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API Testing Course in Chennai

Welcome to the API Testing Training Institute in Chennai. Equip yourself with software automation testing with API (Application Programming Interface) Testing to perform the effective testing on protocols, procedure, function, and subroutines. We are extremely dedicated to serving you better for your automation testing career. API is the Application Programming Interface that acts as a software intermediary to allow two applications to interact with each other. This is a set of functions used for accessing data and communicates with external software components, operating systems, and microservices. API is used to deliver a response to users and sends the response as per request. We offer a complete understanding of API Testing Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance at SLA Jobs with an industry-accredited certificate. 

Our API Testing Course Overview

Application Programming Interface is used to communicate between the two software applications. API Testing is the kind of software testing to validate the API for its reliability, functionality, security, and performance of an application.

About API Testing Course in Chennai

API is a combination of Routines, Protocols, and Tools for building a software application. Routine also is known as procedure, function, and subroutine that is a program used to perform a particular task. Protocols, on the other hand, used to transmit data between the two systems.

API Testing mainly focuses on the Business logic layer of Software Architecture. It can be applied in any software system which contains more than one APIs. Many testing practices are included in API testing such as Unit testing, Functional Testing, Load Testing, Security Testing, Penetration Testing and so on. Learn from one of the pioneering API Testing Training Institutes in Chennai to know more about it. And this helps the company to spend less cost for testing.

Course Objectives of API Testing Training in Chennai

We at SLA Jobs provide the best API Testing Course in Chennai with the focus on equipping the students to perform the industry-specific testing process in big companies like Accenture, IBM, Microsoft, CTS, and other MNC and IT companies. The students will be proficient in API automation, Productive IDE (Integrated Development Environment), and API-Centric testing to perform with modern frameworks in the sustainable and scalable platform using minimal maintenance policy.

The learners will be thorough with all the API testing types that include validation testing, functional testing, UI testing, security testing, load testing, runtime and error detection process, penetration testing, and fuzz testing through our comprehensive API Testing Training in Chennai. Perform the API testing that is considered as a critical process that involves the aspects such as transactions and database along with business productivity.

API Testing involves testing of validating the Data Accuracy, Response time, HTTP Codes, Error Code, and Authorization Checks along with the following major tests are done generally. After the course completion of our API Testing Course in Chennai, one can able to

  • Verify the return value to check whether it is based on the input condition.
  • Validate the system whether it is working well for the output when the API updates its data structure.
  • Checking the API triggers working perfectly to request another API
  • Justify the API’s reaction when no return value is there

API Testing Course Fee and Duration

Transition into one of the highest paying roles in Software Testing on the customizable API Testing Course Duration that comes around 45 to 60 hours. Start your batch for the API Testing Training in your convenient timing.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

The API Course Fees in Chennai are highly competitive and can be paid in two installments. Walk in to our institute to have discussion with our experienced counsellor to know about the API Training Cost at SLA.

Who can attend our API Testing Training in Chennai?

Our API Testing Training Course in Chennai is focused to give the best-in-class coaching for all the software testing aspirants who want to test applications on various platforms. The API Testing Course curriculum is designed as per the industry requirements and equips the students to shine in big IT and MNC firms. We have skilled and experienced application testing trainers to offer personalized coaching for the benefit of learners around the world. Regular classroom and instructor-led live online mode of classes are available for remote learners to take up training on weekdays, weekends, and fast track-based API Testing Training in Chennai at SLA.

  •  Working professionals with experience in Software Testing, Software Quality Experts, and Software Development can benefit from this course
  • Freshers/Students can start their careers by this on-demand testing tool training.

Prerequisites for learning API Testing Training Course in Chennai

There is no prior requirement for learning API Testing Training in Chennai at SLA as we teach from fundamental concepts to the advanced testing process that involves all the testing types related to Application Programming Interface. The students who are taking up API Testing Certification Training in Chennai in fast track mode of classes alone are suggested to have foundation knowledge on programming concepts, software development lifecycle basics, manual testing, and scripting language basics to learn efficiently and faster. Gain expertise in API Testing to become the best application tester in top companies.

Basic understanding of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), and any software programming languages such as Java, Python, and PHP.

API Testing Course Syllabus

We have prepared the API Testing Course Curriculum with the utmost care of solving the real-time issues that the industry required in the testing process and equip the candidates to deliver the product error-free. It gives an in-depth understanding of REST API Testing to implement successfully in projects assigned by the companies through satisfying hands-on practices. We cover SOAP web services, Base URL, Automation Set, Automation Utilities, Maven-Build Management, Jenkins, Logging framework, and Integrate along with the report generation in our API Testing Training Institute in Chennai at SLA.

