Best Datastage Training Institute in Chennai

Best Datastage Training In Chennai

DataStage Course in Chennai at SLA for the aspiring students of Data Warehousing concepts. We offer the certification course on DataStage that proves your knowledge in ETL concepts, DataStage Architecture, Schema, Dimension, and other DataStage jobs. Enroll at SLA as we are one of the leading DataStage Training Institutes in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

Expedite your career in DataStage Training in Chennai

Welcome to the No.1 DataStage Training Institute in Chennai. Softlogic Academy is easily the Best IBM DataStage Training Institute in Chennai. SLA has successfully placed 31,000 students after DataStage training, and also offer complete placement help after course completion. We offer practical training on DataStage, ETL Tool, Data Warehousing from the best Data warehouse trainers. Datastage is the popular ETL tool used to extract, transform, and load business data for reaching a specific target. This is the product of IBM InfoSphere that uses a graphical notation to build data integration solutions for server edition, enterprise edition, and MVS edition. Datastage extracts information from various sources like indexed files, sequential files, external databases, relational databases, enterprise applications, and archives of other units. We provide detailed Datastage Training in Chennai to interested fresh graduates and working professionals for their career advancement.

DataStage Training in Chennai

Sign up for the best DataStage training program in SLA to earn your DataStage Certification and Placement. SLA is the leading institute for DataStage training in Chennai. SLA’s training instructors are industry experienced who have been actively involved in offering IT solutions to many IT firms. SLA is and has always been a career creator for students and working professionals who are looking to make an upward career graph

About DataStage Training Course in Chennai

DataStage Certification Training at SLA makes you proficient in ETL tools that simplify the data warehousing processes in an easy and effective way. We help the students to understand thoroughly about the key concepts such as architecture, Datastage job creation, parallelism, transformation, lookups, merge operations, connector details, and implementation of required tools in an application. If you want to take a training course for DataStage, speak to our career consultants at SLA.

IBM InfoSphere Datastage is the strong and easy AI-Powered data integration tool used in ETL platform for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments with the extended benefit of metadata management and enterprise connectivity. We offer the best Datastage Training in Chennai with complete hands-on practice for developing and manage Datastage products to access trusted and high-quality data. Our curriculum covers the basic to advanced concepts for designing AI-based accelerators to enhance the organization’s productivity, ETL job management, and deploy data in data lakes and cloud centers.

Specialized Use cases of IBM Datastage

Industries such as banking, financial, healthcare, retail, consumer goods, energy, utilities, and life sciences are adapting Datastage for completing specific tasks that reduce cost and efforts. We provide comprehensive Datastage Certification in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance at SLA Jobs. The following are the use cases of Datastage product that is observed in top industries around the world.

Banking and Finance: Datastage helps the banking and finance industries in analyzing and extracting data from various data sources and deliver the best customer experiences using modern applications. It is used to manage risk, drive operational efficiency, and reduce expenses by delivering quality and trusted data. We train along with banking and finance projects using these applications for learning Datastage Course in Chennai effectively.

Healthcare: Datastage is used to develop a data fabric to bring clinical, radiology, genomic, and image data for clear insights and make it accessible easily for patient treatment, health analysis, and relevant treatment. SLA gives the in-depth Datastage Training in Chennai to work on the projects of healthcare projects for top medical concerns.

Retail and Consumer Products: By connecting distributed POS (point-to-sale), operations databases, and inventory processes IBM Datastage modernizes a cloud-ready platform and used to migrate and scale workloads of hybrid cloud solutions. We offer Datastage Certification Training in Chennai with real-time projects on retail and consumer products.

Energy and Utilities: Datastage is used to integrate, analyze, and cleanse price indexes of stakeholders and help them to forecast data from useful resources that bring high speed and accuracy results. We provide peerless practices to work efficiently in energy and utility projects through our Datastage Training Institute in Chennai.

Life Sciences: Datastage helps the life science industry in reduced operational costs by allowing quicker Business Intelligence reporting by integrating business systems in a central data warehouse to provide inventory, sales, and logistics data. We offer complete hands-on practice on life science projects to get thorough knowledge of Datastage products by our Datastage Training Center in Chennai.

