of SMO such as inbound linking, tagging, bookmarking etc., he should be proficient and efficient in these techniques so that you can emerge as a successful SMO or SMM professional.

Course Objectives of SMO Training in Chennai

As social media marketing is emerging with innovative market trends, we aim to provide result-oriented solutions to perform well in the digital marketing process through our SMM and SMO Course in Chennai. SMM and SMO processes having large scope for the learners and help them build a career with futuristic enhancements. We make our students understand the current marketing trends for social media marketing and social media optimization along with effective use of online websites. They can generate traffic for their websites as we give them coursework from scratch.

We track the performance of candidates by making them learn by doing it practically and help them explore new markets and people of the regions. They will have improved knowledge of online presence by regular content sharing and blog posting. Our students can able to analyze paid campaigns and create revenue with a high return of investment for businesses. They will be practiced in SEO ranking, e-commerce product selling, and business services through smart campaigns along with the in-depth knowledge of marketing techniques and methods. Overall, we equip the students to generate leads and potential customers through our SMO and SMM Training Course in Chennai.

At the SMO and SMM course completion, one can able to

  • Discover how to attract an audience
  • Value the customers and followers
  • Enhance the brand
  • Exhibit skills to target the audience with the campaigns in FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Implements customer services as per trends

Download SMO Course Syllabus

SMM and SMO Course Fees & Syllabus

Enroll at SLA to obtain the placement oriented SEO Training in Chennai and acquire a promising future in Digital Marketing Field. SEO Analyst course duration is given below and can be availed by any aspiring candidates through online and in-person.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast forward your career at an affordable SEO Training Fees in Chennai and call us to know the current and offers and discounts.

Who can enroll in our SMO Training Institute in Chennai?

Our SMM and SMO Training in Chennai can be taken by any youngsters who wish to become an expert in social media optimization and marketing. Our learning curve is simplified through hands-on practices and we are transforming the careers of students around the globe. Any marketing or other stream professionals can enroll in our SMO and SMM courses and we also prepare the students with mock interview arrangements and placement-related coaching. We provide the students a perfect platform to learn business promotions online and start their career in digital marketing effectively.

It is a heartening thing that digital marketing courses are generally not restricted to a specific set of individuals. There is a wide reach by adopting the mode of digital marketing. It can be learned by Students/Graduates/Freshers, Marketing Professionals, Startup Business Individuals, Business Owners, IT Specialists, Entrepreneurs, Web Designers and Freelancers

Prerequisites For Learning The Best SMM Training in Chennai

There is no prior technical knowledge required to do an SMM/SMO course. In your role of a digital marketer you have to perform online marketing for websites with the help of different tools and techniques. Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is beneficial but not mandatory. As there are tremendous opportunities for social media marketing professionals to become executives, analytics, and managers with field expertise. They can have dedicated freelancing positions for the companies to work on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. We provide continuous learning assistance for free for the lifetime career enhancement with the consideration of the bright future of youngsters around the world. The students can learn through regular classroom and instructor-led live online classes on weekdays, weekends, and fast track modes.

SMM and SMO Course Syllabus

We have an industry-standard course syllabus for SMM and SMO Training in Chennai to make our students proficient in social media optimization and marketing strategies. Our SMM and SMO Course Curriculum contains basic to advanced concepts such as Facebook marketing, content marketing planning, LinkedIn Marketing, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest proficiency, and YouTube marketing. We help the students to learn by doing policy and allow them to work in social media advertising platforms for their brand and product promotions along with the in-depth knowledge in Google Analytics and other tools.

Introduction Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing: Throwing a Great “Party” on Social Media
  • Identifying Goals for Social Media Marketing such as eWOM, Customer Evangelists & More
  • Building a Content Marketing Machine
  • Deliverables: Your SMM Master Plan and a Content Marketing Plan

Facebook Marketing

  • The Structure of Facebook: Pages and Profiles
  • Understanding Edgerank and Interactivity
  • Page Set up and Posting Rhythm
  • Leveraging Facebook Advertising
  • Deliverable: A Facebook Marketing Plan

LinkedIn Marketing

  • The Structure of LinkedIn: Profiles, Pages, Groups, and a Social Rolodex
  • Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Using LinkedIn as a Social Rolodex
  • LinkedIn Pages, Groups, and Other Opportunities
  • Deliverable: A LinkedIn Marketing Plan

Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest

  • Twitter: Of @ signs and # hashtags
  • Instagram: Twitter for Pictures
  • Pinterest: the Concept of the Idea Board
  • Deliverable: A Twitter, Instagram, and/or Pinterest Marketing Plan

YouTube Marketing

  • YouTube and the Video Revolution
  • The Three Uses of Video: Supportive, SEO, and Viral
  • YouTube Channel Basics and Video Tips
  • Deliverable: a YouTube Marketing Plan

The importance of learning SMM and SMO Training in Chennai

SMO: Social Media Optimization is important for working effectively in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for promoting the products and services. The more you make your profile visible the more easily people find their matches with you. It is happening through continuous social network activity and well-developed content publishing regarding the services or products. Learn SMO Course in Chennai at SLA with best practices.