API overview

  • What is Web Services?
  • Deep Dive on SOAP and REST Web Services
  • How does REST API architecture works?
  • What is BaseURL?
  • What is Resources in REST API?
  • How to use GET and POST request?
  • How to use PUT and DELETE request?
  • What are headers and cookies in rest request?

Get started with REST API Testing

  • Deep Dive on google place Search API for scripting
  • What do you know about POSTMAN -Manual testing client?
  • How is it useful for REST API?
  • How to adding new place in Google Maps with google API?
  • Do you know to validate responses with POSTMAN client?

Automation Set

  • What do you know Test API?
  • How to set up Test Project with Rest Assured API?
  • How to use tag for passing requests?

Validate the Rest API Responses

  • How to validate the body of first JSON response?
  • Do you know to validate response headers and status codes?
  • Real Time Examples

Deep Dive on REST API Automation

  • Do you know to automate POST request with payload?
  • How to grab the response body into String for Advance validations?
  • How to pass the response values into subsequent requests?
  • Do you know to optimize the script?
  • Deep Dive on Data driven testing best practices

Automation Utilities

  • How to Validate advanced xml responses?
  • What are the Shortcut methods to convert raw data to xml/JSON?
  • How to parse JSON response to extract values?
  • How to log feature to debug automation script?


  • How does Jira API Works?
  • Deep Dive on Cookie Authentication API for Jira requests
  • How to use GET and POST API Script in JIRA to create bugs?
  • How to automate JIRA API?
  • Real Time Examples
  • How to add comment API using POST and PUT?
  • How to use JIRA API Script?

Deep Dive on OAuth Authentication Set Up

  • What is OAuth?
  • How does OAuth works?
  • Difference between OAuth and OpenID
  • Deep Dive on User Authentication using OAuth

Maven- Build Management

  • Deep Dive on Maven in Framework Dev
  • How to install and configure Maven?
  • Important things to know about Maven
  • How to creating Maven Project?
  • Do you know to import Maven in Eclipse?
  • What do you know about POM.xml file?
  • What do you know about surefire plugin?
  • How is it used to execute Test?
  • Do you know to integrate Testng with Maven?
  • How to switch the Test with Maven Profiling?

Jenkins- Continuous Integration Tool

  • Deep Dive on Jenkins in Test frameworks
  • How to Install and configure Jenkins?
  • How to Configure Jenkin Settings and Workspace?

Testing Reporting Plugin into Jenkins jobs

  • Real Time Configuration

Logging Framework

  • What is log4j?
  • How is it used in Rest API framework?
  • Do you know to import log4j in Eclipse project?
  • Deep Dive on log4j xml file
  • How to use xml file to control logging in Testcase?


  • What is Apace POI API?
  • What do you know about download instructions?
  • Do you know the Approach to Access Excel Data?
  • How to access rows and its cells from sheet?
  • Do you know to retrieve data from excel?
  • Deep Dive on Library API
  • What do you know about Library API Postman and Rest Assured?
  • How to convert HashMap to JSON?
  • How to integrate excel with Rest Assured Test?

API Testing – Introduction

API Testing is one of the major software testing automation tools used for testing the APIs directly according to the specific functionalities and features like reliability, performance, security, and integrations. API testing validates the logic of the build architecture faster and efficiently. It is performed in the business layer that is the most important layer of API for testing the logical processing to carry out the transactions between the user interface and database layer. Learn the best API Testing Training in Chennai at SLA to perform the automation testing on APIs efficiently.

The learning benefits of API Testing

The learning of the API Testing Course in Chennai is helpful for the learners to perform automation testing on APIs with the following features.

  • Language Independent: Data is transferred through JSON and XML formats and it can be used for automation testing. These XML and JSON are typically structured data that make the validation fast and stable. There are numerous built-in libraries in API Testing software for supporting the data comparison using XML and JSON formats.
  • GUI-Independent: API Testing software will be performed in the application of GUI (Graphical User Interface) testing. It is used to increase team productivity through the core functionalities of API Testing simplify the detection of small errors and evaluates them for building strength.
  • Increased Test Coverage: Most of the APIs and web services have specifications that allow the tester to generate automation tests with the highest coverage and it contains functional testing and non-functional testing.
  • Faster Releases: API Testing is used to test the applications faster and it nearly saves eight hours than any other UI Testing and it allows the software development team to deploy the product application before the due time.

