DataStage Training in Chennai

DataStage Training Institute in Chennai

DataStage TrainingSign up for the best DataStage training program in SLA to earn your DataStage Certification and Placement. SLA is the leading institute for dataStage training in Chennai. SLA’s training instructors are industry experienced who have been actively involved in offering IT solutions to many IT firms. SLA is and has always been a career creator for students and working professionals who are looking to make an upward career graph. If you want to take a training course for DataStage, speak to our career consultants at Softlogic.Softlogic is easily the Best IBM DataStage Training Institute in Chennai. SLA has successfully placed 31,000 students after DataStage training, and also offer complete placement help after course completion. SLA offers practical training on DataStage, ETL Tool, Data Warehousing from the best Datawarehouse trainers.

Who needs DataStage Training and Certification?

If you are a fresh ETL developer or just have basic SQL knowledge, you can take up IBM DataStage Data Modelling and ETL tool training to commence your career as a ETL developer. The DataStage Training course material starts from the basics and proceeds to the advanced levels training through practical case analysis and scenario sessions.

Why to choose Softlogic Academy for your DataStage certification?

If you are looking to take up a DataStage certification in Chennai, SLA is outstanding in concept delivery and believes in full practical coaching. SLA has a committed team of trainers who are effective in their training delivery and also help in shaping a student’s personality. Choose SLA as your preferred DataStage Training Institute in Chennai and get Hands-on Training with Real Time Projects, as it offers the best DataStage Training in Chennai.

  • Practical training is the only medium used in SLA for students to gain deep exposure along with subject knowledge.
  • Individual attention provided for every student.
  • Excellent comprehensive course material prepared for both beginners and advanced level trainees to earn certification.
  • Industry experienced instructors on board to help students gain experience with real time project scenarios.
  • Unique training methodology which consists of concepts strengthening, learning through practical exposure by having a hands-on training.
  • Free demo courses provided to students to make them familiar with the training methodology.
  • Successful placement support provided after training to place students in top IT firms.
  • Conduct corporate DataStage training for project teams.
  • Online classes and training for DataStage available with flexible hours and customized training syllabus

DataStage Course Syllabus

  • What is Data warehousing and it’s purpose
  • Architecture of Data warehousing
  • OLTP Vs Data warehouse Applications
  • Data Marts
  • Data warehouse Lifecycle with Real-time examples
  • Definitions
  • ETL Process
  • Types of Tables in D/W
  • Types of FACTS tables
  • Types of DIMENSION tables
  • Types of Schemas in D/W
  • What is Data Mart
  • Warehouse Approaches

Data Modelling

  • Introduction to Data Modelling
  • Entity Relationship model (E-R model)
  • Data Modeling for Data Warehouse
  • Dimensions and fact tables
  • Star Schema and Snowflake Schemas
  • Coverage Tables
  • Fact less Tables
  • What to look for in modelling tools
  • Modelling tools

ETL Design process

  • Introduction to Extraction, Transformation & Loading
  • Types of ETL Tools
  • What to look for in ETL Tools
  • Key tools in the market
  • ETL Trends & New Solution Options

Datastage Designer

  • Introduction to Datastage Designer
  • Partitioning Techniques
  • Creating the Jobs
  • Compiling and Run the Jobs
  • Exporting and importing the jobs
  • Parameter passing
  • System(SMP) & Cluster system(MPP)
  • Importing Method(Flat file, Txt, Xls and Database files)
  • OSH Importing Method
  • Configuration file
  • Importing table definitions
  • Importing flat file definitions
  • Managing the meta data environment
  • Dataset management
  • Deletion of Dataset
  • Importing jobs
  • Exporting jobs(Back up)
  • Configuration file view
  • Explanation of Menu Bar
  • Palette
  • Passive stages
  • Active stages
  • Database stages
  • Debug stages
  • File stages
  • Processing stages
  • Mutiple Instances
  • Runtime Column Propagation(RCP)
  • Job design overview
  • Designer work area
  • Annotations
  • Creating jobs,deleting jobs
  • Compiling jobs
  • Batch compiling
  • Aggregator stage ,Copy stage
  • Change Capture stage,Compress stage
  • Filter stage,Funnel stage
  • Modify stage
  • Join stage,Lookup stages
  • Difference between join and Lookup stages
  • Merge stage
  • Difference between Lookup and Merge stages
  • Remove duplicate stage
  • Sort stage,Pivot stage
  • Surrogate key stage, switch stage
  • Types of Lookups
  • Types of Transformer stages
  • Basic transformer stage
  • Transformer stage
  • Null handling in Transformer stage
  • If Then Else in Transformer
  • Stage variables
  • Constraints
  • Derivations
  • Peek stage, Head stage, Tail stage
  • Job properties
  • Local variables
  • Functions in Transformers
  • String,Date,Null handling functions
  • All properties in all stages
  • Slowly changing Dimensions (SCD)
  • SCD Type-1
  • SCD Type-2
  • SCD Type-3
  • Implementation of SCD T ype-1 in Datastage
  • Implementation of SCD T ype-2 in Datastage

