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A+ Certification helps the students to kickstart or upskill the knowledge level for the better pay by screening the certification in their profiles. Certified professionals of A+ are earning $105,150 per year as an average salary that will increase as per the location and skill levels. Students gain the following benefits with our A+ Training in Chennai. Strong IT fundamentals, More job opportunities, and Get the attention of top employers

Best A+ Training Institute in Chennai

Welcome to the best A+ Training Institute in Chennai. As a high-level programming language and as an interpretive language A+ finds its applications in cumbersome numerical calculations, especially in the financial domain. The A+ graphical user interface facilitates the automatic synchronization of widgets. Get yourself certified with A+ by undertaking A+ training in Chennai at SLA. It is a junior level certification awarded to a computer technician and the validity of this certification is 3 years.

A+ Course Overview

A+ is an array programming language with its predecessor called the “A programming language”. It was originally developed by Arthur Whitney and the contributions from other programmers transformed it as A+ with the addition of graphical user interfaces and some of the interesting features from other programming languages. Being open-source software, it is supported by Linux and all Unix versions.

We provide A+ Certification Training in Chennai for the aspirants to acquire entry-level skills that are required for the IT field to handle computer repair, software and operating systems, information security, network administration, trouble shooting hardware and networking elements, and cloud computing. A+ Certified professionals will take care of desktop, laptop, and mobile devices to interact efficiently between users without any technical issues. Join us to learn A+ Course in Chennai at SLA.

For more details about server support hardware, you can join a course at SLA IT Employment Training Company. SLA guides students to get a CompTIA A+, N+ certification in hardware.

About A+ Course in Chennai

CompTIA A+ Training in Chennai is useful for the students to learn and get certified along with the skills required for entry-level computer technicians. You can install, configure, update, and troubleshooting personal computers, laptops, and mobile devices irrespective of brands and standards. This course contains the details of computer architecture, modems, printers, memory storage, operating system optimization, and hard disk setup.

The learning of A+ is essential for obtaining jobs in top MNC and IT companies that support professionals who are working in programming, testing, and scientific research. A+ Certification Course in Chennai adds value to your profile and helps the students to achieve their career goals along with job satisfaction and security. It also makes the students perform perfectly in entry-level jobs and upgrade their level through upskilling with continuous learning.

Course Objectives of A+ Training in Chennai

We make students become proven solvers through our A+ Training in Chennai with hands-on exposure. Our goal is to equip the students for working efficiently on fundamental technical issues to advanced core technologies used in various industries. They can work productively on cloud data management along with hardware elements troubleshooting. We train the students with the industry-standard curriculum and practices that bring promising careers in the IT infrastructure of today’s digital era.

Our A+ Course in Chennai at SLA prepares the students with the performance-based hardware and networking practices for course completion certificate and validation examinations. We help the students to clear the two major exams such as Core 1 (220-1001) and Core 2 (220 – 1002) of CompTIA A+ Series Exams conducted by CompTIA. Join us to explore the opportunities with top-notch industry skills on hardware and networking infrastructure management.

A+ Certification Exam measures certain expertise to validate for job placement. Therewith, we equip students with the following significant skills with the hands-on practical exposures at our A+ Training Center in Chennai. After the completion of the A+ Training Course in Chennai, we are aiming to make our students with,

  • Understanding of basic hardware, software, networking, and security concepts of both desktop and mobile devices.
  •  Thorough knowledge of enterprise-level hardware, computer peripherals, and networking components
  •  Identification of various data storage types and back up facilities.
  •  Describing the features of motherboard components and implementation of safety procedures
  •  High-level communication skills to interact with clients and team members
  •  Configure and manage popular operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Android, Apple, and Linux.
  •  Installation and up-gradation of both input and output devices including touch screen, biometric scanners, and mice.
  •  Implementation of various troubleshooting strategies to fix system bugs and connectivity errors.

A+ and N+ Training Course Fee and Duration

Join CompTIA A+ Training Course in Chennai and fix your flexible learning timings on the below course duration.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

A+ Training Fees in Chennai at SLA is moderate with offers and discounts. Designed specially for freshers and interested candidates.

Who can attend A+ Training in Chennai?