Propel your career in the data warehousing process through our industry-relevant Datastage Training in Chennai and discover the great opportunities in top companies such as Accenture, Larsen and Toubro, Luxoft, HTC Global Services, and so on.

Course Objectives of DataStage Training in Chennai

We aim to provide job-ready Datastage skills for all the aspirants who want to kick-start or enhance their career in Data Warehousing concepts through our Datastage Training Institute in Chennai. We cover basic to advanced on-demand Datastage concepts that are required to work for organizations around the world under various projects. Our Datastage curriculum designed as per the industry expected skills that consist of fundamental ETL Datastage platform, data modeling, ETL design process, Datastage designer, Datastage Administrator, Datastage Director, Job Sequencer, Containers, parallel processing, and partitioning methods.

IBM InfoSphere Datastage is the strongest platform that provides all the requirements as per the need of companies for its cloud computing services. We at SLA Jobs offer the best Datastage Course in Chennai with the goal of learning by doing approach and provide in-depth training with hands-on exposure. Students will learn about parallel jobs and create them for accessing relational and sequential data to integrate and transfer using specialized functions. They will get thorough knowledge in the industry-ready skills such as configuring, managing, and monitoring the Datastage Engine that plays an important role in the information server. We make them understand clearly about the information server products like Information Analyzer, Data Click, and QualityStage with practical implementation.

DataStage Course in Chennai at SLA is useful for the project admins and ETL developers to obtain the necessary skills for developing parallel jobs using DataStage concepts. At the end of DataStage Training in Chennai, you will learn

  • The usage of DataStage and its workflow
  •  Knowledge of information server architecture and the implementation of DataStage
  •  Understanding of Information Server and deployment option of DataStage
  •  Importing and Exporting techniques of DataStage objects to any file
  •  Importing of table definitions for relational and sequential files
  •  Design, Develop, Execute, and Manage DataStage tasks
  •  Apply the DataStage process in business logic using the transformer
  •  Debug the DataStage process using PX Debugger

Who can attend DataStage Training and Certification?

Datastage Training in Chennai is intended to give a detailed understanding of all the aspiring students who are college-goers, fresh computer degree graduates, and working professionals of any IT platform. Our Datastage Course Curriculum can be personalized as per the learning requirements of the students. It will be suitable for candidates who want to become Datastage professionals with industry-relevant skills. We offer placement skills along with technical studies to make our students perform from day one.

If you are a fresh ETL developer or just have basic SQL knowledge, you can take up IBM DataStage Data Modelling and ETL tool training to commence your career as an ETL developer. The DataStage Training course material starts from the basics and proceeds to the advanced levels training through practical case analysis and scenario sessions.

Prerequisites for learning IBM DataStage Training in Chennai

Our Datastage Course Curriculum is framed from fundamental to the advanced concepts that help them understand Information server and its products. For freshers, there will be no specific prior knowledge required other than computer related degree background as we begin from basics. For working professionals and the students who want to study in fast track mode, there are some prerequisites needed to learn quickly and efficiently.

The following few prerequisites for learning the DataStage Course at SLA.

  • Fundamental knowledge in Windows Operating System
  •  Thorough knowledge in database access techniques

Datastage Training Course Fee and Duration

Get the handpicked timing on the DataStage Course Duration given by SLA trainers for the benefit of classroom and online learners. The total span of the course comes around 45 to 60 hours that can start at any time.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

Make use of our seasonal offers on DataStage Course Fees in Chennai at SLA for the quality and effective training. Call 8608700340 to know about the current discounts on DataStage Training Cost.

Course Syllabus of our DataStage Training in Chennai

DataStage Course Syllabus of our DataStage Training Institute in Chennai covers all the key topics such as Architecture, OLTP, Applications, Data Marts, Lifecycle, ETL Process, Fact tables, and approaches with complete hands-on practical exposure. Our DataStage Course Curriculum can be customized as per the trainee’s requirements and skill set. It can be opted by freshers as well as experienced professionals. DataStage Course Content is designed by domain experts as per the industry standards.