We train the interested students to be well-versed with automation testing through our API Testing Training in Chennai and make them perform in the companies as per the requirements. The following API testing types will be practiced in our API Testing Training Center in Chennai with Hands-on Exposure.

Validation Testing: It occurs on the final steps of testing and it plays an important role in the development process. Validation testing is used to verify the product’s aspects of behavior and efficiency to assure the proper development of the product to the client. Learn how to perform validation testing in our API Testing Training Institute in Chennai.

Functional Testing: It appears in the testing of specific functions in the codebase for ensuring the features that are representing the particular scenarios of the product and it ensures the API functions can be handled perfectly within the planned parameters. Try functional testing of any developed product at SLA, one of the top API Testing Training Institutes in Chennai.

UI Testing: It defines the testing of User Interfaces for the API and another integral part of the product. It focuses on the interfaces that are related to Application User Interfaces instead of API testing. It helps the tester to be confident in the usability, health, and efficiency of the applications both front and back end processes. Get hands-on on UI testing through our API Testing Training in Chennai.

Security Testing: Security testing involves the process of protecting the API implementation from external threats. It also contains the steps like validation of encryption methodologies, design of API access control, user right management, and authorization validations. Discover how to secure the API implementation in our API Testing Training Center in Chennai.

Load Testing: It occurs after the specific unit or the entire codebase has been completed successfully to check whether the theoretical solutions are working as per plan. It also monitors the performance of the application in both peak and normal conditions. Learn how to perform load testing through our API Testing Course in Chennai.

Runtime and Error Detection: This testing is related to the exact execution of API especially the universal results of utilizing the APPI codebase. It focuses on execution errors, error detection, and resource leaks along with monitoring processes. Get thorough in runtime and error detection testing in our API Testing Training Course in Chennai.

Penetration Testing: This testing is considered the second test in the auditing process and it helps the users with limited knowledge on Application User Interface to attempt to assess the threat aspects from an external perspective, resources, functions, processes, and the entire API components. Get excel in penetration testing in our API Testing Training Institute in Chennai.

Fuzz Testing: This testing is another process of security and it involves the security auditing process. A huge amount of random data will be given as input into the application or system for detecting any negative behavior or forced crashes that are occurring. It tests the API limits to get prepared for the “worst-case scenarios” of the applications. Learn fuzz testing in our API Testing Training in Chennai.

Join SLA for learning an all-inclusive API Testing Course in Chennai to become professional testers in top companies. Our curriculum helps the learners to learn industry-relevant concepts that involve all the testing types. We cover from foundation to advanced API Testing concepts with hands-on practice for performing well in the big companies based on the development of windows, web, mobile, and hybrid application developments.

Advantages of API Testing:

  • Time-Effective
  • Cost-Effective
  • Language-Independent
  • No needs to rewrite the script
  • Very helpful to test the fundamental functionality
  • Very helpful to avoid the risk when testing

Guide to become API testers as freshers

API Testing is one of the main testing types involves in the process of testing the application programming interfaces and their components and functionalities. This is different from GUI testing as it focuses more on a business logic layer of the software or application architecture. API testing can be performed in two ways such as utilize the testing tool to drive the API or to test the API, we should write and develop new codes. We give elaborate coaching on API Testing Training in Chennai at SLA.

The career choice of API Testing is good and it brings numerous job opportunities as it requires most in website testing. It helps the websites to load the pages without any crashes or traffic hike problems. API Testing Training Course in Chennai gives the learners the best future and the reasons are listed below

  • The learner can understand everything about application testing: API Testing allows the best exchange of data and communication between two software or application systems.
  • Tester will get a high salary package: Software testers also paid as well as developers and it depends on the personal performance and skills. API Testing Certification Training in Chennai brings worldwide opportunities for testers.
  • Easy to enter into the IT field: Top MNCs are always hiring API Testers who have a minimum qualification of bachelor’s degree in computer-related streams. Popular sectors like healthcare charted accountants, and education also hiring testers to test and maintain the applications they are working on.
  • Easy to switch positions: The software developers can switch their career into testing and the testers can also perform as developers if they are having programming knowledge along with API Testing skills. The coding skills will help the developers to test the application and it gives them to perform the major part of software development in companies. They can also get a chance to upskill their career in full-stack development or DevOps culture easily.