Our A+ Training in Chennai makes the students manage the IT infrastructure of the company with complete practical exposure. The students of our A+ will have required industry skills through our A+ Course for a great future in top IT and MNC firms. If you want to become a service desk analyst, data support technician, help desk tech, desktop support admin, tech support specialist, end-user computing technician, field service technician, help desk technician, associate network engineer, and system support specialist our A+ Training would be helpful for you. A+ Training can be learned by the following aspiring students:

  •  Final year students passion to gain knowledge in Hardware and Networking
  •  Freshers of all degree background to kick start their career as System Admin
  •  Working Professionals who are interested to upskill their knowledge for the next level.

Prerequisites for learning A+ Training in Chennai

No specific prerequisites as our trainers take up the class from basics as per the skill level of the students. However, basic knowledge in computer hardware and networks is an added advantage to pursue at our A+ Training Institute in Chennai. Our A+ Training Course in Chennai is provided in different types of training modes such as weekend classes, weekday classes, and fast track mode of classes through regular in-person mode or instructor-led live online modes. The expert trainers for A+ Course will be allocated as per the convenience of time and location of the students across the world and we are giving the best service throughout the A+ training duration along with placement support. Learn the Best A+ Training Course in Chennai in your flexible learning hours and easy training modes.

Course Syllabus of our A+ Training in Chennai

Course Syllabus for A+ Training in Chennai is designed by our domain experts as per the industry expectation that helps our students to be updated with the required knowledge. Following are the A+ Training Syllabus to pass the exam easily. We cover an introduction of computer systems, setup and configuration of personal computers, laptops, and mobile devices, installing and removing the internal computer and mobile hardware, upgrading the components of systems, supporting portable computing devices, performing preventive maintenance, troubleshooting device problems, and system-related problems in our A+ Training in Chennai.

Introduction to Computers

  • A Brief History of Computers
  •  Desktop Computer System Components and Their Functions
  •  Software and Firmware
  •  Numbering Systems

Setting Up a Personal Computer

  • Install Video Output Devices
  •  Install PS/2 Devices
  •  Install Parallel Devices
  •  Install Serial Devices
  •  Install Game and Sound Devices
  •  Install USB Devices
  •  Install FireWire Devices
  •  Connect Wireless Devices

Installing or Removing Internal Hardware

  • Establish an ESD
  • free Work Area
  • Install or Remove Adapter Cards
  • Install a Network Adapter and Cable
  • Install or Remove IDE Drives
  • Install or Remove Internal SCSI Drives
  • Install External SCSI Devices
  • RAID

Upgrading System Components

  • Add Memory
  • Upgrade the CPU
  • Add a CPU
  • Upgrade the System BIOS
  • Upgrade the Power Supply
  • Upgrade the System Board
  • Decide When to Upgrade

Supporting Portable Computing Devices

  • Connect External Peripherals to a Portable Computer
  •  Install or Remove Portable Computing Device Drives
  •  Install or Remove PCMCIA Cards
  •  Install or Remove Mini-PCI Cards
  •  Install or Add Memory to a Portable Computing Device
  •  Connect PDAs to Computers

Performing Preventative Maintenance

  • Hard Disk Maintenance
  •  Perform Printer Maintenance
  •  Use a UPS
  •  Clean Peripheral Components
  •  Clean Internal System Components
  •  Dispose of Computer Equipment

Troubleshooting Device Problems

  • Correct Monitor Problems
  •  Correct Input Device Problems
  •  Correct Adapter Card and PC Card Problems
  •  Correct Hard Drive Problems
  •  Correct Internal Removable Media Drive Problems
  •  Correct CD or DVD Drive Problems
  •  Correct Printer Problems

Troubleshooting System Problems

  • Correct Network Connection Problems
  •  Correct Modem Problems
  •  Correct Power Problems
  •  Correct Boot Problems
  •  Correct Memory Problems
  •  Correct System Board Problems
  •  Correct Portable System Problems
  •  Diagnose System Problems

The learning benefit of an A+ Training in Chennai

A+ Training in Chennai is useful for the students to perform baseline security and configure device operating system that includes Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Chrome OS, and iOS. Once they have learned A+, they can administrate client-based and cloud-based software and troubleshoot the technical issues. A+ student also get practice for documentation, scripting, and change management along with IT-based infrastructure and networking support. We train them in configuring PC, mobile, and IoT devices for any hardware support and maintenance and implement basic data backup and recovery methods along with data storage and management.