DataStage basics

  • What are Data warehousing and its purpose
  • The architecture of Data warehousing
  • OLTP Vs Data warehouse Applications
  • Data Marts
  • Data warehouse Lifecycle with Real-time examples
  • Definitions
  • ETL Process
  • Types of Tables in D/W
  • Types of FACTS tables
  • Types of DIMENSION tables
  • Types of Schemas in D/W
  • What is Data Mart
  • Warehouse Approaches

Data Modelling

  • Introduction to Data Modelling
  • Entity-Relationship model (E-R model)
  • Data Modeling for Data Warehouse
  • Dimensions and fact tables
  • Star Schema and Snowflake Schemas
  • Coverage Tables
  • Factless Tables
  • What to look for in modeling tools
  • Modeling tools

ETL Design process

  • Introduction to Extraction,
  • Transformation & Loading
  • Types of ETL Tools
  • What to look for in ETL Tools
  • Key tools in the market
  • ETL Trends & New Solution Options

Datastage Designer

  • Introduction to Datastage Designer
  • Partitioning Techniques
  • Creating the Jobs
  • Compiling and Run the Jobs
  • Exporting and importing the jobs
  • Parameter passing
  • System(SMP) & Cluster system(MPP)
  • Importing Method(Flat file, Txt, Xls and Database files)
  • OSH Importing Method
  • Configuration file
  • Importing table definitions
  • Importing flat file definitions
  • Managing the metadata environment
  • Dataset management
  • Deletion of Dataset
  • Importing jobs
  • Exporting jobs(Back up)
  • Configuration file view
  • Explanation of Menu Bar
  • Palette
  • Passive stages
  • Active stages
  • Database stages
  • Debug stages
  • File stages
  • Processing stages
  • Multiple Instances
  • Runtime Column Propagation(RCP)
  • Job design overview
  • Designer work area
  • Annotations
  • Creating jobs, deleting jobs
  • Compiling jobs
  • Batch compiling
  • Aggregator stage, Copy stage
  • Change Capture stage, Compress stage
  • Filter stage, Funnel stage
  • Modify the stage
  • Join stage, Lookup stages
  • Difference between join and Lookup stages
  • Merge stage
  • Difference between Lookup and Merge stages
  • Remove duplicate stage
  • Sort stage, Pivot stage
  • Surrogate key stage, switch stage
  • Types of Lookups
  • Types of Transformer stages
  • Basic transformer stage
  • Transformer stage
  • Null handling in Transformer stage
  • If-Then Else in Transformer
  • Stage variables
  • Constraints
  • Derivations
  • Peek stage, Head stage, Tail stage
  • Job properties
  • Local variables
  • Functions in Transformers
  • String, Date, Null handling functions
  • All properties in all stages
  • Slowly changing Dimensions (SCD)
  • SCD Type-1
  • SCD Type-2
  • SCD Type-3
  • Implementation of SCD Type-1 in Datastage
  • Implementation of SCD Type-2 in Datastage

Introduction to Datastage version 8.x

  • Datastage Introduction
  • IBM Information Server architecture
  • DataStage within the IBM Information Server architecture
  • Datastage components
  • DataStage main functions
  • Client components

Datastage Administrator

  • Datastage project Administration
  • Editing projects and Adding projects
  • Deleting projects
  • Cleansing up project files
  • Auto purging
  • Permissions to users
  • Runtime Column Propagation
  • Enable Remote Execution of Parallel jobs
  • Add checkpoints for sequencer
  • Project protect
  • .APT Config file

Datastage Director

  • Introduction to Datastage director
  • Datastage Director window
  • Jobs status view
  • Datastage director options
  • Running Datastage jobs
  • Validating a job
  • Running a job
  • Batch Running
  • Stopping a job and resetting job
  • Monitoring a job
  • Job scheduling
  • Unscheduling a job
  • Rescheduling a job
  • Deleting a job
  • Unlocking jobs
  • View Logfile
  • Clear log
  • Fatal error description
  • Warning description
  • Info description
  • Difference between Compile and Validate
  • Difference between Validate and Run