Required Skills for API Testing Jobs

We at SLA equip the learners to get best practices on API testing through our all-inclusive API Testing Training in Chennai. The following skills will be focused on in our API Testing Training Institute:

  • API Test Automation Tool with the implementation skills on Web and Mobile Applications
  • API on Web Service testing along with the skills on SOAP and REST API.
  • Complete UI services using API Testing Automation Tool
  • Performing API Testing on all the web browsers and platform
  • Utilization of REST Client, Rich User Interface, Swagger, and RAML formats
  • Run, test, document, and monitor the API testing
  • Expanded knowledge in Postman and GraphQL requests and schemas
  • Fundamental knowledge about Agile, DevOps, and Scale APIs.
  • Tracking knowledge of API Traffic, Error rates, and response times using given tools
  • Creating API proxies from Open API and deploy them in the cloud
  • Alert generation for investigating the dashboard for decision making.

Obtain API Testing Certification Training in Chennai at SLA for building a futuristic career in software and application testing as we guide you for jobs of top companies through our dedicated placement team. They will train you on non-technical skills required to ace the interviews of companies through aptitude training, job searching techniques, resume writing training, collaboration skills, and communication skills along with many mock interview practices.

Job Opportunity in API Testing

Automatic Software Testing with API is one of the fast-growing technologies with a lot of career opportunities in the IT industry. Vacancies are increasing not because it reduces the human effort but it helps the tester to do more application testing in a short time as it performs all predefined tests effectively. The average salary of the API Testing Engineer is Rs.4,20,000 PA as per the record of GlassDoor.

Some of the Job Titles are as follows

  • Software Test engineer-API
  • Senior Test Engineer-API
  • API Tester
  • Automation Test Engineer – API
  • API Automation Testers
  • QA Test Engineer – API

Trainer Profile of our API Testing Training Center in Chennai

Trainers of our API Training Center in Chennai is a qualified and certified professionals who have 10+ years of experience and can handle interactive classes with hands-on training. Our API Trainers are experienced in large enterprise projects of top companies. They handle quality training with the complete practical session and fix all the doubts on the spot. He has more passion and patience to provide you the best learning experience that you can not see in any other API Training Institutes in Chennai.

We at SLA have qualified faculties who are techies by profession in API Testing and a strong passion for teaching the students with a student-centric mindset. They have updated knowledge in the software testing industries and equip the students to bridge the knowledge gap of the global industries. The trainers are well-versed in the industry concepts required for performing API testing and its various types. Learn from industry experts at SLA as we are one of the top API Testing Training Institutes in Chennai to provide placement assistance and certification along with proven technical knowledge.

  • Having experience in Manual testing using Black box Testing technique
  • Strong experience in handling client calls.
  • Having strong knowledge of various testing methods like Regression and Functional testing.
  • Good in reviewing, writing, and executing test cases based on the requirement.
  • Having knowledge in preparing the privilege matrix for the project.
  • Experience in preparing the test plan for the project

API Internship Training in Chennai

Upgrade your skills on automation testing through our job-oriented API Testing Internship Training in Chennai. Validate the applications whether it has reliability, functionality, security, and performance as per the expectation of clients with our complete guidance on real life projects. API Testing Internship Program includes the practices on unit testing, load testing, and penetration testing, and so on. Our trainers of API Testing Internship are qualified to equip your skills as per the industry levels and you will get detailed knowledge on data accuracy, response time, error codes, http codes, and authorization validates along with the certification on API Testing.

Important Roles and Responsibilities of API Test Engineer

  • Decompose business requirements to be able to write effective acceptance criteria and automated test scripts for basic/low complexity projects
  • Provide input into an iterative test strategy, develop test strategy for basic/low complexity projects
  • Perform test cases within the Functional, Mobile, or Web Services Automation framework
  • Provide input into environment needs for basic/low complexity projects
  • Provide input into software quality via continuous and iterative testing approach
  • Understand and escalate issues related to the test infrastructure
  • Participate in an environment where a Test Driven Development behavior is fostered
  • Generate automated scripts that support Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipeline
  • Apply Testing Lifecycle Management principles in the context of a product
  • Identify and communicate testing-related Defects/Issues/Risks
  • Report test metrics utilizing standard reporting formats
  • Possess technical competency to interact with application developers to make sure software quality
  • Primary Skills
  • Web Services Automation using SOAP UI and prepared API

Qualify the applications efficiently with our API Testing Training in Chennai and get work-ready skills for the better placement.

Projects to practice:Test the application using RESTFul API
Description: Validate the application using API and deploy the error free product .

Learn constantly to earn earnestly.