Below are the nine important skills that can be handled by A+ professional through our A+ Certification Training Course in Chennai at SLA

  • Hardware Elements: A+ professionals can identify, utilize, and connect hardware components and devices for big companies as well as startups. We provide A+ courses in Chennai on all the hardware equipment such as mouse and keyboard, monitor and printer, chips and boards, and so on.
  • Operating Systems: We train in our A+ Training in Chennai to install and support Windows OS along with best practices on the command line and client support. They can also work on other operating systems such as Mac OS, Android OS, iOS, and Linux OS.
  • Software Troubleshooting: Our students can obtain skills for troubleshooting personal computers, laptops, and mobile devices for the issues like application security and support through our A+ Training Institute in Chennai.
  • Networking: We explain to the students the types of networking and connections that include TCP/IP, SOHO, and WIFI in our A+ Training Center in Chennai at SLA.
  • Hardware and Network Troubleshooting: They can able to troubleshoot hardware devices and network issues through our A+ Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.
  • Security: Our students will be trained in A+ Training in Chennai with hands-on exposure for identifying and protecting against security vulnerabilities on devices and network connections
  • Mobile Devices: They can install and configure mobile, laptop, and personal computers from scratch with advanced upgrades through our A+ Training Course in Chennai.
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing: Our students can compare and contrast cloud computing concepts and set up client-side virtualization after the successful completion of an A+ Course in Chennai with hands-on experience and certification.
  • Operational Procedures: We provide best practices for the students about safety and environmental impacts along with communication and professionalism in our A+ Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

Learn how to set up and configure systems along with complete hands-on exposure that helps the students to perform well in top companies with good-pay jobs through our A+ Training Course in Chennai. We provide course materials and required elements practices along with software requirements. We have a dedicated placement team to train the students in job-related skill development in the aspects like resume preparations, aptitude skills, soft skills, communication skills, and collaboration skills to prepare the students to ace the interviews easily and effectively.

A+ can be considered as a replacement of APL with the following incorporated changes:

  •  An A+ function has the capability of nine parameters.
  •  One or more statements in A+ programming language can be represented as a single statement delimited by semicolons.
  •  A global variable with no arguments can be defined as a function that is referred to as an object in A+ by which explicit assignments of values can be done and referred.
  •  A+ editor has an interactive Xemacs editor.

Career Scope of CompTIA A+ Certification Training in Chennai

The learning of A+ Training in Chennai at SLA brings guaranteed job opportunities for the aspirants to kick-start their career in IT infrastructure management. It has the following benefits in career through hands-on exposure and valid course completion certification along with placement support.

Develop foundation security skills

We offer cutting-edge fundamental computer hardware and networking knowledge to students with practical experience to perform device management on desktop, laptop, printer, and mobile phones. They can acquire complete skills in the troubleshooting process that can equip them to handle PC installation, configuration, system upgrades, preventive maintenance, IT infrastructure, problem diagnosis, and networking management through our A+ Certification Training in Chennai and we guide them to prepare for skills required to manage the pandemic situations.

Rewarding Pay

Choosing a career in A+ along with industry-accredited certification gives the students to explore opportunities worldwide and increase the chance of working in MNC and top IT companies such as Nissan, HP, Dell, IBM, and Intel. The average salary of an A+ professional is around $66,353 for entry-level jobs of listed companies. It may increase as per the size and location of employers and we guide you to apply for potential jobs through our A+ Training and Placement Institute in Chennai.

Variety of job roles

We prepare the students to perform in diverse roles in entry-level positions such as support specialist, network and service technician, information technology specialist, desktop support analyst, associate network engineer; data support technician, desktop support admin, field service technician, end-user computing technician, and help desk support. Our A+ Training in Chennai assures the required skills for performing these roles along with practice on real-time projects.

Specialization in vendor-agnostic basics

The students will learn vendor-neutral fundamentals that strengthen them with technical knowledge foundations and technical terminologies as this is considered most important to perform diverse job roles in top companies. We make them proficient in solving technical issues, SLA agreements, and manufacturing challenges through our leading A+ Certification Training Institute in Chennai along with handling the ability of difficult situations like natural disasters.