  • job activities in Sequencer
  • Triggers in Sequencer
  • Reset method
  • Recoverability
  • Notification Activity
  • Terminator Activity
  • Wait for file Activity
  • Start Look Activity
  • Execute Command Activity
  • Sequencer


  • Reusability
  • complexity
  • Local container
  • Shared container
  • Some jobs in container


  • Parallel
  • Pipeline Parallelism
  • Partition Parallelism
  • Partitioning and Collecting
  • Configuration file
  • Fast name, Pools, Resource Disk, Resource Scratch Disk
  • Running Job with different nodes
  • Symmetric Multi-Processing
  • Massively Parallel Processing
  • Partition techniques
  • Round Robin
  • Random
  • Hash
  • Entire
  • Same
  • Modulus
  • Range
  • DB2
  • Auto
  • Datastage components
  • Server components
  • Clients components
  • Datastage Server
  • Datastage Repository
  • Naming Standards of jobs
  • Document preparation
  • ETL specs preparation
  • Unit test cases preparation

Career Scope after our DataStage Training in Chennai

Banking Sectors such as Capital One, Wells Fargo, JP, CITI, Barclay are few to names that widely use Ab Initio for their project. Some of the Retail, Telecom, and Pharma companies also have their involvement in the Ab Initio tool. DataStage positions for skilled and certified professionals are in high demand in top companies to perform all kinds of DataStage jobs. There are a lot of roles that can be applied as per our skills and it doesn’t have any risk of drying up the DataStage jobs – New jobs coming on the market on a regular basis and surely an ETL is an expanding and growing segment. The career prospects for a DataStage developer are very good.

The growth of IBM Datastage scope is enormous to generate tremendous opportunities for freshers and experienced people who have got enough hands-on exposure and worthwhile certification from any Datastage Training Institute in Chennai. Most of the ETL experts are adapting Datastage as it is available as open-source tools and easy to implements and integrate data. Once they are strong with the knowledge in Data Warehousing, RDBMS, and ETL concepts, they can easily work on the platform with the highest profile and pay. SLA Jobs provides comprehensive Datastage Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance and Industry-valued Certification.

Tips and must-have skills to become Datastage Developer

The interested student should have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in any computer-related course along with specialized Datastage certification from a reputed Datastage Training Institution in Chennai. They must have hands-on exposure to real-time projects and thorough with the relevant skills such as Data Warehouse, UNIX, SQL, Database, and so on. We at SLA Jobs equip the students with an in-depth understanding of all the required concepts with complete hands-on practices and a valuable certificate in our Datastage Training Center in Chennai.

Datastage skill is used in cloud migration, evaluating business needs, defining sequential files, importing or exporting table definitions, mapping documents, STAR Schema, statistical calculations, import or export repositories, integrating data flow, and other ETL processes.

Data warehousing skill is applied in monitoring and managing Business Intelligence center, provide technical guidance for data quality, translate business needs into a physical data warehouse, designing analysis, construct high-performance ETL process, history conversion activities, integrating data warehouse resources, and perform relational database development.

UNIX knowledge helps in developing common UNIX Shell Scripts, PERL Scripts, web application development, copying files from various servers, implement K-shell, AWK, SED Commands as per need, monitoring scheduled load processes, execute DS process, Fast load, Multi load, data cleansing, and triggering all Datastage jobs.

SQL skill is used to develop user-defined functions, stored procedures, fetching and validating data from ORACLE, integrate data from CSV, SQL Server, Oracle database, perform SQL queries, Explaining the plan, analyze tables, adding indexes, Bulk load method implementation, partition exchange operations, perform data conversion, validate loads, and perform validate criteria.

Database knowledge is used to create views, implement the user interface, conceptualize database, configure parallel engine, migrate database files, prepare wrapper scripts, analyze legacy database, utilize match query, aggregate and automate SQL Server database, develop parallel extender process, utilize sequential file, resolve the performance issues, and product development with ETL components.

