IoT Training Syllabus | IoT Course Syllabus

    Iot Training Syllabus

    Want to learn about an IoT Course in Chennai? Just refer to our IoT Training Syllabus before proceeding further. Our IoT course curriculum aims to provide exposure to the Internet of Things (IoT) industry, the technology used to create IoT devices, the means through which they interact and store data, and the types of distributed systems required to support them.

    Experimentation is a vital component of the IoT Training Syllabus, which is broken down into modules. As part of our IoT training curriculum, we incorporate basic examples into our instruction and eventually have students construct a fully functional IoT system.

    IoT Training Syllabus

    Module 1 – IOT Introduction

    • Concepts and Definitions of The Internet of Things (IoT)
    • History of IOT
    • Requirements, Functionalists, and structure of IOT
    • IoT enabling technologies
    • IoT Architecture
    • The major component of IOT (Hardware & Software)
    • IoT communication and networking protocols, Role of wired and wireless communication.
    • IoT services and applications.
    • IoT Standards, Connectivity

    Module 2 – IOT Case Studies

    • Project Case Study
    • Project Requirements (hardware & software)
    • How to Design IOT Applications (Web, Mobile, Device)
    • Projects on every technology (At least 4 Projects)
    • Data Generator

    Module 3 – IOT Data Acquisition & Platforms

    • Micro Controllers (Arduino uno/mega2560, Rasberry-Pi, ARM), Real-time systems, and embedded software
    • OS and Drivers (End Device Program)
    • Hardware & Software Requirements

    Module 4 – IOT Data Communication

    • How to transfer data by Wireless / Wired connectivity
    • Ipv4/Ipv6, Ethernet/GigE
    • MIPI, M-PHY, UniPro, SPMI, BIF, SuperSpeed USB Inter-Chip (SSIC), Mobile PCIe (M-PCIe)  and SPI
    • GSM , 2g ,3g ,4g & 5g
    • IEEE 802.15.4, IEEE 802.15.4e, 802.11ah
    • Relay Access Point (AP)
    • Grouping of station
    • Target Wake Time (TWT)

    Module 5 – IOT Data Storage & Retrieval

    • Overview and Role of Storage in Cloud / Server /Inhouse Storage
    • Databases Connectivity with IOT and uses
    • Case Study over Mysql / NoSql / NewSql
    • Case Study over Cloud Services And Administration
    • Case Study Of Big Data & Hadoop Platforms

    Module 6 – IOT Data Analytics & Visualization

    • Analysis Of data using the Ipython Module
    • Visualization and interpretation of Data
    • Data Cleaning in IoT

    Module 7 – IOT Security

    • Attack, Defense, and Network Robustness of Internet of Things
    • Malware Propagation and Control in the Internet of Things
    • Privacy Preservation Data Dissemination
    • Trust and Trust Models for the IoT
    • Authentication in IoT
    • Computational Security for the IoT
    • Security Protocols for IoT Access Networks
    • Security Testing

    Module 8 – IOT Product Development & Testing with Project


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