Career acceleration guidance for CompTIA A+ Certifications

We prepare the students to attend and clear the exams conducted by CompTIA in CompTIA A+ that validates the skills and renew the credentials along with career upgradation through continuous learning and certifications. Our trainers provide a detailed understanding of CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network, CompTIA Security, and CompTIA CSIS certifications and prepare you for the exams as per the interests of students to get accelerated in their career.

We provide best-in-class coaching in our A+ Training Institute in Chennai along with hands-on exposure, course completion certification, and placement assistance to get a satisfying career in IT infrastructure management of top companies. Dial us to know the all-inclusive A+ Course Curriculum and get a free demo class through online and in-person mode. Education managers are here to explain the career opportunities and fee details of A+ Training in Chennai along with other interesting course details.

SLA Jobs has the proficient trainers to handle A+ Training in Chennai to make the students expert in IT Infrastructure Management with their in-depth skills such as baseline security, physical security, logical security and measures, and malware detections. They are professional techies who have handled innumerable projects in big companies on the operating system works, troubleshooting devices, client-side administration, and cloud-based management, basic and advanced IT infrastructure management, change management, scripting process, PC and mobile configuration and management, and data backup and recovery along with the security of internal and cloud-based data.

We have trainers for A+ courses in Chennai who are strong technical knowledge as well as teaching interests that help the students to acquire jobs as per their interests and scope. They are updating themselves as per the industry requirements to offer industry-standard coaching to bridge the skills of global industries. Join SLA to learn the best A+ Training in Chennai from professional techies.

Trainers of our A+ Training Center in Chennai are qualified and certified professionals who have 10+ years of experience and can handle interactive classes with hands-on training. Our A+ Trainers are experienced in large enterprise projects of top companies. They handle quality training with the complete practical session on Java A+ and fix all the doubts on the spot. They have more passion and patience to provide you the best learning experience that you can not see in any other A+ Training Institutes in Chennai.

A+ Internship Training in Chennai

A+ certified skills help for entry-level hardware jobs. It is a vendor-neutral certification that enhances the expertise required to work as a computer technician and troubleshooter. SLA provides COMPTIA A+ Internship Training in Chennai to make your expertise for working efficiently with the below responsibilities.

Roles and Responsibilities of A+ Engineer

  • Install and Configure computer hardware and drivers
  • Update the hardware with proper software
  • Troubleshoot hardware peripherals if required
  • Ensure the connections for the network are safe and good.
  • Assist network engineers when required

Projects to practice:AC Power Controller With Programmable Interface
Description: The project focuses on controlling the AC power using fire angle control of thyristors concepts. The required percentage of power supply through a keypad will be induced by the user. The input is given to a microcontroller of 8051 family that initiates the firing angle to change the load power.

User Reviews on A+ Course in Chennai

Gokul. S

I underwent A+ Training at SLA and I had a really good experience in learning. My trainer was helped me a lot to learn with practical implementations of all the concepts learned in theory. The course structure is very good and it covers all the required concepts of industries. I have got very good knowledge in hardware and networking along with placement practices at SLA and I thank them and I am surely recommending this institute to everyone who needs a career beginning in IT.

Umapathy. L

SLA is the best A+ Training Institute in Chennai from my overall experience from joining to placement. I have joined this institute to learn any course that takes me to the IT field and I am advised to learn A+ Course as it has a great scope with a promising future. Trainers are so good and taught me with complete practical experiences and they are well-equipped with all hardware and networking-related equipment. I got placement support through Shabana mam and her guidance was useful. Thank you, SLA.

Sakthivel. I

SLA has an excellent atmosphere with equipped labs and classrooms along with great guidance on training and placements. I have joined here to take A+ Training as I am very interested in handling hardware and networking. The course syllabus was very good and I understand everything through hands-on implementation practices. I have got guidance for placement through many interview practices and innumerable interview arrangements. I thank SLA and the trainers a lot.

Mohammed Rasul. T

I have joined for taking A+ Course at SLA and I have learned more than I expected. The trainers explained the concepts very well and offered me to learn with hands-on practice. I admire their placement training structure and they are good at them. I have got a job in MNC and the course at SLA helps me a lot to perform the given tasks in handling even difficult jobs. I recommend my friends and relatives to join SLA for their good career start in the IT field.

