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If you want to leverage and assess huge amounts of data concurrently, then Pega will be of great help. The companies should also form a good relationship with customers in the cut-throat competition. So if you want to study CRM in a comprehensive manner, then enroll in one of the Best Pega Training Institutes in Chennai – SLA.

Pega Course in Chennai

Welcome to the world-class Pega Training Institute in Chennai. We provide comprehensive learning support based on the comprehensive Pega Course Curriculum and make you shine with industry-ready skills. Do you want to progress your career in CRM (Customer Relationship Management domain? Well, here it would be helpful if you possess practical knowledge of the CRM software programs like Pega.

Pega Course Over view

Pega is a BPM tool and lets building and controlling web-based applications with less effort. It deploys the Agile and Scrum methodology. It solves the business problems, and application development procedure turns out very quick when related with traditional application development platforms. Pega is a powerful software that delivers innovative solutions to solve real-time problems. It helps the organization to make better decisions and get the task done faster with productivity. It has a scalable architecture to structure the technology and push it to achieve the outcomes with required changes that can be scalable anytime. We provide the best Pega Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance for freshers and working professionals as it is the future-proof technology that encourages to make innovative design thinking quickly and efficiently.

About Pega Training Course in Chennai

The latest version of Pega is 7.4. Pega Rules Process Commander is used to form and deploy applications. BPM is a methodology that comes under the scope of Pega to manage daily operations of a business and assists in forming enterprise web applications. The momentous growth in automation and efficiency leads to the tremendous need for Pega that is felt more than before. PRPC is formed on Java and applies OOPs and Java concepts.

There is no need to develop the system from the outset here. This is because it substantially reduces the time needed for coding. This tool comes under the niche category due to its licensing cost and also the specialization of developers to build an application in Pega.

Accelerate your career with our Pega Course in Chennai that transforms your future with technology innovations. Pega helps the developer to develop and deploy faster through its low-coded approach and this platform is used for developing scalable and flexible applications with containers, API, and microservices. It provides solutions for financial services, the insurance sector, healthcare and life sciences, communication services providers, government agencies, manufacturing and high-tech, and automotive industries. It offers intelligent automation, customer engagement, and customer services, and so on for the sectors that required innovative and scalable solutions. Learn Pega to create easy-to-update software automation in our Pega Training Institute in Chennai.

Course Objectives of Pega Training in Chennai

Our Pega Course in Chennai aims to equip the learners with the ability to design and develop Pega applications effectively and efficiently. It provides the knowledge of Pega fundamentals for analyzing, designing, and creating the Pega applications that meet business requirements and specifications. Our instructor-led online and classroom mode of classes provides the students with the baseline measurement on the automation skills. You will have enhanced Pega skills to build reusable Pega apps that lead to developing Pega System architecture through basic functionality, terminology, process flow, and core building blocks of Robot Studio.

We provide Pega Certification Training in Chennai for the newbies and professionals to gain technical expertise with high-level placement assistance. The students will be proficient with the integration of the Pega app with API and build applications quickly. You can be well-versed in express methodology, domain knowledge, and Pega Voice to build solutions in App Studio and collaborate with IT deployments that increase the investments with high ROI. Our trainers make you have enhanced expertise in app development with low-code app builders, case management, and data integration. Our whole motive is to simplify the learning path to design and deploy applications with automation through our leading Pega Training Institute in Chennai with industry-worth certification.

After the course completion in our Pega Training Institute in Chennai, our students can be able to,

  • Implement Pega concepts in the enterprise projects successfully
  • Acquire the Pega7 concepts with thorough understanding
  • Create web applications with BPM concepts and workflows
  • Apply UI design and business logic in the pega projects.

Pega Course in Chennai

Pega Course duration at SLA perfectly blended with practical and theory classes and presented in the flexible learning hours of students all around the world.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

Obtain the offers and discounts on Pega Course Fees in Chennai with a free placement assistance and certification.

Who can Attend Pega Training in Chennai?

