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CSS Training

CSS has undergone multiple variations such as CSS 1, CSS 2, CSS 3, CSS 4. To summarize the advantages of CSS – content and presentation can be separated, website consistency, bandwidth, reformatting page and easy accessibility. So, if you have decided your career goal as a web developer then it is of prime necessity to learn CSS and undergo CSS training in Chennai.

CSS is defined as Cascading Style Sheets. It is a style sheet language developed by Hakon Wium Lie in the year 1994 to describe the style of an HTML document. CSS can also be used with XML, XHTML mark-up languages. The display of an HTML document on screen, paper and other media can be very well designed with CSS thus saving a reasonable amount of time. More than one web page display can be controlled using CSS. Some external stylesheets can also be stored in CSS files.

CSS works on a set of rules and selectors. The rule set usually consists of a selector and a declaration block. The role of a selector is to denote the style of the HTML document and the declaration block comprises of either one or more than one declarations separated by a semi-colon that contains a CSS property identifier and a value delimited by a colon. The role of a browser is to read a style sheet and format the HTML document as per the information provided in the Style sheet.

Colours, background properties, margin, borders, padding, height, width, box model, outline, text formatting, fonts, icons, links, lists, tables, layout, combinators which establish connection between selectors, pseudo classes, pseudo elements, opacity (transparency) property, image galleries, navigation, drop-downs, website layout, setting counters, border images, shadow effects, gradient colours, normal colours, fonts, 2D & 3D transformations, transitions, animations, pagination etc., are some of the wonderful tasks that can be done with CSS.

An interesting feature of CSS is that it incorporates a CSS priority scheme that prioritizes the rules when more than one rule is defined. Moreover, the graphic design can be specified easily with just one or few changes done to the CSS style sheet statements in less time thus saving optimal resource time. To change a heading type repeated usage of mark-up language statements were required before the advent of CSS documents. This repeated usage made the HTML documents large, cumbersome and complicated. CSS overcomes this problem encountered in HTML documents. Another benefit of using CSS is it supports multiple sources such as user, author and browser. CSS also supports inheritance and positioning properties.

During your search for CSS training institutes in Chennai certain key factors has to be considered such as trust, reliability, affordability, flexibility, quality and many more to pin those institutes that offer the best CSS training in Chennai. SLA is one of the best brands in the IT training domain that offers CSS course in Chennai. Despite numerous training institutes that offer CSS training courses in Chennai, SLA is one among the top ten list offering CSS training.

Our institute is one of the best CSS training institutes in Chennai for the following reasons:

SLA offers 100% placement opportunities. Also, job referrals are unlimited and would continue until you get placed in an IT organization. Best coaching provided by a team of eminent IT professionals who have ample exposure to real time scenarios and projects. You can learn more by hands-on experience on real time projects. Free soft skills training provided as part of the course curriculum to groom the students with increased employability skills so that they can face job interviews with confidence. This unique feature of our institute distinguishes us from our competitors.

Affordable fee structure lures more number of students communities to our training center. Apart from CSS course, SLA offers wide range of job-oriented software courses matching the students’ job requirements. Ample facilities and technology driven infrastructure are some of the key indicators for the success of SLA’s service to the aspiring student communities. Assistance is provided by certified professionals to take up a certification exam in CSS that boosts your employment opportunities in this competing IT arena. Convenient batch timings for students, freshers and experienced professionals to balance work and study. Compact batches to ensure one-one attention to every student is our training strategy, motto and secret to our success.

CSS Training Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to HTML and other mark-up languages.
  • Understanding CSS
  • Features and need of CSS.
  • CSS syntax
  • HTML 5 and CSS
  • How to design web pages with CSS
  • Learn to style fonts, texts and property
  • Styling pagination – backgrounds
  • How to style Lists
  • Understand CSS classes and IDs
  • Design borders with CSS styles and properties
  • Learn CSS positioning elements
  • Learn Internal and External Stylesheets
  • Learn to validate CSS and HTML