User Reviews on API Testing Course in Chennai

Ravi Kumar

I have a very good learning experience at SLA in API Testing Course in Chennai. They have designed a wonderful and useful curriculum and it covers everything I need. The trainer is very patient and explaining the topics clearly and assigned practicals to get complete knowledge. I have got selected in MNC through the excellent guidance of the placement team of SLA. Thanks a lot.

Sivagnana Moorthy

The API Testing Course at SLA gives broader knowledge about application testing and it really helpful for me to get thorough testing skills along with practical knowledge. I can perform well in the company I get selected as my trainer was very talented and provide vast knowledge about software testing with API. I thank SLA and the placement team as they provide proper guidance for my job.

Hithesh Mehra

I have gained the required knowledge and placement guidance from SLA. I joined here for API Testing Course and it really gives me what I looked for. The course syllabus, trainer skills, and project practices are very useful and good to practice on. The placement was excellent at SLA. I recommend this institute to all IT aspirants.


SLA is the best place and the trainers were very cool and talented. I adore the curriculum, trainers, and placement team as they care a lot for us. The API Testing Training is the course I have learned here and I have learned a lot of them and get placed in a top IT firm. I am so happy for SLA and I highly suggest the institute for any new beginners.

Venkatesan. L

I had a long gap in IT even though I had a computer-related degree but I have a strong interest to start my career in the IT field particularly in the testing domain. When I search for the best institute, luckily I found SLA. Because from the education counseling to the placement guidance, all the parts of SLA training were a very good and great support. Thanks a lot, SLA and trainers as I am a professional tester.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

API Testing Training at SLA is structured to assist you in gaining proficiency over this simple server-side scripting language. We ensure that the practical and theory sessions go hand in hand with each other and are taught in an effective manner. Through this powerful approach, every concept of API Testing becomes easy.

Define API Testing?

API Testing is one of the types of software testing that involves the testing of application programming interfaces and the related components. It is used to test the functionality, reliability, security, and performance of the business logic layer and validates the product to ensure the quality

What are the types of API Testing?

There are eight types of API testing such as validation testing, functional testing, UI Testing, Security Testing, Load Testing, Runtime, and Error Detection, Penetration Testing, and Fuzz Testing.

List some of the best tools for API Automation Testing?

Rapid API, Rest-Assured, Postman, Paw, SoapUI, Katalon Studio, and Karate DSL are the popularly used API automation testing tools.

Is that possible to perform manual testing in API?

Yes, it can be tested manually by a set of instructions for accessing the web-based software applications and it involves mainly four methods such as GET, POST, Deletes, and PUT. It is used to check the response message and response body of API Testing.

Is the learning of API testing easy for freshers?

Yes, It will be easy through hands-on practice on sending the request with required input data, receiving the response as output data, and verify the response that is returned as per the expectation

Is API Testing a good career?

API Testing is a well-planned and popular testing tool used for testing web, mobile, desktop, and enterprise-level projects. It brings a handful of job opportunities for beginners as well as experienced candidates worldwide. Top companies are employing a huge number of candidates who have learned with certifications in API Testing Training.

Why learning at SLA for API Testing Training?

We have designed an industry-specific API Testing Course Syllabus by experts and provide training through skilled and experienced trainers with real-time projects and hands-on practices. Our API Testing Course in Chennai equips the learners to get complete knowledge on the testing concepts theoretically and practically for performing well in the industries from day one.

What is the minimum qualification to enroll in API Testing Course at SLA?

You require a bachelor’s degree in any computer-related programs along with fundamental testing knowledge are expected to learn API Testing Training Course in Chennai to understand the concepts easily and effectively through complete hands-on practices. Contact our career counselor for further guidance on API Testing training.

What are the specializations of SLA in placement guidance for API Testing Training Course?

We will assign dedicate trainer for API Testing course faculties along with the placement team to guide through job-related skill development classes such as resume writing, career enhancement, and job searching strategies. Our placement trainers will enhance your communication skills and other non-technical skills with extra care free of cost along with API Testing Training in Chennai.

How can I enroll at SLA for API Testing training?

SLA has simplified the admission process to enroll in API Testing and related software testing courses. You can contact us through the chatbox seen in the right bottom corner and get guidance from our career counselors for the API Testing training course. Or you can call and talk to our learning advisors at 860 8700 340 to know the details instantly about API Testing training. Or you can come to our office directly and get guidance from our career managers to join immediately in our API Testing training Institute in Chennai. The payment methods are very easy and you have a lot of offers and No cost EMI to pay our affordable API Testing Course Fee.