The automation tools required no coding knowledge so any interested learners can attend our Pega Training in Chennai at SLA Jobs. We have framed the Pega syllabus that covers basic to advanced concepts that can be accessible even by newbie. Our Pega course is completely available with hands-on exposure and our trainers are skilled to provide best-in-class coaching to students around the globe. The learning curve of Pega tools and technologies is simplified in our Pega Training Center and it requires practical knowledge and certification to prove your skills in the industries. Following people can be benefitted through our Pega Training Course.

Pega can be learned by IT/non IT professionals who are keen on becoming System Architects.

Prerequisites for Pega Course in Chennai

Pega doesn’t need any programming or coding to build enterprise and web Pega Applications. It is at its core a java backend engine. Knowledge of Java is beneficial but not mandatory. Even if you don’t know Java, OOPs knowledge would be sufficiently equipped with your passion for learning. Our Pega Course Curriculum can be personalized by the learners if they have any prior knowledge in the automation process. The students who wish to take the fast track mode of Pega Training in Chennai are suggested to have some knowledge in foundation skills such as automation, analytics, and programming languages to learn the concepts quickly and efficiently. Learn the in-demand skills through our Pega Certification Training Program at SLA.

Pega Training Course Syllabus

The course curriculum for Pega is framed according to current industry scenarios and will assist students in comprehending the Pega concept in detail. Softlogic’s Pega training syllabus encompasses all the topics pertaining to Pega and provides a clear comprehension of live scenario to the participants, The Pega experts at Softlogic, the leading Pega training center in Chennai, have formed a unique way of teaching Pega.

  • Introduction to BPM
  • Introduction to PRPC
  • Smart BPM
  • Build for change
  • Application Documents
  • DCO
  • Application express
  • PRPC frameworks
  • Class structure in PRPC
  • ECS
  • Inheritance
  • Class groups
Data Modeling
  • Define PRPC classes
  • Data branch
  • Property Types and Modes – Single and page properties
Process Flow – Flow & Flow Actions, SLA
  • Different flow shapes and their purpose
  • Usage
  • Creation
  • Flow Actions
  • SLA – Creation, Usage
User Interface
  • Properties display and validation
  • Layouts
  • Harness
  • Sections
  • Style Branding
Decision Rules
  • Creation of different decision rules, usage in flows and activities.
Declarative rules
  • Forward chaining
  • Backward chaining
  • RDE
  • Declare constraints
  • Declare triggers
  • OnChange
Case Management
  • Work flow
  • Units of work
  • Work status
  • Locking
  • Design correspondence
  • Send correspondence
PRPC Database Concepts
  • Role of Rules DB
  • Link between rules and DB
  • Basic tables
  • Exposing column properties
  • Definition
  • Configuration
  • Steps
  • Parameters
  • Security
  • Common methods
Integration with external systems
  • SOA
  • HTTP
  • SOAP
  • WSDL
  • Connectors & Services
  • Listeners
  • Connect SQL
  • Rule Management & Security
  • Rule
  • Ruleset
  • Ruleset version
  • Rule resolution algorithm
  • Operator ID
  • Access group
  • Access role
  • Privilege
Performance, PRPC Guardrails & Topics revision
  • Clipboard
  • Alerts
  • Pre-flight
  • PAL
  • DB trace
  • Tracer
  • SMA
  • 10 guardrails
  • Iterative approach
  • Class structure
  • Build for change
  • Design intent driven process
  • Security and object

Career Scope of Pega Training in Chennai

Pega is the unified platform that delivers simplified industry solutions to address the trending and real-time challenges of global organizations. Pega is a named leader in the automation industry and it is continued to dominate the automation field 12 years in a row as per the report of Gartner Magic Quadrant. The learning of Pega helps the students to gain maximized career value by staying relevant with a real-time decision engine, simplifies the service by handling the tasks with AI and automation process, and boosts the efficiency through streamlined process flow by intelligent automation. Learn Pega Training in Chennai to explore the learning requirements for a promising career. Experts are saying that if Pega is not introduced, it would be difficult for professionals and organizations to respond to customer needs quickly and effectively. Following are the industries that are empowered by Pega solutions and explore the career opportunities through our Pega Training Course in Chennai.

Financial Services: Pega software helps the financial platform with the redefined customer claims resolution processes that ensure compliance and customer satisfaction.

