Blue Prism Course Syllabus


Blue Prism Course SyllabusSLA provides Blue Prism Training in Chennai with a focus on quality since we believe the requirement of each applicant is unique. Our in-depth knowledge of the job market allows us to tailor the Blue Prism course syllabus to the needs of each individual student.

Blue Prism’s course syllabus is meticulously crafted to accommodate both beginners and professionals in the field. We also make sure to meet the unique requirements of each trainee’s project. It is clear that the Blue Prism Training curriculum is beneficial for any individual who is considering a career change to the Blue Prism industry.



Here comes the outline of the Blue Prism course syllabus

Blue Prism Infrastructure and Installation

  • Blue Prism Infrastructure, Installation, and Administration
  • Background of Blue Prism
  • Essentials and set up for the Blue Prism
  • How Blue Prism works & areas of RPA
  • Infrastructure and Installation
  • Java Access Bridge and Login Agent.
  • Blue Prism Administration
  • Users, Roles, and Permission

Flow Charts

  • Design
  • Draw flow chart and diagrams
  • Inputs and Outputs

Object Studio, Process Studio

  • Development
  • Basic actions in Blue Prism
  • Object in the context of business and Blue Prism
  • Process – business and Blue Prism context
  • Actions in the Object and Process Studio
  • Object Studio – Object flow
  • Process Studio – Process Flow
  • Correct use of data types, session and environment variables
  • System Manager
  • Exception Handling and case management
  • Publishing process in control room
  • Control Room resource and session mgmt
  • Basic VBO’s – inbuilt VBOs
  • Basic work queues – all the templates
  • Blue Prism’s internal calculation functions
  • How to debug process solutions

Work Queues

  • Work Queues and Advanced Features
  • Basic work queues
  • BP Work Queue template 1
  • BP Work Queue template 2
  • BP Work Queue template 3
  • Mode of interactions with various application types
  • Windows applications – win32 mode Mainframe applications
  • Web application – HTML mode
  • Surface automation – region mode
  • Advanced Features? Undefined Collections
  • Casting
  • Code Stage
  • Global Send Keys
  • Application Manager Mode
  • Dynamic Attributes

Blue Prism Advanced features

  • Governance and Security
  • Credential Mapping
  • Advanced Surface Automation
  • Google – Gmail Application interaction with Blue Prism
  • Development Best practices
  • Case study on Blue Prism

Blue Prism Projects:

  • Project 1:Fetch Data Grid views from a Windows Based application using Dynamic Attributes and OCR
  • Project 2: Generate multiple Queue references on web-based applications using Work Queues
  • POC1: Retrieve excel files dynamically from a directory and perform various consolidations
  • POC2: PDF integration – Read scanned images from a PDF using OCR and Co-ordinate manipulation

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