Introduction to Datastage version 8.x

  • Datastage Introduction
  • IBM Information Server architecture
  • DataStage within the IBM Information Server architecture
  • Datastage components
  • DataStage main functions
  • Client components

Datastage Administrator

  • Datastage project Administration
  • Editing projects and Adding projects
  • Deleting projects
  • Cleansing up project files
  • Auto purging
  • Permissions to users
  • Runtime Column Propagation
  • Enable Remote Execution of Parallel jobs
  • Add checkpoints for sequencer
  • Project protect
  • .APT Config file

Datastage Director

  • Introduction to Datastage director
  • Datastage Director window
  • Jobs status view
  • Datastage director options
  • Running Datastage jobs
  • Validating a job
  • Running a job
  • Batch Running
  • Stopping a job and resetting job
  • Monitoring a job
  • Job scheduling
  • Unscheduling a job
  • Rescheduling a job
  • Deleting a job
  • Unlocking jobs
  • View Logfile
  • Clear log
  • Fatal error description
  • Warning description
  • Info description
  • Difference between Compile and Validate
  • Difference between Validate and Run


  • job activities in Sequencer
  • Triggers in Sequencer
  • Reset method
  • Recoverability
  • Notification Activity
  • Terminator Activity
  • Wait for file Activity
  • Start Look Activity
  • Execute Command Activity
  • Sequencer


  • Reusability
  • complexity
  • Local container
  • Shared container
  • Some jobs in container


  • Parallel
  • Pipeline Parallelism
  • Partition Parallelism
  • Partitioning and Collecting
  • Configuration file
  • Fastname, Pools, Resource Disk, Resource Scratch Disk
  • Running Job with different nodes
  • Symmetric Multi Processing
  • Massively Parallel Processing
  • Partition techniques
  • Round Robin
  • Random
  • Hash
  • Entire
  • Same
  • Modulus
  • Range
  • DB2
  • Auto
  • Datastage components
  • Server components
  • Clients components
  • Datastage Server
  • Datastage Repository
  • Naming Standards of jobs
  • Document preparation
  • ETL specs preparation
  • Unit testcases preparation

See our recent student reviews

This is one of the Best DataStage training institutes in Chennai I have ever seen so far! The trainers are standout! I entered the class with zero knowledge and I have become so good at DataStage thanks to SLA! The classes are awesome and the training centre’s atmosphere is so lively and positive! Really inspires confidence to learn for students!

— Aarthi

I got placed after attending the training here! My friend actually recommended this place and I joined here for IBM DataStage online training. This is definitely the best place to do IBM DataStage training course if you are in Chennai! The trainer was really good and his way of classroom approach was really effective. They encourage interactive sessions with students which is very helpful! The help centre in the training academy clearly helps you with details regarding the training program for concept and practical classes, formalities like exam fee to pay for taking the DataStage certification etc. Very nice place to learn DataStage!

— Yamini

The DataStage training material at SLA is very easy for us to learn. I checked their course content and then I joined the training class. Very informative trainer with vast IT experience. SLA still helps me with project inputs which is required for my work. I am so glad to have picked SLA for training me for DataStage 11.3 certification dumps. Highly recommend this training institute!

— Deepan

Excellent placement support and this institute is a splendid place to learn about DataStage and Data warehousing concepts! The Best Training Institute for both basic and advanced level learners taking DataStage Course in Chennai and the trainers are very good at what they do. They follow a very simple and every effective teaching process by having a lot of practical sessions for students. As far as the cost is concerned, the fees are affordable compared to any other training centre.

— Sathya Narayanan

Our team required some help on our ETL tool and Data Modeling and we scheduled a corporate training program for our employees who needed a DataStage training, and it turned out to be really effective! I highly recommend SLA!

— Suhashini