Insurance Sector: Pega is used in top global insurers and helps them move faster to harness the data power for profitable growth.

Healthcare and Life sciences: Pega is used to create strategic healthcare applications that help the providers to engage the members and patients with Omni-channel experiences.

Communication Service Providers: Pega assists CSPs to achieve a strategic advantage for flawless interactions with the well-planned customer lifecycle.

Government: Pega software allows worldwide organizations to achieve process and reusable specializations that fasten the time value with scalable features.

Manufacturing and high-tech industries: The agile methodology of the Pega platform quickens the deployment and adaptable products for manufacturing and high-tech industries.

Automotive Sector : Pega enables automotive enterprises to get improved customer experience and transform services along with automated processes with cutting-edge technology.

Energy and Utilities: Pega helps the energy and utilities to protect profits and improved efficiency through the digitized process with the preserved investments for the existing systems.

Retail Industries: Pega transforms the customer experience to redefined operational excellence for the retail solutions and management processes.

Media and Entertainment: Pega AI is the best solution for media and entertainment companies to understand the engagement tactics for productive customer interactions.

Transportation: Pega brings out transformational solutions for the transportation industry with the modernized field service operation and improved customer loyalty to address the big challenges.

Hospitality: Pega increases the customer experience by transforming the hospitality challenges with the engagement software and the best platform to make required changes.

Explore the opportunities that are generated in these industries by enrolling in our Pega Training and Placement Institute in Chennai. We have a dedicated placement team to prepare you for the profiles of top companies with aptitude and soft skill development classes. We focus on the job-based technical and interview skills that help the learners to gain expertise as well as career enhancement. We are tied up to the top companies to know the requirements and job description to train our students exactly as per the need and domain expertise.

Job Opportunity in PHP

The Pega Training Course in Chennai is the fast moving career-focused course as it becomes the core concept for the Business Management Market. The huge popularity of this Pega course in our Institute shows up the tremendous job opening lined up in the top companies such as Amazon, Google, Wipro for embedding the application experience with the customers through well-enabled telephone-based interactions.

Job profiles in Pega Domain

  •  Pega Consulting System Architect
  • Pega Community Content Strategist
  • Senior Business Architect
  • Pega Developer
  • Pega Certified System Architect
  • Pega Lead System Architect
  • Pega BPM Developer

Trainer Profile of Pega Training in Chennai

Getting trained in SLA on Pega can be a rewarding experience for you due to the proficiency of the trainers. They handle sessions with highly interactive and explain with real-time examples. Pega training syllabus is framed as per the current IT market by our trainers and they allow Students to access the labs for unlimited time. Student’s learning ability is increased and they can have personality development sessions so that the attendee can crack the interviews with ease. Personal attention by the trainers and they assist the learners in gaining knowledge of complex technical concepts

Our Pega Trainers are skilled and experienced in developing and supporting software for customer engagement and operations with the specialization of BPM (Business Process Management), CRM (Customer Relationship Management). We have trainers in our Pega Training Institute in Chennai who are proficient in developing real-time industry applications for Chatbots and virtual assistants, DevOps and Testing, Real-time intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, UX Design, Case Management, and Workforce Intelligence.

The training faculties of SLA are domain expertise and professional technologists to provide the best Pega Training in Chennai with the understanding of in-depth platform knowledge, low-code application development, center-out business architecture, security and compliance, cloud services, and upgraded technical expertise. They have updated knowledge on the Pega platform to stay relevant to the field for offering the best Pega Course that bridges the skill gap of global industries in automation processes. Learn from industry experts to become a master in Pega Systems.

Pega Internship Training in ChennaiTalk to Advisor

We offer Pega Internship Training in Chennai to equip the students in designing, building, and configuring Pega Applications to meet the requirements and business processes of top companies. We are one of the leading Pega Training Institutes in Chennai to provide top-notch skills as per the company requirements and we are specialized in providing the perfect learning experience to all IT aspirants. Join us to explore what companies expect from the Pega professionals and empower yourself through our hands-on and job-based Pega Course along with industry-worth certification that adds value to your profile.Our Pega Internship Certification Program contains complete hands-on practice on the industry-based conceptual things that help the candidates to perform well in giant IT firms like Accenture, Capgemini, Data Labs, Evonsys, and Venhen Technologies. Pega is a business process management tool based on Java application and used to build enterprise applications quickly and manage business flows effectively. Pega contains integrated components and out-of-box reporting dashboards used for managing the metrics. Enroll at SLA to learn a unified platform that empowers you to deploy extendable applications easily and rapidly through our Pega Internship Certification Training in Chennai.

