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Android Training Institute in Chennai

Have You Ever Wondered How Your Favorite Mobile Applications Were Developed? And Why Don’t You Soon Develop Your Own?

Android / Mobile App Development- Certification & Training Course along with placement Assistance in the Best Training Institute in Chennai – The SLA Institute, KK nagar

Android Training in ChennaiBuild your First Android App by getting trained in SLA. And you will soon be creating your own application in a super easy manner. Training with us will bring you immense satisfaction as we try to teach you all possible nuances of android app development. Android training in Chennai with java at Softlogic offers by expert. We also ensure that our training modules are always updated and relevant to all the current developments that happen in the industry. All our trainers are veterans in respective technologies with years of hands-on experience in creating mobile applications for diverse industry verticals. A special mention about our Android app development course for beginners; is a cakewalk for every amateur as this course details simplicity.

As you have numerous training institutions offering this app development course, there is often a lot of debate and confusion that go ablaze in choosing the premium-training institute( for any course for this reason). Being associated with the Best android training institute in Chennai (like SLA) is a fortune that you would never regret for life. Amidst the many mobile app development courses / trainings that are being offered across the length and breadth of the country, we proudly stand out as specialists in Mobile Application Development Training. However, the widespread scope for learning this android course in Chennai through our standardized syllabus and online coaching will make you realize that we are the best anytime and anyday.

A brief about the Android Curriculum given below will help you capture a comprehensive view about the android app development classes that we offer. We are also rendering absolutely free of cost demo classes prior your enrollment for you to feel assured about the worth and quality for this course. In this course; you will learn to use the Android Studio, the integrated development environment (IDE) for Android apps, we will also introduce you to the basics of the Android platform, Android application components & Activities and their lifecycle, UI design, Multimedia : 2D graphics and networking support in Android, Audio playback and Media Player, Network support: AsyncTask, HttpURLConnection, the basics of event handling in Android, Android Software Development Kit (SDK) for implementing Android applications etc. Never to miss this; real time hands on –experience by making you develop live applications, which is again a part of your android certification program.

The mobile app development course is offered on your schedule as per your convenience at a very pocket friendly cost. Undoubtedly, this android training course fees offered by us is the most competitive in the training industry. Last but not the least we offer attractive placement opportunities with top class corporates to nurture the android app development skills that you learnt at SLA.

Now tell us what is stopping you from doing an Android Course with us? Join us now on a gentle journey through the mobile application development training, using Android as the platform.

The Widely Used Technology – Android:

One of the most widely used mobile OS these days is android. It was developed by Google. Android has a dictionary meaning of being a human that resembles automation. The android is a powerful operating system and it supports large number of applications in Smartphones. These applications are more comfortable and advanced for the users. The android is an open source operating system, which means that it is free and any one can use it. It has millions of apps available, that can help you manage your life in more than one way and is available at a low cost in the market and these are the reasons for android to be so popular. There are around 2.0 lack+ games, applications and widgets available on the market for users in the android platform. Android applications are written in java programming language.

The Scope and Omnipotent Presence of Android Makes it Mandatory for Anyone to Master it.

Android is primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In addition, Google has further developed Android TV for televisions, Android Auto for cars and Android Wear for wristwatches, each with a specialized user interface. Variants of Android are also used on game consoles, digital cameras, PCs and other electronics. Android has been the best-selling OS worldwide on smartphones since 2011 and on tablets since 2013. As of May 2017, it has over two billion monthly active users, the largest installed base of any operating system. Other than Android, there are several other mobile operating systems used like the Symbian, IOS, windows etc. Among these mobile technologies, Android ranks first with 78% of them using this technology. Android is now stepping into the next level of mobile Internet. The chances of Android mobile phones beating the sales of Apple technology I-phones in the next two years is no more an unachievable dream.

Industry Experienced Training Instructors

We provide android training with some of the best industry experts. Mr. Shiva has over 7 years’ experience in handling corporate training and providing IT solutions. Our trainers use practical training and drive constructive discussions for students to perform better in their careers.

Ionic Training in Chennai

If you are looking for Ionic Training in Chennai, Softlogic also offers complete hands-on approach for Ionic Training. Contact us for more details on Ionic training course content and training schedule.