Jai Ragavan

I completed my A+ Course at SLA and it was an excellent experience. I appreciate trainers for providing me the job-based training on A+ and he was very kind and polite in handling classes. He supported me with real-time practices and makes us understand and follow all the concepts easily. They explain with examples that can’t be forgotten for life. He cleared my all doubts patiently and offered me lab hours to practice well. The placement guidance is also good and helpful to start my career. Thanks a lot to SLA.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

We provide A+ Training in Chennai for all the IT aspirants to kick-start their careers in managing the IT infrastructure of companies with required industry skills. You can find the answer for your queries in the following frequently asked questions. If not, please feel free to contact our career counselor to get your questions answered for learning A+ Course in Chennai.

Why A+ Certification is useful to get jobs in companies?

The CompTIA A+ Certification Training in Chennai is useful for the students to perform their roles in top companies as entry-level professionals in various positions such as help desk, tech support, networking technician, and service center professionals, and so on.

What are the other certifications in CompTIA?

CompTIA offers certifications such as Core certification that builds and validates foundational skills, Infrastructure certification used for manage networking connections, Cybersecurity certifications to protect the network from threats, and additional professional certifications such as CompTIA Project+, CompTIA CTT+, and CompTIA Cloud Essentials.

Is CompTIA A+ hard to learn?

The demand for A+ professionals is very high as it involves all the key processes of the IT infrastructure of the company. It requires strong knowledge to get certification from CompTIA. We train the students to get the required skills and simplify the learning process through hands-on exposure in our A+ Training Institute in Chennai. Our trainers are well-versed with the concepts and enough experience in the field to handle the best-in-class A+ Course.

Is CompTIA A+ certification enough for jobs in big companies?

CompTIA A+ is good for starting a career in the IT field for managing the hardware and networking operations in top companies. It will be recognized for entry-level jobs related to installing, configuring, and troubleshooting hardware and networking elements. If you want to grow up in a career, it is advised to upgrade with other advanced courses such as CompTIA Security, CompTIA Network, and CompTIA SSIS. We give continuous learning assistance through our CompTIA A+ Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

What is the exam procedure for CompTIA A+ Certification?

The CompTIA A+ Exam has a code of 220-1001 for core 1 and 220-1002 for core 2 and the students are expected to attend them. It covers the concepts such as mobile devices, networking technology, network troubleshooting, and cloud computing and virtualization in Core 1. It has concepts like installing and configuring operating systems, security provisions, software troubleshooting, and operational procedures in Core 2. It has 90 Multiple Choice Questions and the passing scores are 675/900 for core 1 and 700/900 for Core 2. It requires 9 to 12 months of experience in a related field and the exam will be conducted in English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Thai, and Spanish. The cost of the CompTIA Exam is $232 per exam. We give you all the other guidance during our A+ Training and Placement in Chennai.

How can I prepare for my A+-related interviews?

You can reach out to the companies through your well-prepared resume and apply to the companies that have requirements under the guidance of our A+ placement training in Chennai. We make you be strong and confident in your known skills and attend the interview with courage and you will reach your desired goal easily for an A+ related technical job. Our A+ Training and Placement Institute in Chennai equips all the interested students with required industry skills that simplify the interview process through our practice and preparations.

What are the other courses related to A+ offered by SLA?

SLA offers fundamental hardware and networking courses, CCNA, N+, MCSE, and MCSA courses along with a basic A+ Training course in Chennai with required tools and devices. We guide you to attend all the exams conducted by CompTIA such as network, security, and so on through SLA.

How SLA supports placements for A+ courses?

SLA provides the best placement assistance for the students during the technical course of A+ Training in Chennai. We have a dedicated placement team in our A+ Training Center to equip you with resume writing strategies, job searching ideas, communication, and collaboration skills development, interview questions and answers updates, and mock interview preparations.

How can I continue my classroom learning for training in A+ Course in a situation like a pandemic?

The students of our A+ in Chennai can switch to instructor-led live online mode from regular classroom mode in the situation like a pandemic or any other natural calamities that lead to lockdown. It does not require any extra cost and we allocate the same trainer for your convenient learning flexibility in our A+ Training Course.

Can I get backup classes in A+ Training in Chennai for the leaves taken unexpectedly?

SLA arranges the alternate backup classes for taking ceaseless coaching on A+ course in Chennai from the same instructors as per their flexible timing and batch facilities. It can be availed for the informed leaves taken by the students of our A+ Training Course. We will cover the missed topics with the same practical implementations for learning the Best A+ Training in Chennai.