Roles and Responsibilities of Pega Professionals

Pega professionals should be skilled and experienced in designing and developing enterprise-level applications using Pega Systems. They are expected to develop BPM applications; integrated web services, data model and framework design, and collate business and analysis requirements and ensure the rapid delivery of error-free and quality products. We at SLA equip the learners in our Pega Internship Program in Chennai to have advanced knowledge of Java-based application development, Pega class hierarchy, and high-level project management skills that are required to understand the requirements of companies and develop scalable Pega applications to enhance the business process management. Following are the roles and responsibilities that are expected by Pega professionals:

  • Discuss the BPM application requirements of the company by arranging a meeting with business managers.
  • Design and develop quality BPM applications in the Pega platform effectively.
  • Work efficiently with Solution Architecture which is in the Pega PRPC environment
  • Design application frameworks, class structures, and data models using Pega systems.
  • Ensure business architecture satisfies the customer requirements by coordinating with the team members of the Pega project.
  • Integrate legacy systems, web services, and business databases effectively to enhance as per the current trends.
  • Troubleshoot coding bugs, application issues, and bottlenecks through the Pega System testers.
  • Conduct System performance tests for deploying the best Pega applications.
  • Maintain strong security of Pega system applications.

Expected Pega Skills

We enhance the Pega and Pega-related skills of the students through hands-on exposure to perform as per the expectation of the companies in our Pega Internship Training Institute in Chennai.

  • Proven hands-on exposure in Pega Systems
  • Advanced skills of Pega PRPC 5.x to 7.x
  • Strong knowledge in J2EE, XML, JSP, and EJB along with core Java.
  • Proficient in Agile and Scrum Methodologies.
  • Expertise in programming and scripting language skills using Java, Angular JS, and JQuery.
  • Thorough knowledge of web technologies like JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and XML.
  • Extraordinary skills in project management
  • Troubleshooting knowledge on complicated software issues.
  • Collaboration and Communication Skill Development.

Reshape your application development skill in our Pega Internship Training Center in Chennai and learn about the roles and responsibilities, required skills, key requirements, and business strategies to work effectively and efficiently in big companies.

Project to Practice: Travel Booking Application

Description: We train the students in our Pega Internship Training in Chennai by developing a project for Travel Booking Application. It helps the students to understand the business requirements, Pega components, PRPC building blocks, and business flows to developing the full-fledge Pega applications.

Project to Practice: Car Rental Application

Description: The students will develop a Car Rental Application through the guidance of our trainers to make them understand about collecting basic details, populate them with source, and develop application along with validation of the developed application.

User Reviews On PHP Courses

Madhivanan. R

SLA has good study materials and expert trainers to provide Pega Training. I have joined this course and learned a lot about developing applications through real-time projects. The coursework was easy to follow and the trainers were very patient in clearing my doubts regarding concepts and projects. I thank the placement team for they are providing wonderful guidance for a better job. Thanks a lot to SLA.

Dorathy Selva. D

I have graduated from IT four years ago and struggled to get back to my career after a long gap. I came to know about the training of SLA through my friend. I have joined for Pega Training as I am interested to work in application development. The course was too good and helpful to restart my career successfully. Technical trainers and placement guidance were very good at SLA as they are focused to provide a satisfying learning experience with certification. Thanks to SLA.

Pradeep Sheshadri. B

Pega Course at SLA provides me the ability to gain the expected knowledge and skill to move forward in my career. The course content they have designed was perfect and fit the industry's needs. The trainers were present the training with more real-time examples and projects. I can develop software in Pega through the Pega training given by SLA and it helps to perform my part effectively in my current company. I would highly recommend SLA for the candidates who wish to learn Pega Training.