SMM: Social Media Marketing: The addition to SMO processes is about the paid ad on the social media platforms. It will become in between the people’s Facebook feed search or videos on watch. SMM plays a defining role in social media platforms with promotional posts that improve the brand visibility to the users around the world. It is very important to post relevant and interesting content that attracts people for using our services. Explore how to promote your brand through our SMM Course in Chennai.

Following are the learning benefits of SMM and SMO Courses in Chennai

Affordable: The accessibility of the internet making the digital marketing process a cheap and effective tool for marketing and promoting products that reach a large number of customers.

Worldwide Networking: The budding business takes this Digital Marketing initiative to reach out to potential customers that add value to your product or service.

Easier for Businesses: When the business involves in continual content distribution regarding products or services, it makes them reach users quickly and easily.

The Geo-Market ability for Precision Marketing: The concept of Geo Marketing enables the business owner to swiftly and aptly target the market with the niche-based location details. It helps the business to detect the potential customers around the location that services or brands are provided.

Efficient Customer Base: SMM and SMO allow businesses to make and maintain good relationships faster and effectively with their customers along with the ability to set up chat lines that encourage open communication.

Real-time Information Sharing: As SMO and SMM are based on the internet and digitization, businesses can communicate or inform instant updates and improvements to their customers effectively.

Enhanced customer loyalty to brand and business: Businesses can develop a recognizable brand through more channel distribution with high conversion rates for increasing product selling. It brings a high volume “human element” that people can enjoy the catered or personalized services with SMM and SMO processes.

Enroll at SLA for enjoying the complete learning benefits of our SMM and SMO Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance. We have equipped nearly 70000 students through our various technical and digital marketing courses. Our trainers are keeping abreast with the industry requirements to empower the students to bridge the skill gap of industries around the world. We have well-equipped smart classrooms with the updated tools and software to provide comprehensive SMM and SMO Courses to build your career along with expert measures and top-notch learning.

Scope and demand for SMO and SMM professionals

SMO and SMM techniques are part of digital marketing strategies. Hence, the scope and demand for SMO and SMM is showing a positive rise each year by 48% and more and more demand for SMO and SMM professionals are in the constant rise. So, a person seeking a challenging career ahead for SMO and SMM is sure to have a successful career ahead by undergoing training for SMO and SMM.

Social Media Marketing plays a crucial role for small, mid-sized, and large enterprises irrespective of brands, products, and services as the easy access of internet among the users. It helps the business to reach the market with free and paid promotions with SMO and SMM processes respectively. The demand for professionals who have a passion for social media and internet digital marketing industries is high and steady with innumerable opportunities around the world.

Expected Responsibilities and Skills of SMO and SMM Professionals

We equip the students with the following skills and expertise that are expected by the companies through our professional and best SMO and SMM Training Institute in Chennai.

  • Create and manage content for marketing to socialize and the utilization of social media platforms and the content includes video briefs, customer case studies, blog posts, and customer and competitor analysis.
  • Develop and nurture social media platforms for personalized audiences and communities.
  • Plan and Implement SEO Strategies by understanding the keyword priorities with the integration of content marketing benefits.
  • Support with link-building campaigns along with the coordination of Customer SEO Goals and provide analysis and suggestions according to the program on the complete review.
  • Research and administrate social media tools and techniques regularly and support the team with innovative social media strategies.
  • Evaluate and monitor social media results on daily basis with the coordination of benchmarks and client SEO goals.
  • Communicate and collaborate with team and management on timelines, projects, and results.
  • Work closely with the team integration for addressing the customer requirements and goals.
  • Keep abreast of the social media and digital marketing for the trends and enhancements of global industries.

Job opportunities for SMO and SMM professionals

Due to the increasing demand for Digital Marketing professionals especially SMO and SMM the job opportunities in the digital marketing domain is immensely growing each day. Hence it would be beneficial for any individual to undergo his SMO and SMM training in a reputed Institute that offers quality training and seeking a promising career as a SMO and SMM professional. Digital marketing today is a competitive field where almost all companies are trying to keep pace with the growing technology of digital marketing such as SEO, SMO and SMM. Hence, it is highly important to undergo SMO and SMM training in a trustworthy Institute as SLA where SMO and SMM training is imparted to students by skilled and talented IT professionals who are efficient in the technologies.

Salary Standards

The average pay scale for SMO and SMM professionals range somewhere from 3 lakhs to 4 lakhs per annum for freshers and beyond that for experienced professionals. Isn’t this really an interesting pay structure. Hence, please enroll now and never procrastinate your wise decision to study SMO course and also SMM course in Chennai at SLA, where the course is offered with affordable fees structure, flexible timings and by trained professionals. Moreover, 100% job assistance and job assurance is offered by SLA as we value students’ interests and render the services efficiently by delivering what is promised.