Knowledge in Business Requirements is involved in understanding business needs and transform them into technical solutions. It is used to gather sessions, issue discussion, collaborating with business analysts, translate ETL specifications, interact with data modelers and analysts, develop data extraction, build transformations, targets mapping sequence, develop universes, and create complex summaries.

Fundamental knowledge in IBM DB2 also considered as an important skill that helps in establishing the lineage, creating SSIS, working in DB2 mainframe, developing stored procedure, extracting data, loading data into DB2, transfer data from one database to others, load high volumes of data, Implement SQL Loader, Bulk Loader, Auto Loader, and perform load operations, scheduling data loads, and load downstream mainframe files, and extracting data from DBs.

Along with the above-said skills, there is some fundamental knowledge considered as important such as Parallel jobs, test plans, aggregators, lookup, Windows, PL/SQL, Teradata, and Sequential file. We provide complete hands-on exposure through our best Datastage Training in Chennai.

Popular Job Profiles in Datastage

The global companies are employing numerous Datastage professionals with skilled and certification to work in various profiles. They are earning around $132,000 per annum as per the report of It will be increased as per the size and location of the companies and the skill set and experience of employees. We offer the best Datastage Certification Course in Chennai along with placement guidance at SLA Jobs by our industry experts. Following are the frequently recruiting positions of Datastage professionals in top companies such as HCA, L Brands, Kelly Services, Accenture, TEKsystems, RPO International, and so on.

Senior Datastage Developer for various jobs with the key skills of Microstrategy, Performance Tuning, RDBMS, XML, Cognos, Datastage, JSON, Informatica, Unix Shell Scripting, and Programming languages like Python, SAS, R.

Data Warehouse or ETL Developer for designing and coding data warehouse system with the relevant skills such as cloud-native technologies like Kafka, Dockers, Spark and interpersonal skills, data lakes, data analytics, reporting, data handling, integration tools, and all ETL technologies.

Datastage Administrator for performing RCA and problem management with the required skills on ITL processes, incident management, and strong verbal and oral communication skills.

We enhance our students to be placed in top companies for the above roles with the required skills and responsibilities through our leading Datastage Training Institute in Chennai.

Trainer Profile of our DataStage Training Center in Chennai

SLA has skilled and certified trainers to provide job-ready skills for the students around the globe in our Datastage Training Center in Chennai. They are well-versed in the ETL process, Data warehousing concepts, data quality process, data handling techniques, programming skills, coding knowledge, Datastage administrating techniques, Information server, information analysis, IBM DB2, Performance reporting, Datastage infrastructure, automation processes, ODBC, production support, and so on with real-time project practices. Our trainers are technologists by profession but have a passion for teaching to the global learners with the student-centric mindset for bridging the skill gap of industries.

Our trainers are highly qualified and have 10+ years of domain experience on large projects. They keep on observing the trends of IBM for DataStage updates and designed the curriculum as per the up-gradation of the DataStage application. They handle interactive classes to the aspiring students and equip them for the placement-oriented skills on DataStage. Our Trainers are strong in technical skills and have sound knowledge in all the nooks and corners of the DataStage concepts.

DataStage Internship Training in Chennai

Learn the on-demand DataStage architecture and PowerCenter insights with the real-time project implementation at our DataStage Internship Training Institute in Chennai. Improve the required competence to work with DataStage for data warehousing practices such as ETL, Datasets, DataStage job allocations. Apply what you have learned from our DataStage course curriculum in the live project practices. Our DataStage Training in Chennai is based on a wide collection of project practices that provide in-depth knowledge of major and complicated concepts.

Required Roles and Responsibilities of DataStage developer for the industries

  • Taking care of understanding the business requirements.
  • Develop application components with IBM DataStage to support the requirement, enabling the testing organization to certify the application.
  • Assist on the technology infrastructure team in production deployment and transitioning to support the entire team.