Gayathri Ramachandran

SLA provides flexible learning hours, helpful career services, an all-inclusive environment, and hands-on training along with an affordable Pega Course Fee. It helps me to learn complete Pega project development even though I had no previous experience. I had a good learning experience and application knowledge to implement the Pega concepts to the given project. I thank SLA to provide me the best platform to learn with practical exposure.

Varun Dev. G

The best thing at SLA was the real-time exercises on Pega Course and this training gives me space to learn more about application development using Pega Systems. I can now solve any critical real-life problems through the Pega concepts I have learned at SLA. I recommend this institute for any interested learners as they are also providing good placement services along with technical courses. Thanks a lot, SLA for teaching me about Pega by expert trainers.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Pega Training in Chennai is useful for the aspirants to develop enterprise-level applications using Pega systems. We at SLA equip the learners to learn all the components involves in creating a web-based application with the integration of Oracle database and other external systems. If you have any queries to take up this Pega course, check out the following FAQs, and if you are not get answered, feel free to talk to us.

What is the Pega platform?

Pega Platform is the integration of the best BPM (Business Process Management) tool, Out of box reporting space, and dashboard to manage the business flows, and end-to-end application development. Learn Pega Course in Chennai with hands-on exposure at SLA.

Is learning Pega requires coding knowledge?

It is enough to have fundamental coding knowledge on Java, SQL, HTML, and CSS as Pega PRPC provides two different entities, pre-configured rules, and process commander, and all of them required for performing application development and customization using Pega Systems. Enhance your application development skills through our Pega Training in Chennai.

Is Pega easy to learn?

Pega is very easy to learn as we simplify the learning process through the customized syllabus, hands-on practices, and case studies. Pega Software is user-friendly and all beginners can learn them through our best-in-class Pega Training Course in Chennai.

What are the popular companies using Pega Systems?

Pega Systems are being used in top companies such as JP Morgan, Bank of America, Cisco and Philips, Closer Home, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Accenture, HCL, Cognizant, and other popular MNC and IT firms. We equip the candidates to get placed in these top companies through our Pega Training and Placement Institute in Chennai with industry-worth certification.

Is Pega in demand in 2021?

The Pega is an in-demand and fast-moving course in our Pega Training Institute in Chennai as it created huge job opportunities for freshers and experienced candidates. Pega is learned for implementing RPA systems and it the future enhancement course for all the IT aspirants. Pega has many future development paths as this technology involves everything the company needs.

What are jobs can be obtained after Pega Course in Chennai?

Senior Pega Developer, Pega COE lead, Pega RPA developer, Pega Systems Application Developer, BPM Pega Developer, Pega Architect – PRPC, Pega Senior System Architect, Pega Trainer, and Pega Managers are the popular and ever-promising job roles that are hired by top companies. Explore more job opportunities by enrolling in our Pega Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

What are the industries using Pega System?

Airlines and Travel, Communication Service Providers, Cross-Industry, Financial Services, Government Sectors, Healthcare Industries, Insurance companies, Life Sciences, Manufacturing Industries, Media and Advertising, Transportation, Freight, Logistics, and other utilities are the sectors that implemented Pega System for various purposes. Learn Pega Training in Chennai at SLA to expand your career possibilities.

What are the solutions provided by Pega?

Customer Decision Hub, Customer Services, Field Services, Intelligent Automation, Marketing, Onboarding, Platform, Robotic Process Automation, and Sales Automation are the solutions provided by Pega Platform. Enroll in our Pega Training Institute in Chennai to learn the services and solutions of Pega Systems.

How SLA supports placements for Pega Training Courses?

SLA provides the best job assistance for the students during the technical course of Pega Training. We have a dedicated placement team in our Pega Training Center in Chennai to equip you with non-technical skills such as resume writing strategies, job searching ideas, communication, and collaboration skills development, interview questions and answers updates, and mock interview preparations

Can I get back up classes in Pega Training in Chennai for the leaves taken unintentionally?

SLA arranges the alternate backup classes for Pega Course with the same instructors as per their flexible timing and batch facilities. It can be availed for the informed leaves taken by the students of our Pega Training Course. We will cover the missed topics with the same classroom experience for learning the Best Pega Online Training in Chennai.