By registering for Social Media Marketing Training

  • 100% practical classes
  • Any time Lab Facility during business days
  • Individual Laptops for students during every session
  • Passionate HR team for placement assistance
  • Free resume preparation
  • 100% placement support along with interview preparation sessions provided to students in Chennai.

Trainer Profile of SMO Training Institute in Chennai?

At SLA Jobs, we have the best SMM Trainers who are having more than 8+ Years of experience in the domain. Our SMM trainers are also well-versed in SEO, SEM, SMO, and all other digital marketing concepts. They are experts in Google ad creation, Quora marketing, and other modes of social Media and handle training as per the industry requirements through expert and wonderful curriculum. Our SMO trainers can handle interactive hands-on classes with practical exposure that makes every student shine in the organizations.

We have industry experts as trainers to provide job-ready skills in our SMM and SMO Training in Chennai along with value-based certifications. They are certified experts who are skilled in social media marketing and optimization. Our trainers have an outstanding ability to make the students think creatively for identification and resolving issues with the attention of detail in multi-tasking for completing the deadline-driven solutions. They can able to articulate thoughts and SMM and SMO points with clear definitions and effective practical implementations. We have trainers with high-level of integrity, student motivation, and friendly nature. Most importantly, they are excellent analytical, organizational, time management, and project handling skills to deliver the same in their quality training for SMM and SMO Certification Course in Chennai. Learn from the industry experts of SLA Jobs to gain expertise in social media monitoring and management tools.

SMM and SMO Internship Training in Chennai

The Social Media Manager is the one who has a creative mind and is highly motivated with a passion for connecting with current trends and future customers. We create the passionate SMM through our effective SMO/SMM Internship Training in Chennai at SLA and empower their skills to perform with the duties below.Roles and Responsibilities of SMM/SMO

  • Create Brand Development through social media and other channels
  • Identify the target customers to sell a particular product
  • Plan clear objectives and analyze them with implementation tests
  • Involves in visual designs and web development strategy
  • Create and review a solid content strategy
  • Generate creative promotion strategy
  • Implements engagement strategy and conversion strategy
  • Measure and analyze things for increased ROI.


Ravi Rajan

I've never completed the SMO course like this before and I cannot express how great the trainer and the overall course content. I would definitely recommend SLA to my co-workers and friends. I will be looking into taking more of these courses through Softlogic in the near future. Thank you.


I am very impressed with the SMM Course at SLA and I have learned more things clearly. Trainer was very talented and explained thoroughly all the nooks and corners. Thanks a lot.


I was quite impressed with the entire training process of Softlogic. The faculties of the SMO Course in Chennai were very professional and there were no problems with communication even I am from another state. My instructor was an expert and was very friendly in his method of teaching. All my questions were answered and the class interaction was very good. I would take another course with SLA.


I never took an IT training before but I will highly recommend to join in SLA. I felt happy came away with lots to use at my work place. Thank you!

Some Commonly Asked Questions

SMO Training at SLA is structured to assist you in gaining proficiency over this simple server-side scripting language. We ensure that the practical and theory sessions go hand in hand with each other and are taught in an effective manner. Through this powerful approach, every concept of SMM becomes easy.

What is SMM and SMO?

Social media marketing (SMM) means the Internet marketing that utilizes social networking websites as a marketing tool.
Social Media Optimization (SMO) is used to increase the brand awareness of a product, service, course or event through social media, online communities as well as social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc

What are the important things of SMM?

Social media marketing (SMM) is done through social media websites and networks to sell a company’s products and services. It provides the companies with a possible way to reach new customers, and engage existing customers to promote their desired services.

What are the top 10 social media?

Facebook, Whatsapp, WeChat, QZone, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

What are the 5 categories of social media?

  • Social Networking Sites.
  • Image Sharing & Messaging Sites.
  • Video-Sharing Sites.
  • Social Blogging.
  • Social Community and Discussion Sites

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

  • We can reach large audiences, can have a direct connection with our audience, can create organic content, can have access to paid advertising services, can build our brand, and so on.

Why should I learn SMM in SLA Jobs?

SLA Jobs provides the full-fledged placement assistance that plays a key role in sourcing top of the line vacancies and offering them to students of Softlogic with high priority.

When can I start the SMO course after enrolling?

You can start learning immediately after enrolling as a batch or an individual class as per the availability of the seat.

How will you allocate a batch at SLA for SMO Training?

We allocate a small batch for SMO Training Course students to offer individual attention for the career enhancement of students with the size of 5 to8 students per batch.

Is there a placement guarantee for the SMM course in your institution?

  • Daily updates regarding job opportunities
  • “Ability Grade” * to all Students.
  • Free Entry for all Recruitment Drives or Job Fairs
  • Students’ resumes will be forwarded to HR Departments of over 1500+ client companies.

What is the specialty of SLA for SMO Course?

  • Fully Air-Conditioned Infrastructure
  • Tailor-made Course Curriculum
  • Expert and Experienced Trainers
  • Free Demo Class before Enrolling
  • 65,000+ Happy Learners around the world
  • Transition options for the highest paying roles
  • 100% Placement Assistance