Python Selenium Interview Questions and Answers

There are many fulfilling career possibilities in the IT sector. Making a name for yourself with Selenium and Python technology requires reviewing the information you learned during your formative years. The day before your interview, decide what is more important in a broader sense and educate yourself with common terminology and Python Selenium interview questions. Even with your high level of expertise, the Selenium with Python interview questions can be intimidating in front of a panel of industry professionals. Explore the selenium automation testing syllabus and join SLA for experimental-based learning.

What is selenium?

One well-liked open-source tool for web browser automation testing is called Selenium.

Which programming languages does Selenium support?

Selenium supports numerous programming languages, including Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, and others.

Why is Python a well-liked option for automation with Selenium?

Python is a popular choice for Selenium automation due to its large library and frameworks, ease of learning, and simple syntax.

What kinds of web drivers are there in Selenium?

Selenium supports numerous web drivers, including ChromeDriver, GeckoDriver, EdgeDriver, SafariDriver, and others.

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How can one use Selenium with Python to open a browser?

Using the specified driver (such as ChromeDriver), import the WebDriver module to construct a new instance of the browser. This will run a browser using Selenium with Python.

How can you use Python and Selenium to find web elements?

Numerous techniques, including find_element_by_id(), find_element_by_name(), find_element_by_xpath(), and others, can be used to discover web elements.

What distinguishes find_element() from find_elements() in Python for Selenium?

Whereas find_elements() yields a list of all matching web elements, find_element() returns the first matching web element.

How do you use Selenium with Python to interact with web elements?

There are numerous ways to interact with web components, including click(), send_keys(), clear(), and more.

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How do you use Python and Selenium to manage alerts?

The switch_to.alert() method can be used to handle alerts; it lets you accept, reject, or text an alert.

How do you use Python with Selenium to manage frames?

The switch_to.frame() method, which lets you switch to a particular frame by index, name, or web element, can be used to manage frames.

Why are there both explicit and implicit waits in Python Selenium applications?

While explicit waits are used to wait for a specified condition to be met, implicit waits are used to wait for a predetermined length of time before performing the following command.

How do you use Python and Selenium to take screenshots?

The get_screenshot_as_file() and get_screenshot_as_base64() methods can be used to capture screenshots.

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How do you use Python and Selenium to manage dropdowns?

The Select class, which has functions like select_by_value(), select_by_index(), select_by_visible_text(), and others, can be used to manage dropdowns.

How would you use Selenium with Python to manage checkboxes and radio buttons?

The click() method can be used to manage radio buttons and checkboxes.

How can you use Selenium with Python to move between different pages?

The get() method can be used to navigate pages and navigate to a specific URL.

How do you use Python with Selenium to handle cookies?

The methods get_cookies() and add_cookie() can be used to manage cookies.

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What distinguishes the Python Selenium get() and traverse() methods from one another?

The navigate() method is used to move back and forth between web pages in the browser history, while the get() method loads a new page in the active browser window.

How can you use Python and Selenium to transition between windows?

You can use the switch_to.window() method to switch to Windows.

How do you use Selenium with Python to handle browser alerts?

Switch_to.alert() can be used to manage browser alerts.

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How would you use Selenium with Python to manage several tabs in a browser?

The window_handles and switch_to.window() methods can handle multiple tabs.

What is WebDriver for Selenium?

It offers a tool for interacting with various web browsers. Additionally, they manage how the script runs. For example, the Firefox Gecko, Chrome, and Ie drivers.

How can we use Selenium WebDriver for testing purposes?

On web applications, we can run regression and functional tests.

Is the technology Selenium WebDriver for automation?

No, Selenium WebDriver is a framework for automating web-based applications; it is not an automation tool.

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Which language is most appropriate for use with Selenium, and why should it be chosen?

It is compatible with several languages, including Python, C#, and Java. Selecting the one that best supports platform and browser compatibility—Python, for example—is crucial.

What is Python?

It is a scripting language, not a compiler, that functions as an interpreter.

Why do you think Python works better with Selenium?

Python is a computer language that is easy to use and not overly complex or huge. Python APIs allow us to use Selenium to establish a browser connection. It can communicate standard Python commands to different browsers, despite differences in browser design.

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In what ways may software testing make use of Python?

  • To produce reports, test API calls, create test data, and analyze test results.
  • Using Python, get requirements out of a Word document.
  • Automating testing tasks, configuring test environments, obtaining performance information, and so forth.
  • In many organizations, testers automate tests using Selenium and Python extensively.
  • For creating desktop programs that testers utilize.
  • Try manipulating the data.
  • To construct a testing environment
  • IronPython testing on.NET

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What additional frameworks for Python are there?

PAMIE (Python Automation Module for I.E.), the py.test framework, and the Web2py framework.

What makes ‘xrange’ and “range” different from one another?

Regardless of the size of the “range,” “Xrange” returns the “Xrange” object, whereas “range” returns the “list.”

What do “module” and “package” mean?

A Python program file is called a “module,” and it imports other modules, such as “objects” and “attributes,” into itself. 

A “package” of “modules” makes up a Python program folder. There can be “modules” or “subfolders” in a package.

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How can we incorporate a framework for unit tests into our scripts?

Using the unittest import

Describe a locator.

It’s a web page element that the Python script would communicate with via the Selenium driver. To learn more about locators in Selenium, click on the link.

What kinds of locators are there?

Answer: We can utilize the following locators with Selenium: XPath, CSS Selector, ID, Name, ClassName, TagName, LinkText, and Partial LinkText.

What locator is the slowest?

Xpath is the answer.

What locater is the best?

The site elements or UI page we are automating determine which locator is optimal.

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Describe XPath.

The answer is Xpath or XML Path Language. It is a language that defines a syntax to set elements in an XML document, allowing you to browse through its attributes and components and perform basic manipulations with strings, integers, and booleans.

In Xpath, what is the distinction between / and //?

/ is an absolute path

// is a relative path

How can you use Python to enter values in a textbox?


What library needs to be imported into our scripts to add keyboard actions?

Importing from selenium.webdriver.common.keys Keys

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What exactly are the implicit and explicit waits?

Explicit wait: This causes the browser to wait for a specified amount of time or until the condition is met; if not, it will raise a time-out exception.

Implicit wait: It causes the browser to pause execution for a predetermined amount of time before continuing.

What do handles for windows mean?

If a new window appears while the script is running, it has an address and a handle; each handle is specified in the variable handles [].

How do you respond to alerts and what are they?

Alerts are the pop-up windows that appear when the user receives a notification. 

Handling them: alert_var = browser.switch_to_alert()

To dismiss: alert_var.dismiss()

What distinguishes the browser’s quit() and close() functions?

The current executing window will be closed by Browser.close(), however, you can still move to other window handles after shutting the active one.Browser.quit() is a function that closes the entire browser, including any open windows. It ensures that processes are properly ended and terminated, preventing memory leaks.

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Which element locator do we use to find an element on a dynamic webpage?


In Python, how do we define a function?

def functionName: Function body

In Python, what does an indentation mean?

Braces are not used in Python to denote a function’s start and stop. It makes use of indentation (whitespaces) to help the compiler comprehend the function’s beginning and end.

How can we determine whether control is turned on or off?

driver.find_element(By.ID,”Value”).is_enabled() – this particular function will provide a true or false answer.

How can we retrieve a web element’s text?

driver.find_element(By.ID,”Value”).text – The control’s inner text will be returned by using this particular technique.

Is there an alternative method for getting text out of a web element?


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