Utilize this opportunity to work with the experts at SLA in our DataStage Intern Team and become well-versed in data warehousing.

Projects to practice:Data Transformer functions with IBM DataStage
Description: Convert data from one format to another using IBM DataStage with the assurance of not losing the data.

Learning is the kindling of flame not the filling of a vessel. Kindle at SLA.

User Reviews on DataStage Course in Chennai


This is one of the Best DataStage training institutes in Chennai I have ever seen so far! The trainers are outstanding! I entered the class with zero knowledge and I have become so good at DataStage thanks to SLA! The classes are awesome and the training center’s atmosphere is so lively and positive! It really inspires confidence to learn for students!


I got placed after attending the training here! My friend actually recommended this place and I joined here for IBM DataStage online training. This is definitely the best place to do the IBM DataStage training course if you are in Chennai! The trainer was really good and his way of classroom approach was really effective. They encourage interactive sessions with students which is very helpful! The help center in the training academy clearly helps you with details regarding the training program for concept and practical classes, formalities like exam fee to pay for taking the DataStage certification, etc. Very nice place to learn DataStage!


The DataStage training material at SLA is very easy for us to learn. I checked their course content and then I joined the training class. Very informative trainer with vast IT experience. SLA still helps me with project inputs that are required for my work. I am so glad to have picked SLA for training me for DataStage 11.3 certification dumps. Highly recommend this training institute!

Sathya Narayanan

Excellent placement support and this institute is a splendid place to learn about DataStage and Data warehousing concepts! The Best Training Institute for both basic and advanced level learners taking DataStage Course in Chennai and the trainers are very good at what they do. They follow a very simple and very effective teaching process by having a lot of practical sessions for students. As far as the cost is concerned, the fees are affordable compared to any other training center.


Our team required some help on our ETL tool and Data Modeling and we scheduled a corporate training program for our employees who needed DataStage training, and it turned out to be really effective! I highly recommend SLA!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

DataStage is the on-demand skill in which numerous commonly asked questions arise time-to-time. Here we give some of the frequently asked questions that could be the answer to your queries.

What is DataStage?

DataStage comprises Client-Server Architecture and administration that has design, operational tools used for accessing a server-based integration with the common service tier.

What is Database Administrators?

DataStage Administrators are the third level support providers involved in the product release, new tools development, and processes to make sure of effective use of DataStage product. They are also responsible for administrating and maintaining a shared resource.

What language is DataStage developed in?

DataStage server engine is developed in C Language

Is DataStage an ETL tool?

DataStage is an ETL tool that retrieves data, transform and load data from source to destination. IBM has acquiring DataStage in 2005, it was then renamed to IBM WebSphere DataStage and IBM InfoSphere.

What is the future scope of DataStage?

DataStage is the high-rated skill of many corporates to handle the large volume of data and process business intelligence.

Why should I learn DataStage in SLA Jobs?

We provide the DataStage Certification in Chennai With Placement Assurance and give value for money by giving practical exposure to the candidates. We keep abreast of emerging technologies like DataStage Training Center in KK Nagar Chennai.

When can I start an DataStage course after enrolling?

Your batch time will be allocated by our tech leads immediately for the DataStage Course and if you want to take a free demo, it will also be arranged by them.

How will you allocate a batch at SLA for DataStage Training?

We allocate a small batch for DataStage Training Course students to offer individual care and attention for their career upliftment. Our DataStage trainer takes a one-to-one classroom session if the student requires it. We allocate maximum size limited with 4 to 5 candidates for a batch of DataStage Training in Chennai

Is there a placement guarantee for the DataStage course in your institution?

We offer PLACEMENT Guidance in the DataStage course and that is why we are the no.1 DataStage Training Centers in Chennai. At SLA, We equip for a job, but not buy a job for our DataStage students through interview preparations and offer placement arrangements in the corporate companies.

How do I enroll in an DataStage Training course at SLA?

To enroll in this DataStage course, you must first register with DataStage Training in Chennai by filling up the form displayed on the website. Or you can start a chat in the chatbot. Or you can call the number displayed on the screen.