A+ Training in Chennai

Comp TIA A+ Training in Chennai

A+ Training In Chennai

Get yourself certified with A+ by undertaking A+ training in Chennai at SLA. It is a junior level certification awarded to a computer technician and the validity of this certification is 3 years.

A+ Certification Course in Chennai

A+ is an array programming language with its predecessor called as A programming language. It was originally developed by Arthur Whitney and the contributions from other programmers transformed it as A+ with the addition of graphical user interfaces and some of the interesting features from other programming languages.

As a high level programming language and as an interpretive language A+ finds its applications in cumbersome numerical calculations especially in the financial domain. Being an open source software, it is supported by Linux and all Unix versions. A+ offers extensive operators and functions, variables and events, dynamic loading of subroutines. The A+ graphical user interface facilitates automatic synchronization of widgets. A+ can be considered as a replacement of APL with the following incorporated changes:

  • An A+ function has the capability of nine parameters.
  • One or more statements in A+ programming language can be represented as a single statement delimited by semicolons.
  • A global variable with no arguments can be defined as a function which is referred as an object in A+ by which explicit assignments of values can be done and referred.
  • A+ editor has an interactive Xemacs editor.
  • CompTIA is an association that certifies professionals in the IT industry irrespective of the vendors such as Microsoft, Sun Solaris, Cisco.

Some of the certifications issued by CompTIA are:

  • A+
  • N+
  • Cloud+
  • CSA+
  • Linux+
  • Security+
  • Project+
  • Server+
  • Master and speciality certifications are also awarded by CompTIA.

A+ certification course in Chennai at SLA covers the following major topics:

  • PC troubleshooting.
  • Understanding networks, operating systems, security policies and mobile devices.
  • Detailed understanding of hardware.
  • An overview of Windows operating system.
  • Introduction to Mac OS, Linux and mobile OS.
  • Outline of operational procedures.
  • Here is a glimpse of some profiles for A+ certified professionals.
  • Support specialist.
  • Field service technicians.
  • Desktop support analyst.
  • Help desk Tier 2 support.

A+ Training in Chennai

Introduction to Computers

  • A Brief History of Computers
  • Desktop Computer System Components and Their Functions
  • Software and Firmware
  • Numbering Systems

Setting Up a Personal Computer

  • Install Video Output Devices
  • Install PS/2 Devices
  • Install Parallel Devices
  • Install Serial Devices
  • Install Game and Sound Devices
  • Install USB Devices
  • Install FireWire Devices
  • Connect Wireless Devices

Installing or Removing Internal Hardware

  • Establish an ESD
  • free Work Area
  • Install or Remove Adapter Cards
  • Install a Network Adapter and Cable
  • Install or Remove IDE Drives
  • Install or Remove Internal SCSI Drives
  • Install External SCSI Devices
  • RAID

Upgrading System Components

  • Add Memory
  • Upgrade the CPU
  • Add a CPU
  • Upgrade the System BIOS
  • Upgrade the Power Supply
  • Upgrade the System Board
  • Decide When to Upgrade

Supporting Portable Computing Devices

  • Connect External Peripherals to a Portable Computer
  • Install or Remove Portable Computing Device Drives
  • Install or Remove PCMCIA Cards
  • Install or Remove Mini-PCI Cards
  • Install or Add Memory to a Portable Computing Device
  • Connect PDAs to Computers

Performing Preventative Maintenance

  • Hard Disk Maintenance
  • Perform Printer Maintenance
  • Use a UPS
  • Clean Peripheral Components
  • Clean Internal System Components
  • Dispose of Computer Equipment

Troubleshooting Device Problems

  • Correct Monitor Problems
  • Correct Input Device Problems
  • Correct Adapter Card and PC Card Problems
  • Correct Hard Drive Problems
  • Correct Internal Removable Media Drive Problems
  • Correct CD or DVD Drive Problems
  • Correct Printer Problems

Troubleshooting System Problems

  • Correct Network Connection Problems
  • Correct Modem Problems
  • Correct Power Problems
  • Correct Boot Problems
  • Correct Memory Problems
  • Correct System Board Problems
  • Correct Portable System Problems
  • Diagnose System Problems

Do not ignore the CompTIA A+ training in Chennai to compete in the job market. Enroll now for A+ training in Chennai at SLA.