Android Training Course Syllabus

JAVA Concepts

  • OOPs Concepts
  • Inheritance in detail
  • Exception handling
  • Packages & interfaces
  • JVM & .jar file extension
  • Multi-threading (Thread class & Runnable Interface)


  • DML & DDL Queries in brief

Advanced android program

  • Live Folders
  • Using sdcards
  • XML Parsing
  • JSON Parsing
  • Maps, GPS, Location based Services
  • Accessing Phone services (Call, SMS, MMS)
  • Network connectivity services
  • Sensors

Introduction to Android

  • What is Android?
  • Setting up the development environment
  • Dalvik Virtual Machine &. apk file extension
  • Understanding the fundamentals of Basic Building blocks – Activities, Services, Broadcast Receivers & Content providers
  • Becoming proficient in the UI Components – Views & notifications
  • Components for communication -Intents & Intent Filters
  • Android API levels (versions & version names)

Learning the Application Structure

  • The Android Manifest.xml
  • The permission & uses of sdk
  • Learning the Resources &
  • Assets
  • Understanding about Layouts & Drawable Resources
  • Activities and Activity lifecycles
  • The First Sample Application

Emulator-Android Virtual Device

  • Launching emulator
  • Editing emulator settings
  • Emulator shortcuts
  • Logcat usage
  • Introduction to DDMS
  • How to switch between activities in Second App?
  • Developing an app to demonstrate the communication between Intents

Basic UI design

  • Understanding the Form widgets
  • Learning the Text Fields
  • Learning the Layouts such as dip, dp, sip, sp versus px


  • Shared Preferences
  • Preferences from xml

Learning the Menu

  • Option menu
  • Context menu
  • Sub menu
  • menu from xml
  • menu via code

Understanding the Intents in depth

  • What is Explicit Intent?
  • What is Implicit intent?

Mastering the UI design

  • Time and Date
  • Images and media
  • Composite
  • Alert Dialogs & Toast
  • Popup

Tabs and Tab Activity

  • Understanding tabs and tabs activity

Styles & Themes

  • styles.xml
  • drawable resources for shapes, gradients (selectors)
  • Style attribute in layout file
  • Applying themes via code and manifest file

Content Providers

  • How to do SQLite Programming?
  • Understanding about the SQLite Open Helper
  • Learning SQLite Database
  • Cursor
  • Reading and updating Contacts
  • Reading bookmarks
  • Develop an app to demonstrate database usage.
  • Learn how to implement CRUD operations, by viewing the output in GridView as well as in ListView.

Learning the Android Debug Bridge (adb) l

  • Section 15: Linkify
  • Web URLs, Email address, text, map address, phone numbers
  • Using the Match Filter & Transform Filter

Adapters and Widgets

  • Adapters
  • ArrayAdapters
  • BaseAdapters
  • ListView and ListActivity
  • Custom listview
  • GridView using adapters
  • Gallery using adapters


  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Services and notifications
  • Toast
  • Alarms

Learning the Custom components

  • Custom Tabs
  • Custom animated popup panels
  • Other components


  • Threads running on UI thread (runOnUiThread)
  • Worker thread
  • Handlers & Runnable
  • AsynTask (in detail)

Hear what our students say

Softlogic Academy is an excellent place to get your android training done right. Though this institute was recommended by my colleague, I was pretty sceptical initially about joining here. Joining SLA to learn android concepts is the best decision I have made to date! I was a beginner in android and the trainer Mr. Shiva was great at the training sessions! He is the best instructor I have met in recent years

— Siva Bharathi

SLA is definitely the top IT institute to get your android certification with an ace! I would recommend SLA to anyone in Chennai who is looking to learn android and iOS and this is easily the best place to do your android course in Chennai! The course content is made in such a way to keep the student engrossed in the training! Shiva sir was absolutely fantastic in explaining the concepts and I have to say, I am truly glad to have chosen SLA to get my android certification! They also help you with placements once the training period is over!
— Gopu

The coaching by Shiva sir was top notch! They teach the concepts in the traditional board mode and then put you straight through to the practical lab sessions! I have come out as a confident app developer today, thanks to SLA! It was really helpful for me by joining the training here, as their fees are also quite affordable! You cannot find a better institute than SLA as their interactive discussions with the students individually after classes helps you going with a lot of own ideas!
— Rajesh

The career support at SLA was truly excellent! The coaching was really helpful for me! Once the training got completed, they gave me good interview tips and group discussion training which helped me perform well in my interview! Totally owe it to Softlogic for what I am today!
— Prabhakaran

This is for sure the best Android training in Chennai! My friend recommended this place to me after he completed his iOS training at SLA! I like how they explain the concepts very clearly and precisely with real life examples. Very helpful for students! You should see the training content! Excellence is all I can say! I am also placed today in a company I have been aiming to work for a long time!
— Ramesh

I joined SLA’s android training just to develop my own android application as my hobby! I was a beginner and I was completely clueless as to how to proceed with my android app. After taking up their classes on android training, I was able to develop my own app. Now, I am considering taking up android programmer’s job full time and I am very thankful to SLA for helping carve my own career!
— Kasthuri